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In Case You Missed It: Chris Performs On The Today Show!

In case you missed Chris at the Today Show Summer Concert Series this morning, he performed "Forever", "She Ain't You", "Yeah 3x", and did a dance medley to "I Can Transform Ya." If you were in the crowd, leave a comment letting us know about your experience!

She Ain't You:
Yeah 3x:
I Can Transform Ya:

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  • Chris Brown on point my boo f*** the haters:)
    by MrzBReey on júl 20, 2011 de31 12:12de
  • ew all yous girl stop trying to think you hot because you not so leve my man alone right noones get him but me hahahahaha lol :)
    by nicole mary lui... on júl 18, 2011 du31 9:09du
  • amazing performancee! and for all the haters who disagree with chris brown on the Today Show can f**k off because it's like a 3 yr old incident and he has paid for his mistakes. #TeamBreezy
    by b_airreyyx3 on júl 18, 2011 du31 8:08du
  • ı love you love you baby.. ı adore you.. ı can die for you.. wish ı could be there baby. yre so amazıng !!!!!!!!!
    by hammy on júl 18, 2011 de31 11:11de
  • it was so nice he look so sexy in his suit i cant wait till he have a next one thats i he is but other than that i had a good time seeing him on stage :)
    by Niishaa on júl 18, 2011 de31 10:10de
  • LOVED THE SHOW!!!!!! He was everything and more <3 fox news can go to hell!
    by ashystarz on júl 18, 2011 de31 7:07de
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    by dtyerthge on júl 17, 2011 du31 10:10du
  • Ilyouuuu ChrissBrownn<3 #TeamBreezy(:!
    by ilyouuChriss22 on júl 17, 2011 du31 9:09du
  • i cried cause i could of been there! i love him... ima c u one day papi! ima have backstage passes too! #teambreezy forever and ever!
    by xiomara1 on júl 17, 2011 du31 5:05du
  • The show was great he can surely sing and he can definitely dance....This was an experience I will never forget cant wait until he has more performances in New York :)
    by Soon2beMod3l on júl 17, 2011 du31 12:12du