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Chris' Record Breaking Today Show Performance

Chris' Today show performance last Friday drew a record-breaking 18,000 fans to Rockefeller Plaza. It had the highest attendance of any Today show event in history and its all thanks to the fans and Team Breezy. Thanks guys, Chris couldn't have done it without you!

For more info and photos, check out the article on Ace Show Biz.

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  • I enjoyed the whole performance!!!!!
    by mrscrayton01 on aug 30, 2011 du31 5:05du
  • that's my hubby:)!!!
    by i love chris 4life on aug 5, 2011 de31 11:11de
  • I wish I was there... Suck to live in Panama I guess
    by EmelyMyles on aug 3, 2011 du31 2:02du
  • o my god!!! of course! he will record break!
    by dilekbreezy on aug 2, 2011 de31 9:09de
  • that's my BOO!!!!!!!!!
    by aihtnyc on júl 31, 2011 du31 6:06du
  • i went to that it was awsome lots of people were there luv u breezy
    by hippys1 on júl 20, 2011 du31 4:04du
  • Thats very good baby i now if u keep your head up u will be ok and i will always love u your girl
    by Undreanna on júl 20, 2011 du31 1:01du
  • hay good day i am glad u are back up and strong and going on that god 4 health and wisdom u need it thank u 4 ur wonderful songs i love them all and be ur self in all this that life have 2 give...
    by babyboodee on júl 20, 2011 de31 11:11de
  • I love chris brown
    by thecharle28@hotma on júl 20, 2011 de31 3:03de
  • I love chris brown
    by thecharle28@hotma on júl 20, 2011 de31 3:03de