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Chris' 2011 MTV VMA Performance

Chris Brown stole the show at last night's VMAs with his dance performance mash up of "Yeah 3X", "Beautiful People", Wu Tang Clan's "Protect Ya Neck" and Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Watch the full performance here!

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    by bvbv_lady on nov 6, 2011 de30 5:05de
  • OMG it was amazing and him flying all over so performer
    by Mardeye on szep 21, 2011 de30 11:11de
  • His performance was really touching! brought tears to my eyes! don't judge me, im just a dedicated member of team breezy! #teambreezy <3
    by b_airreyyx3 on szep 18, 2011 de30 10:10de
  • Another great performance by Mr.R&B himself!!! JUST LIKE YOUR FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE ON YOUR FAME TOUR. I went to his concert yesterday at Darien Lake in buffalo NY. And let me say his performances were great. The stage setting was creative (especially beautiful people), he picked the right choice of songs and his outfits were sexy. Chris Brown is a fine asz brotha on television but in person you can tell he is definitely one of the sexiest specimens to hit the face of the earth, if not THE FINEST. But honestly, THE F.A.M.E TOUR WAS MAGNIFICENT CHRIS BROWN IS BACK AND HE CAME BACK WITH A...
    by sexyc.breezy26 on szep 15, 2011 du30 5:05du
  • unbelievable performance!!! watched it thousands of times im sure he will out do himself again !
    by chrisbienko on szep 15, 2011 du30 4:04du
  • finally seen it. loved it best performance that night you was just flying all over the place <3 ily #TEAMBREEZYBOO
    by msvirgo94 on szep 12, 2011 de30 10:10de
    by fllrbrttny on szep 10, 2011 du30 8:08du
  • this is really the only damm!!! reason i watched the vma's finally some REAL entertainment.. that is the only reason why i watched the VMA'S ...FOR HIM no one els just HIM..... i love that nigga to death
    by twinkielover432 on szep 9, 2011 du30 7:07du
  • -His Performance Was Classic && never Seen like That Before , ; Naah Watch These Other Niqqas Try To Cope His Stylee & The s*** HE DONE Did Cant Be Done Aqain , REMADE None DAAAT ! #TeaambREZZZY ,
    by Kaee.Monroe on szep 8, 2011 de30 9:09de
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