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Berner - "Yoko" (Ft. Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Big K.R.I.T.

Continuing his run of well-crafted verses, Chris spits on this star studded track by Berner called "Yoko" (get ready for the chorus to get stuck in your head and stay there). The video just came out, check it out below.

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    by voguefashion on szep 3, 2013 de30 10:10de
  • You are a true inspiration to young teens all over the world. Even if you had trials and tribulations you had to go through, in order to continue life as being a role model for young people all over the world that you have set out to do and will prosper God Bless.
    by Juicy2 on okt 13, 2011 de31 11:11de
  • yes i'm going on 10/28/11
    by kellyiess on szep 30, 2011 du30 1:01du
  • ayyyyyye Chris verse was crazy dope !
    by Maiya_W on szep 27, 2011 de30 9:09de
  • i love wiz part
    by hottie 109 on szep 20, 2011 de30 11:11de
    by ChrisBreezybabigurl on szep 19, 2011 du30 6:06du
  • omgggggggggg i love this song. it got all the cute men and thangs lol ;p
    by ChrisBreezybabigurl on szep 19, 2011 du30 6:06du
  • "Look, got a boat load of dem asian hoes, on vacation steady baken wit jamaican hoes!"
    by b_airreyyx3 on szep 18, 2011 de30 11:11de
  • I loved chris and wiz parts! <3 them :)
    by _inLovewithBreezy_ on szep 17, 2011 de30 1:01de
  • i <3 this song but i love Chris Browns part i mean my HUBBIES part lolz is the best :P
    by DiAnNa BrEeZy on szep 16, 2011 du30 9:09du