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Hey everyone im new to the board and I wanted to write a story nothing here it is.!

**I Wanna Be**
*Lamari, Renee, and Chris going away party*

"okay on the count of 3 everyone say Clark Atlanta University" my mom said snapping a pictuee.
"Clark Atlanta University" I said smiling with my two best.friends as everyone started cheering. We was in my back yard at this going away party. Everything was just soo surreal I cant believe in 2 days I will be leaving Ohio and moving to Atlanta for school. As I look into the crowd I noticed my best friend Renee chatting it up with my aunt. Thats my ace right there. Renee Brianna Franklin. She been my bestfriend since kindergarden standing at 5'4 wearing a pink loose halter top and a jean skirt she look very beautiful. Her light brown smooth skin sang in the sun. And her shortt hair was styled in a cute cut. I still couldnt believe she cut her hair a month ago for her 18 birthday. But it fit her beautiful face and thick shape perfectly. That was my girl. Brains and beauty. She was gonna be my roomie in CAU majoring in nursing. So u know im proud of my girl. As I keep looking through the crowd I saw my boy Chris dancing with some girl lol smh. Thats my Breez always with some chick. Christopher Mariuce Brown. Been my bestfriend since kindergarden also. He going to CAU majoring in sports management. Lol that my boy. The ladies man. As he shoukd be standing tall at 6'1 long lean body. Light buttermilk skin (well only in the summer. Winter he pale) lol he had pretty light brown eyes and a gorgeous smilehe looked good in his red aeropostale shirt. Tan cargo shorts and red.chucks. Yeaa that was chris for u. Nobody understood our relationship except for family & Renee. And even with that our family said we would get marries lol. Never chris just my bestfriend. And he got too many hoes... As I was past the patio into the hoise I went into the bathroom to check myself out.
Yeaa everything was still in place lol as I looked myself up and down in the mirror I ciuld help but say damn. Lamari u bad lmao.

**Chris POV**
I was staring at Yonnie looking at herself in the mirror. Damn she look good. Stand short 4'11 lol haha withe her thick frame chocolate skin gray eyes and long hair that was in a curly style. She was beautiful. With her off the shoulder shirt that showed her belly button ring and shorts that hugged her hips and fat ass . Yeaa Lamari was badd. And she knew it. But thats my bestfriend since kindergarden. We put in some years 13 to be exact. But she dont look like the chubby girl with pigtails im her hair. Naww lil mamma cold but I just started feeling a different way towards her this spring. Nobody knows except Renee. And im not sure if I can tell yonnie.

"yonnie what u doing?" I asked her as I walked in the bathroom standing behind her
"nothing just.checking myself out" she said smiling in the mirror. Damn her eyes and smile are soo beautiful
"well.u look fly ma" I said moving her hair back on the right side showing off her tattoo under her coller bone. " man I swear I needa steal this tatt" I' said laughing
"nahh Breez u got enough" she said laughing" this party hype huh" she asked me
"yeaa it'll go harder once I let this weight off" I said laughing
"what u mean" she asked me with a confused look on her face
"i.gotta piss yonnie" I said smh " oh and im leaving tonight for CAU" I told her
" whyy? I thought we were leaving all together" she said with a sad face
"ikr but the basketballl coach called me saying theirs a meeting tomorrow for freshmen and I have to be there" I told her
"oh well ok" she.said still looking said but just standing there
"yonnie... Im getting fat over here" I said laughing
"ohh yeaa im sorry lol" she said as she closed the bathroom door.

Ok yall tell me what u think?


i hope im gonna be a auntie...oooh so maybe our kids should be like a couple days apart.!!! that would be soooo cute.!!!
Run it.!

run it

run it

:O ooooooooooooh. Nice add.
wonder if shes pregnant?

I woke up to sun in my eyes. I looked around the room to see where we was at... Oh yea MIAMI.!!!
I was getting ready to use the bathroom when I felt a tight grip on me. I looked over and aeen breez snuggled against my back. He was so beautiful. I kissed him on the chrek.

"where u going?"

"bathroom babe" I said as he loosen up his grip. I walk to the bathroom washed my face & brushed my teeth. I decided to get in the showerand do the hygenie thing. When I got out chris was still sleep. I put on my zzebra print 2 peice. Some shorts that I left unbotten and a net shirt. I wal mk ed downstairs and bumped into someone

"damn Lamari. Yo big ass head"

"my bad trey I didnt see you. Srry"

"you wanna go walk on the beach since everyone still sleep ?"

Yea. "

We leave the house and walked to the beach. It was gorgeous. My hair started to dry as the wind blew through it. Which mean it was gonna turn into a long poofy afro.

"im glad we did this"

"trey you have no idea. All that work was getting to me & than it was like everyone is coupled off."

"yeaa I feel you. I hardly get to chill with my boy" he laughed

"& I hardly chill with my girls. I mean I miss em."

"if it means anything im glad you and breez are together. It seem like he just happy now"

"yeaa I was iffy at first cause breez goes through women like he changes draws. & he changes his draws"

We both laughed .

"how is DST"

"the delta will be deltas. We just been doing alot of funraisers. Stepshows . And community service"

We stopped walking and looked out into the oncean as the water crept back & forth on our toes .

"what do you see in your future" I looked over to trey. He shruged

"idk. Me having a successful job in sports therapy. Me getting married having kids. And moving into this beach house. You" he looked at me. I look at the sky..i was getting ready to begin but was stopped by the phone ringing.

Cause I already made up my mind
Dont need no more time to see if I wanna be with you
I wanna be
The last number you called late at night
First one that you dial when u open your eyes
Wanna be the one that you run to
Wanna be the one that aint gonna hurt you I
Wanna be yea
Wanna be yea
Be the man making your girls jealous
Be the guy shooting down all the fellas
Whatever you need
Girl its on me
Ya soldier, ya friend, or ya lover
I wanna be

I smiled. "i see him" and answer the phone "yes baby. on the beach with trey. Haha no trey isnt tryna kidnap me im not a kid. Ok ok im just playing. We on the way" I ended the call "soso made breakfast"

"thats whats sup. C'mon before chris have a baby"

"better him than me" I mumbled as we walked back.

Fav character & why: lamari cuz she frm ohio lol
Leaste fav character & why: da devil (rihanna) cuz i hate dat b****
Fav part of story:sex scenes!!!!!!!!
Least fav part:wen da devil tried 2 f*** trey
Are you in the story?np
Do you like your role?
What dont you like abt ur role?
Do u wanna be in the story?yea
What would yu want your character to be? lamari lil sister
What ideas or concerns do u have for the story? she shuld end up pregnant

i would want to be in the story mabye like a new friend in the crew

Hey everyone.!

Thanks for the love & comments I really appreciate it.

I will update before the weekend is over. I gotta think.

But maybe you guys can answer these questions & give me feedback like....

Fav character & why:
Leaste fav character & why:
Fav part of story:
Least fav part:
Are you in the story?
Do you like your role?
What dont you like abt ur role?
Do u wanna be in the story?
What would yu want your character to be?
What ideas or concerns do u have for the story?

^^^ I stole this.

Readers please do it. Thanks.!

RUN IT!!!!

Aww snap Vacay time, cant wait to see what happens with these couples in MIAMI!! RUN IT!!!!

run it


run it

run it

~ 2 months later~

April flew around fast & everythings been going good. Im passing my classes. Im making sure chris is passing his classes. Are relationship is going well..the deltas are doing good. We just. Had step show the other day. Renee. Trey. Sofia & llyold are great. Everything is perfect. But for how long.?

I sat in my dorm packing. Spring break has.fastly approached &
Trey's dad owns a beach house in miami... Sooo the next week. We'll be their :)

"hey lovebutt".nae.said walking in.


"u done packing?" I shot her a look. She sighed. "still a late as packer smh"

"i have a feeling.u judging me"

"good because.i am"

I.finished packing.and.we.left.CAU. Leaving for a while to a new enviorment is great. Just taking a break.

Short. Ik. But I wanted to give yall something

waaaaat its sumbody else 4rm ohio on here???
dats wats up
chris stupid lol
hw he gn pray b4 i f*** her lmao
awwwwwww i hpe she end up pregnant
run it

Run IT!!!


run it

Rotfl yooo Chris mad goofy for that one that was cute though

Lmao @ Chris praying to GOD about sex lol crazy boy. Aww Yanni was nervous with Chris @ its just sex... with Chris lol. Awe damn he didn't use a condom tho. Chris may not mind but I don't think there no where near ready for kids. Great adds yay. Chris and Lamari are freaks tho lols.

Hey, hey, you now have a new reader. ME! :)
I can say, I'm glad I decided on reading this.
The couples are too cute.
yonnie & Chris are too nasty, ^____^ Lol
But a baby? Now?.:oooo

oh snap.! chris was singing:

Waiting too long. So I asked that tonight you give me the power to blow her back out. Amen" chris said turning around

"you really did not just do that" I said to him.

"but baby I did."

He grabbed me.again kissing me softly.. He ran his hand through my hair tugging at it. , as he sucked my neck.

"ohhh baby" I moan

He walked me to his bed laying me down as he sat up taking his shirt & jeans off. I seen his manhood progruding out of his boxers. He licked & kiss my legs as he tugged on my panties wirh his teeth, pulling them down. He spread my legs apart diving down into my wetness...

"ahhhh.chris. "

The feeling was something I never felt before. I was reaching my peak. But he stopped & raised up.

"babe wtf?"

He chuckled.

Taking my bra off showing my girls both the same amount off attention. He moved down to my bellly tugging at my ring.

I laughed .

He pulled down his boxers as I seen his 11in hardness. He seen my face

"relax babe. I wont hurt you"


He entered me . I tensed up

"baby give in to me".he said

I did & it started to feel good. We made hard soft strong love to each other. . And when we was done we laied in each others arms.

"baby. You didnt use a condom"

He laughed. "you would say something afterwards. But I trust you"

"what if I got pregnant"

"i wouldnt be mad"

Run it. Comment

Yonnies pov.

I sat in breez bathroom looking at myself nervously. I felt the spiral curls neatly in my head knowing they were going to get fcked up.

"okay Lamari. You can do it. It's just sex"

I said to myself. I'm Its just... It chris my bestfriend. Well my man . I looked at the white lace panties & bra set. My diamond belly button ring dangled nicely from it I sighed again.

"just sex"

The door open & I heard chris call out for me as I quickly put my robe on & mouth "showtime" in the mirror.

I walked out & chris took a glance at me. His eyes grew bigger.

"well...." I waited for a redponse

"uhh...we-well I-I-I. Umm yo-you lo-look. Uhh yo-yonnie. Damn"

"is that a good thing?" I asked worried

He nodded.

He came closer to me and wrapped his arms around me. Gently kissing my lips.

"you went all out yonnie" he said smirking.

I backed away fromhis removing my robe, and putting my hands on my hips.. Chris turned around.

"lord. Thank you for this beauty. And.this opportunity tonight, for you know I had been waitin

Plz come back to this story. I'm dying to know what happens with Chris and Yonni on Valentine's Day. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

plzzzzz add lol

lol i told yhu i was abt to do this...

please hurry nd update lol

Run it!