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Hey everyone im new to the board and I wanted to write a story nothing here it is.!

**I Wanna Be**
*Lamari, Renee, and Chris going away party*

"okay on the count of 3 everyone say Clark Atlanta University" my mom said snapping a pictuee.
"Clark Atlanta University" I said smiling with my two best.friends as everyone started cheering. We was in my back yard at this going away party. Everything was just soo surreal I cant believe in 2 days I will be leaving Ohio and moving to Atlanta for school. As I look into the crowd I noticed my best friend Renee chatting it up with my aunt. Thats my ace right there. Renee Brianna Franklin. She been my bestfriend since kindergarden standing at 5'4 wearing a pink loose halter top and a jean skirt she look very beautiful. Her light brown smooth skin sang in the sun. And her shortt hair was styled in a cute cut. I still couldnt believe she cut her hair a month ago for her 18 birthday. But it fit her beautiful face and thick shape perfectly. That was my girl. Brains and beauty. She was gonna be my roomie in CAU majoring in nursing. So u know im proud of my girl. As I keep looking through the crowd I saw my boy Chris dancing with some girl lol smh. Thats my Breez always with some chick. Christopher Mariuce Brown. Been my bestfriend since kindergarden also. He going to CAU majoring in sports management. Lol that my boy. The ladies man. As he shoukd be standing tall at 6'1 long lean body. Light buttermilk skin (well only in the summer. Winter he pale) lol he had pretty light brown eyes and a gorgeous smilehe looked good in his red aeropostale shirt. Tan cargo shorts and red.chucks. Yeaa that was chris for u. Nobody understood our relationship except for family & Renee. And even with that our family said we would get marries lol. Never chris just my bestfriend. And he got too many hoes... As I was past the patio into the hoise I went into the bathroom to check myself out.
Yeaa everything was still in place lol as I looked myself up and down in the mirror I ciuld help but say damn. Lamari u bad lmao.

**Chris POV**
I was staring at Yonnie looking at herself in the mirror. Damn she look good. Stand short 4'11 lol haha withe her thick frame chocolate skin gray eyes and long hair that was in a curly style. She was beautiful. With her off the shoulder shirt that showed her belly button ring and shorts that hugged her hips and fat ass . Yeaa Lamari was badd. And she knew it. But thats my bestfriend since kindergarden. We put in some years 13 to be exact. But she dont look like the chubby girl with pigtails im her hair. Naww lil mamma cold but I just started feeling a different way towards her this spring. Nobody knows except Renee. And im not sure if I can tell yonnie.

"yonnie what u doing?" I asked her as I walked in the bathroom standing behind her
"nothing just.checking myself out" she said smiling in the mirror. Damn her eyes and smile are soo beautiful
"well.u look fly ma" I said moving her hair back on the right side showing off her tattoo under her coller bone. " man I swear I needa steal this tatt" I' said laughing
"nahh Breez u got enough" she said laughing" this party hype huh" she asked me
"yeaa it'll go harder once I let this weight off" I said laughing
"what u mean" she asked me with a confused look on her face
"i.gotta piss yonnie" I said smh " oh and im leaving tonight for CAU" I told her
" whyy? I thought we were leaving all together" she said with a sad face
"ikr but the basketballl coach called me saying theirs a meeting tomorrow for freshmen and I have to be there" I told her
"oh well ok" she.said still looking said but just standing there
"yonnie... Im getting fat over here" I said laughing
"ohh yeaa im sorry lol" she said as she closed the bathroom door.

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*friday afternion 4:00pm*
¡Cup-flower auditorium*

(this information u are about to read is only outta love & respect for The.DELTA sorority)

" Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the 2011 delta sigma theta initiation ceremony. My name as most of u may know is Soror Nina. Before we bring out the pledgees. We will like to acknowledge the sororities and fraternities here. Starting with our brothers Omega Psi Phi (Ques) "she called out

"roof roof roof grrrr" the ques barked and growled

"Alpha Kappa Alpha (Akas)" she called

"ssssssssssss ha.!l" akas hissed

" Alpha Phi Alpha" she called

"ah ah ah ah *clap*" the alpha men scream

"Sigma Gamma Rho"she said

"kha kha kha shi" the ladies called out

"kappa alpha kappa" she said (i think thats the kappas names)

"aye aye owwwww" kappa men howled

"last but not least the lovely ladies of Delta Sigma Theta"sge said

"ssssssshhhhhhhhwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooooooo" they called out

"okay ladies I present to u the pledgees of DST

They walked out leaded by soror Reese who was dressed in a white fitted dress a red big sun/church hat and red heels. The pleedges had on black js. Black jeans. Black fitted longsleeve shirts a sliver cat eye mask to cover their eyes and black hoodies with the hood over their head

%its such a long, long way to DELTA and we got a long way to goo. Its such a long long way to DELTA and we got a long way to goo.... D E L TA. ah DST spell Delta sigma theta. Were walking on a highway unn huh and you know we super fly unn huh unn huh. Were walking on a highway unnhuh and were on the delta line thats why... Repeat 1 more time.% the ladies sung as they lined up

"alll the mothers my peace and happiness im gonna give it to delta.!" Soror Nina sung "let the intoduction begin

The first pledgee stepped up as she sung taking her hoodie and mask off

% I love my D in front of my S my S in front of my T looks so good of me I love my DST% she stood tall with her hands behind her back face revealed so everyone see her and the crowd went wild

"what do they call you" nina said

"ashley stewart aka smiley of the gamma nu delta sigma theta" she saif the crowd screamed

Nxt pledgee. Same song

"what do they call u"nina said

"cherise moore aka reckless of the gamma nu chapter of delta sigma theta"

Nxt pledgee same song

What do they call u" she said

"leah humprey aka action of the gamma nu delta sigma theta

Nxt lol

"what do they call u", she said

Keisha sky aka flyy of the gamma nu delta sigma theta" she sa


"who they call u" she said

"veronica louis aka lou time of gamma nu delta sigma theta


"what they call u" nina said

" alex charles aka southern blues of gamma nu delta sigma theta" she said


What the call u" she said

"alexis charles aka southern bell of gamma nu delta sigma theta


What they call u" nina said

"Renee Frankling aka show out of gamma nu delta sigma theta"she said


"what they call you" nina said

"Lamari Gibson aka Spotlight of gamma nu delta sigma theta"i said
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She a straiqht hoe for tht !
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oh hell naw that hoe...well
her jealous as too bad to
just ask chris if they was together
or not, she not worth to be
chris girl any muhf'n way.


I can't stand Rihanna ugh run this plz

Heres.a good morning post for y'all

*lamari pov*

Im glad everything is back to normal. Its early monday morning and chris txt me bout some breakfast before class. Im surprised this boy aint xatching freshmen15 as much as he east.

Knock knock knock

I open the door to see chris in a black leather jacket a gray shirr jeans & black tims he looked real good. His light skin color is coming back.. & u can tell he been working out. Me I was dressed in a brown/tan plaid areopostale bytton up shirt shirt and a tan tank underneath. Jeans & knee high tan leather flat boots. My hair was flatiron down (bottom brown half the top black half was curly

" whadd up gorgeous u ready" he asked me

" yeaa cime on" I said walking in the hallway we was down the hall until I heard someone call out chris.

"baby where are u going" rhianna said

"breakfast with yonnie" he said

" wait let me get dressed real quick im coming" she said

" nahh boo u got class. Go to class. I'll get at yu later" he said as we started going downastairs


Dam I hate lamaris azz. I liked it better when they were beefing. I just cant stand how much he go all out for her. he say they just friends. But dam yall acting like yall freaking each other... Thats why I always try to be with him all the time to make sure he not with her. But if thats how he wanna do me. I got him.

Knock knock knock. Door opens

"hey rhianna. U just missed chris" trey said with a rasphy
Broken up voice

" thats ok. I think I forgot something last night can I come get it,l" I asked walking in

" ummm nahh" he said closing the door

" are u ok" I asked him pretending to look for something

" nahh my head hurts and I got a sore throat" trey said sitting at his desk with his boxers and a wife beater

" aww your sick. I hope I can make u feel better," I said smiling

" whoa what" he said shocked

" I said I hope u feel better" I said looking at him

" aww ok. U find what u looking for" he asked me

" yea" I said smirking at him as I walked up to him. Got on my knees & pulled his manhood out and took him all in my mouth

"ohh sh1t. Rhiannas u cant do that. Ahhh fuxk. Man girl quit. Sh1t. Mmmm renee gonna whoop yo azz. Sh1t. Suck that d1ck." He said as he grab thr back of my hair

Me and mari just chilling wating breakfast until she asked me a question

" what qas up with rhianna?"she asked me

" idk that girl be trippinf. She real clingy. She'll miss her classes just to be up under me. The only time she'll go to class is if im going to a class" I said smh

" umm that crazy" yonnie said " speaking of class its almost 10. I gotta go" she said kissing me on the cheek ansd walking off with the orange juice in her. Dam that azz look good in dem jeans. My thoughts got interrupted by trey texting me

"ayo man sh1t gets real

Whadd going on brah

Can I keep it all 100 fam

Thats all I ask for brah

Rhianna just got done giving me head. ( I just pauaed & read that mesage like 5 times)

Some good azz head game aint it lol

brah u ainf tripping

Nah man we close like fam. & its bros before des hoes

Iight man

Oh dnt worry I wont say nothing to nae

Thanks man

U coo brah. Meet me at lane hall im tryna work out.


I closed my phone & threw away my phone. Instead of meeting trey ill just go back to the dorm. I gotta change I forgot what I had on. Lol dam that crazy cant trust dese hoesz.

*3weeks later*
Lamari pov

3weeks have gone by & I havent talked to breez really. He havent hit my phone up and when we see each other in the hall its a whats sup & keep it moving. After rhianna came in I just walked out. Well on a good note. Trey and Nae made it offical this week. Smh he waited dam near 2months. && me and micheal been chilling a bit too. Its thanks giving tomorrow so renee. Chris and I packed up for break.
My phone vibrates

Hey beautiful.

Hey mike.


Waiting for chris so we can leave.

Mmm you think I can get a kiss to hold me from not seeing you till Monday

Im coming back sunday but yea.

I grab my CAU hodie and ran outside. I had a black hollister shirt on. Some jeans & black ugg boots. My hair was down blowing in the wind.

" ima miss u" mike said hugging me

" boy shut up" I said laughing

"im serious girl. Haha.where my kiss at"?

" right here" I said kissing him on the cheek.

"dam girl really. That how u gonna do me" mike said as I started walking to the car. I sat in tge back with my head phoneas in my ear. Renee and trey was outside the car kissing and chris was txting

"baby ima miss u" nae said

"ima miss u too. Gimme another kiss" trey said as they kissed again

"nasty" me and chris said together. I didnt hear chris. Nut he heard me looking in his mirror at me

**8hours later**

It was 12 at night and I was just chillin laying down my old bed when a text to my phone.

Meet me diwn the street at oakland park

It was breez.

I put on my black CAU sweatpants a long sleeve fitted white shirt my black uggs and my CAU hoodie. It was the ladt week of november in ohio so it was cold. The coat had to go on too. A brushed ma hair into a bun and left.

***oakland park***
*chris pov*
I OP waiting for yonnie I heard someone walk up I seen her but she couldnt see me. Damn she even look beautiful late at night with sweats on. I missed her soo much. I was soo worried that something happen to her that I got pissed nothing did lol thats why I blew up.

"im right here yonnie" I said as she walked over

" wow I havent heard u call me that in a while. I missed it" she said sitting down beside me

" I missed you" I said to her

" I miss you too breez"she said hugging me. Oh I missed her smell looking into here gray eyes. Touching hear hair.

" i apologize for blowing up like I did on u"i told her

"its ok . You did it cause u care. We been friends 13 yeats breez. I know u not gonna let nothing happen to me. She said laying back on my chest

"yonnie remember we used to come up here when we was lil" I asked her

" yeaa. Remember when u use to call me fat & pull my pigtails and run away. I could never catch u" she said and we both started laughing

" yeaa man good times I said yawning

"breez?l she called me

" yea yonnie" I answered

" whats sup withh you & rhianna" she asked

" dhe some what my girl. I dont wanna talk about her tho. Whats sup with u and micheal" I asked

" he just coo ppl"she said yawnong on my chest

"mmm" I.said closing my eyes I didnt wanna talk about them like I said rhianna might be my girl. But she not my wife. Right now im with my wife. At the park we grew up on. In the cold... Going to sleep
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..Damn y chris so mad..wats tht ish about ?

***lennex hall 7pm***
*mari's pov*

"Welcome ladies to the Gamma Nu chapter of Delta Sigma Theta. We are happy that uou jave decided to pleage for DST. But their is some house rules u need to know before we start the induction ceremony. 1. Tell no one you are pledging 2. Pledge period is 4weeks. 3u cannot wear red and white. When u are doing missions for gamma nu you must wear all black. 4. My name is soror Nina. When u axknowledge me u say soror Nina. Do I make my self clear" soror Nina said

" yes soror Nina" the crowd said. My phone starts vibrating. Its a text from Breez

Yo yonnie. Wyd?

"its time for the induction ceremony" soror nina stated...

***1hour later***

Nae chris called me 18 times (O_O)." I said in disbelief

" aw daxm call him back" she said as I called him


" it sounds like your mad breez" I said


*at chris room* we walked in

" sit yo azz down" he said. As I sat on his bed

" damb no hi" renee said walking to trey as he shook his head no

" renee shut the fuxk up" chris

"oh no he di-" renee said as trey covered her mouth

" come on," trey said as they left.

" where was u at," chris said his eyes where black. I hacent seen him this color since his dad left when we was 13 "you better answer me" he looked at me

"i was.. Uh.. Studying.. Uh math".i studttered

chris shook his head" with who"

"i.. Umm this guy... Name... uhh.. Micheal" I said


" can u stop yellung at me" I said

" CAN U STOP LYING TO ME" he yelled

" WHY DO U CARE SO MUCH" I said yelling now

" CAUSE.I LOVE YOU" he yelled

" I LOVE YOU TOO BUT U DONT SEE ME YELLING WHEN U DO SH1T" I yelled back as someone knocked on the foor & he answered

" baby your all red & sweating, who are u yelling at. We can hear you down the hall" rhianna said as she looked in the room " oh Lamari"

..Gurl neither can I...Im starvinq rite now so im snackin on sum pizza rolls nd readin stories on my laptop. My brothers keep askin for sum they just want sum cus they see it thm niqqaz aint hungry but cnt wait for th nxt post !

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Rihanna just on th side Chris needs to confess his feelinqs to his bestie but thn aqain it mite be to early for tht.

rih a side piece. she can hit the trash basket.
pledge time, thas whassup
trey...smooth ass slick.

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***1month later***
CAU is running cool... Today is monday so I only have 3 classes today. Im doing pretty good in them except math.. I hate math.. Im glad this is the only class i'll ever have to take. But let me hook yall up on game. Renee doing her thanh & trey still tryna do him on her lol she STILL playing hard to get but she went on a double date with him , chris, & rhianna. Ueaa they talking hard. I actually think he plans on cuffing her. Nae doesnt favor her at all lol. I dont really know much of her but it cool. We made more friends lol TWINS that stay next door we share bathroom with. Their made cool Alex & Alexis. Their both red bones. 5'5 shoulder length hair (alexis is a blonde) and very skinny. But its 9:45am. And i'm leaving out for my first class. Dressed in a CAU sweat pants & hoodie with some black air maxes it was kinda chilly out side

" good morning beautiful" a guy said walking up to me

" good morning" I replied

" where are u heasded too? He asked

", class" I said

" are those ur real gray eyes" he asked

" yes" I said

" they are very beautiful on you. Whats yout name" he asked

"Lamari" I said

" thats also a beautiful name. Im micheal. Would I be troubling u if I asked your #" he asked

" sure" I gave it to him & walked away. As I got settled in my class I got a txt.

Well Ms. Beautiful Lamari I hope u enjoy the rest of your day.

Thank you. Im sure I am. Hey just right off back im not looking for a boyfriend im just tryna focus on skuu

Thats cool. Im not looking for a girlfriend ... Cause I found her

Trey pov***
I was coming outaa class when I got a text to meet nae at stewart hall for brunch... Haha im getting to her.. But I headed to mt dorm first

" whadd up brah" I said seeing chris in the bed. Than rhianna head pop out the covers oh sh1t. Did she spend the nigjt last night I didnt notice ," hey rhianna" I said

" mmm hey trey" she said putting one of chris shirys on & waljing to the bathroom

" nigga why u still in bed" I asked him

" cause she was giving me head lol. That rhymed lol" chris said laughing " what u about to get into" he asked

" im about to go have lunch with nae" I said smiling.

" nasty" he said shaking his head " ima go get dressed than work out at lane hall

"iight cool hmu" I said leaving

Chris pov***

After I got rid of rhianna I headed to lane hall to work out. Im iffy on that girl... Somethimes she cool... Others she ughh. On my way I seen alexis walking to me.

" hey chris" she said giving me a hug

" whadd up alexis" I said

" u.know where mari is" she asked

" she should be gwetting out of her first class" I answered

" ok where u headed" she asked

" on my way to lane hall" I said

" k. Im coming too" she said

" girl u know u dont needa workout" I said laughing

" u dont either" she said winking at me

I smirked. Mmm " ight man" I said shaking my head.

** Renee pov**
I was sitting waiting for trey to join me for brunch when I got a text

Wyd @7.

It was mari.

Nothing whats sup

Gamma nu pledge line registration. lennex hall u there


"hey beautiful" trey said kissing me on the forehead

" hey" I said

" so whats sup" he asked

" so how serious is chris & rhianna" I asked him

" oh oh so you used me. You are something else you know that" he said " nahh but honestly idk. Some seem good. Others he treat her like a" he told me

" mmm idk if her. And I know I dont like her for chris" I said folding her arms

"ik beautiful I feel the same. But ya boy is grown u cant tell him who to be with" he said holding my hand

" well I kno who he wanna be with" I said

" shidd I kno who he wanna be with. Anyone with eyes can see. But he has to know who he wanna be with. He dont know cause he dont have her" trey said

"u dont know who u wanna be with" I told him

" of course I do" he said & smiled

" you dont have her" I teased him

" yess... I do. Had her since day one" he said and kisswd my hand

Im soooooo LUVIN th story already

Run It!

***later that evening***
*lamari pov*
We alll chilling my dorm me & nae still unpacking and the boys are watching a movie

"so Renee what.are u majoring in?" Trey asked her

" thats still nasty" chris said shaking his head as I jot him with a pillow "ouch nigga".

"shut up" I said as trey started coughing uncontrollably

" see told u thats nasty now he all coughing" chris said laughing

"chris.!" I yelled at him "trey are u ok" I asked

" yeaa im coo I just need s student nurse to take care of me" he said smiling

"awwwwww" nae&i both said

"aw nigga u lame for that", chris said

"shut up hater" nae said "so wby?" She asked

"im majoring in sports physical theraphy" he said " hbu mari" he said asking me

"mass communications news broadcasting" I answered him

" aww thats whats sup" he said as chris got up

"i'll be back" he said as he left

*chris pov*
I was walking to my room to get something when I aeen this badd ligjtskin redhead.

" woah how u doing ma" I asked her

" im fine" she answer

" I already know u fine. I asked how u dojng" I said to her which made her laugh

" haha cute" she said smiling

" I like to think I am. So wgats ur name" I asked

" rhianna... U?" She asked

" chris.. So are u in a rush to get somewhere" I asked

" yeaa my room actually" she said

" can I get ur # pretty" I said

" yea" she said as she put her number In my phone

" igjt ima hit u up later" I said backing up

" cool dont have me regret giving u that number" she said walking away

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Lol Trey is so smooth trine get at Renee run it

run it

Renee POV

***Aug 24 2011. 2:35am***

Today is the dayy.. We are all packed up in the van ready for this.8 hour ride to atlanta... Well not really ready for the ride.... But u know... We all packed in with a pillow & blanket in the back of the van. Maris mom was driving the van.. And my dad was driving the same uhale.

"just told breez we on our way" mari told me

"he prolly sleep" I told her getting under the cover

"yeaa Ikr. Hey what time is it " she asked me

" a lil after 3 now" I said.. We both looked at each other like wtf why are we up.!

*** 8 1/2 hours later 11:00am***
We.pull up by the student union

"hello welcome to Clark Atlanta University. May I have ur name.and student id card" the lady behind the desk said

"where is your restroom" amari yelled at her

"right there" she pointed to the restroom

" my name is Renee Franklin and here" I said giving her my student id card as she swhipped it and handed me a paper and dorm room key as mari came outside

"okay whoo.. My name is Lamari Gibson" she said handing her her student id she did the same as mine "stexler hall" lamari said out loud

"oh noo im sorry your dorm is in washington hall" she said

Oh ok thank you" I said taking my phone out calling chris
" where u at tunechi" I said to him

"in my room big head, yall here" he asked

"yeaa" I said to him

"iight we on our way" he said

Woah who we" I asked him

"you'll find out soon enough" he said hunging up the phone as mari and I walked out the student union she was dreased in a white areopostale wife beater shorts and white.flip flops and I was dresaed in the same but pink. Ppl mostly mistaken us for twin but nahh birds of a feather just flock together lol.

" there he is" amari said point to him and I seen him and a handsome guy walk up to us.

"whadd up yonnie" chris said giving her a hugg & pulling her hair

"ouch why u always pull my hair when its up in a ponytail" she asked fixing it

"cause it hang long" he said giving me a hug "whadd up gucci" he said to me

"nothing much tunechi" I said

",ight yall trey this is Lamari. And this is Renee. Yall this Trey" chris said as trey shook maris hand then mine

"nice to meet you. And it is very nice meeting you beautiful" he said kissing my hand.

"mmm nice meeting u too" I said taking my hand away as we keep staring at each other

"eww thats nasty" chris said shaking his head "anyway what hall yall at so we can get this stuff there" chris asked

"washington hall"mari replied

"aww dope yall in the same hall as us c'mon" as we followed them to yhe hall CAU is poppin. As we walk to the buildiny we pasted their dorm and walked down the hall to ours.
As they helpped us bring in boxes and crates. Our tv. Fridge. && microwave. We plopped on the bed after everything was in.

"hey yall wants something to drink" chris said

"we got some water but its hot" I said

"nahh me and trey just pick something up at the venden machine (sp)

"ight thanks"mari said

"is their anything else u want me to give u beautiful" trey said to me

"no im fine" I aaid blushing

"ight I got the world in the palm of my hand just let me know when u want it" he winked at me as they began to walk out

"bro thats nasty it really is" chris said shaking his head aa they walked out

"owwww girl trey want you" lamari said smiling

"dont he tho" I said laughing shaking my head

"and he sexy as ever" mari said

"no no girl thats handsome right their" I told her smiling

"right" she said agreeing

"come on lets set this up and unpack. Where ya ma & ma dad" I asked

"walking around campus" amari said as she set the.microwave on top of the fridge


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hi asia, i'm sofia
but everybody just call me soso

Hey Asia I'm nic