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Yo Side Of The Bed: Chapter 10 (01/16))

*~Yo Side Of The Bed~*

~our bed our sheets our pillows get lonely on yo side of the bed yo side yo side yo side yo side gets lonely on yo side of the bed yo side yo side yo side yo side its not the same without you here~


another lonely night for christin.she had this romantic evening planned for herself and her boyfriend cameron(wiz khalifa)but once again he put tbe streets before her and stayed out all night with not even a phone make matters worst it was their 1-year anniversary. sometimes christin wondered why she stayed with him for this long but then she always thought back to all the wonderful times they have shared and she figured the good out weighed the bad so she stayed.but how long would she be able to put up with it.?
laying across her bed pondering her thoughts christin's phone started ringing,thinking ot was cameron she jumped up like a ninja to get to it but it was her sister lania(toya carter).
"hello" she answered kinda disappointed.
"well dont get too excited that i called" lania responded
"im sorry i thought you was cameron calling."
"oh boy.! where is that f***ass anyway" she asked smacking her lips
"hell if i know.!all i know is he better get his ass home soon or else he gonna get his feelings hurt"
"sis you aint gonna do shyt but cuss him out then he gonna get yo spot and yall gonna have some make up know the process so stop frontin." lania said laughing her ass off
"not this time lay-lay im gettin so tired of his bullshyt and something has gotta changr or else im puttin him out.!"
"yea that sounds bad i dont believe you. " she started laughing even harder
"fuxk you.!" we both laughed.right then she heard cameron come in the house.
"lay-lay he just walked in imma call you back."
they hung up and christin walked straight in the front room ready for war
Just a lil taste
Run it or Dump it.??


OMG I love it ! I'm so proud of her for singing that song ! ! !

I'm really glad I finally found one of your stories ! Girl you good !


ohh run it.


Wiz skinny ass salty.!! Haha. What he get


~Chapter 3~
Three Months Later::
for the past couple months christin had been working nonstop with the producer that sean hooked her up with to help with her song. she requested that sean or anybody else could not hear any part of the song.
her relationship with cameron has basically crumbled especially after she finally admitted to the abortion she had. they got into a huge fight, he tore up her house and moved out. the bad thing about the whole situation is that she still loves him. on the other hand however she has also got even closer to trey. he's been like a wonderful friend and everything she missed that cameron use to do.
*April 5,2011*
tonight christin is schedule to perform her song on stage for amateur night at the club trey did. against her better judgment and after alot of begging she took cameron as her date. she knew it was kind of a bad idea but as of now she just didnt wanna argue anymore.
when she got to the club she was a nervous wreck. she had never performed for more than five people let alone this whole club full of people. she had to go to her girls until she went up to do her set.
"are you ok mommas.?" gigi asked.
"hell no gigi.! but im so glad you guys are here" christin responded taking a shot of 1800 silver to the head.
"girl just relax. your only singing in front of a club full of strangers you dont know ready to judge you based on your singing." diamondz said causing lania to smack her arm. "oh my bad. but you dont have anything to worry about kuz you got this chris." diamondz said tryna make christin feel better.
"thanks i guess." right then sean, michael, and chris came over and let them know that it was time for christin to go up. she took another shot and took the stage. as she looked to her left she noticed cameron in the corner talking to some girl in the corner. she knew right then her song choice was the best. as she looked by the front door she noticed trey was walking through the door causing her to smile and start her show.
"hey everybody my name is christin. im a little nervous right now so bear with me. im dedicating this one to my wonderful boyfriend cameron." when she said that everybody she came with including trey and cameron looked at her confused. she took a deep breath and started the song.
'this is dedicated to
this, this, this is dedicated to
mmm, well if you feeling like im feeling
then this is dedicated to yo.
well ive been the super girlfriend
let you think that nothing bother me
like when you go out with ypur friends
and people bring me back the stories
the stories bout them other girls
bout this one and that one and those three
so when i ask a simple question
(where were you last night)
you wanna yell and scream and try to flip it on me
no, no, no
(no, no)
is anybody else just fed up
if you heard it all befo, fo,fo
(fp, fo)
then right where you are just get up
somebody say i dont want it anymore
i dont want it anymore
somebody say i dont want it anymore
i dont want it anymore
cuz i dried my eyes and i realized
i deserve somebody that'll treat me right'
as she sang her song the whole club was on their feet cheering her on. she never took her eyes off off cameron the entire performance and he was getting angry the more she sang.

*Back to the Present*
christin just couldn't deal with cameron's ignorant behavior anymore. it was really stressing her out to the point that she was on the verge of a breakdown.
so today she decided to go visit with diamondz. she threw on her.tan sweater dress, white leggings, and tan nd white snowboots. she pinned her hair up in a messy bun then she left.
her and diamondz went out to lunch and had a great time.!
"so chris how hav you and cam been sine trey's little surprise song?" diamondz asked.
"girl its been rough.! he's always gone and we barely talk or anything anymore."
"thats nothing knew though chris. but please tell me you still hitting that right?" she gave christin this puzzled look.
"girl no.! and you know me, i need my d***." they started cracking up. "im serious girl im horning ass hell girl and that dildo and only do so much for me."
" ok chris that was a little too much info for me." diamondz said waving her hands laughing.
"ok ok ok im done. so how is sean?"
"he's good. still doing his music thing and working at the club."
"thats great.! i think i want to book a show at the club one day."
"you should chris. you can really sing and im not just saying that cuz you my girl."
"i know cuz you speak yo mind to. i know from experience." they laughed again.
they finished their food and parted ways. christin loved her and she great conversations. they needed to do that more often.

wow that was wow

Aww so technically she was preggers by him, but he ended things w/ her b4 she could tell him causing her to get an abortion, aww poor Christian, Wiz int worthy of her love anyway.

the night of the show christin made cameron stay with his mom. she couldn't believe he had the audacity to say that to her about having a baby.! that made her think back to when they broke up after only being together six weeks.

against her better judgement christin unprotectively gave up the sex three weeks into.the relationship. after that she barely saw or spoke to cameron and she hated being ignored. two and a half weeks after their night together cameron finally came over. they got into a big argument and he left again.
another week went by and christin had gotten sick. throwing up everywhere so she had lania go the the doctor with her. come to find out she was three weeks pregnant.
"damn sis what yhu gonna do.?" lania asked as the doctor left the room."
"hell of i know.!" christin said shocked at her news.
"are you gonna tell cameron.?"
christin prepared at great dinner ready to tell him the news.
when he got there and settled. they ate and before she could even tell him any thing he let her know he dodnt want her anyone.
it completely broke her hear
not being with him f***ed her up and being she took it out on her baby and ended up gettin an abortion.

~{imma update the rest later}~

No the f he didnt.!

He gave her VD?????

Ohh hell no

&& ggave her a child.

Annnnt wrong answer.!

She better get pregnant by trey.

Run it.¡!!!!!

Camerons such a jerk, he didnt have to say that to her about a baby. Aww Trey now has 25% f her heart, I hope he gest 100% of her heart soon. Forget Cameron's jerk butt. RUN IT!

christin searched long and hard for trey. she wanted an explaination for that song. when she found him he was talking to the club manager so she waited until they were done. he spotted her watching and ended the conversation with the guy and began walking towards her.
"hey baby." he said with a smile reaching in to hug her.
"don't you hey baby me tremaine." she responded backing away.
"oh no you called me tremaine that means i did somthing wrong. whats wrong christin." he said shaking his head.
"what's wrong you sang that song. did you really write that song for me?"
"yes i did. infact your whole relationship with that nigga cameron inspired the concept of the song."
"what do you mean?"
"christin your always saying he be gone all the time and never tells you where hes at or how long he gonna be gone. so i took your emotions that i know you feel everytime this happens and changed it to make it seem like its how i felt." when he broke it down like that christin actually felt flattered that he cared so much about her feelings that he would make it a song and sing it as his debut track.
"wow trey that is kinda sweet in a way."
"yeah real sweet." hearing cameron's voice behind her made christin's heart stop.
"cameron you scared me." christin said walking towards him.
"so you got niggas writting songs basically talking shyt about how i handle things at home huh?" the look in cameron's eyes showed nothing but anger.
"no baby it was even like that."
"then explain to me what it was like christin because apparently im not fully understanding. and another thing when tf did you find the time to even be jonesing with this nigga talking about me anyway?"
"appartently you wasn't lustening to the song fully because obviously your never at home which gives her plenty time to jones with me playa." trey jumped in stating.
"oh is that right?" cameron stated back.
"hell yea. you need to get the concept of the song and fix what you been doing wrong before its too late."
"what you mean nigga?"
"ENOUGH ALREADY DAMN.! trey can you please give us a minute to talk?" christin finally spoke up and said.
"certainly babygirl.imma holla at you later." he gave her a side ways hug never taking his eyes off cameron then walked away into a crowd of people who began to congraduate him on a good performance.
"so whats up christin. explain this shyt to me." cameron said leaning against the wall crossing his arms.
"baby trey was right the song was basically how i been feeling lately. your never around and we never do anything together. its like im the only one that wants this relationship to work."
"are you sure because it seems to me like you tryna get yourself a new man in your life." he said back with a smirk.
"its not even like that cameron. trey was someone who was giving me the suppost and attention that i wasnt getting from you and before you say anything no we did not fuxk and it was never even a thought in my mind to cheat on you. im not like you cameron when i came into this relationship i came in giving yoy 65% of me. after the first 9 months that turned into 91% but lately you'[ve been losing me b/c your never around that turned into 55% and then theres the last 45% of me that i have to myself but after hanging and getting to know trey he has taken 25% of me for himself. that doesn't mean i love you any less it just means i dont trust you and i want to be able to trust you again but you have to do you part." cameron stood there for a moment with a blank expression on his face. christin was getting worried that maybe he wasnt even listening to a word she had said like he has done in the past. sh ewa about to speak again but he spoke up first.
"i can not believe you just admitted to me in my face that you have feelings for another nigga. that is beyond fuxkd up christin and you know it."
"i know you aint talking when you cheated on me three months ago and the only way you admitted to it was because i told you i had to be treated for VD. what type of love is that cameron.! dont you dare try to play me like im some horrible person when im not. all i do is love you but all you've done lately is shyt on my love and treat me like im a nobody putting the fuxking streets before me. i dont derserve this and you know it."
"well may be if you give me a child already i would get out the game and be at home with you more." as soon as it left his mouth cameron wished he could take it back.
RUN IT.?????

Wow @ her inviting Cameron .... Aww Trey wrote a song for her loves it... Cant wait to see what happens next.

a few more runs and i'll tell cameron's reaction to the song.!!!!

omg that was so cute run it

over the past four weeks christin and trey had gotten really close. he became the person she would go to when her and cameron would get into it. he was the perfect gentleman and friend. when she found out he could sing that completely shocked her. this weekend he's performing and he invited her and cameron to come watch. ofcourse she had to invite her girls and they brought their men. she couldn't believe camern actually decided to go with her instead of making up some lame excuse as to why he couldnt go.
when they got to the club and the first people there were gigi and her boo michael(tyga) and diamondz and her baby sean(big sean).
"hey boo ya'll gorgeous. " christin said admiring gigi's all black outfit:stretch halter top, short leather skirt, and ankle boots and diamond grey and black sweater dress with her grey leggings and black ankle boots.
"US??? look at you miss thang." diamond said checking out christin's cream armani dress and heels to match.
"thanks honey. have ya'll talked to lania.?"
"girl you know her and chris gotta be late and make an entrance ." gigi said laughing. we all laughed and sat down and ordered a bottle of patron. ten minutes later chris and lay-lay arrived.lay-lay had on a black short christine dior chris with the black and silver shoes to match.
after about another half hour it was time for trey to perform. he came out looking so good just wearing a pair of jeans and a silk black shirt and all black forces. he searched around until he spoted christin then he smiled and began to introduce himself.
"hey ya'll my name is trey and the song imma perform for ya'll is dedicated to a friend of mine and i hope she really likes it." he began to sing.
' everytime she leaves its my hear that she taking from me um, and i dont know if she's gone for good or returning in the morning. and i wait through the night cuz i cant help the tossing and turning. but i want you to know that our bed,our sheets,our pillows get lonely on yo side of the bed
yo side, yo side, yo side, yo side it's lonely on yo side of the bed yo side, yo side, yo side it's not the same without you here on yo side of the bed all night i hold yo pullow, it's lonely on yo side of the bed yo side, yo side, yo side it's so lonely there, and i don't wanna sleep if you ain't here, no I just wanna breathe your air watch you when you're wrapping up your hair gazing at the mirrors up there im reaching while imagining that you're there awake through the night girl tossing and turning and tossing and turnin our bed our sheets our pillows get lonely on yo side of the bed'
christin could not believe he wrote that song for her. she looked towards lania and saw that she was looking right at her shaking her head.
after the show christin went to find trey and have a little conversation with him. what she was about to say however, was not all the way together.
had a quick thought i had to post up
RUN IT.???

Yay even if it is as friends mayb it can lead to something n dang her friends left her now she gtotta ride wit Trey run t

christin stood there for awhile thinking of what she should do she knew she loved cameron with all her heart bur there was something about tremaine.that she wanted him in her life as well.just when she was.about to respond she saw diamonds coming her way.
"tremaine can you give me a minute we bout to have company."
"sure ms.lady bur dont take too long." he responded smiling.
christin began walking towards diamonds noticing she has a goofy smile on her face.
"what yu looking likw that for?" christin asked.
"dont play like you dont know.who is the cutie you ditched us for?"
"his name is tremaine and he cool peoples."
"how long have yu been hiding him from us?"
"girl i just met him tonight."
"from the looks of what ya'll was doing on thw dancefloo it didnt seem like you just met him." by now she was laughing a little. "did you finally say f*** cameron?"
"no fuxkass i didnt.i love cameon but this dude is just pulling me in."
"wow well whatever you decide know i love you."
"i know big head. i love you too." they embraced and went their separate ways,diamonds went back to the table and christin went back to trey who has jus ordered a bottle of moscato.
"trey i've made a decision." he turned to her so smoothly and smiled.
"ok and what did you decide ms.lady?"
"i've decided that i wanna get to know you but as just friends b/c i love my man but you seem to have something about yourself that im drawn to."
"really? thats interesting. but im cool with this."
"great now come meet the.girls." christin grabbed his arm chuckling. she led him to VIP where her girls were
after the introductions they all sat and got drunk.
when it was ways everyone purposely that christin would have to leave with trey. what a situation this is.
Run It.???

yes it is worth it!! take the offer or i will lol

Its worth it.!!!

Trey look better than wiz anyway.!

Run it.!

yes its the risk she shud do it run it n dang he biting the neck n everythng

christin was in something like a trace looking at the well dressed stranger across the room.he looked at her with such curiosity and interest.he motioned for her to come to him and without even knowing it she began walking towards him.he had on a cream colored shirt and cream dress pants with cream stacy adams to match and to top it off a fresh hair cut.his light carmel skin looked so smooth and nice...he was just gorgeous
"hello miss lady." he said with a smile showing of a perfect set of pearly whites.
"hi." she replied.
"so what's your name?"
"its christin."
"its a pleasure meeting you name is tremaine but my friends call me trey."
she stretched out her hand to shake his he grabbed it and turned it over and kissed her knuckle.
"so ms.christin whay brings you out on this cold yet lovely evening." he asked releasing her hand.
"oh nothing major just a night out with my girls."
"that's you think your girls would mind if i steal you away for a dance or two?"
"hey i been gone this long im sure a dance will be fine."
he lead her to the center of the dancefloor and they moved as ome to the sounds of Angel by Shaggy(LOOK AT THAT THROWBACK LOL).christin was really feeling this moment because its been awhile since she's been held or danced with like this.trey moved her hair to one side amd began kissing and biting on her neck,instantly christin got weak because that was her spot she let it go on for a little while longer and when she turned around to kids him cameron's face popped up in her mind and she back away.
"what's wrong sweetheart?" he asked confused by her reaction.
"i am so sorry i shouldn't be doing this with you."
"why what's the problem?"
"tremaine i have a boyfriend at home."
"oh really?"
" sorry for leading you on like y
this."she turned to walk away but he stopped her.
"hey obviously he aint acting right so let me show you how you suppose to be strings attached."
christin thought about it for a second weighing her options trying to think about if her relationship was worth the risk.

I'm glad christin gettn out n havn fun n I wonder who caught her eye run this plz

Hmmmm...did I reply to this?
I forget...

christin didnt speak to carmeon the rest of the night.she was so hurt that he forgot their anniversary.he was beginning to forget alot of things that had to do with her and she getting tired of it.
the next day christin woke up to a tiffany's bag laying next to her and once again no cameron.she found a sterling silver charm bracelet with a heart charm on it that read 'Cameron's heart' she smirked and put it back in the bag.he wasnt buying his way outta this fuxk up.she got in the shower and put on her pink and grey holister and grey leggings and her pink snow boots and headed to her sister's house.
when she got there she found that her sister's boyfriend chris was there too so she knew with both of them together she was gonna get pulled out her sad mood.
"lay-lay open the door."she yelled throught an open window.
"aw man what do you want." chris answered the door saying.he was always being ignorant when she came over but he was playing.thats just what they do.
"imma fuxk you up always talking shyt."christin said laughing." where my sister.?"
"in her skin."
"keep playing we gonna hit.and you better not run this time."
"oh hell no.!yo heavy handed ass aint touching me.she in her room looking for something. "
"yea thats what i thought."
christin walked in her sister's room and immediately gotta face full of clothes.
"damn wtf r you looking for.?
"my bad sis.but im looking for my white versace dress."lania responded only looking up for a second then going back to her search.christin looked.around the area and.spotted the dress hanging on the back of the bathroom door.
"not now wait til i find this dress."
"lania im tryna tell you something."
"christin jus let me find this dress then you'll have all my attention."
"damn lania the dress is hanging up over on the door."
"where?"lania popped up saying looking around until she spotted it on the door.
she quickly threw all the close back in the totes she pulled them out of then her and christin walked downstairs to where chris was.
"so christin what happened last night?" lania asked.
"not a thing.i didnt talk or look at him the rest of the top it off he had the nerve to buy me a charm bracelet like that was gonna make everything better."
"so what you gonna do?"
"girl we gonna have a girls night out.!"
"good thing i found my dress." lania said too excited.
"you think imma let you wear that out without me going out with you." chris spoke up and said.
"babe it will be ok imma just chillen so relax."
"woman you lucky i love you.have fun tonight ya'll."
it was settled the girls were going out.christin decided not to even tell cameron where she was going.
at about eight that night after lania put on her dress,gold heels to match the belt and hold jewelry,and pinned her hair into a tight bun they went to christin's house so she could get dressed and meet the other girls.
christin decided on a simple black versace form fitted dress that went to the top of her knees and her thigh high boots.her silver accessories and she decided to have her hair down and extra wavy.and to top it off she put on her silver bow headband.
by the time she got done her bestfriend and her cousin were there.their cousin GiGi(jamine sanders) had on some Sergio Valente jeans and a black halter top with some balck thigh high boots.christin's best friend since third grade,diamonds(k.d aubert), had on a red gucci dress with her red gucci heels and her hair was flat ironned bone straight hanging down.
"ya'll look so freaking cute.!" christin said greeting them.
"so whats up where were going?" diamond asked ready to party.that's why she is so close to christin kuz they both stay ready to party.
"girl we going everywhere.! we having fun no niggas aloud.!"lania announced
"so lets go!" GiGi said.
they were off ready to enjoy their night out.they went to about five clubs.the bartenders let them dance on the bar and guys were buying them drinks all night.
their last stop at midnight was to club one.they planned to just be on chill mode and sit down and drink and talk.but something better yet someone caught christin's eye and she just couldnt look away.
sorry it took so long but i finally did it.!

I thought I replied to this story.I feel so neglectful. And I read it too.
Well, I'm glad he bought her a present. I want that present. I love diamonds.
Run it.
Maybe she should calm down...or at least long enough to get more diamonds...


Dats bold run it

she gets in the front room as he's taking off his jacket and hanging it up.
"hey baby!" he says with a smile walking towards her.
"dont you hey baby me cameron!its 11:00 at night." she yelled backing up from him.
"damn girl why you tripping its not even that serious.i had some shyt to handle real home now so chill." he said shaking his head going in the bedroom.
"nigga you gotta be kidding me!do you know what today is.?" she followed behind him.
"yea its friday november 2nd.damn i may smoke weed but i dont smoke that much."
christin paused for a moment stunned that he actually just said that with a straight face.she walked over to the closet and pulled the macy's bag out and threw it at cameron and walked out the room to the front room.cameron opened the bag and found a $400 10 carat gold ring and watch set and engraved inside the watch read 'one year later we still ticking on Love, Christin'.right then cameron felt like shyt.he couldnt believe he forgot their anniversary.for the past 12months he was always the one who mentioned it first now he completely forgot.he knew he had to make it up to christin he just didnt kno how.
Run it.???

It's going down like pants.!

run it