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<em>`01 |</em> <strong> Justíce</strong>

Smoke clouds floated past <a href="">Justice</a>'s face as she sat on the concrete steps on Rhyna's front porch. She scrolled up and down , sliding her fingers back and fourth through her apps on her iphone. She waited impatiently for her ex-boyfriend , close friend Corey to finish his black & mild. Loud voices and loud music came from the house as someone entered and exit the front door. Justice checked the time again , looking up at <a href="">Corey</a>.

"It's my best friend's graduation party and I'm sitting out here with you , while you smoke and watch every girl walk in and out of the house!". Justice said , rolling her eyes.

"So , you ain't missin' nothing! I'm finished anyway!". Corey shook his head , tossing his finished black & mild into the front yard. He adjusted his hoodie , sticking a piece of gum into his mouth.

Justice stood up from the steps , brushing her shorts off. She slipped her iphone into her back pocket wakin into the house with Corey behind her. Every room in the house was filled with teenagers and adults. Food and drinks coveered every table , with a photo booth also. Justice found a spot to sit and check out the party and everyones vibe. Corey stood next to her , talking and drnking with someone he knew. He never left her side. Drake's <em>Shot for Me</em>played , bringing in a slow vibe at the party. Corey watched as Justice snapped , and rocked side to side to the beat , singing along. He tried not to watch too much , knowing it was her favorite song at the moment. She always told him it reminded him of the times when they <strong>were</strong> together.

"<em>I never cheated for the record back when I was with you , but you believed in everything but me , girl I don't get you</em>". Justice sang outloud , looking over at Corey still rocking to the beat. Corey bit down , showing off the structure on the side of his mouth. He kept his cool , walking away. Justice watched as Corey walked across the room over to another female. Justice laughed to herself , shaking her head.

"Where you been?". <a href="">Rhyan</a> yelled over the music , holdng a red cup in her hand fllled with some mixed drink.

"Outside with Corey , of course!". Justice answered.

"Ugh , girl let it and him go!". Rhyan laughed , leaning against the wall.

"It's not like that anymore , were . . Friends!". Justice looked over , at Corey. He flirted with some girl as she leaned against his chest as he stroked her hair.

"Good , I want you to meet someone". Rhyan smiled , pulling Justice up from her seat. Justice followed behind Rhyan as the walked into the dining room that was also connected to the family room. Rhyan walked over to <a href="">him</a> as he held a conversation with another boy sitting down.

"Sorry to interrupt fellas , but Khalil this is <em>my</em> best friend Justice. Justice this is my cousin , Khalil!". Rhyan introduced the two , smiling from ear to ear.

"Wassup , its nice to meet you , Justice!". Khalil smiled , putting out his hand to shake hers.

"Hi , nice to meet you too!". Justice looked him up and down smiling , as she shaked his hand.

Rhyan turned her back towards the two , leaving them to start a conversation. Rhyan danced as Beyonce's <strong>Dance For You</em> began to play. Khalil took a sip of his drink , looking at Justice from the corner of his eye , Justice noticed him.

"Are you just here in North Carolina for Rhyan's graduation?". Justice turned to Khalil.

"Nah , I actually moved down here three days ago. Trying to get into school down here!". Khalil said , standing a little closer to Justice so he wouldn't have to yell over the music.

"Oh ok. College or High School?". Justice said , taking a sip of her drink.

"College. I look that young?". Khalil laughed.

Justice laughed with him. "Sorta. You have a baby face , but your tattoo's make you look a little older".

"I'm guessing that's a good thing and a compliment?". He asked , tossing the little bit of his drink back.

"Yeah , it is!". Justice smiled , exploring his tattoos.

"Good. You graduating next week too?". He asked.

"Yeah , finally!". Justice answered , leaning against the wall with her hands behind her back.

"Uh oh , that's wassup!". He laughed. Justice smiled , her smiled practically never left since she was first introduced to him. Corey watched from the opposite room. Wondering who the dude was that had Justice smiling ear to ear. He watched as Rhyan tapped her arm , pulling her in to dance.

<em>tonight I'm gonna dance for you , ooh ooh oh
tonight I'm gonna dance for you , ooh ooh oh
tonight I'm gonna put my body on your body , promise not to tell nobody
tonight its going down , I'll be rockin' on ya' babe , rockin' rockin on ya' babe
Swirling on you babe , swirlin' swirlin' on you babe</em>

Justice and Rhyan danced , grinding on themself. Khalil and his friend watched from behind. Core walked up behind making her grind on him. Justice turned around pulling away.

Corey smacked his lips. "Oh , I can't get a dance in with you?". He said , turning her back around.

The smell of weed and alcohol hit Justice face as she pulled away. "Corey , you're drunk!". Justice stepped back.

"So , it ain't like you never seen me drunk before!". Corey said , his words were slurred. He grabbed her hand turning her around , pulling her close to him.

"Corey , let go of me!". Justice yelled , trying to break from his grip. She looked over his shoulder trying to see if Khalil was still standing there , he wasn't.

"You have a five minute conversation with a random nigga and he already got you actin brand new!". Corey pushed her to the side , taking a sip of his corona.

"Jealousy. Alright Cor , you gotta go!". Rhyan said , pointing towards the front door.

"Aight , but she's leaving with me". Corey reached out to grab a hold of Justice's hand.

"No she's not , goodbye Corey!". Rhyan yelled , causing Khalil to walk out of the kitchen.

"Bet!". Corey put on his hoodie , looking over at Justice. He grabbed her arm pulling her out of the his with him.

"Corey let go of me , you're hurting my arm!". Justice cried , trying her hardest to pull away.

Rhyan ran after them , with Khalil chasing after her. "Corey , let her go!". Rhyan yelled.

"Corey , please. Don't do this in front of everyone. You're drunk!". Justice pulled away. Standing in frnt of Corey , begging him to go home.

"Are you gonna f*** him once I leave?". Corey asked , looking over at Khalil.

"I don't even know him!". Justice said.

"You're still mine Just , remember that!". Corey gave Justice a sloppy drunk kiss , walking away. He grabbed a girls hand from the party as they walked towards his car. Justice wiped her lips , disgusted at Corey and the way he acted. She was embarrassed.

"You ok?". Khalil asked , standing next to Rhyan as she comforted her friend.

"Yeah , I'm cool. Thanks!". Justice said.

"He's an asxhole , Justice!". Rhyan said , walking away.



Should I continue ?

Adding soon :)

Yay! Your back!!

Aw, im so glad Khalil took her back. They are just so cute together.

As for Corey and Tyler, it sucks that she doesnt want it. She should consider his feelings tho. This not only affects her but him too.

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<em>19</em> | <strong>Justice</strong>

It's been a month since <a href="">Justice</a> has seen or spoken to Khalil. Every phone call she made to Khalil was ignored along with her text messages. She began to think there relationship was over and done with. Not knowing who she hurt the most , Khalil or Khalia? She promised shed never get attached and leave , but the way things are going .. It feels like she didn't keep her word.

"Damn Rhyan , why me? Losing you then losing Khalil and Khalia. I'm sorry , Rhy. I honestly didn't know for sure if Audrey was who I thought she was .. I mean I did but wasn't sure. I just didn't know how to bring up to Khalil and I really didn't want to get into that , you know? I feel like everything that's going on is my fault. I miss you so much. I just wish you were here with me. I want to thank you for everything , I know you'll fix everything with me. Khalil's not talking to me , but I know he'll talk to you , just let him know I'm sorry and I love him. Dane with Khalia". Justice put three roses down on Rhyan's tombstone. She stood up wiping her tears as the sun shined bright from behind the dark clouds. Justice smiled to herself as she turned around to see <a href="">Khalil</a> behind her.

"Khalil?". Justice said shocked to see him.

"What are you apologizing for?". Khalil asked grabbing her hands.

"For everything that happened.."

"Nothing is your fault. I do apologize for walking out on you , ignoring you , all that shxt". Khalil kissed her hands.

"But I am sorry for not mentioning any if this to you".

"Stop. Khalia is mine regardless of what the test proves. It wasn't you business to tell me or play detective about any of this. You know like everyone else knows , I do for Khalia with or without Lauren. Quit blaming yourself for everything. I love you". Khalil wrapped his arms around her waist kissing her lips then forehead.

"I love you too". Justice smiled.

"C'mon , Khalia misses you!". Khalil held his car door open for Justice as she got inside.

<a href="">Corey</a> sat at the edge of his bed patiently waiting for his girlfriend , Tyler to walk out of the bathroom. He covered his face as his hands began to shake.

<a href="">Tyler</a> walked out of the bathroom with a blank stare on her face. "Corey?".

"You ok? What does it say?". Corey stood up looking down at her pregnancy test.

"..I'm pregnant". Tyler said softly as as tear rolled down her face.

"We're having a baby?". Corey asked.

"Cor. No .. No we can't , please no". Tyler cried.

"No?". Corey asked looking confused.

"I'm not ready. We're not ready". Tyler leaned against the wall crying.

"So what are you getting at , Tyler?". Chris yelled.

"Abortion?". Tyler looked up at Corey.

Corey stood in shock. He always told himself he'd never force or ask his girlfriend or any female at the time to abort their child if it had ever come up. He promised himself he'd be a better father then his own. Knowing Tyler wanted an abortion killed him.


I miss this story , soooooo i'll be adding to this since my sister is busy all the time :)

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You son of a b****!
Why would you f***in tell Justice that, out of all people?!
Here's another secret to hide!
Damn yo!
That's f***in horrible.

exactly, like i figured. Aubrey is her mother, but Khalil isnt the dad. Which sucks, she left Khalil with someone else's child , and now it's too late to take Khalila away from him. But it was horrible how Khalil think that Justice tried to humiliate him. :/

WTF?! This is messed up!
Run It!!

OMG . . . . WOW . . ! Shockeddd right now !
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Omg wtf is that slore talking about?? Shes dead ASS wrong if shes serious about him not being her father, any dude can make a baby but it takes a real man to be a father smh. So sad I hope its a lie thaI'll probably break his heart :(
Run IT!!

Wow....that add was on point!!!


what!? so hes not the it

Oh damn!!!

Everything is getting revealed now.

Is Audrey tryna say that Khalia isn't Khalil's, because I will freak.

Wow, this all serious now.

Run it. Asap

Why did Khalil run out like that?!? Justice had an idea, but when she asked Khalil what Khalia's mother name was, he didn't say Audrey!! And what does Audrey mean Khalia is hers, she hasn't even been there for her!! Wow great add though!! RUN IT PLEASE!!!

<em>`18 |</em> <strong>Justíce</strong>

Justice's mother chased after Khalil as he strapped Khalia into her carseat. "Khalil , can you please tell me what's going on?".

Khalil slammed the back door. Leaning against his truck , covered his face slowly wiping his tears. "Why don't you ask Justice , she seems to know a lot that she doesn't tell!". Khalil's voice began to crack.

"What did she do?".

"Her little runway model in there , is Khalia's dead beat mother. Her roomate she had me sharing a room with this whole time , telling me there was something weird and sneaky about but didn't know , she knew this whole time!". Khalil opened open his door.

"Khalil , I'm sure she didn't know. Please don't leave".

"She knew! Tell Justice thanks for the embarrasment!". Khalil started up his truck , pulling off.

Justice chased after Audrey up into their dorm room. Audrey began to stuff her clothes into her suitcases.

"So you embarrass me , and now your packing your things up?". Justice yelled.

"No Justice , you embarrassed me!". Audrey yelled back.

"How? What did I do to you , but help you out from getting your ass kicked last night , cleaning up shxt everyday".

"Khalil! That's how. You knew this whole time didn't you?". Audrey shook her head , continuing to pack her bags.

"Oh , so your going to run away from everything now? You have a beautiful two year old daghter , smart , outgoing , intelligent. She's not your average two year old. She knows yur not around , you left Khalil to do your job when it takes two to raise one!". Justice screamed , standing in front of Audrey.

"The fck do you know about raising a kid. Playing step mommy is nothing. You can leave that situation when you want , I wasn't ready".

"Well , a lot people have kids and aren't ready but they don't run from it , they step up and do what they haveto do. Like Khalil". Justice grabbed her purse , walking towards the door.

"Justice . . Tell me this , do you think Khalia looks like Khalil?". Audrey cried.


"Just . . Just answer the question".

"I think she looks like you". Justice turned around.

"Because she is mine . . Not Khalil's".


Srry its so short readers :( I wanted to type someting before work

Enjoy :) thanks readers !!

I knew Audrey was Khalia's mother.....what is going to happen with Justice and Khalil now I wonder?!? And I like how Corey is trying to change for the better....but I really like Justice and Khalil together. Can't wait to read more!! RUN IT!!!!

Omg. I've missed a lot.
So they're first time was great as everyone has already said.
They are so cute together.
As for Corey, he did mess up and maybe one day they can work out but not now.
And this whole Audrey and Khalil thing is mind blowing.
They have to get it together.
Wat the hell is Justice going to do?
Run it :-)


Uh, oh my gosh. The truth is slowly unfolding!

Sooo like I thought Audrey and Khalil are Khalias parents...

And aw at Corey.. Trying to do better to win back Justice.. I think its sweet..

Run It!

Aww damn!!

I knew Audrey was Khalia's mother.


Corey is trying to better himself.

Run it.

<em>`17 |</em> <strong>Justíce</strong>

Justice paced back and fourth backstage of her first fashion show at the Campus. She checked the time on her watch every five minutes.

"Justice. Please sit down". London said , fixing the ads.

"I can't! Where in the hell is Audrey? The show starts in twenty minutes!". Justice stopped and peeked out curtains.

"If she knew wat| best for her , she'll be here. I don't know why you trusted her to be here anyway".

"Because when I first met her she was sober and cool , now she's a mess!". Justice said down.

"If you need me , I'll help". London smiled.

"Thanks girl , but she's a skinny one". Justice laughed pointing at Audrey's rack of clothes.

"Yeah she's a tiny bxtch!". London laughed.

Ten minutes later Audrey walked behind stage. Hair a mess , breath smelling like liquor and eyeliner smeared everywhere.

"I'm here!". Audrey yelled.

"Audrey! What the fuc - -". Justice covered her mouth.

"Did you shower?". London asked.

"Didn't have time , where's my rack?". Audrey asked , sitting down.

"Your not putting my clothes on until you wash up". Justice pulled Audrey up from her chair.

"We don't have time?". Audrey said.

"Hurry up Audrey , damn!". Justice pushed her into the bathroom.

London shook her head as she watched Audrey walk into the bathroom. "Damn shame".

Corey sat his kitchen table , staring down at the four college applications he received in the mail. He looked over thecommunity college application , running his pen over the letters on the booklet. He debated on wether to fill them out or to leave them blank. He opened up the next application that was from , <em>Pitt University</em>. He smiled , knowing that's where Justice was. Corey wondered if she had ever received the flowers he had sent her , since she never returned his phone call. He took te cap off his pen , and began to fill it out.

"Hey baby!". Justice's mother and Khalia stood in the doorway , waiving at Justice.

Justice sighed , and smiled walking over to them. "Hi ma' , Hey Khalia". She kneeled down , kissing her forehead.

"Are you a model , jelly?". Khalia asked , looking around.

Justice laughed. "No. Those girls over there are models". Justice pointed to the line of girls.

"Oh. I miss you , are you coming home?". Khalia smiled.

"I can come home for the next two days , then I have to come back home ok?". Justice stood up.

"Yes!". Khalia jumped up and down.

Justice smiled , looking over at her mother as she held a bouquet of flowers. "Aw ma' , you didn't have to buy me flowers".

"I didn't , read the card. I just wanted to bring those to you , Khalia , Khalil and I will see you later. Love you!".

"I love you , Jelly!". Khalia yelled.

Justice waived goodbye. "I love you too".

Justice picked around the flowers , searching for te card. She pulled it out opening it up to read it ,

<em>Justice , I've been thinking about you lately. I had a talk with your mom the other day , did she tell you? All I can say is , she doesn't sugar shxt. She told me everything I needed to hear. She basically told me , it was too late. I pushed you into another niggas arms. I did. I regret it , but I don't want you to think this is a"please forgive me& take me back card". Its not , I know I have to change and all that shxt . . Hopefully you will tho' , anyways congrats beautiful.</em>.

Justice shoved the card back into the flowers. She watched Audrey walk out of the bathroom fully dressed.

"Just in time , ok stand over here". Justice fixed her hair as the curtain slowly opened up.

"Ok , remember to turn twice. At the beginning and end". Justice said.

"I remember". Audrey said.

The curtain opened up all the way , and Audrey began to walk out. She made it to the middle of the runway and paused.

"The fck is she doing?". London asked , confused.

Audrey slowly backed up as she seen Khalil walk in , searching for a seat next to Justice's mother and Khalia.

"Audrey! Move it , what the fck are you doing?". Justice yelled.

Audrey turned around shaing her head no. "Justice , I'm sorry. I can't!".

"Audrey , don't do this to me!". Justice screamd.

Audrey turned around one more time and ran off stage. Khalil stood in shock ashe watchedher run off.

"I'm sorry Mrs.Amy , I gotta go!". Khalil said , picking Khalia up.

"Son? Everything ok?". She asked , worried.

"I have to go!". Khalil walked away.

Justice's mother didn't know who to comfort first. She ran after Khalil once she saw his eyes water ad his voice crack.

RUN IT!!!!!

Aww, the two of them shared an amazing first time together. Makes another serious
knot in their relationship. I like how Khalil didn't force her nor talk her in it,
as for Aubrey's drunk & pathetic self, what is her problem? O_o