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Go Behind The Scenes Of Chris' "Till I Die" Video

Want to go behind the scenes of Chris' new video "Till I Die" featuring Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean? Watch below! “Till I Die” can be found on Chris Brown's fifth studio album, Fortune, due out in stores July 3! Pre-order your copy today!

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  • I luv u chris !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!###################
    by lilmamacb98 on júl 29, 2013 du31 5:05du
    by Melany Mackay on máj 15, 2013 du31 5:05du
  • so help me God, you my family, you my evry thing, in your music i get healing from break ups, life ,love, sex, and just always be here to support them hit songs after all i didnt cum from africa for nothing. PS i love you dude! keep up the good work
    by zanura on máj 15, 2013 de31 2:02de
  • chris breezy you crazy but i don't care cause you inspire me #CB
    by crazybreezy on ápr 28, 2013 de30 11:11de
  • love it
    by adu breezy njie on már 19, 2013 du31 1:01du
  • best collabration ever
    by zach watts on feb 24, 2013 de28 10:10de
  • I like it..
    by CoreshiaHayes on feb 15, 2013 du28 7:07du
  • I'm Brazilian but I'm in love with your music and you, of course ..!
    by Jessy Silva on jan 28, 2013 du31 3:03du
  • love you chris much much much
    by morteanu on jan 16, 2013 du31 1:01du
  • my boo doin his thang
    by BreezysBoo4Life on jan 1, 2013 du31 10:10du