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Come to LA!

Chris Brown. You need to come to Los Angeles again. That was the best moment of my life <3


yeah i like your music big fan

MAn come to cally #TeamBreezy

MAn come to cally #TeamBreezy

I would live to see him in concert! Please come to LA!!

Tyga just had a concert sept 4th and BREEZY SHOWED UP!!!! total surprise appearance!!!!! BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!!! I love Tyga, but my ALL TIME FAV is Breezy!! I was walking to my car after the concert and used a crosswalk and his car was stopped at the crosswalk on a red light. He rolled his window down and looked at me and smiled!! I CRIED!!!

chris come to los angeles so i can finally see you in person i love you

I would love if Chris came to LA because I missed his last concert out here because I was up at school and couldn't come down!! sad life.

he really needs to come to LA soon !:)<3

he really needs to come to LA soon !:)<3

i would really like him to come to San Diego or LA. If he comes to LA i will go down to LA even though i'm in San Diego !
#TeamBreezy all daay !