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Ive never been in this section of.the site and the s*** that I seen im glad I never did to many haters I swear and here.delusional talkin bout they know.chris get a.f***in life man lmfaooo


You can tell the megas lmaooo..

1. We actually make sense
2. We ain`t delusional (most the time) lmaooo..
3. Look at out ma`fuk`n POSTS!! ..

Thass why we run s***

Lol they asses wouldnt even last in our section .. thats why they s*** say "newbie" and "big fan" with only 20 replies smh lmaooo

I know right, like WTF!! lmaooo..
Lucky none of these hoes are ever in our section lmao!!

uhoh og gangsta kenny lmfaooo

just let it go i did im done w it b****es dont got a life so they makin up one simple