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Thanks to the tireless efforts of Team Breezy, Fortune has debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 and R&B Album Charts! The album is also #1 on iTunes and with the release of Fortune, Chris has sold a total of over 8 million albums and 30 million songs worldwide! Of course none of this could have happened without Team Breezy!
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  • Wait for you is just like thinking out loud it starts off weird and yu be like wtf but then it get cold as hell out of nowhere fortune 2nd best ablum you got good job.
    by TEGxBlac on júl 19, 2012 du31 7:07du
  • Fortune is amazing (: good job chris i love you!!!!
    by Kayla_Collier on júl 18, 2012 du31 9:09du
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    by niuqqdd on júl 18, 2012 du31 3:03du
  • this is the bestday ever go team breezy
    by mia1950 on júl 17, 2012 du31 8:08du
  • Good Job on the album!! My best song on this cd is 2012...Looking for much more success on your career..God Bless you!
    by MaucamT4Eva on júl 16, 2012 du31 6:06du
  • Yay ! Congrats Baby <3 & Good Job To us, #TeamBreezy :)
    by Unforgettable_Z... on júl 16, 2012 du31 5:05du
  • Yes CHRIS YOU DID IT. LOVE YOU. I hope you have a blessed life with the grace of GOD. TEAM BREZZY LEGO ;) :D
    by cbrezzyluvr on júl 16, 2012 du31 4:04du
  • YAY :D Team Breezy 4 LIFE <3
    by Lolly_breezy on júl 16, 2012 de31 2:02de
  • wuuhuuu... teambreezy b**** <3
    by SasiiTeambreezy on júl 15, 2012 du31 2:02du
  • I can't stop listening to this CD!!! I purchased the deluxe and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Congrats Chris!! Get those tour dates out SOON SOON SOON!!!
    by Team_Breezy3 on júl 14, 2012 de31 9:09de