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I'm Done!

Tattoo with the snake and the eye, really? Illuminati' Freemason's? Just too demonic for me. Still love your music but I can't be part of TeamBreezy. There is a God, and i can't in good conscience continue to support CB. I'm done!...


Can`t call her a traitor when it is in her religious belief!!
Never put someone down because of their beliefs.

When I saw the Tattoo then small symbolic things on his performances and videos, were showing signs of initiations into Illuminati..

Half the reason I loved Chris was because he was such a huge star, topping charts, and true to god.

WHo really knows if he is intiating into the Illuminati or not, the tattoo is suppose to represent him and Kae or rhianna and or some BS.. WHO KNOWS!!

I think peoples take on the whole Illuminati thing got twisted years ago..

FYI - Illuminati believe in God and also fear god..

what a loser! sime chris brown fan!
you are supposed to stick by him FOREVER
traitor! >(

love chris & team breezy