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Fan of a Fan. [FINISHED]

<em>Main Characters</em>


<a href="">Chris</a>.

This story is dedicated to you guys! The FANS! There is no picture for the main character because I want you all to imagine her being yourself. Her skin complexion, her eyes, her hair; imagine it to be yours. You are all beautiful and unique and deserve your opportunity to be the one Chris has his eye on, regardless of what the world defines as beautiful. You are <strong>ALL</strong> beautiful. ENJOY!


Maybe that means you should do a part 2 or hit us with another amazing story
I loved this s*** and fame and I wish you would continue with scared of beautiful

Give us something please!!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who left their last remarks!! I re-read your comments all the time just because I love them so much!!!

I miss this story already lol. I low key wish this was an add

hay girls I am writing a story here on the forum called Different Shades of Love come check it out plz..Tnicole has started to read and likes it so I think you guys will also

well well well dang where do I began to start about how much I LOVED and ENJOYED this story. I am so happy I got a chance to be apart of reading this story it was so realistic, and when I say realistic I mean this is something that is really happening in someone famous life right now, that is going to happen, or already have. I am not a person who read stories or anything I hate reading its hard for for any book story or anything to get my attention, but when I read this I could not keep my eyes from stuck to the computer screen. I started reading this story late and when I say I stayed reading until I caught up I did just that.If I was in class I would be doing my work taking notes but I would have my ipad right there reading also. When I was in the car I had my cellphone on the story reading it and when I would come home and do everything I needed I would head straight to my room and read. And when I caught all the way up on the Story I would FEEN For more updates. You Tnicole is a true writer I love this how I actually felt like I was in every scene it seemed so real I cant wait til I see you on the top charts of becoming a writer and I could actually buy a book n sit down n read on my spare time. You reminded me so much of my best friend with your writing skills like when she would write books and they were the only things I would read day and night, I have not read a book this good since 07 and I was grateful to come across a stories like Fan of A Fan and Scared of Beautiful. Thanks for sharing you stories Fan of A Fan and Scared of Beautiful with this bored.

I wish u the best with writing and i know you will go far!!!!!!!! :)

Btw I can't wait for the Scared of Beautiful novel!!!

I loved this story! That interview was awesome and so touching...Tink and Chris had the perfect relationship (problems and all) the breakup and makeups were perfect and I can honestly say the best part was the birth of baby Christian, the hook up with Tiffany and Will (Will was one of my favs before he started acting like a douche), but my question is whatever happened to Indigo and Sammie? :( It would've also been cool if Indigo and Lauren (Tink's cousin) would have dated someone within Chris' crew that would've been cute :) overall the story was great! Hopefully we can expect more stories from you, short or long, which ever you can fit into your schedule

O ...MY ... GOD.

moment of silence for your f***ing GREAT writing skills. I dont personally know you, but I am SOOOOOOOOOO PROUDDDDD OF YOU! I feel like we as readers get to know you more and more at each chapter you post.

i absolutely LOVED the ending, im sitting here typing through my tears. this story was epic. I cant even find the right description to fulfill the entity of all that you have written. what chris said about tink and the way that all the words just came and flowed together. made my heart melt.
this is my favorite story on the bored hands down.
one day you will be a best selling author girl i got a feeling.

im so excited for Scared of Beautiful to be published. I cant wait to be in line purchasing it! keep doing your thing girl! god gave you a fantastic gift!!!

ok I did lie when I said I didn't cry because I did cry when she had the baby and I just cried now from the comment you posted....ughhhhhhhhh -__-

women, we are emotional creatures.

And Tiffany, you are an AMAZING WRITER! Don't let anyone tell you different! You have a gift! USE IT! Don't let it go to waste!

Starting from 2 lol

THE BABYYYYYYY!!!!!! OMG I CAN SEE HIM NOW! HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL IN MY IMAGINATION YO! I'm crying now just thinking about everybody crying because it is really emotional when babies are born, only been to one birth and it was the most emotional situation (besides a funeral) I've been in.

I'm so happy because it seems that Chris is so much.....calmer with the baby here and he is more at peace with not only himself but the state of his relationship I guess you could say? Am I making sense? I hope so.

Not surprised that the media is having a frenzy over that ONE PICTURE lol

Also VERY HAPPY that the family is being civil and that everybody got along well and didn't add any stress or negativity to the situation because that would have been HELL!

Natural birth? That's sounds HORRIBLE!!! I'm like Tink, I can't even take menstrual pains! I cry every time because it hurts so bad! That's one reason why I'm so afraid for when I decide to have a baby is the contractions and the side affects. I commend ANY WOMAN who went through natural birth! Couldn't be MY ASS THO! lol

Lol ummm NO Christian likes him so much because he SPOILED HIS ASS at the hospital when he held him for HOURS lol! He loves you too Tink! on't worry about that! Chris needs to put his ass down sometimes before he REALLY get too spoiled.

I commend Chris too for putting everything on hold for his family. That was a real nigga move lol jp but it's something a good father does, not saying that Wiz and Tyga are bad fathers but.....Ok, let me just hush. Glad he took off. And I slick can't wait for this interview so that the world can see the REAL HIM! Because people are always assuming and stuff so this is his chance and I hope Tink does well.

That interview and those questions were something real man. I'm proud of Chris for opening up about it because I know that everyone has been wanting to know how HE FELT about the whole situation because we have all heard HER SIDE ample amount of times. And I know that both sides needed to be told in order for people to be at peace? With the situation? And again, I don't think I'm making sense but I'm just trying to explain as best I can I promise. And I completely understand what he means when he says that some people just have that point where they are fed the f*** up! And I've heard many times that she was the first to put her hands on him and that was a dumb move on her part because she was not only putting herself on danger but also Chris. It just shouldn't have went that far on both of their parts. Not saying either that I condone what he did but all I'm saying is, I'm not gone hit my nigga first, (well I will try not to) but if a nigga EVER put his hands on me in a non sexual way (lol) in a relationship or being a stranger, I don't give a DAMN! I'm going for a kill, I'll be damned! God gave me hands and the hood showed me how to use these motherf***ers if needed!!!! Also not saying that I could beat a every nigga ass cause some of these nigga be strong asf but hell, I'll damn sure TRY!!! Wish a nigga would.......ILoveYOU Chris!

Overall, I think he did really well on the 2009 section of the interview. He chose his words correctly and was good not to stay contained but open up and also careful not to harm.....anyone.

Well I tried to stop and come back down and comment ya know but I just couldn't! I ha to keep reading!

I absolutely LOVE Karrueche! She's my girl crush LMAOOOOOO! But I loved them together because she was so beautiful and on top of everything she didn't try to publicize their relationship? Goodness, I'm really trying to make sense here. Let me explain, like when they were in public, she didn't try to kiss on him or flex for the camera or even try to talk to them b****es that got all in her face saying crazy s***. I know she's a down to earth person just from how she carries herself. She never fails to have a smile on her face despite the situation! And I love that about her! Also, she didn't respond to IGNORANCE! Like that rice cake s*** Rih did on Instagram, that was childish asf and ignorant! Not only was she making fun of Kae but like her whole culture, that wasn't cool. I know she was only targeting one person but that's like targeting a whole race if you actually think about it. Are you getting what I'm saying? s*** wasn't cool and honestly I couldn't be Kae because I would have said something about it! Told that b**** to meet me somewhere or direct her s***! But let me HUSH! I really hope Kae does good on The Kill because I will DEFINITELY be buying from that line! Especially the black crop top and the beanie! I love that beanie! And on the part of their relationship, I kind of do feel bad in a way because he did say she was very loyal to him and not saying that he just ran over her but.....He didn't, but he did, but he didn't TRY TO! That's what I'm trying to say if that makes sense. And then here come Robyn big headed ass coming back into the picture and stuff, being all IN THE WAY! Like mind f***ing him thinking he's in love with the two of you! And I really do get what he meant by feeling prisoner because I've always wondered that myself, if he felt as if he owed her for the past. But he don't owe her s*** man....I'm sorry if I sound mean but....damn.

I love the way he just adores Tink. It's really cute, well more than cute. It's just amazing how much love he has for her! They have been through hell and back with each other! I remember the night her and Indigo were getting ready to go to Chris' show and her mamma came in the room talking s*** about something, I can't really remember, I'm going to go back and read this over. And they were just so real with him! They weren't even trying to front or be somebody they were, they were just cool people! And I remember when Chris spent the night at her house and she had that wet dream about him and then it ended when he layed his arm across her face in his sleep lol. NOOOOOO before that when he was rubbing on her legs and she got uncomfortable or scared or something because I know she was trying to contain her self and respect their friendship and his relationship with Kae and I commend her for that because hmm, me? Couldn't have been! I remember too the night when she met Will, well not even met him but actually got to know him! On New Years (I think it was New Years. Like I said, I gotta read over) but when Kae got mad about some s*** her friends told her or something like that and Chris fed her some fake s*** so she could shut her ass up and Tin heard, believed, and dipped! And Will took her to like a little beach or whatever. That was sweet and that's when I became #TeamWill ( I don't know WHAT I was thinking!) I remember too when She ran into Robyn in that store! Mhmm! She should have slapped her ass! But you know, we gotta be civil and not do stuff like that! I remember when she bought Chris that bike when he was at dance rehearsal and he got all gitty and happy like a little kid, it was too cute to me! Awww man and I remember when they were on U-Stream and Tink was like saying some crazy s*** and she was about to say that he had hella b****es but he cut her off and said he had hella bread lol that was a good move tho! And that was that day that she made that bomb ass spaghetti for everyone and Kae got mad and then tried to come back when he was in the shower talking about how she wanted to cook for him and stuff! OHHHHH and I remember that time when Kae heard Chris on facetime with Tink laughing and stuff and she got mad lol! Ok in this story I didn't like Kae too much but I really do like her in reality, she seems cool and layed back. And I think that was enough "I remember when's" because this is already long as hell! But they truly have been through it all and to be able to stay together after all that means a lot because they could have let go a long time ago but they didn't. They held on and subsided the bulls*** and put each other FIRST! Isn't that what love's all about?! Being someone's first priority? I think so. I just love the two of them and I hope that Chris is able to find a Tiffany in reality so that he can be at peace with himself.

Well, it's been good. Great. Amazing. Wonderful. Blissful! It's just been a joy reading and commenting and riding the roller coaster that was Chris and Tiffany! And I didn't cry this time! I promised myself I wouldn't! I was about to plenty of times! I let that tear come to the corner of my eye but I had to suck it up! If this was real, I wish the, THREE of them good luck and I love them! Forget the bulls*** and only worry about what's important and that's family! Not the media, not the haters, not groupies! Fans are important too but family first man!

Thank you Nicole for yet ANOTHER wonderful story and I hope that you do very well on the editing and publishing of Scared of Beautiful. I now it's going to be really good and I DO plan on getting it when it hits selves or the internet! Love you!!!!

Here's my last run for this story, it's been real and I loved it.

Run it!!!!!!!

OMG I Love this story and I'm going to miss it dearly :( but I have a book to look forward to, so I'm good. I think that you're writing was really amazing the way you took his real life situations and incorporated them into the story was really engaging. The thing that caught my eye about this story was that you left the main character open to have the reader's looks;most authors make the main character this flawless beauty and the fact that you let us real girls-women envision ourselves as the beauty was pretty dope. Ummm my favorite part...ugh there's so many, but the beginning when Tink started doing the robot and his Mijo (I think) was soo funny. Also when Tink and Chris spent Christmas together, that was just too romantic and cute I was all like "AWWWH!!" the whole time, specially when Chris gave Tink the ring. Honestly I loved the ending and everything about this story possibly-no scratch that is one of the best stories I have read in a while. I loved everything about your work the highs, the lows, the in-between, all of it. L.O.L (lots of love)~ T

My fave moments would have to be when....

They went to church. That was so emotional and raw like I always feel what they feel.

When tink left the party and met Will

When Chris bought Tink the car for her birthday and Will and him was talking. Just fighting for her attention.

The water ballon fight!!

EVERYTHING WAS MEMORABLE!! Too many moments to list

So I'm reading this and end of the road is playing in the background and I'm like 'damn this is the end'. The ending was great. Just beautiful I really hope he does find love. Your story is all to real!! I be feeling like this is reality. Everything just makes sense. PAUSE you're clearly Chris under cover lol. Thank you for the story and good luck with your first book. Don't forget to tell us what it's gonna be about and when it's gonna be finished first. You have my support!! :))

I re reading the story and I'm at the church part and it bought me to tears ! You are a amazing writer and I can't wait for your book to published .

Ok so judging by my number of posts I'm clearly a "newbie" but I've been a silent reader for a while. I read a LOT, fanfic and published writers and this is by far the best story I've read since (I can't remember when). I felt like I was along for the ride of their relationship through all the twists and turns. I'm sad to see the story end but happy you're going on to do something you obviously love. You have true talent. Ok enough being emotional, about the story, I liked how their story wasn't perfect because love never is. They both made their mistakes but I'm the end it made them come together as better people. I think I missed the post where u said u were getting published but I'm sure I'll see your name in my iBooks app as I'm scrolling for new reading material. I wanna wish them luck but I have to remember its fictional lol. Good luck Tiffany!

That was a beautiful ending and an AMAZING story! Chris and Tink have grown so much from the time that they met till now. I enjoyed every moment that they have gone through whether it made me laugh or cry. Ughhhh! Nicole what am I gonna do with my life now that its over? lol
I wish you the best in all of your future stories!!


Oh my gosh.........*sigh*....Tink and they've been through it all!.....literally...and they still came out on top with a beautiful relationship and an even more beautiful baby boy. I'm so proud of the people they've become...they have seriously favorite absolute still when Tink made him get up and go to church....that...was what really got me and made me fall completely in love with this story...that add had so much power in it....matter of fact when I finish writing this I'm going to go back and read it. I can't wait to see what you have in store next and you book I shall be buying once it's published.

I am speachless!!! Your talent is unmeasurable. I know it has to take a lot for you to sit and actually imagine yourself in Chris Brown's shoes and think of his view on his life and not what the MEDIA thinks. Its as if I was reading a story tht Chris Brown wrote himself!!! I have to snap back into reality after reading your post and remember tht this is a FICTIONAL novel lol. This was the perfect conclusion to this story. If only the whole world knew of this story and seen his life through this light he could be at peace, wich I'm sure he is but I know there's still a soft spot in him tht hurts when he hears the things tht people say ab him. I loved tht he actually opened up ab the night of the indecent and tht oprah didn't try to push any buttons and was concerned ab Chris' feelings when it came to tht subject. I cant even say tht I'm sad tht this story is ending because I feel tht it is complete and needs no more explanation:))) I honestly think you should think ab getting this one published. It would definetly sale because its like our own inside on Chris Brown's life, but on a fans point of view. And who knows, he might read it fall in love and open up on how he feels. Bc honestly as a fan I feel slightly disconnected from him. This story could not only help you out, but him and his fan base too. You've done an outstanding job on this story and through my course of reading it I've become a fan of YOU:)))

Man y'all making me soooooo emotional right now. Like seriously. Your comments are truly touching my heart. This story and post has caused me to gain so much confidence as a writer when I truly had given up writing because I thought I wasn't any good. Especially "best selling author" good. You guys have ignited a fire in me to keep going and push for my dreams and for THAT alone I am forever grateful.

I truly love y'all!

And Tiffnicole...that's creepy you have my name! Lol give it back!

My IG is tiffbelike I deleted my twitter. I don't really care for it too much. But I'll use this post to keep y'all updated or create a post on the board. And I'll still be on here reading stories and stuff. I'll have a chance to really read and comment now since I won't be writing. I don't like reading stories on the board while I'm writing bc I don't want to appear to be stealing ideas or anything. So I'll always be here. Ain't going no where :)

Lol I don't know Chris. Just be feeling like I do. When I write I try to get in tune with my characters..guess I did a decent job with him. We'll see how his life plays out from here on out. That boy is unpredictable for real lmao.

Thank you silent readers for finally speaking up!!! It's so nice to finally hear from you all! Please keep commenting. I'm so nice I swear lol

absolutely happy with how this ended . i knew he was the father . & it's awkward how she went into labor . if i was tiff , to hear everything he was saying and feeling about her , i would smile & cry & feel amazing . he's such an amazing man & father .

i love this story (:

Awww...Im sooo sad to see this story end! I've been reading this story since you started and even commented a couple of times, but I absolutely LOVED IT!!!!I like how it was relatable to us readers, but also how you involved Chris' personal life along with it. Throughout the story, I noticed a lot of things being revealed about his life...not saying that some of it was true, but I can imagine how it might would have happened or could have happened, especially the end with the interview. I felt so natural to you as a writer and I can't wait to read more from you! Good luck with your novels and continue feeding us readers great stories!

Wow so its really over...(*tear*) I guess my favorite would be when...damn I can't really say because the whole story was my favorite moment:))) They have grown sooooo much and it feels as though tink was just getting ready for the chris brown concert yesterday and now they have a beautiful baby boy named christian and are the "perfect" family I've have ever seen!!!!OMGOSH I thought I was going to be ready for the ending but I mess this story already and even though you've been told this mannnnnyyyyyy times you are TRULY an AMAZING writer and Im DEFINITELY buying your book if I have to spend my last dime:))))))))

Awwwww, this story was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
My favorite part, if I must say, was when they first met and she was doing the robot and hit him in the face! lmfao, the funniest and my favorite part because it was so relateable!
What's your IG or Twitter? I must keep up with you, like in real life because you're amazing!
I'm definitely waiting on your book to come out, I think I might just by every copy in the book store and give it to all of my girl friends for their birthdays, lol!
I wish you the best of luck in everything that you do, I know that you will prosper with everything that you place your hands upon.
P.S. I still believe that you are real life Chris Brown's "Tink". If he comes out and Oprah starts airing commercials with his interview, I will assume that my assumptions are true! Love you, girl!!!!

this was a good story, even tho i didnt like chris and tink together, i guess they was made for each other. the ending was cool

I can honestly say that this is the best story that I've ever read and I'm really going to miss it. I'm glad that Chris finally got to share his side of the story and is moving on with his life. You are an amazing writer and I can't wait to read your novel !

OMG!!!! Im asad this story is over! But I must say this is one of the best stories I have ever read! Im glad Chris did the interview and opened up. Also no matter what was thrown their way they always managed to come back to each other. Now they have a beautiful baby boy to love together.

I was a silent reader but that Was the best story ever i had to say something.I didn't want it to end im sad Now. But the sorry was great.

I'm having soo many mixed emotions right now . I didn't want it to be over this is my favorite story , but then again I'm at peace with how it all played out and how you ended it with that interview. If you turned this into a novel I would buy this s*** in a heart beat . Prolly even buy two just to have one on display in my room lol. Ummm my fav PARTS cause I have so many ... When think was doing the robot before she met Chris lmao , fountain of youth , ALL the Ustreams lmaoo , ect . . . It's some more buut that would be too much writing
You did a BEAUTIFAL job and I am a satisfied reader p.s can't wait for scared of beautifal (:

*applause* this the best that I've ever read on a fanfic site. Don't u hate when u try to read a story that might have potential, but u can't follow it because the writing is misleading and confusing? Well I never had that problem with your story Tiffany. Everything transitioned so well and fit so perfectly. My favorite parts of the story...when Chris and tink went to church together and he had his inspiring...and emotional. Tink and Chris' friendship in the beginning was so ideal...

The interview was awesome!! Tiffany, u know Chris for real lol. Those answers to those questions sounded completely how I believe Chris really feels about all of the issues he has dealt with in his career. I also love how tink stood back and let Chris express himself. But duh, that's just how tink is lol.

Phenomenal job Tiffany!

@unrivaledbeauti on twitter
@unrivaledbeauty on instagram (I already follow u)

Plz let us know about the novel!

Hey @_tnicole_ ,

so this will be a LONG Comment so be prepared :D

First of all I also have been a silent reader since day 1 of this story and I'm very sad that this story has come to an end :(.

I loved this story because it was a realistic story and I believe everyone in here could connect with each character. I've cried and laughed while reading this fantastic story and I also had to re-read it, to make sure that I don't leave any parts of my favorite moments out.

The way you described the relationship between Chris and Tink was perfect! They had their ups and downs but at the end of the day they always found a way how to get along with one another and I loved it!

The ending was just amazing, the fact that Chris finally opened up about everything that had happened that night and to talk about everything that was held inside of him and to finally begin a new chapter with his new little family, was ..the perfect idea! He's at peace now, in love and a great father!
Oh and him describing his feelings for Tink in front of the world was so cute ( I cried a little bit I have to admit :D)

So my favorite moments of this story are:

That Moment where..

1.) ..Chris explained Mijo why he called Tiffany "Tink", because she made him feel all boyish and sh*t, like what Tinkerbell did for Peter Pan, that was cute!

2.) The Fountain of Youth! I loved that part ! "The spirit remains young forever" I loved that one!

3.) ..Tink was taking care of Chris, because he was feeling sick and no one noticed it except for Tink! I think that was the moment where Chris started to have a crush on Tink and vise versa.

4.) ..Chris was paying a visit at Tink's Hotel room so that they could talk things out, and they finally end up kissing! Their first kiss..with consequences, but it was sweet though :).

5.) Lol :D, I know that's not a huge moment but I loved it, where Tink mentioned that Chris had 31 freckles, she knew it because that night in Dallas as Chris was sick, she counted them down, as he was asleep. That's LOVE man!

6.) Church Moment of course! That's a CLASSIC!

7.) ..Chris was calling Tink drunk and confessing his love for her, funny part: where Tink said that his words and actions are telling her two different things but the minute that it will change that's when they will, and Chris responded with "Don't say Will.." this was hilarious :D !

8.) Aww, Chris's and Tink's 1st official date as a couple! It was romantic and very hot at the end ;D

9.) That's my Favorite! That Moment where Chris found out that Tink was praying for him EVERY MORNING! That was a powerful for me personally!

10.) ..Tink flew all the way to Frankfurt, just to surprise her man!

11.) ..Snooks did the trick that Chris had taught him, and she called him afterwards to tell him everything, although they were going through a difficult time and she hadn't physically spoken to him since that day she dropped off all of his stuff.

12.) ..She had met London! London was a cool character in this story. A great adviser I have to say!

13.) Their make-up sex ! I loved it!

14.) The announcement of Tink's pregnancy!!

15.) Christmas in Thailand: ..Chris gave Tink a promise ring as a gift and held a beautiful speech..aww just lovely!

..They've spend a day on a yacht Chris had rented and recollected all their best moments they've shared together!

16.) Funny Moment: The way her water broke and Chris questioning if she just came or pee :D

..Tink finally gave birth to the beautiful Christian

AND last but not least The Oprah Interview and as he said that he was " A Fan of a Fan " just beautiful!

Thank you for sharing this story with all of us I had a blast reading it!

Much Love


Hi! New reader!!! Just finished your story!! Absolutely loved it! First of all it was creepy because I'm like omg this girl is stalking my life and wrote a story lol j/k but my name is Tiffany middle name Nicole too! Also I think it's tinks Instagram name or her twitter is the same as mine lol and she acts just like me!!! So I was trippin while reading, felt so real lol I loved how you put that disclaimer in the beginning about not putting a picture of someone famous or one of these model chicks -_- lol letting us be the main character because beauty really does come in all different shapes and sizes. And the media is definitely doing a horrible job at conveying that message smh. And one thing I got from this story was that beauty comes from with in. I loved how you incorporated The Lord in this story had me feeling some type of way lol it spoke to my life lets just say that and the word should always come thru , a lot of these fan fiction stories dnt mention The Lord and I'm glad you added it. You are a wonderful writer and I look forward to seeing your works in a store one day soon ;-D