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Dark Skin . (updated 10/28)

This is my first story i ever wrote. in middle school. when like they bow wow board was booming. lol, i was gonna add it on here last year but never finish. this time i will. i hope you guys like it and i send out a never important message to everyone.


"<a href="">Mama</a>, <a href="">Daddy</a>. she's not happy here. you guys dont know what she's going through. and she only confides in me. i might
as well take her with me when i go to LA."

"That's my baby" i heard my dad say angerliy as i sat at the top of the stairs and listen to my <a href="">sister</a> have a conversation with my parents

" well do you want your baby to continue to get kicked out of school. to suffer with this bullying that yall dont even deal
with. im the one that goes up to them schools. dont you want her to graduate. to enjoy her teenage years that she has left.
meet new people. have friends. build some seft esteem" my sister said

" yes we do hunny. but you'll be busy as school and this new job offer you got" my mother said as my sister cut her off

" no im not like yall. im never to busy for my little sister. i love her and she 16. stop cradling her"

" look if she soo unhappy. take her. and in four months if she hasnt change. she's coming back to Ohio" my dad said as i
smiled and ran in my room. i heard my sister scream in excitement as she ran up my room

" Kris. <a href="">Krissy</a>" my sister called out for me as she came in

" yes" i answer as i looked at her. my sister was so beautiful.

" i needa talk to you" she said as she sat on the bed beside me " i have some good news and bad news"

"you know how i like it. give me the bad news first so maybe the good news can make it better" i said acting like i dont
know what she talking about. she took a big sigh

" I got a job promotion at chase" she started as i smiled " In LA" my smile went away as i knew i was leaving with

" I overheard yall conversation. i know im leaving with you" i said as a load of relief came off of her

" you nosey punk" she said and hit me with a pillow

" aint nothing gonna change, im still gonna be made fun of. picked, with called fat and ugly because im not a redbone"

"omg. Kristen it's not gonna be like that. You just encountered with alot of ingnorant people. cali is gonna be different
and your beautiful. dont ever doubt yourself. beside you look like me" she said huggin me

" yea i wish. your beautiful. nobody ever talked about you about your skin color" i said as they looked at me

" they did until i stood up for myself and beat up the school. bully. look we are gonna leave all of that in the past
pack up and few of your stuff. i'll call for funiture are your room to be ordered there we leaving in a few days" she
said leaving my room.

i hope she was right, cause where im from. Nobody excepted my <strong>Dark skin</strong>

Check out the cast call i have. i hope everyone likes it so far.


Aw Kris is a virgin and Chris gonna be the one to pop that cherry...can you use how
you lost your virginity as how she loses it cuz that was funny as hell lmao

Run it.!!!

Love the add. They gettn close. Run it

<a href="">I</a> walked up to chris house and knocked on the door. a couple mins passed and he opened it. my heart broke seeing that <a href="">he</a> looked like that with red puffy eyes. i walked in and looked around seeing that he prolly hasnt been doing anything to clean up

"Have you even started cleaning yet?" He looked at me and i seen the hurt in his eyes as he just nodded no. i grabbed the trash bag that was sitting next to my feet and started picking things up and putting it in the bag.

"Have you talk to anyone else besides me" I said looking his way again as he leaned against the wall. He looked at me and shook his head no once again. A couple mins went by still chris stood there and still i picked up the trash. After i finished the livingroom Chris still hasnt utter a word. So i went into the kitchen. Picking up liquor bottles and cups, dumping some of them in the sink. From time to time i would walk back in to check up on chris. He was still leaned against the wall with his head down.
I went out back picking trash up as i heard chatter in the house.

"f*** THIS LIFE MAN" Chris yelled while throwing a bottle at the wall. Fear came in my eyes as i looked at chris. His eyes started watering as the tears fell before me. "I just want my bestfriend. man that all" he said full blown tears as i dropped the bag and went to his side hugging him.

he fell to the ground and sat me on his lap as i just held him for what seems like hours. but it didnt matter. he need someone to be there for him and i didn't mind being that one.

"i feel like a b**** crying on you like this" He said as i smiled

" No chris your find. you lost someone near and dear to you so if crying is helping. go ahead and cry" he lifted his head to look at me he was just staring into my eyes. as i looked back at him. i felt weird him just looking at me so i started covering my face as he grabbed my hand

" why everytime you get nervous you cover your face?" he asked as i looked at him

"idk, it's just a habit"

" well break out of it" he said as i got up front his grip and continued to clean. We went upstair and picked stuff up from the hall while we went in the rooms picking up condoms.

"This s*** triff" He said as i saw him holding a bent up hanger holding something

" What is that and why are you holding it like that" I said looking at him in the doorway as he looked at me confused

"Nigga it's a condom which is prolly used" He said raising a eyebrow "Your a virgin" He said as i covered my face and left. i continued picking up trash in the hall as i seen Chris come out holding sheet. he looked at me laughing while going down stairs. I went into the other room starting to clean it up. i picked up condom wrappers as Chris came in behind me with the bent up hanger
" Soo you never seen a condom?" he said laughing as i threw a wrapper at him and he jumped

" No a**hole. i've seen one but it was like 5 times maybe less" i said

" You never found the right one to lose your virginity too" He asked

" I never had a boyfriend chris" i said as his eyes got big

" Why you never wanted one?"he asked"

"I wish that was the case, it's a long story though." i said as he nodded

" Can you spend the night. I'll go nuts if im in here by my self" he asked as he seen my uneasiness "or the crew can spend the night too. Make our own lil Memorial. I just can't be here by myself" He said as i nodded & called Candace

" Chris wants to know if i can spend the night"i started as i got cut off

"HELL NO, THAT'S DEPRESSED SEX" Tre' said which made chris laugh

" Candace you got me on speaker" i said pouting as if she can see it

"Nigga you got us on speaker i can hear it" She said as chris laughed " Hey Chris baby. How you feeling" She said

"He feels s***ty what do you mean" Tre said as chris laughed

" He is correct but Kris been making me feel alil better" I was just wondering if she can stay the night well have a lil memorial for Matt. Tre can you come too. Make s*** not so depressing." Chris said

"Yea i'll come Mel depressed ass more than likely will need me too. i'll be a good rebound" he said as me and kris looked at each other and shook our head

"9" chris said

"ok" Tre' said as they hung up

His house was starting to turn around so far. we went through 10 big trash bag.

" can we take a break" he asked as i nodded " cool. come here" he said as i followed him downstairs to what looks like is his room. it was cool. with a red black and white theme to it

" i like your room. red is my favorite color"i said looking around

"thanks for coming over kris. i mean i'm still thinking about matt. but your helping me not just sit around crying about the s***. you take my mind off it a lil" he said as i looked over his way and smiled

"im glad i can help" i said looking at his wall full of <a href="">pictures</a> <a href="">2</a> <a href="">3</a>. "Who are all of these girls" i said as he looked up and smiled

" My wall of love. these are the girls i've dated." he said as i was looking for barbie.

"Why isnt Barbie up here" i said as he made a stank face.

" i was tryna tell you me and her are not in a relationship. She just liked me since freshmen year" he said as my eyes got big

" She was saying soo much stuff like you will never like me and i need to go back to where i came from and stuff making it seem like yall was together"

" dont listen to the bullshiit she be saying. you need to set her straight" he said as i ignored him. it'll never happen. i stumbled across this <a href="">pictures</a> of him and this girl

" Who is she?"

"Giselle, that's my ex. She's 24. we broke up in March. i was mad in love with her. but i guess i was just something fun cause young" he said look at me

"She darkskin"

" So skin doesnt mean anything. Lightskin or Darksin she was beautiful to me" He said looking at me " Come, on. Breaks over"

Yay please,add

i've had hell of a writers block

but im back. so hopefully a add tonight. if not tomorrow

sorry ladies


RIP Mat i like this good add run it

Run it!!

Run it!!

run it

run this. i love it btw im tiffany or tee

Run it. I'll update later.

Damn, that's sad. RUN IT!!!!

bout to start readin... run in advance

working on a add right now. keep running it

awww that messed up matt died barbie a fake b**** chris so messed up he couldnt really say nun tre silly as hell it would take him to liten up the mood wonder wats gone happn between kris n chris wen she go help him clean the house run it

Damn this is dramatic af already! niggas dyin n shyt...smh. But i wanna knw hw its gonna go when TeamKhris cleans up the house =)

Barbie a hoe. How you gonna be all on Chris then push up on Tre?

Chris needs to hurry and tell Kris that Barbie aint his b****.

I feel bad for them all since Matt died.

Tre seems like he's gonna be a positive figure in their lives.

gotta love Tre for lightening the mood. I hope they all move past this well and don't spiral out of control doing crazy s***.

run it

Why tf they got gun? who's body dropped?? will barbie ever know that Tre dissed her? these questions need to be answered

runnnn it


"Did you seriously call me when your downstairs?" I said into the phone it was 12 noon sunday morning and Tesh, Zaria, And Mel spent the night after the party.

" HURRY UP WAKE YO GIRLS UP AND GET TO THE TV ROOM. THE PARTY IS ON THE NEWS" He yelled hanging up as i jumped up waking the girls up and we ran downstairs holding heads in pain from a hang over

"Last night a house party turns bad when a riot breaks out on 21 blvd" The broadcastor started before playing a video last night. " This riot left one dead 18 year old Matthew Shaw a football player and senior at Los Angeles High School. Which will be closed tomorrow due to the mourning of Shaw. She spoke as you seen tae and Malik trying to hold chris back from screaming and running towards Matt. Tre turned the tv off as we heard whimpers come from Mel.

" NOOO ... NOOOO THEY GOT THE WRONG ONE. HE NOT GONE." Melody cried as zaria and tesh held her " I was suppose to tell him how i felt. that i love him and i wanted to be with him. how i wanted to be with him since the first time i seen him in 9th grade all i want is him. i wanted to marry him. i wanted all his kids. Lord no why did you take him from me" Melody cried as Candace and Tre decided to leave. They understood that they needed time. and i didnt really belong either. i knew nothing of what Melody was talking about. yea i knew she liked Matt but not all that she was saying.

i left the room to give them some time and went upstairs. i grabbed my phone and decided to text chris.

<em>Hey, just seen the news. are you okay?</em>


<em>Oh, Im sorry. Do you need anything?</em>


<em>Have you cleaned?</em>


i figured he didnt want to talk so i let him be. i got into the shower and got dressed and came back to a text message.

<strong>You wanna help me? I can't do shiit by myself. Be over at 6.</strong>


i went downstair to the tv room to see the 3 of them still there. they eyes blood shot red. and filled with tears

" Im sorry you guys" i said as they rocked back and forth

" He was like a brother to me" Zaria said looking at the ceiling

" He was my husband" Melody said tears falling from her face

" Maaann. He was the fly in your house you could never kill" Tesh said as they stopped rocking and looked at her. it got quiet than they just busted out laughing. i looked at them weird and laughed but it was a nervous idk what just happened laugh. Candace came in from the akward moment.

" Ladies i have just what you need. ICE CREAM" She said as they face lit up

" Wait whatt? " Tre said walking in " Hell No they dont need that shiit. that s***'ll make them fat as fucck and not solve a damn thing. ooooo. i got a idea for my next video. fat b****es vs. skinny b****es" Tre said leaving the room. "OHH YEAA." He said coming back " UMM this might not be a good time. but yall niggas is fried af in the morning. DAMN" he left before Melody threw a pillow at him as everyone laughed

" I dont like him" Melody said blushing. She likes Tre. but idk how that will work with her mourning over Matt.

" Has anyone talked to chris" They asked looking at me. Candace busted out laughing which caused everyone to laugh

" Why yall look at me? and yes i have" i said shaking my head

" cause nigga it's teamkhris. we knew yo ass was gonna talk to that nigga" Tesh said

" How he feeling? i know he fuccked up. Beside Malik. Matthew was his bestfriend. Knew that nigga since 6th grade " Zaria said as i was crushed

" Well idk. he really aint say much but he wants me to help him clean the house" I said as they smiled

" Good" they all said

" GET YALL HEAVING ASSES IN HERE IMA TEACH YALL HOW TO COOK" Tre said yelling from the kitchen as we went in there to see him cooking up some s***

sorry so short. im about to help mama dukes put up groceries

oooh we got 3 pages yall!!! whoot whoot. but working on a add right now

Whattt? Barbie fake ass, smh! You ain't gotta lie to kick it. RUN IT ASAP!

Yes Dani he is tooo funny. I love him hahaha...

No more run. I'll try and add later

Lmaooo I died at Tre.. I dectected an basic b****..

Awhh s*** we ruff ridin in this piece. lol

Run It

P.s I have been watching Tre Melvin non stop since I been reading your story. You are right he is funny as f*** and is too real.


Nigga be having ish ducked off!


Hooooooollllllddddd the help up !!!
Where did we get guns from? Lawdy jesus, we don't need no injuries.

Runnnnn It Now

a/n: umm ok i made a couple of changes. i changed Zaria's character. and trevonte who is trey songs. ima change his nick name to tae. cool.? cool.

Chris <a href="">house</a> was stacked when we walked in. Everyone in there was staring at us when we came in. Mostly because of <a href="">Tre</a>. My cousin was really Youtube famous and anybody who was anybody knew of him and watched his video's. As we walked in <a href="">Tae</a> was the first one we seen in the crowd. He grabbed. <a href="">Zaria</a> up kissing her and hugging us, and he seen tre his eyes got big and he pointed to him. Tre chuckled and nodded c**kly as the dapped each other up. Tae and Zaria left to go dance.

As a girl walked passed Tre rubbing on his chest. He looked at me and smirked as he left and danced with her. i looked over at Tesh and Mel and followed them to the back where the pool was, we peeped <a href="">Chris</a>,Matthew, and Malik.

" Why tf yall aint got no shirt on" Mel said as Tesh grabbed her

" Bro stfu. all of are men are half naked. you dont question that. just admire it from afar." Tesh whipsering. They all gave us hugs and Chris just stared at me smiling which made me nervous so i covered up my face.

" Kris, we're glad you decided to make it" Chris said smiling

" More Kris is than anybody else, but i mean it's cool. we love ya" Matthew said as Chris nudge him. we was cracking up laughing. Yet i was confused by that statement.

As i was about to comment on it and ask what he mean. <a href="">Barbie</a> came up giving Chris a kiss on the cheek. " Bae this party is about to be the party of the year. you wouldnt believe who is here" She said all smiles

" Or who need to leave" Tesh said as everyone but Barbie and Chris caught what she said

"Nice tan Barbie" Mel said nudging me as we laughed. she rolled her eyes about to say something as Chris spoke up

" Who here" Chris questioned and Mel and Tesh look at me smirking know she was about to talk about Tre and not know that he was my cousin.

" Baby Tre Melvin is here. In your livingroom. Just chilling. well he not chilling he dancing... but you know" She said as the boys eyes got big. " IDK about you but im not about to just sit out here while Tre Melvin is in the house" She said turning around and noticing me " Ewww. why are you here" She said as i started backing up but ran into Mel.

" Biitch the host of the party invited her" Tesh said as Malik stopped her

" Umm Malik i suggest you watch who you with at the party tonight. Sharnice is here" She smirked and looked back at Chris. I'll be in the house. she said walking away.

" Aye man. let's just ignore her. fucck the bullshiit. Let's just go in the house and party" Mel said as everyone agreed. We all started walking in the house as chris grabbed my hand

" Hey im sorry for how she acted" He said apologizing as i just looked at him " No it's cool. i mean she's your girllfriend. She's....concerned" i said as Chris scrunched up his face "She-" he started to say as he got cut off " #Team KHRIS ima need yall to bring yall asses. Tesh said as we laughed walking in the house. I seen Tre standing on the wall as i went and stood next to him.

" YO YO YO WE GOT TRE MELVIN IN THE HOUSE SO EVERYONE SHOW YA LOVE AND GIVE THE BROTHA SOME GOOD LA HOSPITALITY" The crowd started screaming and Tre raised his hand in acknowledgemnt. I love how he is down to earth and not letting all this fame get to him. Everyone been enjoying the party and drinks been past around so most of everyone was drunk. i know i was a lil tipsy myself. The Dj turned on Put It Down by Brandy & Chris Brown on while everyone made a circle in the crowd. Zaria grabbed my hand and i grabbed Tre's moving through the crowd to the front to see Chris dancing.

I started moving my head to the beat watching him flow. He noticed me and smirked as he dance my way. he got soo close and started grinding on me which signaled the crowed to ooo, and ahhh. i guess showing that Chris was challenging me.

" You better go kill that nigga" Tre whispered in my ear. i was totally feeling the liquor as i started moving to the floor still bobbin my head. Cbreezy started rapping and i started dancing. Every in the crowd was cheering and i looked on Chris face and seen his eyes were big with shock. I started to dance towards him as i got close mocked him and grind on him as the crowd went nuts. we than started dancing with each other than towards the end of the song. i felt someone push me. than i seen Tesh run up and hit someone as the crowd broke out into a riot. Tre grabbed me and pulled me out into backyard where Tae, Zaria, Malik was standing

" Yo wtf happen" Zaria said looking back at the house

" Kris was dancing someone pushed her started a riot" Tre said as i noticed anger in his voice. i looked back at the house and seen Chris carring Tesh out with Mel by his side

" Yo wtf" Chris said pissed " Sit the fucck down and chill man" He said as Tesh sat down.

" Who tf pushed Kris" Mel said

" I dont know. i feel like i can say we all drunk but i punched the s*** outta whoever did it" Tesh said proudly

" Wait you mean to tell me. you punch someone and you dont know who in the ultimate f*** you punched?" Tre said started laughing which made everyone laugh too

" Tre. this is Chris and Malik." I said introducing them

" And this is <a href="">Sharnice</a> my girl" Malik said introducing his girl

" Who is a non muthafuccking factor" Tesh said drunkinly as Barbie came up to us with a burise on her cheek. I notice Tre staring at it intensivly.

" You seen Matthew" Chris asked Barbie as she just starred at Tre.

"No, No, No i havent" she said waving Chris off"Hi i'm Alexa, everyone calls me barbie" She said

" And this is Tre. Kris's C O U S I N" Mel said smirking

" Ohhhh you and Kris is cousins. i just loove Kris. her outfits be soo cute. i was gonna wait till Monday to show her around school and ask her to join the cheerleading team" She said as everyone gave her the wtf look. I couldnt believe she was lying to impress my cousin. I leaned in towards him and told him that, that was her.

" I figured" He said as a alarm on his phone started going off.

" Hey Tre what going on with yo phone" Tae asked as tre smirked

" Oh it's just an alarm on my phone. it let's me know when im infront of a basic biitch. " he said looking at Barbie. Everyone started laughing noticing he was referring to his last show <a href="">How to Detect A Basic Biitch</a> he uploaded the day before. Barbie i guess havent seen the video because she was confused as to what she was talking to. Everyone turned there attention to the front of Chris house where the riot was still going on. All of a sudden we heard shots going off.


" What about the cars?" I said

"Kris you live 5 blocks down. we footing it" Mel said

" Let us know when yall get home safe" Tae said

" Yea yall too" Tesh said

We started walking toward the other street. i looked back at chris house and i notice Chris and Malik had guns in there hands. Another shot went off and i looked towards the front of Chris house and seen a body drop.

I am right now. Im adding the pictures . It says it has spam. Sooo I have to go through it

Lol you did all that promoting so I'm expecting an add soon Lea Lea! :)