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BIG Chris Brown FAN

I just wanna say that Chris Brown is just awesome. He is extremely talented with his singing, dancing and drawing. From one artist 2 another Chris can draw pretty well. People need 2 stop talkin trash bout him and hating on him all the time. Let Chris do his thang in peace. I hope dat I can save up enough money 2 go 2 one of his concerts cuz I love his music and I've listened 2 his Fortune CD and FAME CD at least 20 times. Ur the Best Breezy :)

From Summertime(Summer Brunson)in Philly


I think that chris brown is a tru trooper because he speaks and he lives by the belief the life is worth and life is truly what u make it

I am glad that in the end you will have a concert in my country - Poland. Unfortunately not too far ... Too bad .. But I'm so glad. I love what you do - you sing, you dance, your graffiti, and how you loved Michael Jackson .. You are an inspiration to me. Your new video for the song "Do not judge me" exceeded my wildest expectations. It's great, although also a little sad, especially the ending. The same can be said of the text songs:
"You're hearing rumors about me
And you can not stomach the thought
Of someone touching my body
When you so close to my heart
I will not deny saying what they
Because most of it is true
But it was all before I fell for you "

This song is so true ...

I love you and what you're doing ...
Not valid is the criticism of others. Be yourself and do what you do the following: give us good music like so far .. I look forward to new songs and music videos. I hope that the next show will be held in Poland, in Gdansk. :)
PS: Sorry for vocabulary, but I do not speak much English and I use google tlanslator.

I would love to spend my whole life with Chris Brown love u <3

ma dream is just to watch on party for him live and get to place who he spend his time in it

he fine

i just want tu say that CHRIS BROWN is amazingly talented and extremely sexy! i want tu meet him one day!(((((:
if i ever met him id tell him, tu keep up the great work and KEEP TOURING IN INDINAPOLIS INDIANA!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE HIM AND HIS MUSIC........HE IS SO SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved his music since his first album "chris brown" ive sill got it as graffiti fame and fortune. I saw him get famous and his music change. its really amazing how this guy from virgina became the king . his dancing made start dancing to just awesome!

I listen to Fortune everyday smdh. Chris is my addiction I dont wanna stop tho. Lmao.

I jus love everything bout Chris and yes i agree they needa get of my boo back and let him do his thang. Cause i know how annoying it seems that people always has something to say bout everything you do. But jus one thang dat these haters don't realize is dat the more that talk ish the bigger and better he gets.

U r right coz this guy is so amazing!!