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Chris Takes Home Two Moon Men!

Chris Takes Home Two Moon Men!
Pop the bubbly! Congrats are in order for Chris and Team Breezy on his big wins at the VMAs last night! In case you missed it, Chris’ “Turn Up The Music” video took home the moon man for Best Male Video and Best Choreography!

To celebrate, iTunes is featuring FORTUNE in a VMA Sale! Get your copy for $6.99 here.
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  • Of course you did, and you will continue to win awards as long as you continue to follow that which is already written for you, push them back by continuing to focus on your talents, never let them see you sweat, and understand jealousy is the highest form of compliment!
    by DCR1 on szep 25, 2012 du30 2:02du
  • Wishing u the best while dealing with this messed up court system... Wish they could see the GOOD MAN I see... LUV YA CHRIS BREEZY!!!!! UR BIGGEST FAN......
    by RBurgess121@yah... on szep 25, 2012 de30 7:07de
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    by zhanbao7 on szep 23, 2012 du30 11:11du
  • I love you very very very very much Chris Brown i realy want and wish to meet you face to face some day.
    by anneishashenell... on szep 23, 2012 du30 9:09du
  • You were robbed at the Bet awards for best director of you video, Im glad that you video is getting its proper recognition because you kill that ish. You put your sole in that video and you hard work always pay off! watch and learn ppl
    by Jelepena Lena on szep 23, 2012 du30 7:07du
  • cris breezy always is the best!!
    by edgar breezy on szep 23, 2012 de30 4:04de
  • Congratulations Chris Brown and Team Breezy on your two VMAs!
    by ronniebrown on szep 22, 2012 du30 6:06du
  • Wonderful. share a website with you, -- -- Believe you will love it
    by hfghsdsd on szep 21, 2012 du30 9:09du
  • Congrats bro keep going wish u the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest xD
    by yossefSwag on szep 21, 2012 du30 9:09du
  • ninguem nunca sera melhor que o breezy... team breezy brazil...project brazil fortune tour!!! we love you man, back !!! please
    by RikitoBreezy on szep 21, 2012 de30 2:02de