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`Black Pyramid: The Kill. [Chap. 16]


They all sat in <a href="">his</a> living room having drinks and basically destroying his parents home. His name was Zamir and he really didn't have one ounce of care in the world right now. He and his friends were fresh out of high school. It was summer and they were bored. College didn't start 'til fall for them. They wanted to get all of their laziness out of the way so when college did come, they could study, and party all the time they wanted. Zamir had a great idea. "I'm bored as f*** and I know y'all are too. We should start our own group or movement... Like we can do big things and bad things.... But once you are in.... You CANNOT get out," Zamir stated with a dark grin. Everyone laughed and became excited. "Sounds... really bad. Yeah right," <a href="">She</a> teased. She continued, "Kinda sounds stupid." "Actually Bree... It kinda sounds fun," <a href="">She</a> interjected, while putting her hand on her thigh. Zamir smirked, "Thank you Nani. Bree is so damn judgmental. I have the perfect name for her. Anybody else think this sh*t is whack?" Zamir stood up and awaited everyone else response. He wasn't letting this idea slip away. It was too perfect to him and he every right to want to somehow take over the world as crazy as that sounds, but that was just Zamir being Zamir.

<a href="">He</a> chugged his beer and retorted, "The sh*t sounds kinda crazy but that's Zay for your ass. Sh*t. Let's take over the world! Why not!" "Sh*t... I'm in... We gon' be bored all gotdamn summer so might as well make this sh*t useful!" <a href="">She</a> butt in. "So Josh and Soso in.... Come on X. Don't let Bree control your life," Zamir remarked with a chuckle. <a href="">Xavier</a> instantly inhaled the smoke from his blunt and then blew right back into the air and twisted his face into disgust almost, "Bree ass DON'T run sh*t around here. So watch yo f*cking mouth nigga... I don't know where you getting your information from, but she don't run sh*t here. And sh*t sounds straight. We can throw a big ASS PARTY with plenty of B*TCHES!" Xavier continued puffing his blunt and made sure he looked at Bree as he spat his last words. Zamir laughed because he knew how to get Xavier out of his zone. Just tell him that his girlfriend Bree was controlling him and he would flip the f*ck out... If he didn't have that blunt on his mind, he would've said way more. This also pissed Bree off.

The night was soon approaching and he finally went around the room until everyone was in agreement. Zamir now spoke over everybody as if he was a teacher or lecturer, "Okay everybody... Now we all wonder who the hell we would be in our past lives. And if you hadn't, I'm going to announce to you all right now who I pictured you to be based on your personality. I'm talking about Egyptian gods and goddesses. I'm going to go around the room and give each and one of you names. This s*** will be very fun and X we can even do parties and all that s*** you saying. But think of this as a sisterhood and brotherhood. Everyone in this room is in <em>Black Pyramid</em> to stay. s***, think of us as the black illuminati." Zamir laughed and continued, while giving everyone the same amount of eye contact, "No one will EVER f*ck with our family. Now remember that. We will be so big that people will want to join but they do not know how powerful we will become. Summer WILL BE OURS! We will conquer every damn party, every function, every room, and etc. B*tches we our the <em> Black Pyramid</em>."

Bree rolled her eyes and laughed, "Nigga really? What's with all the dramatics?" "Well, I like everything to be dramatic... But let's start now. <a href="">Keria</a> you are Hathor, the mother of goddesses. You are the protectress of all women and basically the goddess of happiness and joy, music, dance, beauty, and etc." Keria smiled, "I love it already." Zamir laughed and winked at Keria, "Good." He then continued, "<a href="">Ana</a> you are Bast, the goddess of fire, the moon, childbirth, fertility, pleasure, jokes, intuition, healing, and generosity. Now onto my baby and woman. <a href="">Dany</a> you are Nephthys, the 'Revealer.' You represent life and death, peace, darkness, protection, and dreams."

"Wait, why the f*ck I gotta be dark? I am NOT dark," Dany pouted, causing Zamir to laugh. "Baby, you'll see in a minute... Chill. Soso you are Neith, the 'Huntress' and goddess of war and hunt. You are the protectress of women and marriage and the mother of the gods. X you are Thoth, the 'Lord of Books and Learning and the judge of the gods. You also have two wives... Actually about three so this sh*t fits you perfectly. Bree your ass is Maat, the goddess of truth, right, justice, judgment, law, and reincarnation. And conveniently you are one of the wives of Thoth so the perfect match." Bree shook her head as Xavier laughed. "Nani you are Isis, the 'Supreme Egyptian Goddess.' You are goddess of motherhood, childbirth, fertility, initiation, success, womanhood, the arts, protection, and advice. Josh you are Ptah, the husband of Bast. You are also the 'Father of Beginnings.' You are the god of life, the arts, and miracles. I--" "How the hell do you know all of these things Zay?" Ana questioned.

"Exactly... Like what class was you in? Because I don't remember none of this sh*t in Mr. Cunningham class!" Bree exclaimed. "I do my research and I love Egyptian deities. It's very interesting," Zamir explained. "And who will you be?" Nani inquired, playing with her fingernails. Zamir smiled widely, "Seth, the god of the underworld. I am also the God of destruction and revenge. There is a lot more s*** y'all represent but y'all gotta research that information on your own to see what this group will represent as a whole... We are family... Oh and Dany, I am your husband so that's why I chose that for you baby. If there are any questions.... Please research on your own damn time!" Everyone continued drinking and eating as Zamir thought up of ways to get people on board... This was going to be the best summer... Or so everyone thought.


This may not be that long cause
I mean ... Idk really ..... anyway

Ummm where to start...I guess with the marriage thing
Congrats to y'all to y'all deserve each other
Wish y'all happiness and all that nice stuff
That was lowkey cute the way he stood up for her
Very noble of him

Josh...I f***s with him and stuff
He's really the only person I believe Zamir listens to
That best friend s***....nah they fight and alla that but when it comes to reasoning
Nah he dont listen

Both of them act just alike that's why they argue all the damn time
Nobody gots no time nor patience for that bs
Its like a ghetto soap

Ummmm as far yungins vs the actual members....they handled that well
Glad I wasn't be honest lbs
Cause the younger me would've won I got too much going n to be fighting with her asx
UNLESS she really really TRIED it *tamar voice*

This what yall need to let me do is.....let me talk to Dany
I can get through to her prat least give her something to think about
She don't wanna be bad forever she just need to get her point across
Let us know how she was feeling....granted it aint the best way or whatever
But I got her Dr. Nani understands her.

Me and Jasper....he got some making up to do.....lots of it
Or I'm hoping a plane to LA and getting Dwight Howard or Kendrick Lamar and that's that on that


Still waiting on your ass Nani lol.

Ik ik.....ITS COMING

oh man so dany could take her as a minon o.O

Lmao Ana.

His sister probably with her friends somewhere.

YESSSSSSSSSSS blast the f*** out of baby zay idk why that was the life of hat add but yall I have been wanting to do that since the beginning of time but why did they come and then just leave like that hmmm I’m telling yall dany ass is strange, its funny how everyone wants to hold zaria but when she gets older no one even wants to look at her fast ass lol
Dany you know you are tired of being mean so why stay on that side, girl you f***ing up keira as officially took over your d*** and you will NOT be getting it back lol your lost
Leave it to bree and zay to have a fight at a time like this little ass kids I say and look at me trying to give away my cupcakes just to shut you guys up I’m so sweet
But gosh dang it I love josh he treated zay got him to calm down and through in a joke now all he had to do was get naked and I would have married him right then and there
Ha sorry for being in your business keria but when you get d*** we have to make it a big deal in this friendship, since everyone around you are freaks well excluding me and josh but everyone else they are just NASTY
Why when we went through that closet I thought of zay’s little sister lol maybe that b**** stil hanging up on a close line or something lol
We all have some cool ass powers man I was in that s*** like I was really a super hero lol
We got soso back YEAAHHHHHHHH twerk fest
Awww josh sing that song so I can hump you in front of everyone
AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH did what just happen really happen
Bree and x FOREVER im getting that s*** on a shirt


To answer your questions, Lexi will still have her powers lol. She just won't be in the group anymore.

Nani didn't get invited because she just had the baby.

i was laughing through the most of the story! "um guys i have some cupcakes , i dont mind sharing" haha we all know she wanted them to stop cuz she dont play when it comes to her cupcakes!
Hella put keria on the spot! they was roasting her!
im glad they got soso back
i have a question tho since lexi is out.. what does that exactly mean? like what happens does she become normal? not have any more powers?
why wasnt nani there? is it cuz she just had the baby?
how the hell do dany n her son be hella powerful againist the bp group?? -___-
dany ass is too bitter like i get zay done treat yo ass wrong but you going the extra mile to get some revenge i mean dam kill everyone in bp expect um was it nani? like yo u need to get ur emotions in check but anyways their son is so hateful towards zay like dam bet she aint told him the good part of his dad like i wonder if it hurt zay a lil bit that his son called him a sperm donor
that song was so perfect for bre and x! like the lyrics and the way his propasal was like only he could say that ishh and keep it real "til i cant get hard without the pills nomore" i was dying
but it was real cute
and zay ass gotta always but himself in welp it is zay
as for keria i wonder when she gon tell somebody bout what justin did to her
if zay find out ooo that dude good as dead
run it!

Might add again next week.

<strong>Chapter Thirteen:</strong>

<em>The Calm After The Storm</em>

"This b**** cooked it up really nice. I must give it to Dany. I see she is a woman of her word. She said she was gonna get all of us... And she did. EVERY LAST one of us. The thing I like about this is I get to beat the s*** out of myself. So, let the f***ing games begin," Breana roared and then put on a venomous smirk. Zaria stared into space as she looked around everyone. "How cute are all of you? Really cute. If you think for one second that you are gonna beat us--" "You know Zay, you talk way TOO f***ing much," Ana spat as she blasted the younger version of Zamir. Zamir placed a shield around Zaria and then started flying around the room blasting the younger versions of himself. It was like clones almost. The room started to extend as everyone tried to fight themselves. Breana dragged herself around the room and stomped her sixteen-year-old self. Xavier stared at himself, "What the f*** was I thinking when I dressed like this?" "f*** nigga, I'm thinking it's time for you to say goodbye," X's younger self, charged towards him, while releasing his powers.

"Hey miss wannabe singer. You still think you gon' make it? Guess what? You will never make it. No one will ever sign you. You understand? You're just not cut out for this singing s***. Face it," Shakeria's sixteen-year-old self spat. "You don't f***ing determine my destiny SHAKERIA. God DOES. So go f*** yourself," Keria swiftly kicked her in her throat. Joshua stared at all the younger versions of himself and didn't know where to begin as they surrounded him. He looked himself up and down and then started attacking them as best as he could. As the group was fighting their younger selves, the younger versions quickly disappeared. This left everyone confused. They did all this for nothing. Zamir caught his breath and announced, "I guess Danyell sent them to scare us or let us know what is to come in the future." "I guess so but we shall all be strengthening our powers. Whether we like them or not, they have become a part of us now. I suggest you learn them right now if you haven't already. Dany means business and if we're gonna destroy this strong jawline having b****, then we better start getting ready now! Are there any questions related to your god or goddess? Speak now. It is I, Ma'at who is talking to you," Breana remarked, staring at everyone.

"Well, I don't really even know much about my goddess... I forgot who I am anyway," Keria retorted. Zamir stared at her with a bright watt smile, "You're Hathor; the protectress of women. You're also the goddess of music, dance, beauty, and joy." "Oh, but wait Zay. You forgot one IMPORTANT thing that I discovered a long time ago... Keria also is, well was Sekhmet, the evil half of her. That is Rose's goddess and probably why Rose killed her. When I think about it, it all makes sense," Bree informed. Zamir gasped and then responded, "You're right. I forgot about that." "Okay, about my goddess... I know I'm the goddess of pleasures and stuff, but do I have any other powers?" Ana questioned, sitting next to Josh. "You are the goddess of protection also. You protect yourself and others," Zay informed. Ana nodded, "And I'm a kitty. Don't forget that." Zamir chuckled, "Yes Ana, you're a kitty." "So, I know I'm like the god of learning and s***. That's all I got from that. So, how I'mma defeat a nigga, write them a letter or something?" Xavier spoke up.

Bree laughed and playfully retorted, "You like real stupid. No you will not have to do that. I can't never take your ignant ass nowhere. Writing niggas letters and stuff to kill them. Just stop bruh." "Shut yo ass up. Let this wannabe leader nigga answer!" Xavier roared with a chuckle. "Nigga, I AM the leader. Ain't no wannabe s***. But I will tell you this, you are the equivalent to Ma'at which is why she is your wife. Y'all are one. You are powerful in your own right," Zay revealed. "This s*** sound real good and all, but we still gon' need to practice to make sure we got this s*** in check," Joshua interjected. "I agree with Josh and on top of that, we still missing Soso and Lexi. Oh and Nani. So, how the f*** we gonna even make this work?" Shakeria asked. "Personally, I voted Lexi out of the group a long time ago. She is no longer a part of BP. So, don't ask why she is not around or anything like that. That whore been MIA and I ain't want her in the group no way," Breana spat. "Then there it is. Alexandra is out of the group," Zay agreed. "HOLD the hell on. We voted Rose ass out of the group and she STILL got to stay!" Shakeria exclaimed. Zay stared at her, "Yes you can vote but only Bree can determine who stays or not. And I determine whether I agree with her decision or not. Obviously, you didn't read your handbook."

Keria rolled her eyes. "Now, it is time for the induction of Zaria into the group. My god Set actually couldn't have any children. He was infertile, but as you can see I am not entirely like him. I can control myself. He cannot. He is bisexual and I am not. Too much pussy to be gay. He is completely evil and I am not. I am some good. Anyway, you get the point. Zee, my little bad ass girl, you will be Seshat, the Mistress of the House of Books. In other words, you are the goddess of reading and writing. You are Thoth's daughter. My little princess, now you shall take your throne," Zamir smiled, while picking Zaria up and placing a small tiara on her head. Zaria giggled and sucked on her fingers as she made baby noises. "Give me my damn daughter," Xavier joked, while holding his hands out. "NOPE! She mine bruh," Zay chuckled. "Set can't have kids. So, give her to me nigga," Xavier joked as he took Zee out of Zay's hands. "I'M THE ONE WHO ALMOST DIED GIVING BIRTH! SO SHE MINE!" Bree hollered playfully. "Come on. Y'all playing and s***, let's get started," Joshua joked. "Alright... Let's put our thinking caps together and come up with something," Zamir offered.

<a href="">Danyell</a> stood outside her building, playing with her fingernails. She didn't know what she was going to do today. All she could think about it is how bad she wanted everything to be over. Dany didn't want to be like this forever, but she also didn't want to go back to her old ways. She wasn't happy as her old self. For some reason, she started to like being evil. She had no remorse or feelings. Just pure hatred that she grew to love. "You better get back to your f***ing room and practice!" Danyell shouted to some girl walking by. "Yes, Queen," The girl rushed off, almost running. Danyell smirked evilly, "That's right. I am the queen of all of you b****es and you WILL obey me or it's off with your head." While Danyell was busy basking in her evil glory, the rest of the BP members were thinking of a plan. "I think we should go in there and blast all them niggas and just run up in there and snatch Sneak ass," Zamir expressed. Bree laughed, "No. That's too risky. And we don't exactly know where she is. Dany could have her trapped or something. You saw her little army of us she made? Who knows how many other clones she has. No, we need to think of another way. That won't work."

Zay debated, "And what other way is there? You said it yourself, you're not afraid of Dany, so why just not bombrush her? We don't have all day to think of plans. The time is now." "And I SAID we need to f***ing think of another way. You gon' get us killed f***ing with you. She already scheming and s***. That's stupid and dangerous!" Breana shouted. "I really don't give a f*** what you said. We don't have that much time to create a f***ing lab or some and act like this an experiment. f*** what you talking about. This is my f***ing group. I can do what the f*** I want. Either get with it or shut the f*** up. Notice you have NO other option," Zamir challenged. Bree got up and got very close to his face as she spat, "b**** nigga, you better watch your f***ing mouth ole skinny ass ho. Popsicle stick head ass pussy! Try me bruh. I'll knock yo ass out. I do have a f***ING option. To smack the f*** out of you. Don't talk to me like you crazy. I ain't ya b**** or yo mama! Betta act like you KNOW." "b****, CATCH ME IN TRAFFIC!" Zamir spat loudly into her face. Xamir quickly got up and got between them.

He now pointed into Zay's face, "Hold on bruh. You gon' have to catch this fade if you keep talking to her like that. I already slick got animosity towards yo ass for that trip s***. Don't make me have to beat yo ass." "Check yo b**** nigga and another nigga wouldn't have to! All these loud tones and s***. I don't do that!" Zamir roared with anger. "Nah, you check yo tampon you pussy! f***ing c*** ass nigga! I swear to God I would beat the brakes off you b****. Ooooh, I want to hit you so f***ing bad!" Bree was now steaming as her hands shook. Zay chuckled with anger, "X, for real. Get her bruh. Tell her to calm her ass down." "YOU NEED to calm the f*** down. Go take a walk or something," Xavier spat. "TELL YO MAMMY TO COME GET ME b****! BETTA YET GO GET YO HO! YOU'LL DIE AGAIN f***ING WITH ME HO ASS NIGGA!" Bree spat as her anger controlled her. "Oh my God... Guys I have cupcakes. I don't mind sharing," Ana butted in, trying to lighten the mood. Zay flared his nose, "You real funny. You ain't gon' do s***. I'll throw yo ass somewhere." "Go sit your f***ing ass down. You not gon' kill no gotdamn body!" X roared to Breana.

"I AM. f*** YOU MEAN. AND DO IT b**** ASS NIGGA! YOU WANNA DIE TODAY HO? I SWEAR TO GOD I'LL KILL YOU AND SPIT ON YO BODY WHEN YOU DIE b****!" Bree roared, now clenching her fists. X grabbed Breana, "What the f*** did I just say? GO SIT YO ASS DOWN! The f*** you talking about? You not gon' do s*** to nobody 'cuz I'm not gon' let you. I ain't gon' tell your ass no more. CALM THE f*** DOWN BREANA. It's not that f***ing serious. Damn." Breana now yelled at X, "It is that f***ing serious. He need to go f*** himself before I yank his d*** out of place and shove it in his mouth. Stupid b****. Ughhh." "YOU AIN'T GON' DO s*** HO! I'LL CHOKE THE s*** OUT OF YOU!" Zay yelled, getting in her face. Joshua quickly yanked him back and pushed him into the kitchen roughly. X yanked Breana and dragged her into the bathroom. Keria just shook her head repeatedly. Joshua manhandled Zay, "The f*** wrong with you? Huh?"

Zay paced back and forth angrily, "That b**** in there is what's wrong with me. The f*** she think she talking to? I swear to God I would body slam that female in there. I'm just gon' have to catch that fade with X ass 'cuz I'mma slap the s*** outta his broad." Josh pushed him again roughly, "Shut up. You not gon' do s***. Because if you hit her, I'mma hit you. And I know X gon' hit yo ass too. Calm the f*** down. It is not that serious." "Man, f*** that b****!" "Ain't that your f***ing friend?" "We can be friends after I choke her throat out of her!" Zamir continued pacing. Joshua immediately slapped him upside his head, "You not gon' slap s***. So, shut the f*** up." "Josh gon' on with that hitting my head s*** bruh," Zay spat. "Or what? What the f*** you gon' do? I'm not scared of you nigga. You my lil' cousin. You don't scare me at all," Joshua argued. He then stared at him, "She is your best friend right? s***, it don't seem to me like it. The way you was talking to her." Zamir screwed his face, "You saw the way SHE was talking to ME?! She was talking to me like I'm some nigga on the street."

"So, that's why you gotta be the bigger person and just agree to disagree. You shouldn't have even let this s*** get this far. You both are stubborn as hell and want s*** to go your way. Y'all gon' have to compromise. Real friends don't do this s*** right here. If I didn't know y'all... s***, I would think y'all were either married or just some crazy ass couple fighting. I wouldn't think y'all were friends though. That's the point I'm tryna make. Let this s*** go. A little argument is fine, but this huge blowout going back and forth s***. And threatening each other s*** is outrageous. And PLUS your daughter is right in there watching you talk to her mother that way. She don't know what's going on. Just confused. I know it gets hard to bite your tongue, but sometimes you gon' have to for the people you love and care about. If you love Breana, then just apologize and suck it up. You gotta be the bigger person. She talk s*** to you, walk away or say 'Okay' and leave it alone. Next time you threaten her or even act like you gon' hit her, you gon' have to catch THIS fade. You understand? I don't care about none of that 'cuz you a man and she is a woman. Women yell, argue, and are very expressive with their actions and bodies. They will provoke you, but you know what you do? WALK AWAY."

Zamir sighed heavily, "You think it's that easy Josh? This is Bree we're talking about. Her mouth real slick bruh. I almost forgot she was a female for a minute man." "I didn't say it would be easy. I know her mouth real raw. Just smart as hell," Joshua chuckled. He then continued, "But so is yours. And that's why y'all went at it the way y'all did. Two stubborn, smart-mouthed people. Y'all gon' bump heads a lot. But after the storm is over, y'all just need to apologize and agree to disagree. Friends fight. That's true. They also make-up at the end of the day and compromise." "My middle name Alexander not no f***ing compromise. I'll compromise alright," Zay spat with a chuckle at the end. Josh smacked his head again, "You gon' compromise right now or your middle name gon' be my foot up your ass."

Zamir smacked his lips, "Yeah aight." "You a big ass toddler. I blame your mama for doing this to you though. Babied you all your life and now you act like a damn 3-year-old. You can't get your way all the time bruh. What I gotta do? Make you a sippy cup for you to understand? Alright," Joshua now grabbed a fruit cup from the fridge. He got a spoonful of fruit sauce and held it to Zay's mouth, "Does little Zay want this fruit? Hmmm?" "Bruh chill," Zay laughed a little and pushed the spoon away from his mouth. "So, Zay don't want the fruit huh? Yes he do. Yes he do. Eat the fruit big boy," Joshua cooed playfully in a babyish tone.

Zamir chuckled loudly, "Move with that s***." Josh now placed the spoon down, "Now take your ass in there and chill." "I'mma try," Zay replied honestly as he walked into the living room. His eyes met with Bree who was now sitting down on the couch. He figured he would listen to what Josh suggested. Only for now. He would be the bigger person. He walked over to her, "My bad. I love you. You love me. So, don't be mad at me." Bree turned her head. He opened his arms wide and walked closer to her, "Come on baby. You know you bad b****. I'mma need a leash and a cage for yo bad ass." Bree rolled her eyes playfully as she now giggled and got up, "I forgive you stupid." "Hug me and show me you forgive me," Zay responded. Breana walked into his arms and hugged him, "I'm sorry too for overreacting like that. It just came over me before I knew it." "I forgive you. Don't let that s*** happen again though," Zay chuckled. "Thank you baby. You up here looking like a tall glass of lemonade. And I'm real thirsty baby," Bree joked.

Zay chuckled, "Gulp gulp. Drink on baby." "This ain't no Sprite commercial. You bet not obey your thirst. You'll be dead and dehydrated b****," Xavier added, joking. Breana giggled loudly and let Zamir go. Breana grabbed Zaria and played with her on her lap. "Now that everything has calmed down... Are y'all ready to figure out how the hell we gonna get Soso back?" Ana questioned. "Like damn, I could have stayed my ass at home for this," Keria spat. Zamir glared at her intensely, "How you gon' go home and you can barely walk? Shut up." "You don't tell me to shut up! You shut up!" Keria argued back. "That d*** will make you shut up," Bree laughed and dapped X. Keria lashed her head into Bree's direction, "Come again?" "You mean how like... You did my d***? You came all over it," Zay chuckled. "Haaaa. Got that ass," Bree laughed. "Oooh, no wonder Keria been paying attention. She usually on her phone," Ana added, joking. "DAAAAMN, Lil' Keria you getting d***ed down like that? DAAAAMN," Xavier joked. "Right... Oskamosh posh!" Bree giggled. Keria was now embarrassed, but laughed a little, "Ugh."

"AND she speechless. Damn, you f***ed the voicebox out her ass Zay?" Joshua teased, playfully. Breana slapped her thigh as she laughed loudly. Zaria screwed her little face at her. She then pressed her lips against her mother. "She giving you kisses. Give mommy kisses," Zamir cooed. "Thank you baby. Kisses for me?" Breana kissed her back. Zee now bit down onto Breana's lip, causing her to scream. "OH MY GOT DAMN GOD! She teething! And biting on my got damn lip! This s*** hurts so got damn bad!" Bree hollered in pain. "Where her teething toys?" Shakeria questioned. "My lips Keria.. That's where. I didn't buy her none because I didn't keep her as a baby long," Bree pulled Zee away from her face. "Hold your panties. I can get her a teething toy now," Zay chuckled. He flashed a teething toy into his hand and gave it to Zaria. Zaria chewed on it, drooling everywhere. "Let me get her," Xavier reached for Zaria. Breana handed Zee to him. He held her and played with her as she laughed. "Now about Soso," Ana spoke up.

"Yeah, well I have a plan... We're all going to split into two groups. That way we can figure out how to even get into Dany's little space and capture Sneak. I am putting you into teams by your powers and well overall look as a whole. Keria, Josh, and X y'all are in the first group. Bree and Ana, y'all in my group. Just in case y'all forgot y'all powers, I'm going to explain them quickly so please listen," Zamir informed. Everyone nodded and listened. "First group. Keria, I would have put you on my team, but you haven't tapped into your evil half yet. But your powers as Hathor are simple. You control childbirth, women problems basically, and you can see the dead. You also have psychic ability. Josh, you are the god of rebirth, and you are very skilled in craft work like building, sculpting, painting, and s*** like that. X, you are not only just an intelligent god, but you also can do magic, and create medicine. Bree, you balance all of us out. You are the goddess of truth and justice. I would have placed you in the other group because your goddess is good. BUT... After you had Zee, you became tainted. And you're no longer a good goddess. You're half evil now. And I don't know much about your powers yet...." He paused.

He then continued, "They're unpredictable. Last, but not least. Ana, your goddess may be the goddess of pleasure and affection, but you're also a protective goddess and can battle and can kill if threatened," Zamir explained swiftly. "That sounds good, but what about Zee? Where is she gonna go?" Bree asked. "Zee will be in our group. She is half evil by default and she is smart enough to know when something isn't right. She knows how to defend herself," Zamir answered. "Sounds like a nice idea, but we ALL know that you and Bree are control freaks. And both like leading. Are you sure you wanna be in the same group?" Joshua inquired. Zay looked at Bree, "I think we can make this work and reach a compromise." "Yeah, I agree with Zay. The most important thing about this is that we get Sofia back," Bree agreed. "Agreed, so how we gonna get there?" Keria asked. "Follow my lead. I think I know a way we can go," Zamir suggested.

Everyone followed Zay as he went upstairs to his closet. He made a passageway inside. The path was dark as they walked down it. They didn't know where they were going just yet. It just was blurry. All they could think about was their powers along the way. And how they were going to make them work. The walkway seemed to go forever and it felt like it led to nowhere. Until.... Zamir saw a speck of light bursting into the darkness. He walked towards it and noticed a few people walking around and mellowing. They were dressed in dark uniforms. BP members couldn't help but wonder where they were at. It seemed a little dark. That's when it hit Zay that they must have been in Danyell's evil headquarters. They tiptoed inside. Zamir whispered to them, "Split into groups now." They split into their groups quickly. "Keria, use your psychic ability and lead them," Zay whispered to Keria. "I don't know how," Keria confessed in a whisper. "Well, try to figure it out. Think about it for a while and it should come to you," Zamir suggested. He then left her with her group. He led Bree and Ana into an area that looked something like a gym or stadium.

Breana stared around and noticed a power generator in the corner. She pointed to it and Zay eyed it. He transformed himself into one of people around here. Bree became invisible as she flashed over to the generator. She didn't know what she was doing, but she needed to know what power is the generator, generating. She whispered to Ana, "I don't know where to even begin." "All these damn cords and s***. Hold on," Ana transformed herself into a student here. She then figured out that she had X-Ray vision. She stared through the generator. It started to light up and she had a quick vision. She also had psychic ability. "This controls every light, machine, and other s*** in this area. We're in division N," Anastasia explained. "Division N?" Bree asked. "Division Newcomer. Dany ass then set up a f***ing evil training school. This is where all the freshmen and newbies come who she recruits off the streets. Zamir continuously looked around the place. "So, she seriously started a school? She is losing her damn mind.

How do we get this s*** to shut off so we can grab Soso and run for it?" Breana questioned again. Zaria looked around confusedly as she made baby noises. Breana quickly changed into an invisible form as well. "I think I have an idea," Zamir stated. Zay held his head as his head scanned different people's thoughts in the building. His head was crowding with voices and he felt it was going to explode. He now hated that he could read minds. He also could talk to people through his mind. He kept scanning the building until he reached a familiar voice. It was Soso's. He closed his eyes and he saw her in some type of cell or room that she was being held. He opened his eyes and informed Breana and Ana, "I found her... I just don't know which room she's in." While Zay, Bree, and Ana were trying to figure out were Soso could be, the other group of BP were walking through this room they couldn't figure out. "Where the f*** are we?" Xavier questioned in a loud whisper. "s***, I don't even know. I just know I'm ready to get Soso and leave this b**** as soon as possible," Joshua chimed in.

They could all agree to that. All of them were ready to leave at this very second. Keria closed her eyes tightly and was somehow able to get in tune with her psychic powers. She led them to a passageway where she saw Sofia lying in a cell. She wondered if the others knew she was in that space. Probably not. "I just saw Soso. She's in this room that's a few doors down," Keria broadcasted. Joshua and Xavier followed her lead. Shakeria snuck past a few people there. She continuously walked around until she found the exact room Soso was locked away in. Joshua used his powers and started breaking into the cell. Xavier started blasting the guards and the surrounding people. He used his magic and made them all disappear. Keria noticed the cameras and told Xavier. He quickly broke them. Joshua got inside the room, "Soso, we here to get you. We ain't got much time to talk. Just come with us." Sofia was so excited to leave. It felt like she was in here forever. She couldn't explain how it good it felt to finally be free from this place. As they were getting ready to escape, the entire area shut off. It was dark and they were guessing the power went out. "What the f*** going on? Man, I was almost out the door," Soso complained confusedly. "I think I know a way... s***, I hope this is the right way," Keria offered as she walked down a different path.

As Keria and the others were trying to find a way in the dark, Zamir and his group had just pulled the cords from the power generator. They were ready to leave until they noticed a figure in the room. "So, you're back ain't you? I been waiting your arrival," Zeke revealed himself. "Zeke... I should have known it was your stupid ass," Bree growled. Zamir stared at Zechariah, "Dany must transformed you into a teen..." "Apparently, dumb ass nigga. I'm done talking sperm donor," Zechariah barked as he charged towards Zamir. Zay quickly knocked him through the floor with one swift wave of the arm, "Now we can talk about this like two civil adults or I will keep doing this. Obviously, you forgot who the f*** you are talking to. I brought you into this world and I'll take your monkey ass out!" That only made Zeke madder as got back up and shot up to the ceiling. He came down and blasted Zamir with fire. Zamir created a tornado as he spun around the room, destroying everything in sight.

He now struck Zechariah with lightening. It was the battle of father and son as they went back and forth blasting each other. They completely demolished the room and remaining areas. "This nigga powerful as f***," Breana roared. Zeke smirked evilly, "I told you and I'm getting stronger each day." "You ain't as powerful as me though you son of a b****!" Zay silenced Zeke and stretched his body as long as it could go as he threw him around the room with his powers. "Disrespectful little f***!" Zamir continuously roared, while creating an even bigger storm. Breana flew to the ceiling with Zaria in her hands. Anastasia flew around the room as she looked for an exit. While, Zeke and Zay were going at it, Dany was on her way back to the real world. That was until someone quickly informed her, "Queen, you have to come quick. The power generator is out and there's something going on in Division N. A battle of some sort." Danyell screwed her face and flashed inside the building.

She immediately flashed to the gym to see Zeke and Zamir battling. "What the hell are you doing here?" Dany shouted to Zay. "And why the hell did you brainwash our son?" Zamir shouted back as he flung Zechariah to the floor. "I didn't brainwash s***. I told him what he needed to hear. That you weren't s***. There's a lot of truth in that Zay," Dany spat, blasting Zamir, causing him to lose some of his energy. He stumbled a little and came to his feet. Breana eyes turned bright red as she created a hurricane and swept Dany away. Zay shot into the air and flew off, "Come on y'all. Let's leave now. Their energy is leaving." Breana and Anastasia flew into his lead. Keria, Josh, and Xavier found another way and flew back into their hometown. Finally, they were away from Danyell's evil domicile. Soon, all of the BP members were back in their homes. They finally retrieved Sofia back and everything was going good for now...
<em>A Week Later...</em>
It was Thanksgiving. And the members had been through just about enough these past few months. They were all so glad to be able to share today with everyone here. Zaria and Zamir were trying to build their relationship over the week. It wasn't easy and needed more progression, but they were starting to understand each other a little more. Shakeria and Zamir also were spending more time together as well. Zay felt like he was slowly falling for Keria. Keria was only having fun and needed someone to mask the pain that Justin called. She ran into him last week and acted like the rape in Vegas didn't happen. It angered her that he could pretend he didn't demean her in the worst way possible. She didn't want to be around him or see him. He was invisible to her and she drunk a little every now and then to numb the pain temporarily. Since Soso been back, her and Hunter's relationship started to pick back off where she left it. She started to see Hunter as the man for her. He wasn't perfect, but he was much better than Aaron could ever be to her.

Nallely and Jasper were trying to re-patch what was left of their relationship and agreed to be a family for their son and daughter. All of Black Pyramid knew that they things weren't far from over when it comes to Danyell. Right now, however, they were going to pretend it was. Everyone gathered around Nallely's dining room table and bowed their heads as she lead the prayer. After she was done, they all dug in. "It's so good to be here right now. To see all of you and to have Sneak back. Soso we really missed you. Everyone is happy that you're back," Zamir replied with a smile. "Yeah... Soso finally back up in this b****. We missed you mane. Now it's time to show you our appreciation with a little twerk session," Bree got up and bent over, while shaking her ass in front of Sofia. Sofia pulled out her purse and threw coins on her ass. Bree stopped and giggled, "Really nigga? Where the f*** is the dollars?" "All I got is dimes. Sorry pimp," Sofia shrugged. Breana laughed and sat down. Nani giggled, "But yeah. I missed the f*** out of you Sneak. It seems like it has been forever man. We should all spend more time with each other. People crazy these days and never know what they capable of. Just glad you're here."

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. They all missed Sofia and was glad she was safe. Soso felt the love in the room and smiled, "Damn, never knew how much I missed y'all either until that unfortunate situation happened. I'm thankful for this group and everybody in it. We not perfect, but we muhf***in' BP and other groups can kiss our ass 'cuz we the best." "Augh! I'll drink to that," Xavier spat as he raised his cup in the air. "This nigga here," Josh laughed as he too raised his cup. "Here's to BP and Thanksgiving sex," Ana raised her glass up. Keria laughed and raised her glass. "Well, I guess I'll go ahead and say what I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for having my mom. Mama, I love you and I really am thankful how you are so unselfish when it comes to me. You would always make sure that I had everything I needed. The fact that you would always find a way to make sure I ate and had a roof over my head. I couldn't ask for a better mama. You do really make me upset sometimes, but you're not perfect and I look up to you," Zaria looked around the table.

She then continued, "Aunt Nani, I truly adore you. You're so funny and I know I can come to you about anything. When I can't tell my mama, I know I can tell you. You are my partner in crime and my ride or die. I love you girl. Zay, you get on all of my nerves and stomp every last one of them ALL the time. But I love you. At the end of the day, you are my dad and I respect you. I truly care about you and I'm learning to slowly forgive you and accept you just for who you are. Aunt Ana, my homie, my ride or die, my cupcake twin. I truly love you. You are hilarious. And I know it's times you wanna whoop my ass, but I can't be replaced. Remember that. Aunt Keria, girl I love you. We see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. And I know that if anybody can talk some sense into me and set me straight, it's you. I wouldn't replace you. Soso! Cuzzo! I love you. I just met you, but I can tell we gon' be cool for a while. Xavier, my second dad, my homie, the only one who truly gets me! I love you man. You know exactly what to do and say to make my day. You are hilarious too. And I laugh when you be cussin' Bree ass out. I love you bruh. Joshua! Bruh, you my nigga. I love you because you get Zay in check and tell him when he wrong. And I really appreciate that. And on top of that, you make me laugh," Zaria expressed.

Bree blew her a kiss playfully. Xavier now got up, "I love you too Zee. But speaking of being thankful..." He turned towards Bree, "Breana, I am so thankful for you and I wish I could express to you just how thankful I am, but baby I'm not good with words. So, Josh gon' sing it for me." He now snapped his fingers and cued Josh to sing. Joshua got up and sung, "Her head is on my chest, sun comes rolling in. We're lost in these covers, and all I feel is skin. I slowly kiss your face, beautiful in every way, you are. See I'm a man that don't believe in much. But I'll be damned, if I don't believe in us. And how we play a fight up in the bathroom. Next thing you know I'm making love to you. Girl, promise me you'll never change. She ain't perfect, but she's worth it. Every breath I breathe, for the life of me. And I know I might not deserve it. But she loves me, and it's simply amazing. Simply amazing, simply amazing. And she loves me, and it's simply amazing, amaze-amazing." Breana stared at Xavier as her heart start beating fast, "X, what y-you tryna say?"

"I'll tell you everything after he finishes the song," Xavier kissed her forehead. Joshua continued singing, "The girl's a work of art, and I can't help but stare with a smile like the sunset, and the ocean is her hair. Ooohhh what she do ain't fair ooooohhh. She know me better, than I know myself, mhmmm. See I'm a man, that don't believe in much. But I'll be damned if I don't believe in us. Like when I said I loved you for the first time. And the tears dropped from your eyes. Girl, don't you ever change. Cause she ain't perfect, but she's worth it. Every breath I breathe for the life of me. And I know I might not deserve it. But she loves me, and it's simply amazing, Simply amazing, simply amazing, And she loves me. There is nothing, in this world that can keep me away from you. And there's nobody who could ever compare to you. Ooohhhhh. She ain't perfect, but she's worth it. Every breath I breathe, for the life of me. And I know I might not deserve it. But she loves me and it's simply amazing, Simply amazing, simply amazing. And she loves me, and it's simply amazing."

After Josh finished singing, Xavier got on one knee and stared into Breana's eyes, "I'm not perfect either baby, but I love you. All this s*** we been through, I don't wanna spend my life with nobody else but you. I don't deserve all this love you give me baby and I don't deserve you at times, but I wanna be with you until a nigga be wrinkled up and old. Until a nigga can't get hard no more without pills. I want a few kids running around while you be in the kitchen tryna fix dinner for us. You heard Josh, you're simply amazing and well, what I am saying Breana is... Will you marry me?" Breana heart rate increased as tears collided down her face, "Don't play with me X." "I'm dead serious. I'm not playing no games. I want to share everything with you for the rest of my life," He cooed. "Okay, then YES! OF COURSE I'LL MARRY YOU X!" Bree shouted with joy as tears continued falling.

X wiped her tears away and smiled as he now slipped the ring on her finger. She eyed the ring, "Um... this ring look expensive." "I had to sell some blood for you, but I got the ring for you," Xavier joked. "How much blood nigga 'cuz this is not cheap and I'm happy it's not cheap, but I'm just saying," Bree stated. "Don't worry about all that, just know I love you so f***ing much!" Breana smiled widely, "I love yo ass too nigga." He grabbed her face and kissed her passionately. "Yay! We got a wedding to plan!" Nani shouted excitedly. "So happy for y'all. Keria, we next," Zamir joked. Keria gave him a look and just smiled for Bree and X. She was truly happy for them and so was everyone else. For once, something good happened in this group.

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Is Rose gone for good?


Excuse any errors.

<strong>Chapter Twelve</strong>:

Jasper walked inside the room and noticed the clothes on the floor. "Nani? What's been going on around here?" "The f*** you care for?" Nani spat roughly, now walking around. "Damn," He chuckled. He then continued, "Okay, but I saw Bree's car outside. I thought she was here." "She's in the bathroom," Nani stated. Breana was in the closet kicking around some stuff. "Oh," He replied. "ANYWAY, what the f*** you want Jasper? You ain't been here in two weeks and think you gonna just come up in here asking me all these irrelevant ass questions. SIX f***ING MONTHS PREGNANT and this the bulls*** I go through. You obviously don't give a f*** so why should I?" Nani growled at him. "That's what I came for; to talk. I mean everything. Nallely, I was wrong for just up and leaving you like that but I needed my space to think about everything. Everything wasn't the same. I just felt like you were acting different. That group you were in took some of your time. And then work. I felt like I would never have you to myself. Honestly. So, I started wondering if you were cheating--" "Why the f*** couldn't you just come to me? Why you gotta ASSUME s***. I was not cheating on your stupid ass. You don't even get it. You won't ever get it," Nallely cut him off, shaking her head. "What don't I get Nani?" Jasper questioned.

Nani now felt strong pains which she believe were contractions. It also felt like the baby is trying to get out. Jasper noticed the pain in her face, "Baby you okay?" She then felt a clear liquid roll down her leg. "Oh God... Please tell me this is a false alarm," She prayed and then felt more pain. "Come on, I'm taking you to the hospital to make sure," He grabbed her by her hand. Breana eyes widened as she heard everything. Jasper carefully helped Nallely downstairs. Bree burst out of the closet and found her clothes. She got dressed and ran downstairs. "I'm about to take her to the hospital Bree. I think her water broke," Jasper stated. "Go get my bag... It's on the side of m-my bed," Nani ordered. Breana rushed upstairs and grabbed Nani's bag. She then ran back down and placed into Jasper's car. Jasper then loaded Nallely into the car. He got in and sped down the street. Bree hopped into hers and followed him closely. Nani couldn't believe this was happening right now. All Breana could think about was, "Oh s***! I hope this s*** ain't my fault." "f***! Hurry up!" Nallely hollered in pain. Jasper went as fast as he could. Minutes later, he was pulling up to the hospital. He got out and sprinted inside with Nani. Bree soon took after them.

Jasper filled out the paperwork as they immediately wheeled Nallely away. "Wait a minute... If Nani is six months... She got pregnant in May. Zay got her pregnant in June. Which means she was already pregnant. That's Jasper baby, not Zay's," Breana spoke to herself as she thought. "You coming?" Jasper stared at Bree. Breana nodded and followed him to Nani's room. "Ms. Turner, how long have your contractions been? Have you timed them?" The doctor asked. "I have no idea. I didn't think to time them because I was in so much pain. All I know is it felt like she was trying to come out. Like she was stretching my tummy out," Nallely explained. "Get dressed in this gown and we will see how dilated you are," The nurse directed. Nani went and got changed into the gown. She then came back and laid on the bed. She spread her legs as the doctor examined her. "Ten centimeters?" The doctor stared at the nurse in disbelief. The nurse nodded, "Yup, Dr. Joyner. Ten centimeters." Dr. Joyner chuckled a bit, "Looks like she IS ready to come out." "I know we talked about natural birth Ms. Turner. Do you still want to go without the epidural?" The nurse asked. "NO! GIVE ME THE DAMN EPIDURAL NOW!" Nani winced in pain. The nurse now moved Nallely to the delivery room.

"Be very still," The nurse stuck the needle in Nallely's back. "Damn, you can do this Nani. You got this," Jasper encouraged. "BREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Nani grabbed Breana by her shirt collar tightly. "You choking me Nani," Breana coughed and tried to get away from her. Nallely took a deep breath, "UGHHHHHHHH!" "Nallely, give me a hard push," Dr. Joyner instructed. Nani pushed as hard as she could. "You doing good babe," Jasper cooed. Bree finally got out of Nani's grip. "Take a deep breath and give me another push," Dr. Joyner. Nani gripped Bree's hand tightly and pushed harder until she heard the baby crying. "A girl," Dr. Joyner stated as he handed the baby to the nurse. The nurse cleaned the baby and took her measurements, footprints, and weighed her. Although Nallely knew the baby would have plenty of complications due to being a premie, she was still excited about having a girl. "Fastest delivery I have EVER done," Dr. Joyner chuckled. "She was ready to come out I see... NO bulls***ting around," Breana giggled. "What's her name?" The nurse asked.

"Autumn Joy--" Breana now interrupted her and whispered in her ear, "This is not Zay's baby. You was ALREADY pregnant in May. Zay thought he got you pregnant in June. If this was Zay baby, you would be five months instead of six. This is Jasper's baby." Nani stared at her for a moment. "I think you should name her Autumn Zaleah-Joy Cole. I love that name," Bree smiled widely. "Okay...." "How do you spell the middle name?" The nurse questioned. "Z-a-l-e-a-h J-o-y," Breana answered. The nurse scribbled the name down and showed Nallely, "Is this right?" "Yes," Nani confirmed. The nurse soon went and got the birth certificate ready. She then came back. Nallely and Jasper both signed it. The nurse passed Autumn to Nani. Nani couldn't stop smiling as she held her baby girl. "She is gorgeous," Breana cooed as she stared at her. "She is. Isn't she?" Jasper smiled. Nallely filled her face with kisses. This was the happiest moment of her life.

Zamir kissed Shakeria deeply. Shakeria felt herself getting wet as she melted. Zay broke away from the kiss and stared intensely into her eyes. Keria felt like puddy as she shivered from the intensity in his eyes. Zamir came out of his shirt, jeans, and shoes. He then licked up Shakeria's neck and chin. He probed his tongue into her mouth and sucked on her tongue. They both played tug of war with their tongues. Zay was taking Keria breath away. He blew onto her ear and then licked it, causing her to moan. He licked his lips, "You ready for this snake?" "Yes Zay... You are so damn sexy mmm," Keria moaned out. Zamir smirked, "I know." He now licked the side of her face. Shakeria didn't even think that would turn her on but it did. He took her shirt off and gave her intense eye contact as he licked her cleavage slowly. "Mmm Zay, why you teasing me?" Keria moaned. "You said you wanna get out MY f***ING GROUP?! Nah baby. I'mma torture that ass 'cuz you NOT getting out s*** but these clothes," He grunted sexually. "Ooooh papa," Keria continuously moaned. "That's right b****," He groaned, now yanking her pants off. Shakeria couldn't handle all of this right now. He was getting her wetter than ever. Zay gripped her hips and rubbed his d*** on her stomach, "You feel it?" Keria bit her lip and nodded, "Yes."

He kissed her with so much intensity now, that she felt like the room was spinning. Zay bit her lip and then went into his bag that he carried in from the car. He pulled out a rope and tied Keria's hands up tightly, "If you try to get away, you're gonna get burned from this rope so you better stay still while I lick that kitty dry." Shakeria swallowed hard and moaned, "Yes baby." He then picked her up and tied her to the ceiling with the other end of the rope. Keria didn't know as she hung from the ceiling, "Oh my God." He stood up in the bed and ripped her panties off with his teeth. Without any hesitation, he started devouring her kitty. "Mmmm," He curled his tongue and flicked it on her clit quickly. "Ooooh mmmm. Lick this kitty baby," Keria moaned. Zamir did just that as he now folded his tongue and sucked on her clitoris. Shakeria bit her lip as she continuously moaned loudly, "Like that Zay." Zamir now inserted his fingers into her as he licked faster. Shakeria couldn't take it anymore as she moaned louder, "Mmmmmm! s***!" Zay continued licking her like his life depended on it. He worked his fingers in and out of her quickly, making her flinch. Keria bit down onto her lip hard and tried to get away foolishly.

It only made the rope tighter around her wrists. Zamir slapped her clit lightly, "Didn't I tell you running will make it tighter? Bad ass girl." He now substituted his hands with his tongue. He snaked his tongue inside her, while rubbing her clit. Keria screamed, "ZAYYYYYYYYYY!" She started grinding onto his tongue. Zay shook his tongue inside of her, making her explode into his mouth. He licked his lips, "Mmmm. That was good." He untied her from the ceiling and threw her on the bed. "f*** me papa please," Keria begged in a loud moan. Zamir grabbed a condom from his pocket and adjusted it onto his d*** and entered her. Shakeria gasped loudly. "Damnnnn mami. You tight as f*** on this d***," He now worked his hips as he grind in and out of her. Shakeria gripped his hips and threw her head back, "MMMMMM. You feel so good baby. s***." "Mmmmm, this kitty so f***ing wet for daddy. You hear it," Zay sped up, going deeper. Keria was experiencing so many different sensations. She didn't know what to do. She moaned louder as Zamir threw his back into his long strokes. "OH... M-MY GODDDDD," Keria screamed out as she dug her nails into his back. He was sending chills down her spine. Zay went a little harder as he placed one leg on the bed and gripped her hips tightly while he dug into her kitty.

He loved the sounds that were being made right now. It was like music to his ears. Keria just about decided that she had enough and felt her body shake violently. She couldn't even talk as she felt herself cumming hard. She tried to catch her breath but Zamir wasn't having it. "Mmmmm, good girl. You came hard on daddy," Zay grunted sexually. Zamir started to work his hips even more as he threw his back further into his strokes. He was determined to make her explode at least twice. "s***TTTTT ZAY!" Keria bit his neck as he went faster. Zay was tired of this position so he flipped Keria over and placed her on top of him. He bent her legs back and gripped her hair, "Reverse cowgirl. Ride this d***." It would be a challenge for her. Her hands were tied up behind her back and she didn't know if she could ride long. Shakeria bounced on him as best as she knew how, while moaning, "MMMMMMMMMMMMM f***!" Zamir gripped her by her throat and f***ed her back, "You going too f***ing slow! Peasant slut!" She couldn't even respond. Her head was in the clouds and she didn't know if she would ever come down. Zay slapped her breasts hard and bit her neck. Keria went faster until Zay flipped her over and decided he wanted it doggy-style.

He grabbed her legs like a wheelbarrow and started beating her s*** up. Shakeria felt him all the way in her stomach. She moaned loudly and uncontrollably. "ZAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" She screamed as her body shook and erupted. She was gushing as she started squirting. "Ooooh s*** mmm," He groaned, going as deep as Keria's body would allow. He picked her up, continously f***ing her, while making his way over to the dresser. He placed her on it and threw one of her legs behind her head. Shakeria wasn't even flexible and felt the sharpening pain. The pain almost disappeared as Zamir fully threw his back into it and went deeper. Keria went crazy as spit slipped down her mouth. Her eyes widened as tears collided down her face. Zay was truly making her crazy right now. No matter how many times she wanted to run, she knew he was not letting her get away. "Wet this f***ing d*** up baby," He groaned into her ear. Zamir was ready to cum his damn self. He just always made sure that whoever he was f***ing, came more than he did. The dresser shook as Zamir continued. Keria screamed like her life was in danger, while cumming harder than before. She was out of breath and energy.

Zay worked his hips, while grinding until he came. They were both now trying to catch their breaths. Shakeria couldn't recollect what was going on. She was out of her mind. "Let's go get cleaned up," Zamir carried Keria into the shower marriage style. He turned the shower on and bathed the both of them. He smirked because Shakeria was still in the clouds somewhere. She was numb and couldn't feel her legs. Zay bathed them both for 15 minutes and then got out and dried off. After that, he got dressed. Keria finally came back down and got dressed into her clothes. "I'm sore all over. Especially my damn leg. I'm not even flexible," Keria hoarsely replied. "Damn, your voice gone?" He chuckled. "It's not funny and almost," She pushed him. He chuckled louder, "That throne d*** make all these b****es crazy I see. You like being on my planet baby? Huh? How this royal d*** feel in you?" "I don't even wanna talk about. I'm still store and it's your fault. You gotta carry me 'cuz I can't walk," She remarked. He stared at her and laughed, "Nope. You on punishment. Think you leaving BP? You OBVIOUSLY forgot who you f***ing with. Walk yourself slut."

Zaria was transitioning from her third period into her fourth period which was Gym. She was at this school for two weeks now and stayed to herself. She scoped and observed everyone closely. She now knew who the cliques were in the school. She didn't know where she would fit in at the moment. She just knew that right now she was ready to go home. It was boring due to the fact she didn't know anyone. Zee took out her phone and played Temple Run. "s***," She cursed as she lost. She shook her head and kept playing when she noticed a few girls. She heard things about them and how they were infamous for jumping people. These were the loud, hoodrat females that wanted all the attention on them. Zaria noticed the first day she got there how they were looking up and down. And whispering whenever she came around. They would say slick, little remarks. Zee always ignored them because she knew they weren't really worth her breath. However, she was getting tired of the gossiping done about her. She was the new girl so of course the boys tried to get at her. And the girls looked her up and down. In her mind, she was thinking about how she didn't even want all this attention. There wasn't anything she could do about it though.

Zaria played Temple Run until she got tired. She didn't have anything else to do so she texted Bree: <strong>Ugh. Come save me. I'm bored! :(</strong>. Breana texted back: <strong>I'm not. Ur ass staying at school. And u bet not be in class texting me!</strong>. Zee played with her nails and then texted rapidly: <strong>I'm in gym mama. We not doing nothing in here but sitting down. Other people got they phones n mp3s out. I'm not gon get n trouble.</strong> "Hey baby. Can I text you sometime?" She looked up to see some guy who looked to be a senior come up to her. She pretended he wasn't even there. He was cute but there was a way to greet people and she didn't like his greeting. Breana replied rapidly: <strong>Wyd then?</strong>. Zee responded: <strong>Sitting on this bleacher bored out my mind waiting for lunch. N this dude all in my face lol. I'm not paying him no mind. Here he come with "Hey baby. Can I txt u sometime?" Boy bye lol.</strong> "Damn, it's like that? You gon' ignore me?" He laughed and sat next to her. "I'm not your baby. I don't answer to that. Plus, I don't even know you," Zaria snapped. Breana replied: <strong>Lmao. Tf? Girl... Don't make me come up there n clown on his ass! Tell him to GTFO out yo face!</strong>

"Alright, then what can I call you then shawty?" He asked, staring at her. Zee texted back: <strong>Lol ikr! Doing the MOST. Then he called me shawty -__-</strong> "Shawty? Boy bye. Learn how to talk to people," Zaria got up and sat in another area. Breana texted back instantly: <strong>Chileeeeeeee! Say "Bye pussy. Come correct next time."</strong> Zee laughed aloud at the message and responded: <strong>Lmao I just walked away from his non-talking ass. He cute just ain't got no damn manners. Very unattractive.</strong> "Daaaaamn. You ain't gotta walk away like that. But okay. Excuse me madam, what art thou name?" He asked in a playful tone. Zaria rolled her eyes playfully, "Zaria." "Well, hello Zaria. I'm Cameron," He greeted. Zaria nodded, "Cool." Breana replied: <strong>Smh.</strong> "So, can I have your number to talk you sometime?" Cameron inquired. "Give me yours and I'll text it to you," Zee retorted. Cameron called out his number. Zaria programmed it into her phone, "Alright." "See you later," Cameron got up. "Aight," Zee played with her phone. "Text me for real. Don't be playing," He smiled, while walking away. Zaria now texted Bree back: <strong>Girl yea. Wyd?</strong>. As Zee was waiting for Bree to text back, she heard the girl Alexus and the rest of her friends talking s*** about her.

"Really though? She not even all that cute. And she ratchet as hell with that blue hair but knowing Cam, he'll f*** anything," Alexus spat to her crew. Breana responded: <strong>At the hospital with Nani. She just had her baby. It's a girl.</strong> Zee read the message and was shocked. She was going to respond later after she addressed this pest. That was the last straw for her. If Alexus had anything to say, she should come to her instead of starting s*** with her friends. Zee smoothly got up and walked over to Alexus, "Um, excuse me. Do you have a problem with me?" Alexus now stared at her, "And if I did?" Zaria laughed a little, "Then you need to say it in my muthaf***in' face instead of talking s*** to them. You don't even know me yet my name STAY in your mouth. One thing I'm not about is this s*** talking. I don't do that. If I got a problem with ANYBODY, best believe I'mma handle it. This talking s*** is cheap." Alexus now got up, "b****, ain't nobody even thinking about your smurf head ass. I got a problem with you coming over here like you about that life. Jump up to get beat down ho. f*** you thought this was? You don't want this."

Alexus now got closer to her face. Zaria was heated now as her eyes transformed into red. She felt her anger get the best of her as she now punched Alexus into her face. Zee grabbed her by her weave and drug her down the bleachers as she punched her into her head. Alexus tried to grab Zaria's hair, but failed miserably as Zaria continued to land hits on her face. One of Alexus friends, Marquisha tried to jump in, but Zee immediately jabbed her in the nose swiftly, while throwing Alexus into her, making them both stumble. Administration now ran and broke up the fight and pulled the girls apart. Alexus tried to get to Zaria again, but the adminstration took her away. "Ho tryna get bad, while the security got her though? Bogus ass b****!" Zee yelled to her. "Come on," One of the security officers said, while grabbing Zaria. They were now being escorted to the main office. One of the security officers explained what happened to the assistant principal, Mrs. Miller. Mrs. Miller stared at Zaria with disbelief, "You have been at this school for only two weeks and you ALREADY fighting and getting into trouble Ms. Brown?" Zee didn't want to hear any of this s*** because it wasn't like she fought her damn self. Alexus was the one disrespecting her so she had no choice but to defend herself.

Mrs. Miller then looked at Alexus, "Ms. Dockins, this is your fourth suspension. We have only been in school for what, 55 days? That's almost two months. For 55 consecutive days, you have been suspended four times. You have been into I.S.S. for three times this week. I don't understand, but whatever it is you have going on, we don't tolerate that in my school. Period. Ms. Dockins, let me catch you getting suspended again anytime during this week or next. Heck, anymore this school year and I will make an example out of you." Alexus held her head and sighed because it was throbbing. Mrs. Miller shook her head, "Call your parents." Zaria stepped up to the phone and called Breana. Bree answered on the second ring, "Hello?" "This is Zaria. I got into a fight. You gotta come and get me," Zaria explained. "WHAT?! With who?!" Breana yelled into the phone. "Some lil' female," Zee remarked. "You hurt or anything? Any bruises or marks?" Breana questioned. "Not at all. She wish," Zaria retorted. "Miss Brown, Miss Dockins needs to use the phone too. I didn't tell you to call to socialize," Mrs. Miller spat. Zee rolled her eyes and giggled a little, "I'mma tell you all about it when you get here. This lady tripping. Only been on the phone for like two minutes at the most, but alright."

"Alright. On my f***ing way. Bye," Bree spat and hung up. "Do you want some days added to your suspension ma'am? If you have anything to say then speak up," Mrs. Miller sassed as she wrote both of their suspensions. Zaria sat down and ignored her because she felt like she was about to go off on her. Alexus then went and called her mother. Ten minutes later and Alexus mother was walking through the door. Zee wondered where Bree was. "Can I use the phone again? My sister still not here," Zaria asked. "I don't need you calling your sister. I need you to call your parent or guardian. You know, the person that legally takes care of you?" Mrs. Miller asked smartly. "Sweetie, that IS my guardian. Anyway," Zee spat as she dialed Breana's number. "I'm not your sweetie and I don't know what school you came from but that mouth gonna get you in trouble," Mrs. Miller growled. Breana answered on the first ring, "Ugh. I'm stuck in traffic right now! Did you call Zay?" "Naw, but I'm about to call him now," Zee stated. "Alright," Breana hung up. Zaria now called Zamir's phone. He picked up on the first ring, "Hello?"

"Zay, it's Zee. I just got suspended for fighting. I need you to come pick me up," Zaria stated. "On my way," Zay replied and then hung up. "Umm, ma'am why my daughter have a knot on her head?" Alexus' mom questioned angrily. "She has just gotten into a fight with this young lady over here," Mrs. Miller pointed. Zay now walked into the door, "I'm here for Zaria Brown." "And who are you?" Mrs. Miller questioned as she handed Zaria her suspension. "I'm her d--brother Zamir," Zay stated, now examining Zee's face. "I thought your sister was coming," Mrs. Miller stated. "She got stuck in traffic," Zaria answered. "I wanna press charges. She got this huge knot on her head. I'm not going for that s***," Alexus' mother spat. Zay screwed his face and then looked at Zee, "What happened Zee?" "That Alexus girl over there been gossiping and disrespecting me since I GOT HERE. So, I finally said something to her. She got in my face and I whooped her ass. Simple," Zaria nonchalantly responded. "So, this little girl been trying to bully you basically and her mammie trying to press charges. Not happening. f*** out of here!" Zamir spat. "Ma'am, I'll let you talk with an officer," Mrs. Miller replied to Alexus' mom. She then directed her attention to Zay, "Sir, your sister has been at this school for two weeks and already getting into trouble. I don't know what school she attended, but we don't tolerate that here." "She was homeschooled," Zay informed.

"That explains it all. Whatever she was being taught at home definitely weren't manners or how to solve problems. Her mouth--" "Wait a f***ing minute before you start talking s***. Lady, I'm not in the mood for your smart ass mouth. MINE was taught everything she f***ING NEEDED TO KNOW. If she was being smart with you, I see why. This little ass girl sitting up here tryna be a muthaf***ing bully but you see she handled that s*** properly. Beat the brakes off her ass. Least we taught her how to shut a muhf***a up. And this ghetto b**** over here talking about pressing charges. b****, I wanna press charges for you being able to have kids. Old, dirty mouth ass ho! You probably sleep on yo bed with no sheets on. You the type of b**** that use bed sheets as curtains," Zamir roared as he directed his attention from Mrs. Miller to Alexus' mother. Mrs. Miller was overwhelmed by his anger, "I'll go get the officers to escort you sir. I won't tolerate the disrespect. I see where she learns it from." "b**** and I won't tolerate how many bed spreads you have to use to make your panties. Fat ass ho! Let me talk to the principal. Who the f*** are you?" Zay spat, getting madder.

"Pussy nigga, I got something for you. You need to teach yo muhf***in' child to keep her hands to herself! Don't worry about mine and what I do," Alexus' mom shouted to Zay. "b****, I'm done talking to you. Go get yo nigga. 'Cuz I don't argue with females. Go get yo nigga so I can whoop his muhf***in' ass. If you not gon' get him, shut the f*** up talking to me," Zay growled. "I'm the assistant principal sir. You don't have to speak that way. Set an example for Zaria," Mrs. Miller backed down. "Go get the muhf***in' EXECUTIVE PRINCIPAL aka the person who runs this school. I'm done talking to your baby bop looking ass! You can kiss every crack of my ass and my muhf***ing NUT SACK. Let me set an example on how you can suck my d*** ho and don't forget the balls. Y'all muhf***as got the RIGHT nigga. I swear y'all do." "I DON'T NEED MY MUTHAf***ING NIGGA b**** ASS NIGGA! I CAN HANDLE YOU MYSELF! YOU GO GET YO b****!" Alexus' mom hollered. "Nah, you don't want me to get her. You SO LUCKY she in traffic right now. Like real lucky. b**** count your blessings," Zamir laughed with anger. "Mr. Yates won't be here until next week. And Ms. Dockins can you please not argue with him?" Mrs. Miller commented.

"What type of principal don't be at school for a week? Is the nigga in jail or something?" Zay shook his head, getting angrier. Zaria just sat and watched. She never saw Zay this mad before. She didn't know what to do. "WHATEVA NIGGA LIKE I SAID, I DON'T NEED NO HELP," Alexus' mom roared. "Dismissed b****. You ain't tryna do s***. You won't go get yo nigga so I'm done talking to you," Zamir dismissed her. "No sir. He's very busy," Mrs. Miller informed. "I still don't like the fact you came at me on some disrespectful s***. b**** you sit up and there saying some s*** like she need to be taught manners. You have to GIVE respect to receive it. You NOT gon' talk to me OR Zaria like you crazy. I'll let you know that right now. I'm the right nigga to go toe to toe with. I don't back down to no f***ing body so you can gone on with that bulls***. Being all smart and s***. What type of f***ing principal get an attitude with a student for no reason? You don't even know Zaria at ALL. She didn't fight this little girl for no reason. She came at her on some bully s*** and Zaria handled it. I swear you better be glad that I'm not the old me. I swear I would come behind that counter and choke yo white ass!" Zamir growled loudly.

Mrs. Miller nodded, while tears rolled down her face, "I'm so sorry sir. You're right. I just really value this school and I didn't want Zaria getting into trouble over little things like he-said, she-said." "It wasn't no he-said, she-said. I heard Alexus and her friends talking about me on more than one occasion," Zee spoke up. "See what I'm saying! Zaria let's go. And I swear if I find ONE mark on Zaria Amira Brown, I'm coming up here whooping ass! ANYBODY'S ASS!" Zamir walked out of the office angrily, slamming the door. Zaria followed behind him. Zay stopped and stared at her face, "Them ugly ass hoes lucky you ain't got no mark on you." "Mane, you ain't have to go that HAM though. Made her cry and everything," Zee shook her head. Zamir now walked to the car and got in. Zaria hopped into the passenger seat. "That s*** made me mad as f***. That snowball ass b**** and that section 8 b**** had the nerve to disrespect me. When they disrespect you, they disrespecting ME. You're my child and I won't stand there and let nobody hurt you or talk to you any type of way. That broad was talking down on you and I wasn't going for that s***. At the end of the day, you are still a CHILD. If she have anything to say about you or concerning your upbringing she needs to speak with me or Breana. I'm still mad. I wanted to choke the s*** out of both of them b****es though. Man, they so f***ing lucky," Zay spat as he took off from the school.

Zaria phone now rung. It was Bree calling. She answered it, "You still at school?" "Naw, Zay came and got me. We just left there," Zaria informed. "Is that Bree?" "Yeah." "Put it on speaker phone," Zay demanded. "Tell me what happened," Breana declared. Zee placed her phone on speaker phone. "Man, that stupid ass assistant principal pissed me the f*** off. The b**** said some slick s*** about how Zaria wasn't learning s*** at home. And that I need to set an example for her. I fried that b**** in there. Her big ass really did try to come at me. She wasn't ready though. The girl Zaria fought mom said she wanted to press charges too so--" "Press charges for WHAT?!" Breana interrupted. "The girl had a knot on her head. I cussed that b**** out too. I went on a roasting session and the main principal lucky his ass wasn't there 'cuz I would have roasted that nigga too. I was so f***ing mad though. The way the assistant principal talked to Zaria wasn't gon' fly with me. She tried to make it seem like Zaria the muhf***in' problem. Making smart ass remarks and s***. I almost jumped over the counter on her ass," Zamir barked. "How that b**** gon' try to press charges 'cuz her b**** ass daughter got her ass beat? The f***? b**** bye and have a nice life with that s***. Ugh, I'm getting mad now. Wish I was there. They would have had to escort both of our asses out," Breana shouted. "Exactly and I told that b**** she was lucky you weren't there. I told her to go get her nigga but she was talking s*** talking about how she could handle me. s*** that I didn't give a damn about," Zay agreed. Breana shook her head, "Dumb ass b****es these days. But I'm heading home now." "I'm hungry. I didn't get to eat lunch because I had to beat her and her stupid ass friend!" Zaria broadcasted.

"Well, I'm about to go take Zee to get something to eat," Zay informed, watching the road. "Go to Buffalo Wild Wings," Zaria requested. "Ooh, bring me back some!" Bree begged. "What you want?" Zay asked. "Some boneless honey barbecue wings. I want ranch dip," Breana stated. "Alright. Looks like we gonna have daddy-daughter time so we'll see you soon," Zamir announced. "Alright, bye," Breana now hung up. Zamir was now pulling up to the restaurant. He got out and opened Zaria's door for her. "Thanks," Zee thanked him. "You're welcome," He now opened the restaurant door for her. She walked inside. "To go or here?" The cashier asked him. "Here," Zay answered. "Okay. Come with me," She handed them menus and then sat them at a table. A waitress came a few minutes later, "Hi. What can I get you guys on today?" "I want the mild buffalo wings," Zaria stated, closing the menu. "Bone in or bone out?" She questioned, writing. "Bone out," Zee answered. "And what would you like to drink?" She asked again. "Strawberry lemonade," Zaria replied. "Ranch or bleu cheese dressing?" "Ranch," Zaria retorted. Zee handed her the menu.

"Alright, what do you want to eat sir?" The waitress directed her attention towards Zamir. "Let me get a cheeseburger with no onions or tomatoes. I also want some honey barbecue boneless wings with a strawberry lemonade. I also want some mild buffalo wings with ranch for both," Zay ordered, now handing his menu to her. "You want fries for both wings?" The waitress questioned. "Yes, put the honey barbecue wings into a to-go box for me. Thanks," Zamir confirmed. The waitress wrote everything down and then nodded her head, "Okay. I will be back." She then walked away. "Why you up here, you need to ask if they are hiring," Zay stared at Zaria. "You forgot mama's drink. And I was thinking of working at a clothing store. I can't work with food. I would get fired the first day," Zaria shook her head. "I'll stop by a store and buy her one. And it ain't about that. You need to try to get what you can. They gonna always need help in restaurants so you might get that job way BEFORE you ever get a retail job. I'm letting you know that right now. It's better to get experience this way and then you can work your way up. You understand what I'm saying?" Zamir lectured her. Zee nodded, "I really get that but people act a fool over their food so I rather just ring up clothes. Ain't nobody got time for that."

Zay chuckled, "You sound like your mother. But do you realize how this works? When you work in restaurants like these, you get tips. Meaning, more money. But now thinking about it... You right. Your mouth is way too smart to be a server. And your attitude is too bad to be a hostess and plus you have to be 18 for that job anyway. I think you might be the bathroom girl or dishwasher." Zaria rolled her eyes playfully as the waitress came out with their drinks. She then walked off. Zee sipped out of her lemonade, "You got to the school in like two minutes. What where you coming from?" Zamir gulped his lemonade, "I was in the car with Keria when you called. I dropped her off and sped to the school." "Ooh, why you was in the car with her for?" Zee laughed. "Doing what grown-ups do. AKA none of your damn business," Zay chuckled. "Y'all must went on a date or something. You too secretive for me honey. It's cool. I'mma ask her," Zaria drunk the strawberry lemonade. Zay sipped his lemonade, "She not gon' tell you s***. So mind your damn business." "Y'all must go together now? I'mma ask watch. On God, I'mma find out," Zaria laughed.

"Like I SAID, mind yo muhf***in' business. Don't worry about what we do," Zamir chuckled. "Whateva Zay," Zee continuously sipped on her drink. "You and ole girl weren't fighting over no lame ass lil' boy were you?" Zay questioned in a serious tone. "I believe on HER part she was. This dude name Cam came up to me and was flirting with me. I heard her in the background making snide remarks. So, I wait 'til he left and approached her. She tried to show out in front of her lil' clique and got in my face. So, I punched her and we started fighting," Zaria confessed. Zamir shook his head, "Over a dusty ass nigga though? I say he gotta be dusty because she and her mama were very hurt facially." Zee laughed, "That's the thing. He not ugly or dusty. So she was hating all along because dudes were approaching me and trying to talk to me. I paid none of them attention so I guess she salty 'cuz they don't want her ugly self." "How old is this girl?" Zay asked. "18! The girl who tried to jump in name Marquisha is 19. She about to be 20! And the other girl who be with them is 17," Zee informed. Zamir screwed his face, "These grown ass hoes should know better. None of them are your age. I'm mad that this grown ass b**** 20 years old in the what grade?"

"Eleventh grade Zamir! Grown as hell and dumb as hell tryna fight a sophomore," Zaria shook her head. "THE f***? See, that s*** making me mad all over again. Man," Zay was slowly becoming angry all over again. "Don't even worry about those lil' females because I'm sure not worried, but if you and Keria are together, what happened to Dany? Weren't y'all engaged when she was pregnant with psycho?" Zee inquired. "Who said me and Keria were even together? But Danyell and I had our own problems and differences. It's a lot more to the story. All I can tell you is people move on. It's when you realize that the person you thought were for you and were your soul mate, really wasn't to begin with. You gotta understand. Dany was my high school sweetheart. I was with her for four years. I KNEW I loved her. That was no question. I thought that by proposing to her that it would make everything better though and it didn't. It made it worse. We came to an agreement that we didn't like certain things about each other. Living with her, I realized I hated a lot of s*** she did. And vice versa. It just wasn't good. She couldn't handle all of me so we argued a lot. We were like oil and water. We just didn't mix," Zamir expressed.

Zaria nodded, but then spoke up, "What about Zechariah? Y'all do have a child together so why not make it work?" "So, because we have a child together we have to be together? With that kind of thinking, me and Bree should be together huh 'cuz we had you?" "That's different. She's with X and been with him for a while. Way before I was even brought into the picture," Zee debated. "Me and Danyell are total opposites. Opposites attract but that's all there is to it. There is nothing to work out. I killed her months ago and she killed me. Now she tryna kill EVERYBODY IN BP. Revenge basically. Plus, I do not want her. Been over her. I love her, but not like I used to," Zay spat. "Dang, I was just asking," Zaria laughed a little. "And I was just telling you," Zamir now checked his phone. He screwed his face, "It's been 45 minutes. It don't take that muhf***in' long to make no burgers and wings. All she had to do was dip the gotdamn wings into some sauce and warm them up!" "Well, it is nice size of people here right now. They tryna get to everybody," Zaria reasoned. Zamir was now pissed off as he got up, "f*** that. I'm not even all that f***ing hungry anymore. I'm about to see what the f*** is the hold up." "Dad, CALM DOWN. They probably short on staff. You can't go back there," Zee tried calming him down.

"Don't tell me no muhf***in' calm down! What the f*** that got to do with me because they short on staff? They better start hiring muthaf***as," Zamir roared as he now headed to the kitchen. "Oh my God. I hope nobody see me. This nigga HERE," Zaria covered her face. Zay barged into the kitchen, "What the f*** are y'all doing back here? Obviously s*** if it's taking this gotdamn long for burgers, fries, and wings." "Sir, we're trying to get the orders out as quick as we can. And you're not supposed to be back here," One of the cooks stated. "45 f***ing minutes is quick to you? What planet you came from? Because where I'm from, 45 minutes is NOT quick when it comes to fast food. And I wouldn't be back here if y'all wasn't waiting 'til Jesus comes to save y'all slow ass. I'm sure he don't want no part in this bulls*** no way. Then my waitress ain't even checked on us or gave us no update on our damn food. Man, f*** this s***. I'm not even hungry no more. Y'all can keep y'all f***ing food! I'll take my money elsewhere!" Zamir growled loudly and then stormed out of the kitchen. Zaria got up and headed out of the restaurant and into the car.

Zay got in and slammed the door, "Stupid ass b****es." Zee shook her head as she looked out of the window. She felt like Zay was blowing it way out of proportion. And that it wasn't as serious as he was making it seem. Zamir sped to Breana's house. He parked the car and got out. Zee shook her head and opened the door with her key and then stepped inside. Bree sat on the couch, watching the TV, "Hey." "Hey, this dude right here just went HAM on the freaking staff for no reason," Zaria shook her head and sat on the couch. "It wasn't for no f***ing reason. Bree we were waiting on they ass for 45 minutes for some wings Breana... WINGS! It don't take almost 50 minutes for no damn wings. You KNOW this. I walked up out that b****. Shoulda told them to f*** themselves! But I didn't. Anyway, I'm about to go somewhere else to get something to eat. Y'all still want wings or something else?" "I want some pizza now and some wings. I want one side pepperoni and the other side beef with banana peppers. Get the handmade one. It's $9 with this coupon," Breana giggled loudly, handing him coupons. "I want pepperoni with jalapeno peppers," Zaria announced.

"You gon' be s***ting some serious, but alright. I'll be back," Zay remarked, while walking toward the door. "Aye Zay. Pick up some," Breana made an air blunt with her hand, while staring at him. "Aight, I got you," Zay nodded and then left. "Damn, y'all some weed-heads. All y'all do is smoke," Zee uttered. "Mind ya business!" Bree shouted. "You sound like him saying that. Speaking of that, I asked him how he get to the school so quick, he told me he was in the car with Keria and he had just dropped her off. You know anything about that?" Breana eyes widened as she giggled, "I had no idea. I didn't even know they went anywhere." "Girl yeah. I was like, 'Do y'all go together now?' And he gon' tell me to mind my muhf***in' business," Zaria laughed. Breana laughed, "I knew they been texting for almost a week now but I didn't know they were hanging out too. They probably--I'll tell you when you grown. You too young for that." Zee shook her head, "But yup. He clowned at BWW. That skinny nigga went into the kitchen and went off on everybody in there. Before he went back there I was like, 'Dad calm down. They probably short on staff.' He went off on me, 'Don't tell me no muhf***in' calm down! What the f*** that got to do with me 'cuz they short on staff?' I was hoping I didn't see NOBODY I knew. Man, I hid my face."

Breana laughed maniacally as she became red, "Oh my God. I'm so sorry. I would have been so embarrassed." "You think I wasn't? I WAS." Bree shook her head, "I would have acted like I didn't know his ass. I understand why he was upset, but there's a way to handle things and that wasn't it. Zay be ready to go HAM on anybody at anytime. It don't matter who." "EXACTLY. I couldn't with him. At all. He do the most. He cool when he act like he have sense, but when he start doing stuff like that, it make me not wanna be around him. He's a hothead. He has a short fuse. Anything can make him angry and it's scary," Zee expressed. Breana nodded, "I understand, but he wouldn't ever hurt you. How many days you get?" "Two. I go back on Tuesday," Zaria replied. "Well, you did what you had to do baby so you know I'm not mad at you. Next time, just tell the principal or an authority figure when someone is harassing you or bothering you. After you tell them and they don't do anything, then you tell me. And I will handle it. You understand?" "Yeah," Zee answered. "Good," Bree played with her fingernails.

"I just thought about something. Isn't it too early for Nani to have her baby?" "Yeah, she was six months," Breana confirmed. "Dang, but it has me thinking. I want a younger sibling. You and X need to get it poppin' and give me a little brother or sister," Zaria responded with a giggle. Breana eyes popped out of her head, "A SIBLING?! GIRL, DO YOU KNOW THAT I ALMOST DIED GIVING BIRTH TO YOUR ASS? LIKE LITERALLY. YOUR ASS WAS AN EVIL BABY. WAS KILLING THE s*** OUT OF ME." "Really? I wasn't a good baby?" Zaria questioned in disbelief. "Uh, hell no. You were seriously evil at first. Blasting people with your eyes and s***. I held you in my hands though and you would always look at me with hearts in your eyes. You loved me unconditionally. You are the best present I ever received Zee. You taught me a lot. You are my mirror. Face it, you're just like me. Your mouth is just a little bit SMARTER, but I'mma nip that s*** in the bud. You are gorgeous, smart, talented, and just an amazing person. We don't see eye-to-eye on everything and we're not supposed to. Just know that I love you for who YOU are. I don't care what anybody say about you. You will always be my baby girl," Breana cooed.

Zaria smiled widely, while now lying in Breana's lap, "I will always love you too mommy. You do make me mad at times, but you're my mother and best friend wrapped into one. I wouldn't change anything about you." Bree's lips curved into a smile as she kissed Zaria's face repeatedly, "Muahhhhhh." Zee giggled loudly as Breana now tickled her. Bree laughed and then stopped after a while and became serious, "Since, you have a longer weekend, you should spend it with Zay at his house. Spend those three days and one night with him. Give him a chance. Just let the past just be the past. Take him as he is, not who he was. Don't judge him for his mistakes." Zee nodded slowly, "Okay, but if he start tripping, I'm calling you to come get me." "He will be on his best behavior and so will you. You understand? Don't give him any trouble. I'm serious." "Alright." Zamir soon came through the door with food, "I'm here." He sat the food down on the table. "Zay, Zee is going to be spending the weekend at your house for that daddy-daughter time," Bree announced. Zamir smiled, "Really?"

"Yes, I told her to be on her best behavior. Y'all can really utilize that time to get to open up and learn different things about each other," Breana suggested. Zay continued smiling, "Okay. I would love that." "Them dimples though," Bree laughed, while staring at his dimples. "I love my dimples too Bree," He cheesed. "Anyway Zamir. Where is my food?" Zaria playfully rolled her eyes. Zay handed her a box of pizza, "Here. This is your box to yourself. Eight slices in here." Zaria sat up, "Thank you." "You welcome. I'm still upset at them stupid b****es in BWW. Ain't no damn way I should have been waiting that long. Making me mad all over again just thinking about the s***," Zay shouted, becoming angry again. Zee shook her head as she devoured her slice of pizza. "Daddy Zay, calm down. It's gon' be alright," Bree replied jokingly. "It will be because I'm gonna talk to they f***ing manager. They got me f***ed up. Because you short on staff that's MY f***ing problem? They gon' know my name by the end of this f***ing year. That's for sure," Zamir ranted with anger.

Breana shook her head and got up and started krumping in his face. Zay chuckled a little, "I let out a little chuckle, but I'm still f***ing mad. I'mma call they ass right now." Bree got up and went and got her lap top. She sat it down and played a song. Breana now sung, "Turn up the music 'cuz this song just came on. Turn up the music if they try to turn us down. Turn up the music can I hear it 'til the speakers blow? Turn up the music, fill your cup and drink it down. If you sexy and you know it put your hands up in the air. Put your hands up in the air. Girl, put your hands up in the air. If you sexy and you know it put your hands up in the air. Put your hands up in the air. Girl, put your hands up and turn up the music. Just turn it up louder. Turn up the music. I need it in my life yeah. Turn up the music. Just turn it up louder. Turn up the music. I need it in my life yeah. Whoa oh oh ohhh. Whoa oh oh ohhhh. Whoa oh oh ohhhh. Whoa oh oh ohhhh. Turn up the music. Turn up the music."

A smile crept onto Zamir's face as he joined in singing and dancing, "Turn up the music 'cuz the sun just came up. Turn up the music if they try to turn us down. Turn up the music 'cuz I'm tryna hear the speakers blow. Turn up the music, fill your cup and drink it downnn. If you sexy and you know it put your hands up in the air. Put your hands up in the air. Girl, put your hands up in the air. If you sexy and you know it put your hands up in the air. Put your hands up in the air. Girl, put your hands up and turn up the music. Just turn it up louder. Turn up the music. I need it in my life yeah. Turn up the music. Just turn it up louder. Turn up the music. I need it in my life yeah. (YEAHHH!) Whoa oh oh ohhh. Whoa oh oh ohhhh. Whoa oh oh ohhhh. Whoa oh oh ohhhh. Turn up the music. Say my name. Just dance with me. All I wanna do is party to Dj Tony Haaaaa. Just dance with me. Girl, can I see that? I really wanna touch that. Baby, can I be that? Turn it up. Just dance with me. Turn it up. Just dance with me. Turn it up. Just dance with me. Turn it up. Just dance with me. Turn it UP. Just dance with me. Turn it up! Turn it up. Turn up the music. Just turn it up louder. Turn up the music. WHEWWWWW! (I need it in my life yeah). Turn up the music. Just turn it up louder. Turn up the music. I need it in my life yeah."

He then stopped, "Come on Bree. This your part. You ready?" Breana got up and stood next to him, "Hell yeah." He now started back dancing and singing, while Bree twerked next to him, "LEGGO! Whoa oh oh ohhh. Whoa oh oh ohhhh. Can you turn it up girlie? Whoa oh oh ohhh. Ohhhh. Whoa oh oh ohhh. Can you turn it up girlie? Turn it up. Just dance with me. Turn it up. (Just d-ance now). Turn it up. Just dance with me. Turn it up. (Just d-ance now). Don't stop the music. Turn it up. (Just d-ance). Turn it up. (Just d-ance now). Turn it up. T-turn it uppp. Don't stop the music." The song came to an end, while Bree sat down. "Whew, I'm tired," Bree confessed. "Mama... One question. How the HELL do you to twerk to THAT song?" Zee asked confusedly with a screwed face. "Baby, when you ratchet, you twerk to any song. No matter WHAT or WHO," Zamir chuckled, while sitting down. Zaria giggled, "Hell yeah." "I am not ratchet. And you see I was twerking slow. Zay dance way too fast. I can't dance like him," Breana laughed. "No boo, you just can't dance at ALL. Don't blame that s*** on me. Zee, luckily you got your dancing skills from me. Bree can't dance her way out of a damn dancing game, let alone anywhere else," Zay joked with a chuckle.

Breana folded her arms and stared at him, "So, the f*** what! My talent is not dancing! My nigga sure don't complain in the bedroom area. I sure got enough rhythm to make that nigga bust." "Oh my God. Please stop. TOO MUCH INFORMATION," Zee screwed her face. Zay threw his hands in a surrender motion, while chuckling, "Whoa. Somebody is a little defensive huh? I guess I struck a nerve. It's just that I tried to teach you how to dance a million times and you always be hollering about how tired you are." "Because you tried to f***ing play me. I have ENOUGH rhythm. You act like I'm around here doing the white girl dance or something. One thing about me Zay is that I don't like people joking about my flaws. Yeah, I get real defensive. Call me a party pooper. I don't really give a f*** what you call me. But DON'T ever do that. And yes it is THAT serious. You will never know what it's like to be self-conscious Zay. I am very self-conscious. Especially about my weight. And I don't like being embarrassed in public. Joking about my dancing in front of my daughter? Really? That's embarrassing to ME!" Breana roared.

"Damn, I'm sorry. I was just joking around, but I won't joke about your dancing again. And you're very wrong Bree. I used to be really self-conscious about my teeth... I just remember us always joking around with each other you know? You used to say things like how my teeth looked like turning signals--" Breana covered her mouth and let out a silent giggle. Zay stared at her, "See, what I'm saying. You turn the stove on, but can't handle the flames. How the f*** you gon' give me that long ass speech about not to joke about your flaws, and you have the f***ing nerve to laugh in MY face when I'm trying to be serious with you?" Breana giggled louder, "I swear I'm sorry Zay... It just came out. I promise. Let me go get myself together." Breana ran into the kitchen and covered her mouth as she fell on the counter laughing. Zamir shook his head, "She pisses me the f*** off sometimes. I swear. Everything is not f***ing funny. f***!" Zee sighed and didn't know what to do. She just shrugged. After another minute, Breana's laughter died down. She came back into the living room, "I'm so sorry Zay. I will control myself now."

He sighed, "Okay. Like I was saying, whenever you joked about my teeth, I wouldn't smile around you. I would try to chew with my mouth super close. Or talk fast so you wouldn't focus on my teeth." Breana frowned, "I'm sorry Zay. We were like 14 and stuff when I used to joke like that. I never knew it hurt your feelings because you never told me that." "I know. I never told anybody that. There were times when we both talked BAD about each other. Sometimes the jokes went too far. We were always friends though at the end of the day. I did used to get mad when you or anybody else joked about my weight. I always been skinny. Can't do anything about that. I tried to. Like really tried to gain weight, but I work in the sun a lot. Not to mention, I smoke too. So, it's hard to put weight on. But what did made me be like 'Wow!' was the other day when you said, 'Zay you used to be so fine. What happened?' I was like damn. What do you mean I USED to be so fine?" Zay expressed with a chuckle at the end.

He then got serious and continued, "And I asked you, 'Bree, what do you mean?' And you said, 'Well, you look like a skeleton painted as a human by the face right now.' And you call me things like 'bones' and 'skeleton face'. It really did hurt a nigga feelings a little. To answer your question Bree, life happened to me. That's all I can give you. I don't even mind sharing these things around Zee because she needs to know it's okay to have flaws. We all have them. So what you can't dance as good as I can Bree. Or so what you are not stick thin. ALL shapes and sizes are beautiful. PERIOD. So, what my teeth aren't the straighest. So what I am skinny. So what my jaws are sunken in at times! We are all human... Well, kinda. But anyway, my point is this... Be who you are and own it. I'm not tryna sound like a motivational speaker right now or tryna preach to y'all but I just want y'all to know that you are unique in your own way."

"Zay... I apologize sincerely for joking about your face. I never called you ugly. You're not ugly. You are still very handsome. And I love that you didn't get that one tooth fixed. Your smile is the brightest and most beautiful smile I have ever seen besides Xavier of course. That's my boo. Anyway, I'm so happy that I have you as a friend. I admit, there were times when I felt like you chose Natalie over me. Like, you turned your back on me. You used to always invite her over when it was supposed to be you and me smoking or playing a few games on your XBOX. I didn't mind her coming over because I KNEW that was your girlfriend but sometimes I just wanted us to be alone. You were that person I vented to when X was working my damn nerves. I had no one else to vent to. I mean, I had Keria too but she got tired of hearing about it. So, I kept it to myself. You know? I was no longer your best friend Zay, I was the third wheel. There were certain things I couldn't talk to Keria or any girl about because I wanted a boy's opinion, but it was ALL about Natalie. s***, you started acting different around all your friends. That girl had you wrapped around her finger and so far gone. I distanced myself from you after a while. You asked me why I stopped f***ing with you. That's the REAL reason why. So two years later, when we graduated, it was really awkward between us. We weren't as close as we used to be. That's why when you told me you loved me and always have on your couch that day, I was taken aback. I was shocked. I didn't know how to respond. We were more associates than friends. I put up with you because of the others during that time. After that uncomfortable ass situation, over the years I got to learn you all over again and we started to repair our friendship," Breana admitted.

Zay let out a chuckle and took a deep breath, "Damn. The truth just coming out today huh?" He then stared at her, "Breana, I am glad to have you as my friend too. I never really looked at it that way. I really did love Natalie. I thought that was gonna be the girl I married until she cheated on me. The crazy part about it is that you tried to warn me and I didn't listen. I used to call you jealous. Honestly Bree, I thought you wanted me--" Breana gave him a look that translated <em>Nigga please!</em> She interrupted him, "Whoa lil' Zay. I haven't wanted you in about nine years. I just had to set the record straight. You nice and all baby, but I didn't want you." "ACTUALLY, you haven't wanted me in about six. Remember that time in my room? We almost made it do what it do. This was like a month BEFORE I got with Natalie and we kissed. Next thing I know, I was on top of you," Zay chuckled. "YOU kissed ME first Zay. And nigga stop over-exaggerating. We were kissing and I fell off the gotdamn bed and took your ass with me. That's HOW you landed on top of me," Bree confirmed. Zee's eyes widened as she almost choked on her pizza. She coughed and then got herself together, "WAYMENT! You two ALMOST had sex? If my timeline is correct, mama I remember you telling me that you and X got together when you were in the ninth grade. If this happened six years ago, you were 16. You and X was together til' 12th grade so what the hell? Does X KNOW y'all were getting freaky in rooms?"

"We did NOT almost have sex. This nigga WISH. Need to stop fantasizing. And child, me and X were on-and-off during this time. And yes, he does know about this. Him and Zay fell out for a year over this. I told him like the night after it happened. Xavier and I fought that night too. His mama threatened to call the police on us," Breana revealed. "So I didn't grab a condom from my night stand and then put it in halfway and was getting ready to pop that cherry and you told me stop Bree? Tell the truth. Zaria is old enough to know this. Don't be frontin' in front of her," Zay stared at her with a raised brow and chuckled. Zee screwed her face, "You know what just change the subject." Breana screwed her face as she laughed, "In WHAT life? Egyptian life? Not THIS life. You over there letting your imagination run wild I see. This nigga said he put it in halfway and I told him to stop. Zay, you did not grab no damn condom from nowhere. We made out and the condom fell out of your pocket when we FELL. It didn't even get that far because after we fell off the bed, we were holding our heads because we hit them on your damn nightstand. If you gon' tell the truth, tell the WHOLE truth. You leaving holes in the story making it seem like we were gonna have sex. Don't you go lying and stuff. You probably wanted to have sex with me, but it definitely wasn't going to happen. Not only because I was a virgin, but because I was not gonna let that go down. And if you put anything me in it wasn't THAT. I can't even finish the story 'cuz Zaria in here."

"You SURE?" He gazed at her with disbelief. "Hell yeah, I'm sure nigga. The f***?" Breana laughed. "So I'm lying?" "YES NIGGA, YOU ARE," Bree laughed louder. "If I'm lying, why you laughing if it's not true? I wouldn't be laughing if somebody lying on me. And how the condom get out my pocket then?" Zay questioned, while chuckling. "I'm laughing 'cuz this s*** is so farfetched that it is hilarious. You probably thought you were gonna get you some from SOMEBODY else. You ALWAYS had condoms in your pocket. I remember you telling me your mama bought you a 12-pack of them just in case you were ready to have sex. Be for real now. We didn't kiss no more after that. I wasn't jealous of Natalie at all. I had X. You caught me in a vulnerable state when we kissed. That's all that was. The little feelings I had for you, BEEN disappeared at that time. So no jealousy on my part. If anything, I was upset because our friendship wasn't the same." "DAAAAMN, I must be thinking about Natalie then. My bad," Zamir chuckled. "Don't roll that blunt up just yet. If your mind doing this s*** now and you sober, I'm scared what that blunt gon' do," Bree joked.

"Wow, that's my cue. This was an interesting story sharing time guys, but I'mma go get my clothes ready and finish eating my food. Holla at y'all when y'all stop being so open around me," Zee remarked, while getting her pizza box and walking upstairs. "See, you made her leave with all that damn storytelling. I would love to hear what else you THOUGHT happened with me if your mind creating stories just like that one. What else you thought I did to your ass?" Bree laughed, shaking her head. Zay chuckled loudly, "I swear I thought it happened that way. I don't know. That's my story and I'm sticking to it." "That story is a damn lie. I have no problem admitting when something like that happens because I'm not ashamed," Breana replied. "Hey! It was six years ago Bree and that's why you may not remember it. I'm just saying," Zay shrugged. "So, you ACTUALLY sticking with that 'halfway in' story?" Breana inquired, staring at him. "I believe it did happen. Like I honestly believe that I put my d*** in halfway and it hurt too much so you made me stop. We were on the floor OBVIOUSLY and clothes started to shed," Zamir chuckled nonchalantly. "Zay, I have a good memory and I'm telling you that did not happen," Bree argued.

"How you have a good memory when you can't remember s*** that happened ten minutes ago sometimes? So, I KNOW you don't remember s*** that happened six years ago," Zay debated. "Whatever nigga. How the f*** you even get my clothes off then? We fell on the floor Zay and bumped our heads." "Breana, you had on a skirt. It was green and I remember it. You had on a black bra with some striped panties on. I remember the details of your clothes. Say I'm lying. Am I lying? NOPE!" Zay shouted with a chuckle. "Nigga, I had on a teal skirt," Breana pleaded. "SAME THING! Teal IS green." "Zamir, I'm not gon' argue with you. I know what happened. I was there. You getting me confused with Natalie obviously," Bree challenged. "And I'm telling YOU I know what happened too. You explained the beginning of the story. I explained the end of it. You not gon' win this argument baby," Zamir debated again. "If I explained the beginning and you explained the end, where is the middle AKA the climax? I'm telling you the story and you putting your own damn spin to it. I KNOW FOR A DAMN FACT you did not put your d*** nowhere near me bruh. You about to make me mad now," Bree laughed.

"How the f*** I know what type of bra and panties you had on then?" Zay glared at her. "Well, for one, I had on a damn tank top so it wasn't hard to see my bra. AND I had on a skirt, so I'm sure you would see what type of panties I had on. On top of that, you were mannish as hell. So, cut it out," Breana spat. "What do I gain for lying? Nothing. So, I'm not lying. I'm just gon' leave it alone because I see you want to get the last word. Just know that I KNOW," Zamir spat back. "YOU want the damn last word. I'm done talking about this s***. I ain't got to lie either. Period," Bree yelled. Zay shook his head, chuckling while taking a bite out of his pizza, "How the hell we go from confessing our insecurities to this?" "YOU. That's how we went from this. You the one that got on this subject. Had to interrupt sharing time," Breana laughed. "Just had to clarify some stuff. I wasn't the best friend that I could have been. And you're right. I was acting very different towards you and everyone else. Love makes you do crazy s***. I apologize for being a horrible friend to you," Zamir apologized. Bree nodded, "I accept your apology." Zay smiled, "Thanks."

"Zay, I'm just gon' go right out and say it... Nani went into early labor today and had the baby. It's a girl, but she's not yours... You tried to get her pregnant in June, but she was already pregnant," Breana blurted. It was silent for a second as Zay tried to recollect his thoughts. He finally found the words to say, "Wow... I know she's happy that I'm not the daddy." "Actually, I think it could be the opposite. I saw the way she was looking at you and Keria when y'all were at the party. I think she could be jealous," Breana confessed. Zay couldn't help but shake his head, "She didn't want me at first. So when I stopped chasing after her, she wants me now. It's too late. I'm over her." "That's women for you. Hell, Nani think she is entitled to every damn thing. It's irritating sometimes because she likes to treat you like her property. Like she own people and s***. Very possessive. And I'm not with that. Whether it be this friendship s*** or sexual bulls***. I'm not ever having sex with her again Zay. Ever," Bree remarked. "You had sex with her again? When?" Zay chuckled with interest. "Today child. Didn't even try to. It just happened. Right before her damn water broke," Breana informed.

"Ooh s***. That is so sexy. Why didn't you record it? I wanted to see what Nani mouth do," Zamir chuckled. "It do good... Teehee," Bree giggled. Zay chuckled hysterically as he fell back on the couch. Breana laughed, "ANYWAY, speaking of Keria, Zee said that you were in the car with her when she called. Hmm, what were y'all up to?" Zamir laughed, "Uhhhh." "Did y'all have sex?" Bree raised her eyebrow. "This pizza is good as hell," Zay bit into the pizza and swallowed, changing the subject. Breana grabbed a buffalo wing and chewed it, "Nigga, don't try to change the subject. I think y'all did." "It is what it is. That's all I can say," Zamir rambled. "In other words, y'all did. So, how was it?" Bree boldly asked. "Why don't you ask her? I'm sure she will tell you." "I haven't talked to her today yet so we will see if she do say anything or not. I'm asking you first though. From YOUR perspective, how was it?" Zay laughed again, while swallowing a slice. He chewed his food and responded, "On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a strong 9. ONLY because she didn't throw it back like I wanted her to." "So, she planked basically," Breana laughed. "Since you put it that way, yes she did. She gotta get used to me. So I give her the benefit of the doubt."

"Damn, lil' Keria. I'm sure she will be throwing that s*** back like a quarterback after a while. It took me a minute to throw it back and NOT look like a fool trying to. Niggas be going real fast so I couldn't catch up at first, but now I throw that s*** back like I was made for this sex s***," Bree uttered. Zamir chuckled, now staring at her, "Oh really?" "Yes really. Now roll that s*** up bruh," She demanded. Zay took the weed out and rolled up a blunt. He sealed it and then lit it. Zamir took a hit of the blunt and passed it to Breana. Bree hit the blunt and blew the smoke into the air. "You still got the music I sent you?" Zay asked, taking the blunt and taking a longer hit. "Yeah, what you want to hear?" Bree opened up her laptop. "Sweet Love," He puffed the blunt once more. "That's my s***! You sung the hell out of this song Zay. I love when you be like, 'Freak me baby.' And 'Just grind your hips and just grind on me, grind on me. And baby don't get it confused, I'll do anything you want me to.' YESSS LORD!" Breana commented, now playing the song. Zamir chuckled and smoked the blunt, "You 'bout to dance for me?" "Do I look like Keria ass nigga?" He laughed loudly and then sung the song.

"The f***?" Bree laughed and sat down and took the blunt. "All these sensations got me going crazy for ya... I love you Bree. You ain't changed girl," He got closer to her as she blew the smoke into his face. "I love you too but Zay..." "Yeah," He inhaled the smoke and smiled with low eyes. "You about to kiss me?" She questioned. "No," He answered. "Then get the f*** out my face like that. Why do you invade people personal space like this?" He chuckled and backed up, while resting on his elbow, "I don't know. I like looking in a woman's eyes." Breana shook her head. "But aye. I just realized something! That WAS Natalie who told me to stop when I put my d*** in," He chuckled hysterically. "I TOLD your ass that was not me!" Bree laughed. "My bad. And I bet you be like this, while X be f***ing you. 'Oooh X. MMMM DADDY! JUST LIKE THAT BABY!' You be sounding like that," Zamir laughed, imitating Breana's voice. Bree giggled loudly as she fell on his shoulder.
Anastasia started to help Joshua prepare lunch in their kitchen. Joshua hummed to himself to break the silence. Ana spoke up, "What time the girls supposed to be over?" "They should be flashing inside in about 30 minutes," Josh answered as he continuously hummed. Ana shook her head, "This isn't a f***ing circus act. They shouldn't be flashing in our house like that. We could be naked or anything. I told Valerie not to flash in unexpectedly and she still doesn't listen to me." "Well, it's not unexpectedly if she's flashing in at a certain time now is it? Ana just try to relax and stay calm. Everything gon' be good. You worry too much about the little s***. Just be more welcoming as well. Don't be doing the extra. Bond with our daughters," Joshua suggested. Ana roll her head around quickly and stared at him, "You want us to all sing Kumbaya too Josh? Ooh and hold hands while singing it? I HAVE been welcoming. They flashed their ass out of nowhere. How we know Dany not using them to get us or something? Could never be TOO careful these days. I just want to take precaution and make sure I know what the f*** I'm getting myself into. That's all. So, don't go telling me about how I worry Josh. I have a reason to worry. This s*** is unpredictable. And I did not sign up for this. We have nosy ass neighbors and family. I'm tired of explaining s*** to people. It's getting harder to do that. You understand that," Ana gabbed.

Joshua surrendered, "Okay, Ana. I'm just saying baby. Just don't worry about anything." He kissed her cheek and continued cooking. Thirty minutes later, <a href="">Valerie</a> and <a href="">Angel</a> flashed inside the house. Anastasia sat food at the table and sat down. "Hey guys, we got here as fast as we could. It's hard to navigate in certain parts of the future," Valerie informed, while sitting down. "Hi, this slow one was taking all day. My apologies if we didn't come on time," Angel apologized, while taking a seat. "It's okay. We could have wait. We ain't in no hurry, but Val. Tell me how your modeling audition went," Joshua helped himself to a plate full of salad. "Well, it went... Okay. I'm not as confident about it as I probably should be. You know? I'm not tall enough to do runways. Just a little shorter than I should be. I have the face though. They tell me that a lot," Valerie babbled, while fixing her food. "You are very gorgeous. So, it's their loss," Joshua cooed. Valerie smiled, "Thanks dad." "You're welcome," Josh ate his food. "Mom, you're real quiet. Everything okay?" Val asked with concern. "I'm good. Just a little tired, but I'm okay," Anastasia reassured. Joshua now directed his attention on Angel, "What them grades looking like?"

"Great, actually. I got my first 'A' in pre-cal so I'm extremely happy about that. That stuff is no joke. I usually get B's and sometimes C's," Angel gleamed. "I'm very proud of you. Math really isn't a joke. I love it though. It was one of my favorite subjects. That and science," Joshua claimed. "Wow, really? Those are my favorite subjects too. Val HATES both of them," Angel retorted. "So do Ana," Josh laughed. "Yeah, my favorite subject is lunch and English," Ana joked. "Lunch was the s*** in school. Them chocolate chip cookies were the s***," Joshua boasted. "Speaking of food. Mama, I brought you the cupcakes that I owed you," Valerie pulled out a ziplock bag with cupcakes. Anastasia's eyes lit up, "Thank you. I been wanting some cupcakes." Valerie laughed, "You're welcome." "Ana, don't eat them cupcakes yet. Wait until you finish eating your food," Josh chuckled. "Shut up. I can eat them whenever I want to," Ana joked. Joshua made a cuckoo noise and then stated, "She is obsessed with cupcakes. She has an addiction to them." "I really love them. They are good. You could never have too many cupcakes. I don't eat them everyday. I just like to taste them every now and then," Anastasia protested. "Sure..." Josh chuckled. "Seriously," Ana argued.

"I think your ass is pregnant. You crave too many things," Joshua remarked. "I highly doubt that," Valerie mumbled as she chewed her food. Angel kicked her foot under the table, signaling her to shut up. "Why do you highly doubt that?" Josh questioned. "She is just talking out the side of her neck. Don't pay her ANY attention," Angel giggled nervously. Val cleared her throat, "Well, I know you two are very sexually active, but it's just... She can't get pregnant..." "What do you mean I CAN'T get pregnant? You mean now?" Ana screwed her face. "Now or... Never for that matter... Mom, we're adopted," Valerie blurted. Anastasia dropped her fork and stared off into space. Angel glared at Valerie, "Really Val? Why would you even tell her like that? This was not the time or place to reveal something big like that. You should be ashamed of yourself." Valerie rolled her eyes, "What was I supposed to do Angel? It just slipped out. I'm sorry." "Quiet girls," Josh demanded. Joshua stared over at Ana, "Baby... You okay?" Anastasia took a deep breath. No, she wasn't okay. She may have not wanted kids now, but she wanted them in the far future. The fact that she had to adopt a child just was crazy to her. It didn't feel real right now in this moment.

She honestly didn't know what to say. She had to get herself together though. After a few minutes, she did. Ana finally spoke up, "It's just... Wow. I don't want kids right now, but I wouldn't mind them in the future." Joshua massaged her back, "We have two beautiful girls right here that I'm sure we are the best parents we could be to them in the future." "You two are," Valerie confirmed. "And we don't feel any different about it. We feel just like your own children," Angel added. "I'm glad because... You know that y'all cousin Zay has adoptive parents as well. He's spoiled as hell, but other than that he turned out okay," Josh retorted, chugging his Dr. Pepper. "You guys aren't the only adopted one. I was adopted too," Ana broadcasted, causing everyone to look at her. She continued, "I found out on my 17th birthday. My mama told me that I was conceived through rape. A man raped my biological mother and here I am. She didn't want to be reminded of what he did so she gave me up for adoption. It took me a while, but I finally got over it."

Valerie eyes widened, "Did you ever meet her?" Ana shook her head, "No. And I don't care if I ever do. I have my family. I don't regret anything in my life." "You are the most beautiful woman in the world to me. You are so amazing and freaky as hell. You were made for me," Josh joked, while kissing her forehead. "You promise?" Anastasia questioned. "Of course, no one rides it like you do," Joshua winked. Ana smirked, "I always been a rider." Valerie pretended to throw up, "Oh my God." Angel screwed her face, "Ewwww y'all. Seriously?" Ana threw her bread at them, while laughing, "Shut up." "FOOD FIGHT!" Joshua laughed, now getting up and throwing food. "I'mma beat your ass. Food too good to be throwing," Anastasia threw another piece of bread at him. They all now started to throw food at each other.

Zamir now finished smoking and eating. "Oh yeah, there was something that I forgot to say. I just saw missing posters of Soso on my to get the pizza. We gotta find her ASAP," Zamir advertised. Breana nodded, "Damn, we really do." "Well, I'mma get up out of here and go home. Maybe paint. I don't know yet. ZARIA! YOU READY?" He announced and then shouted upstairs. Zee came trotting downstairs with her bag and phone in hand, "Yeah." "Alright, see y'all later," Bree stated. "Bye," Zaria and Zamir replied in unison. Zay walked to the car and got in. Zee got in as well and strapped on her seatbelt. Zamir took off quickly and blasted the radio. Zaria stared out the window, "Christmas will be here before you know it. These months passing by fast." "What you want for Christmas?" Zay questioned, turning the radio down. "I want a video camera. A good one. I would love to create certain memories with it. And I want a laptop. Oh and the iPhone 5," Zaria chanted. "You a gadget person I see. Well, we will see how your attitude works out and decide if you get any of those items," Zay blabbed. "Hopefully, I do get them then. I been good so far. You know I'm an angel daddy," Zaria teased, while creating an invisible halo over her head. "Girl stop. More like a demon," Zamir chuckled, focusing on the road.

"On a more serious note, this experience better be the damn bomb though or I'm telling mama to come get me. This was her idea anyway, not mine," Zee bluntly hissed. "And you better hope I don't put my foot all the way up your ass. Zee, I'm serious about this attitude thing. That s*** is very unattractive. No man wants to deal with that. Trust me. This is something I know," Zay roared. "It's hard to trust someone like YOU Zay. You are half evil right? It's very hard to even be around a person like you. Your temper is very scary. You the type of person I would sleep with one eye open around. I'm just saying. I'm going to give it to you straight. I won't sugarcoat it. I personally, feel like you can't be fully trusted," Zee shouted. Zamir feelings were a little hurt. His only daughter already had her mind made up about him. It stung his heart and he was also upset that she would even say that to him. Sleeping with one eye open around him? The fact that she thought he would ever hurt her, made him hurt. Zee noticed the silence and sighed, "I'm just being honest..." Zamir hurriedly made it to his house and got out. He unlocked the door, and allowed her to walk through it. Zamir closed the door and walked over to her, "I don't want you being afraid of me. I wouldn't ever hurt you. But I have an idea." Before she could speak another word, Zamir quickly transformed her into a baby.

"I'm gonna make up for all the time I missed, while I was dead," He picked her up and held her in his arms. His eyes lit up as her little eyes stared back at him. "Hey Zaria, you so beautiful baby. Daddy loves you," He kissed her repeatedly. Zee's eyes filled with hearts as she tried talking to him. Zamir smiled widely, "You really do love me." He walked around the house with her, "I think you're about nine months right now. You look about that age." Zee placed her fingers in her mouth and sucked on them. "You teething. I see your little teeth coming in baby," He smiled and placed her in the air and then brought her back to his chest. Zee mean mugged him. "Girl, you better STOP looking at me like that!" Zay enforced with a chuckle. Zaria now giggled. "Bad, little self. Looking mean and stuff. Don't do me like that. You hungry?" Zamir asked, now flashing a bottle into his hand. Zee grabbed the bottle from his hand and held it as she gulped the milk. "Her real thirsty I see," Zamir cooed in a babyish voice. Zee chugged the bottle until there wasn't any left. Zaria now tugged onto Zay's nose ring and giggled, while making baby noises. "No! Stop. Don't do that baby. That hurts," He sternly said.

Zaria stopped and then took the glasses from around his head and played with them, "Ah yah. Ye ye. Yah!" "You just gotta have something in your hand, little explorer," He walked to the kitchen and grabbed some applesauce out of the fridge. He then sat down on the couch. He ate a little bit as Zee watched him. She reached over for it and cried because she couldn't reach it. "Alright, alright. I'll give you some." Zamir dipped his finger into the applesauce and placed it into her mouth. She swallowed it and was begging for more. "You want more baby?" He dipped his finger into it again. She quickly ate the applesauce off his finger. He continuously fed her the applesauce until he was gone. Zaria looked around the house with excitement. She wanted to explore it. She climbed down from his lap and wobbled a little bit as she tried standing up. "You can't walk yet girl," Zay was just about to grab her until she wobbled some more and started walking. Zamir clapped his hands and smiled widely, "YAY BABY! THAT'S DADDY'S GIRL!" Zaria smiled and talked baby gibberish and walked around the house. Zamir got up and followed her closely, "Don't go too far Zee."

Zaria's eyes widened as a black cloud surrounded them. He screwed his face, "What the f***?" He picked Zaria up and held her close to him. BOOM! He watched as his doors burst open. Then came in some unknown type of creatures with wolves heads and different animal parts. They growled as their eyes turned red and ran towards Zay. Zee flew across the room and zapped them with her eyes. "You flying, walking, AND using your powers. Ain't that something. HOLD ON BABY," Zamir quickly placed a shield around Zee's body. He now transformed into his god Set. His eyes became black and his hair turned red. He got on all fours and hissed like a snake at these unknown demons. He chased them into his backyard. They growled and surrounded him, but was no match for Set. Zamir chuckled, "You stupid ass bastards. Do you not know who you f***ing with?" He created thunder and the biggest storm as he blasted them with lightening. They ran far away from his as fast as they could. "NOW YOU CHOOSE TO RUN?" Zamir hollered in a demonic voice. He chased after them and sunk his claws into them. He clawed all of their insides out, "I SHOULD EAT YOU ALL, BUT I WON'T!" He watched as these animals died.

They then disappeared into eternity. Zamir now turned back into his normal self and stretched. "Making me run and s***," He shook his head and walked back into the house and closed the door. He grabbed Zee from the air and kissed her, "You did good protecting daddy. Good girl." Zaria clapped her hands a little and smiled. Zay laughed, "That's right! Give daddy kiss." Zee poked her lips out and then kissed Zay's lips. Zamir kissed her back, "MUAH!" Zee giggled and sucked on her fingers. "I thought you would be bad as hell, but you a happy baby," Zamir chuckled. He then became serious, "Let me call all of BP because that was just weird as hell." Zamir did just that. He called the entire Black Pyramid except Lexi and Nani. Everyone eventually showed up into Zamir's living room. "Is that my baby?" Breana's eyes widened as she played with Zee. "Yeah, I'm just making up for the time I missed. I'mma transform her into a 3-year old Saturday. A 7-year-old Sunday. And then back to herself on Monday," Zamir explained. "Nigga, why you call us all the way over here?" Xavier asked.

"Demon creatures just left my house and tried to kill me and Zee. I turned into Set and killed them. It was very creepy. That's not all that happened. I know y'all saw the missing posters of Soso going around. Her family and boyfriend are looking for her. She's been gone for like two months now. I believe Dany has her and we have to get her back. Remember those block letters we all received? Well, I finally put all them together. And they spell out, 'HELP SNEAK.' Soso is captured by Danyell. We are gonna get her back no matter what," Zamir announced, staring at everyone. "And how the hell we gonna do that?" Ana inquired. "Dany is psycho. She cannot be stopped. We are gonna have to come up with a good plan because that broad is scary," Keria remarked. "That b**** ain't THAT crazy. She don't scare me. And she can't take all of us at once," Breana roared. "We better get to work SOON. I'm sure her and Zeke are planning some s***," Joshua insisted. "I agree. We should do--"

Zamir was cut off when he saw younger versions of him and the rest of the BP members flash into the room. "That's me when I was 12! And ooh 16! And 18!" Breana pointed her younger selves out. "WHAT THE f***?" Keria screwed her face as she saw herself. "NOW THIS IS CREEPY AS f***!" Ana screamed and ran into Josh arms. "I'm so glad I don't dress like ole dude no more," Zay chuckled and pointed to his 16-year-old self. The younger versions up the group now walked closer to them and surrounded them. The group didn't know what to do as the younger versions eyes transformed into red and evil smirks plastered onto their faces. Zamir smirked as well as his eyes turned black, "Let the f***ing games begin."

Tried to get this s*** done quick as possible. And made it longer. Dany will come in next chapter. Know her and Zeke got some s*** to say about Zay being alive and s*** lol.

This nigga has kids by almost
every b**** in the BP Crew.
He needs top start wrapping
his willy up and keeping it
to him damn self.
Everyone probaly mad as hell
that he f***ing with almost
all their ladies.

Awh, X and Bree finally have
that little baby that he wanted.
Now he don't have to be worried
because he got that bay he wanted.

Zee got that mouth smacked.
All that smart ass talking she does.
She deserved that s***. haha
I mean we all know where she get it
from though, so yeah...

Them little kids are so damn cute tho.
I cannot wait to see what continue to happens
im just sooo happy...
I dont even know why.

Run this s***.

ps. Nani, i didnt get your message.

I don't see a pic for you Bree......

I like my pic Ana lol.

what the heezy zay got more kids than
t.i. he need to keep his s*** to himself
get keria preggy damn non of the youngins can
date in the crew cause they all brothers and sisters
and cousins...

daammmmmmnnnnn zee got popped in the mouth that
is what she get that little girl is wayyyyyyy
to grown for me i be ready to box up with her
than i remember she is your child and i hold my tongue

keria and zay finna do it they have a pretty little girl

x finally popped you too well not yet but soon. and yall have a baby
now he can stop b**** cause he put a seed inside you too lol

oh yea bree your pic.... ????


Fine lol

Zay doesn't want you anymore. Get over it lol.

Zay doesn't want you anymore. Get over it lol.

I already told you ... IM JEALOUS
Keria get Zay AAAAANNNNNNNNDDDDD she's a choice with the baby thing
This aint fair :(
Them lil kids cute though and I don't know when BUT I do know that Keria&Bree
Will be reunited for the umpteenth time .. *throws confetti*

Pow pow lol I bet she shut up next time
Somebody need to take her young asx home
She got school in the am and she WILL be going....ON TIME

Ana stupid but Zay asx would take all day doing the simplest thing.

Awe Zee and my nigga X
That's so cute...step daddy step daughter lub!!
I mean

Ummmm Zay and Keriia....
Idk what to say lol
Well I can say that I was thinking the same as her a few times
But I don't think that's a good thing for her
I really didnt think he was gonna kill her I figured he was being dramatic
as usual....but ummmm she can't have sex with my bd
No sir no ma'am no ham!
I will NOT stand for this!

Hahaha....I got yo asx Bree!
But pregnant whore though?
Geez. Can we say harsh lol
But umm Gia& loved that part
But umm wtf I'm cleaning up for...didn't I JUST say f*** that nigga?
And he bet not get mad cause he left my asx for TWO WEEKS
Fck he think this is?? He better not start that foolishness either
Everybody know Bree is my ..... Whatever it is
He better be coming to drop Tes off...I ain't lying...I ain't lying!!


<strong>Chapter Eleven</strong>:
<em>The Unexpected Part II</em>

Breana was finally brought back up to her feet. This s*** was happening again. People were getting hurt too much in this group. Like was there this curse on them or something? She didn't understand. She hopped into her car and then turned on the engine. Bree was preparing to follow the ambulance that had Shakeria inside of it. "Bree... When you get there, tell us how she is doing," Zamir stated. Breana nodded her head and now took off after the flashing red lights. Everything was falling apart and she couldn't help but become so emotional over everything. It was just so crazy right now.

Hopefully, Keria would be all fine. Minutes later, and the ambulance were pulling up to the hospital. Breana parked the car and followed them inside the emergency room. Bree then filled out paper work. She sat in the waiting room and was exhausted. No telling how long she would be here. Breana hated sitting in waiting rooms or just being at the hospital period. It was sort of depressing and boring. Not to mention that nurses take their precious ass time when it comes to checking on patients. She shook her head and played with her phone for a while.

She then called Xavier. He picked up on the first ring, "Hey bae. Is everything alright?" Bree sighed, "It's been about 30 minutes. They haven't told me anything yet. Just sitting here bored and scared X. Like really scared. Every time a door opens, I'm just thinking a doctor is gonna pop out and give me bad news. My heart is beating extremely fast." "Just try to calm down. Everything is gonna be fine. Keria will be fine. Don't worry. I promise," Xavier reassured. Breana felt her throat clog up with tears as she made an exit to the restroom and went inside. Tears escaped her eyes as she cried into the phone, "What if she won't? Huh? I just don't know what to do."

Xavier didn't like to see her cry. He knew he had to do something. "Where are you?" "In the bathroom," Bree answered between muffled cries. "I meant what hospital?" X questioned. "Grady," Breana replied. "I'll be right there baby. Don't move." "Okay," Bree sniffed. She then hung up and placed water onto her face. She stared into the mirror at her now red face. Next, she blew her nose into the tissue. Within another minute, she tossed it into the trash. She didn't want to give herself a headache but she also knew it was coming the way she was bawling. After running water on her again, she grabbed a napkin and dried her face off. Breana was now walking out of the restroom and back into the waiting room. Her butt now hit the seat as she waited for Xavier.

Several minutes later and she saw the entire BP walk through the door. "Damn, you brought everybody," Bree commented. "We had to make sure she was okay," Joshua responded as he sat down. "Yeah, we wanted to make sure she was good. And if not, I'm sure we could use our powers and save her," Nallely added, while sitting next to Bree. "Maybe we could," X now sat on the other side of her. "It took us a minute. I brought her flowers," Zamir announced. "It took us more than a minute. He was about to pick a damn garden how long he was taking," Ana remarked smartly as she sat next to Josh. "I bought her balloons with MY money. Zay didn't even wanna buy them for me," Zaria sat down. "Because I didn't have enough cash on me. And PLUS I gave your little grown ass some money but you spent MOST of it on a damn purse. So, don't start in here. All of us are worried and irritated at this point. Don't make me put my foot in your ass," Zay growled.

"Y'all need to hush. Argued all the way over here. We don't wanna hear that s***," Nani shook her head. "That's him... He stay doing the most," Zaria rolled her eyes. "Then shut up Zaria! Just agree and shut the f*** up. Everything don't need a damn answer. You like talking back but I swear I will whoop yo ass in here. I'm stressing and I don't need this from you. It's not the time for this s***!" Bree spat, sighing. "But he ALWAYS got something to say," Zaria defended. Breana reached over Nani and slapped Zaria into her mouth hard. Zee's lips trembled as she held her mouth. "Say something else. I DARE you to. Just say anything!" Breana roared glaring at Zaria. Zaria turned around in her seat and became quiet. Bree sighed deeply and buried her face into Xavier's chest.

He wrapped his arms around her and held her. It soon became quiet as the doctor now walked out. "Are all of you here for Shakeria Evans?" The doctor inquired. The entire Black Pyramid nodded their heads. "She's still in critical condition and only family at this time can see her," The doctor informed. "I'm her sister and these are her friends," Breana announced. "You go ahead babe, we'll be right here," Xavier kissed her forehead. "Yeah, just keep us updated," Joshua retorted. Zee now checked the time on her phone and saw that it was 2:30 in the morning. She laid her head on Xavier's shoulder and started drifting off to sleep. Xavier looked down at her, "Your lil' ass gon' be tired as hell in the morning. Should have took you home." "Here, take these flowers," Zay offered her the flowers. Bree grabbed the flowers, "Okay."

Breana now walked into the hospital room. She stared at Keria and her heart dropped. There Shakeria was lying there plugged up to all these machines. Bree couldn't stop worrying as she stared at her. What could she honestly say right now? Nothing to make it better. This was not supposed to be happening right now. It just wasn't. Ugh. She held the flowers and smelled them. They smelt heavenly. "You're gonna love these. Zay did good. Girl, this boy really wants you," She giggled. She then continued, "You know, it's really crazy because I remember in ninth grade when you and me became cool. And you used to tell me all the time how something wasn't right about him. I used to just laugh because EVERYBODY knew Zay ass was a mess. That boy still a fool 'til this day child. How about he popped up in my house! I mean, didn't knock or ring the doorbell. Just flashed his tall, skinny, bony ass inside my house. Who does s*** like that? Zamir does! I really wonder will you guys hit it off or not."

"Te-Te Bree... What's wrong with my mommy?" "Hey mommy!" Breana quickly turned around to see two small girls standing next to each other. "Shhh! Not so loud Nia," The small girl with the purse said to the other one. Breana furrowed her eyebrows, "Wait. I'm confused. Who are you little girls and how did you get in here? You're not supposed to be here." "I'm Zhorah, your niece. And this is <a href="">Xenia</a>, your daughter, We came from the future," <a href="">She</a> explained, pointing to the other girl. "Okay Zho. If Keria is your mother then who is your father?" Breana asked confusedly. "Take a wild guess," Zhorah remarked. Xenia quickly ran over to Breana and tugged on her shirt. "A wild guess.... Uh... Zamir?" Breana asked with disbelief.

"Bingo. You got it," Zhorah confirmed. Breana immediately laughed and covered her mouth, "No way!" "Uh huh," Zhorah replied. Bree picked Xenia up and stared at her, "You're so gorgeous." She then stared at Zho, "So Xenia is me and X's daughter right?" "Yeah. You and Uncle X have two sons too," Zhorah broadcasted. Breana's eyes widened instantly, "Two sons? Lord please help me." "Yes. I promise. You gotta make sure that mommy and daddy get together. Well, first make sure mommy don't die or.... I won't be born," Zho stared at the floor sadly. "She's not gonna die. I promise. How old are you girls?" "I'm five. Nia is three," Zhorah informed. "If you're five and she's three, what year is it in the future?" Bree questioned, never taking her eyes off Zhorah. "I can't say aunt Bree. I already said too much."

"Look at mommy's hair Zho," Xenia giggled and played with Breana's blue hair. "I see it," Zhorah replied, while walking over to Keria's bed. "It ain't funny lil' girl," Breana uttered, while tickling Xenia. Xenia giggled loudly, causing Bree to cover her mouth. "So, you two are pretty close huh?" Bree inquired, awaiting an answer. "Me and Nia? Yeah. She won't let me go nowhere without her. I don't care. I can't tell her no. She gives me puppy eyes so I say yes," Zhorah muttered. "Well, I promise you Zho that your mama will be fine. Don't worry about that. And I know one thing, it better be summer in the future if y'all have on these outfits." "It's summer in the future," Zhorah admitted. "Cool. When your birthday Zho?" Bree questioned.

"November 14th. Me and Xenia have the same birthday," Zhorah answered. "So you both were born on the same day. That's so cute. And oh okay. So you're about to turn six and Nia about to turn four. Cool," Bree cooed. Zhorah nodded, while kissing Keria's cheek. She then called after Xenia, "Come on Nia. We gotta go before we get into trouble." "Bye mommy," Xenia hopped down from her lap. "Bye. Y'all be EXTRA safe okay?" "Bye aunt Bree. We will," Zhorah stated.

Breana watched as the two girls flashed away. She couldn't believe she had three children in the future. That was so damn crazy to her. She did notice when Zhorah stated that her and Xenia were close. And that probably meant that Breana and Keria friendship would be repaired probably. She stared at Shakeria and prayed that everything would be fine. "I know I wasn't the best friend to you. In fact, I was the worst friend but I love you. I always have and I always will. We never fell out for this long period of time before. Man, this is just depressing. I'm sorry Keria. I know you don't like hearing that but I am. That friend you want me to be.... You have to give me a little time. I can't change overnight. I will make that effort for you if you forgive me. That's all I ask," Breana apologized.

She now buried her face into her hands. "I may not always agree with you Bree, but I love you too. I'm not judging you or trying to change you. I just want you to be a better friend. I am tired of being let down by you. Prove to me that you want this friendship." Breana looked up to see Keria sitting up in the bed. Bree nodded her head, "You're up!" Shakeria felt like her head was gonna fall off because she had the biggest headache ever. "Yeah. My head hurt so damn bad right now. And I'm so sorry for saying f*** your almost death. I didn't even mean to say that. That wasn't like me at all. After almost dying tonight, I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Please forgive me."

"I forgave you a LONG time ago," Bree retorted, now hugging Keria tightly. Shakeria laughed uneasily, "I wouldn't mind you hugging me if I didn't have this huge headache." Breana now let go, "Oh, my bad." The doctor smoothly walked inside the room, "You're up? That's amazing. I have to run some tests on you to make sure everything is okay." An hour later and the doctor was finished running tests. "Well, your X-Ray came back normal. No broken bones. No major injuries. Just a small cut on your forehead from the impact of the crash. You're operating and functioning well. I have no reason to keep you here. I prescribe you to take some aspirin for that headache to go away. Oh and get plenty of rest," The doctor informed. Keria nodded her head.

"I got some ibuprofen," Breana dug into her purse and handed Shakeria two pills. Keria took the pills and swallowed them, "Thanks." "You're welcome. Oh and these flowers are for you. They are from Zay," Bree handed Keria flowers. "That's sweet," Keria grabbed them and walked out of the room. Breana followed her into the waiting room. Everyone gathered around Shakeria. "She's fine everyone. Just a huge headache right now so we're about to leave," Bree announced to everyone. Every BP member nodded. Everyone headed to their car and drove off.

<em>Two Weeks Later...</em>

Shakeria couldn't help but think about all the things that happened these couple of weeks. And it's been extremely rough for her. She didn't know how she made it, but she did. She was very careful to not run into Justin. He called her and texted her. She would never answer. She wanted nothing to do with him. No matter how many 'sorry' text messages he sent, still didn't change anything. Her phone now lit up. It was a picture message from Zay. Her and Zay had been texting for a few days now. Nothing serious. She didn't even give Zay her number. Somehow he already had it and texted her. Even when she told him to forget her number. Zamir didn't listen. In fact, he kept pursuing her. No matter how many times she would tell him 'bye' or threatened to block his number.

For some strange reason, Shakeria liked that he didn't listen to her. He was giving her a little entertainment and she couldn't help, but laugh whenever he texted her. She now looked at the <a href="">pic</a> and message attached: <strong>Could you handle this?</strong> She read the message and replied: <strong> I don't smoke.</strong> Zamir replied: <strong> That was me a few days ago.</strong> He now sent her another <a href="">pic</a>: <strong>Do you want this?</strong> Shakeria now laughed aloud at the message. She shook her head. She couldn't stop laughing.

She got her composure together and replied:<strong>What?</strong> Zamir texted back rapidly:<strong>The cup. You don't drink juice?</strong> That message made Keria laugh harder. She didn't see the red cup in the back. She replied: <strong>That small ass cup in the back I didn't even see dat s*** lol but no thanks.</strong> Zay now sent another <a href="">pic</a> :<strong>Can you hold this?</strong> Keria eyes widened. She responded: <strong>: o_O</strong> He replied: <strong>Now you can't hold a phone for me while I take pictures?</strong> She was getting confused by him. Maybe her mind was just too far in the gutter because she surely thought he meant something else.

She texted back: <strong>Yea rite now u cant hold the phone by yourself?</strong> He responded: <strong> OBVIOUSLY. But I was asking you could you hold it for me.</strong>. She shook her head and replied :<strong> Whatever Zay</strong> "This nigga here is a mess," She sighed. Zamir responded quickly with another <a href="">pic</a>: <strong>Where would I be without you?</strong>. She stared at the picture and replied: <strong>Without who???</strong> Zay replied: <strong>Black Pyramid.</strong> She knew he was full of it. She replied: <strong>I know what I would be without it. Normal. That's what. f*** a damn BP.</strong> Zamir responded: <strong>f*** being normal. Why wouldn't you want to be different? You joined and u gonna be in here FOREVER. U not leaving BP til you die permanently. Idc how many times u did die and come back.</strong>

"What?!" Keria shouted aloud at the message. She definitely was taken aback by his message. How he gonna tell her what she couldn't do. It was time to let him know what was up. She replied: <strong>U don't tell me wtf I can't do. If I wanna leave this unstable ass fake ass group then I WILL. U ain't no f***in body to me smh tf u think u talkin to? Good day weird ass nigga!</strong> Zamir was heated and replied: <strong> LIKE I SAID, your ass not going no damn where so shut up lol. Stop all that damn keyboard thugging you doing and take a chill pill. And watch your damn mouth about my group.</strong> Keria screwed her face and replied: <strong> NIGGA f*** U AND YO DAMN GROUP. TF? BYE ZAY CUZ YOU PISSING ME TF OFF FOREAL. DELETE MY NUMBER THIS TIME FOREAL.</strong> He replied: <strong>It's deleted and I'm about to block you. Bye. Oh and if you wanna get out of BP, I just sent you an email on how to do so.</strong> Shakeria shook her head and then read the email Zamir just sent:

<em>Zamir <></em>

<em>Nov 15</em>

<em>to Keria,,,,,,,,</em>

<em>Dear Hathor/Shakeria</em>,

<em>It was brought to my attention by one of the leaders of Black Pyramid that you wanted to denounce your position from the group. Well, let me explain to you how this will work. Please read all of the information, as it will explain to you what to do and don't skip any of the things listed below:</em>

<em>To be denounced or give up your position, you must first</em>:

<em>1) Die.</em>
<em>2) Die.</em>
<em>3) Die.</em>
<em>4) Die.</em>
<em>5) Die.</em>

<em>Basically death is the only way out and no I do not mean you have to kill yourself or anything of that nature. It's just that Black Pyramid is forever. Once you took that oath, that was it. I really hope that you realize that right now you are still under oath and I will not relieve you. My apologies to you but maybe you should have read your member handbooks. If you lost it, I will make sure that Ma'at (Breana) can get that for you or that Isis (Nallely) could write you up another copy. As of right now, you are in what I like to call the Shadows of Destruction. And you won't be able to get out of it until the rest of the members believe that you are worthy. You will not be able to attend any parties or BP activities until noted otherwise. But you WILL be on community service duty until further notice. And no I will not refund you any monies you put into this group. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me at or by phone at (323) 435-5361. You could also contact the other members who are in the same place of authority that I am in. If you are confused or wondering who could that be. Refer to the list below:</em>

<em>Zamir Brown - Set/Seth</em>
<em>Leader & Founder of Black Pyramid. (Pay dues and plans events. Also grants new members access and determines the guidelines and rules)</em>

<em>Breana Smith - Ma'at/Mayet
Secretary & Co-founder of Black Pyramid. (Handles the paperwork and issues certain duties to members. Also suggest/or cancel members and ideas)</em>

<em> Nallely Turner - Isis
Councilwoman & Counselor of Black Pyramid. (Answers questions and/or concerns related and non-related to Black Pyramid)</em>

<em>Thank you for your time and request. We will work with you to make sure your experience is definitely a learning one.</em>



"No this nigga didn't! Got me f***ed up," Shakeria spat to herself. She replied rapidly: <strong>I guess u gon have to come and kill me then cuz I'm out the group.</strong> Zamir replied: <strong>On my way with my gun.</strong> Keria didn't bother to respond as she sat in the living room of her mother's house. She had been living here until she could move out and get a place of her own. No telling how long that would be. She continued sitting in the living room until she heard a few noises. Before she could figure out what the noises were, she felt hands around her mouth. Her body was being carried away. She looked up and saw it was Zamir. He had broken into her house and basically kidnapped her. He threw her into the car and sped off quickly. "LET ME GO! LET ME OUT!" Keria screamed for her life.

"Nah, if you wanna get shot and be out of the group then I'm gonna do it so SHUT UP!" He hollered as he continuously sped down the street. Shakeria did the unthinkable. She opened the car door and rolled out of the car, hitting her body on some rocks. Keria got up and limped away quickly. Zay wasn't going to let her get away that easily. He chased after her. Then, got out of the car and grabbed her and threw right back in. This time he placed child locks onto the door so she couldn't get out. He drove for another hour until he pulled up to a city outside of LA. He went to one of his dad's properties and took Keria inside the house. He threw her onto the bed. Keria was scared out of her life. "Any last word you wanna say before I shoot you?" He asked, staring at her intensely.

Shakeria gulped loudly, "Can I call my mom and at least say goodbye first?" "No!" He shouted at her. "PLEASE LET ME SAY I LOVE HER," Keria begged on the brink of tears. "No! You're not calling no damn body so shut up!" He spat mercilessly. Keria heart started beating loudly as she closed her eyes. Guess she was gonna die today. And she was afraid but knew it was her time. Zamir unbuckled his pants and then took them off. He then pulled his boxers off and held his d*** in his hand, "My gun nice and loaded. You ready?"

Keria eyes stared at his d*** and was confused, "You brought me here to have sex with me?" He nodded, "Yeah." He then pulled his pants up, "We don't have to if you don't want to. I'm sorry about everything. I didn't mean to scare you. I'll take you back home." He was prepared to walk away until he heard... "Wait... I want to," Keria spoke softly. "To have sex with me?" Zay asked, making sure he heard right. Shakeria nodded and then got up and kissed him intensely.

Breana decided that she would have a talk with Nani because she knew she was still feeling down about her and Jasper's break-up. She sat on Nallely's couch and stared at her, "Where is Tes?" "He's at my dad's house," Nani responded inaudibly. "Nani, I'm so sorry about everything. I thought he would at least call by now. I know this is stressful for you and the baby," Bree offered her apologies. Nallely sighed, "It's not your fault. Nothing to be sorry about. I thought he would be back too but it's been two weeks... Two lonely f***ing weeks! I'll be right back." Nani almost ran upstairs as she made her way to her bedroom. She closed the door and felt tears run down her face. Nothing was the way it was supposed to be. Everything seemed like it was falling completely apart.

She didn't know what she was going to do. It was hard putting on smiles for her son and everyone else when she was miserable. She couldn't stop the tears from falling. Breana crept upstairs into Nani's bedroom. It made her feel badly like it was her fault. She didn't like seeing Nani so sad and down like this. She walked over to her and called after her, "Nani...." Nallely continued crying her eyes out. Breana skated over to her and hugged her tightly, "Nani I hate seeing you like this. It makes me wanna f*** Jasper up for leaving you! Ugh. Cheer up! That nigga don't even deserve you. Straight up. Ain't nobody like you in this world. So, it's his loss." Nani sniffed and then wiped her tears, "You damn right. f*** him! Somebody wants my ass. f*** I'm crying over him for?" "Girl I have no damn idea. You too beautiful for this bulls***!" Bree reassured.

"I'm sexy as hell," Nani flipped her hair confidently. Breana laughed, "You aight bruh." "Nigga, I'm more than alright. You know I'm sexy," Nani giggled. "I guess," Bree looked at the time on her phone. Nallely took the phone out of her hand and placed it on the stand. She then grabbed her hand and kissed it repeatedly while staring into Breana's eyes. Breana moaned quietly and took her hand away, "No. You think you slick ho. You know that's one of my spots." Nani ignored her and kissed her neck, while caressing her sides. These were her other spots. Breana moaned loudly as she felt herself becoming wet. A big smirk crept across Nani's face, "Told you it was mine." Bree bit her lip and flipped Nani on the bed and held her hands down. She blew on Nani's ear, "Shut up pregnant slut."

"Whoa ho," Nani expressed. Bree bit her neck and then grabbed her face and licked up her chin, "How this pregnant pussy feel ho? Let me see right now. Don't say nothing you pregnant WHORE." "You ain't gotta be so damn aggressive," Nani spat. Breana ripped her clothes off and bit her lip hard, "f*** UP!" Breana and Nani now got to work. Many minutes later, Bree and Nani were both catching their breaths. "I tore your ass up," Nallely bragged. Breana rolled her eyes playfully, "Don't you mean I tore your ass up?" "Girl boo," Nani laughed.

Bree got up and searched for her clothes. Nani now stared at her, "Where you going?" "Home. I got my nut. Time to leave," Bree nonchalantly replied as she looked for her panties. Nallely screwed her face, "The f*** you mean? You better sit your ass back on this bed." "Why?" "Because I wanna cuddle," Nani stated. "Cuddle with your pillows b****," Breana spat. Nani gave her a look. Bree sighed loudly and laid back on the bed as she rolled her eyes. Nani didn't give a damn.

She faced her and wrapped her arms around her, "I love you." "Uh huh," Bree played with her fingernails. "Say it back nigga!" Nallely demanded. "Ugh. I love you too. Damn," Bree spat. Nani smiled, "I know you do." "Wipe that f***ing smile off your face you evil b****," Bree spat. "I am not evil." "Whatever. You planned all this s***. I'm hungry so I gotta leave." "I'll cook you something," Nallely not got up and got dressed in her robe. "No, I'll go get something," Bree got up. Nani pretended to cry, "You act like you don't wanna be around me. I don't even ask you for s***." Breana sighed loudly and sat back down, "Okay... I'll stay." Nani headed to the kitchen, while smirking. She whipped Breana up something quickly and then came back with a plate full of food. Breana eyed the food excitedly, "Thanks!"

"Fat ass! You welcome though boo," Nallely handed her the food. Breana immediately dug in. While Breana was eating, Nani picked Bree's phone up and went through it. She stopped and screwed her face at some of the messages, "Who is this b**** texting you some damn 'Good night hun' And 'Good morning hun'?" "My side b****," Bree smirked evilly while eating her food. Nani now looked at her, "Umm, b**** don't play." "My damn cousin Nani. I'm not f***ing nobody but Xavier," Bree shook her head. Nani sighed a sigh of relief, "You was about to get a b**** cut real quick." "Hold up though. You not my b**** so why you going through my s*** to begin with? Learn your damn role. See, this is why I wished we NEVER f***ed. Ugh."

"But we DID and you can't take the s*** back," Nani yelled. "Whatever, let me go through your s*** and see how you like it." Nani handed over her phone, "I don't have nothing to hide." Breana continued eating and went through her phone. She screwed her face at her messages as well. Not because she was talking to other girls but because people stayed worrying Nani over their problems. Not even considering Nani's problems. "Why is this Gia b**** still texting you about her imaginary baller boyfriend? I swear you need to check this b**** BEFORE I DO. I have no problem slapping this ho. She got one MORE time to try you. I promise. And Lexi ass and her baby daddy problems! Lord, this female here! Why do you even answer these hoes calls and texts? This s*** is depressing," Bree roared, shaking her head.

"They asses just text me with this bulls*** so I answer but I'm about to stop answering," Nani shook her head as well. "f*** that. But I'm about to play on Lexi phone." Breana grabbed her phone and called Lexi's number privately. Breana placed her on speaker. Lexi answered, "Who is this?" Breana now disguised her voice, "Nah b**** who is YOU? I hope you know I'm f***ing your baby daddy right? Yeah Kris stay in this pussy." Lexi laughed, "Who is this?" "Ask yo nigga ho! Bet he remember this supa soaker pussy," Bree spat. Nani covered her mouth as she laughed. "You whack ass b****. Probably using WiFi 'cuz yo phone cut off. Why not call me and show your number? 'Cuz you scared and s***," Lexi hollered.

"b****, my phone on 'cuz yo nigga paid it! Yeah, remember when he said he ain't have no money? He was paying my bills. Old skunk pussy having ass ho! Hahaha. You a lame b****," Bree giggled. Nallely now disguised her voice, "And he ate the team b****. You just mad shawty 'cuz yo nigga treat you just like the slave you are. Whack ass." "You hoes ain't got no lives. Bum ass b****es. Go pay your damn phone bill ho. I hear an echo. Lame ass hoes. Killing myself laughing," Lexi laughed. "Nah ho you should have killed yourself for getting pregnant by that trifling ass nigga who don't claim you," Bree laughed. "b****, kill yourself for your trifling ass, crack head ass mama for having your sour pussy ass!" Lexi roared.

Bree shook her head, "Ugh ho. It's Bree and Nani. You boring to prank call." Lexi laughed loudly, "Stupid ass b****es. I should have known it was y'all dumb ass." "And we should have known you was still chasing after your BD," Nani remarked. "Naw, I ain't chasing after s***," Lexi defended. "Whatever, but I do know one thing b****. You better stop texting my baby about your stupid ass baby daddy! Don't NOBODY give a damn! NOBODY. You the stupid ho. Point blank period. You LET that nigga treat you like that AND you pregnant by him. Chileeee," Bree spat into the receiver. "b****, I'm not letting him do nothing and somebody do care skank. Obviously you do since you brought it up."

"Actually I don't. So, I'm about to hang up on your spoiled coochie ass," Bree giggled. Nani laughed, "Slow ass." "Ho you smell like toe jam. Shut the f*** up," Lexi laughed. "BYE b****!" Breana laughed, now hanging up. "That ho still in denial," Nani added. "For real," Bree laughed. Breana finished eating. "NANI? YOU AT HOME?" It was Jasper's voice. Nallely stared at Bree and shrugged. Breana quickly got up and tripped as she ran. Nani shook her head. Nallely tried her best to pick up Bree's clothes and clean up at the same time. Jasper now entered the room and stopped dead in his tracks, "Na.....Ni?"


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