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Loveless Life

<cited>No one ever knew it was happening and I for damn sure wasnt gonna share it. I knew I had brought this upon myself so now I had to suffer the consequences that came with it. Staring down the barrel of the gun I just knew it was over for me and in a way I was at peace. This meant my storms will soon be over and all the suffering I have been enduring have finally come to an end. I closed my eyes and just waited for her to what was started so long ago.<cited>

Chapter 1
<a href="">I</a> never understood why the ones around me hated me some much. My own <a href="">mother (Tanya) </a> could barely stand the sight of me so any chance she got she was shipping to my <a href="">dad(Richard) </a> house and it was bad cuz his new wife <a href="">Trish</a> hated my gusts because she was jealous of the bond me and my father shared. Its kinda hard for me to deal with this shyt because im so tired of being treated like this.!

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Man her daddy aint s*** trent need a beatn wtf is wrong wit him no mean no b**** smh run it

*Tiara's POV*
i sat there waiting for him to say anything at all to be. so far all he was doing was staring at me with this blank expression on his face.
"how dare you.?" was all he said.
"excuse me.?"
"how can you sit in my face and lie on my wife."
"daddy im not lying you have to believe me."
"no i dont because its not true. go to your room tiara until i feel like your ready to come out."
"but daddy im telling the truth."
"NOW and stop with these lies im sick of hearing them."
"why cant you believe me daddy.? what reason would i have to lie about something like this.?"
"just like you said you hate trish."
"but daddy i didnt start hating her until she let trent rape me."
"enough with this rape shyt tiara. go to your room."
"wow thinks for the support dad." without another word i left the den and that house. i had to get away from there. how could he not believe me. im his daughter, his flesh and blood.
as i walked the street i had no clue where i was headed but somehow i ended up back at maurice's house. i thought for a minute then knocked hoping he answered but instead it was malachi.
"hey your tiara right.?" he asked.
"yea is maurice here.?"
"yea come on in and i'll get him for you."
"its fine i'll wait out here."
"ok hold on." he shut the door and went over to the chair on the porch and sat down. a few moments later maurice emerged form the house still putting on his shirt. i caught a glimpse of his body and boy was it on point.!
"hey tiara what are you doing here so late.?" he asked.
"i had to get out my house. me and my dad got in a huge argument."
"im assuming you want to talk about it."
"actually no. i want to forget about it."
"im not understanding."
"honestly maurice i dont know how i ended up at your house. i was just walking trying to clear my head. so much has happened and i just cant deal with it. i needed to get away but somehow i got here and couldnt leave."
"you know what tiara you have been on my mind too. its something about you that is just unbelieveable. its funny though because i was actually dreaming baout you when you came here."
"no lie. stay the night with me and i'll take you home in the morning. dont worry i promise i wont try anything i swear. we can just talk."
"i would really like that alot." maurice lead me up to <a href="">his room</a> and for a while it was quite we just sat there neither of us wanted to be the first to speak then finally he spoke up.
"so whats the deal with your dad. is he single and controlling or something.?"
"no he's actually married to this bytch who thinks her son is God's gift to women but he couldnt get a girl if he tried."
"wow do i have to show him some pointers on how to be a gentlemen.?"
"how about pointers on being an all around human being."
"wow its that bad.?"
"you have no idea."
"well i would like to. please tiara let me in."
"what if im afraid. i havent had good experiences with the people im suppose to trust in let alone a stranger."
"your family.?"
"i can show you how your meant to be treated and probably even more."
"thats sweet maurice. um if you dont mind me asking."
"you want some night clothes huh.?"
"if its not too much trouble."
"no its fine." he went in his closet and grabbed me a t-shirt then went in his drawer and open up a new pack of boxers and handed me a pair to wear."
"really your giving me boxers.?"
"well they'll be shorts on you so why not."
"i guess maurice. thank you." he showed me where the bathroom was and i changed in to then clothes. he shirt smelled just like him and as i enhaled his aroma i prayed there would be no funny business in this room tonight. as i walked back in i notice maurice has made himself comforable on his couch.
"you know you could have slept in your bed and i could have took that couch."
"its fine your my guest and that would be rude."
"no really go get in your bed."
"tiara stop being dificult and lay ya ass down in the bed." he said sitting up and smiling at me.
i climbed in his bed and laid down our heads were right by each other and for the first time in my whole life i felt safe going to sleep.
"good night tiara." marice said kissing my forehead.
"good night sweetie." was all i could say before i was out like a light.
the next moring i woke up and maurice was already gone out the room. i didnt know if i should go out yet or not so i got dressed and began to creep out the house.
"what are you doing.?" i heard maurice say as i was at the door ready to walk out. i turned to find maurice, malachi, levi, and hashim in the livingroom eating breakfast.
"i was gonna head home." i said.
"naw i got you just chill and come get some breakfast."
what was she doing in here.?" levi asked.
"isnt it clear.? nobody knew she was here but maurice. baby girl was getting her smash on." hashim said laughing.
"actually i knew she was here and they didnt do anything.?" malachi spoke up saying.
"oh so you got yo smash on." hashim joked.
"shut yo dumb ass up and eat nigga. she just came and spent the night with maurice. they did nothing so drop it." malachi finshed up saying.
"whatever all i know is maurice you lucky momma didnt see her here or else yo ass would be dead." levi said.
"actually nigga mommy saw her this morning before she went to work and she didnt say anything." maurice said.
"what.! aint that about a baby back bytch."
"nigga im the oldest i get away with whatever."
"whatever nigga."
maurice walked me to the kitchen and we ate some cereal together then he drove me home.
"thanks for everyhting maurice."
"any time tiara. do you want me to walk you up.?"
"no thats fine. i'll talk to you later ok.?"
"alright see ya."
as i walked up the steps to my house i knew drama was ahead but i couldnt let maurice see any worry in me. i opened the door and no one was around so i hurried to my room only to find trent with a pair of my panties to his nose and curled up in my bed.
"GET THE FUXK OUT OF HERE YOU SICK BASTARD.!" i yelled scaring him.
"tiara baby im so glad your home." he said getting up and coming towards me.
"get away or i'll scream."
"go ahead nobody will hear you. the parents are gone for the day and wont be back til 7 tonight. which leaves us time to go as long as we want."
"get out trent im not playing with you." by now trent had my back against the wall and his hands all over me.
"come on tiara i know you been missing this dicc as much as he been missing you. and i know you feel how much." he said grinding up against me.
"trent move." i said pushing him and heading out the room but he grabbed me and threw me to the floor.
"stop figh it tiara. i know you want it now stop playing."
with my legs open and both my hands in his left hand trent began to take off my pants and stick his hand inside my panties playing with my clit. i yelled and screamed hoping somebody would hear but nobody came. and when he began to slide himself inside me i tried to scoot away.
"naw you aint going no where what you do give my puccy to that lame ass nigga you stayed the night with.?" how the fuxk doe he know that. i couldnt even begin to ask because he was ramming himself inside me so hard i thought i was gonna die."
"trent please stop." was all i could say. but then he covered my face with a pillow and continued to go in on my puccy.
"i bet you wont try to play me no more huh.? this is my puccy tiara remember it and love it." five minutes later he pulled out and came all over my brand new shirt.
"thanks for the ass. next time dont make me wait or fight as much." he said slapping my ass and going to his room. i couldnt move my whole lower half hurt so much but i didnt want to me laying with his semen all over me so i got up and ran me a hot bubble bath and threw away everyhting i had on. i looked in the mirror at my reflection wondering if all this is worth it. maybe i need a way to get away from all this pain. just as i was thinking that i noticed a very larger bottle of asprin in the cabinet behind me. i stood there with the bottle wondering if this could be my way out.

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I agree he better believe her! I mean she ain't making up a damn thing. I'm glad she told him so nothing else would be held back from him. If he don't believe her he's a certified jackass of an ass ass.
Run it sis ^-^

He better f***ing believe her and say some consoling compassionate fatherly s*** to her or she need to stab his ass in the nuts with a pen!!!!!!!

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*Trent's POV*
I think my momma really believes all that stuff Tiara said about my getting women abilities. But its not true I can get bytches its just that Tiara is the only one for me. I know I play this role in front of momma but honestly Im in love with this girl and I want her for myself. I dont care what Richard says about it I wanna make her mines and if she tries to fight it, hell I've gotten away with raping her before so if it comes to that again so be it. In the end she will fall for me and we will be together.
While in my thoughts I hear Tiara coming upstairs so I quickly ball up the panties of hers I had in my hand and run to my doorway.
"aye sweet cheeks how was you day.?" She completely ignores me and heads to her room. So I throw the panties on my floor and close my door then head to her room.
"Tiara I was tryna be nice. why do you always have to be a bytch to me.?"
"get out." Was all she said.
"no we need to talk about this."
"Trent get your lowdown dirty rapist ass out of my room."
"but Tiara I really wanna talk to you."
"Now.!!!" She yelled causing me to jump.
"fine imma go but trust me girl we will have this talk sooner or later."
I walked back to my room slamming the door and locking it then I curled up in bed with Tiara's panties. I was gonna hit that again real soon.

*Tiara's POV*
Something is seriously wrong with this kid. One minute he's a jerk the next he wants to talk like we buddies. BYTCH PLEASE.! I began hanging my clothes up in the closet then suddenly I hear a foot steps coming towards my room. I turn around only to find my dad standing there.
"hey princess how was your day.?"
"did you have fun.?"
"well when you get done I want you to come down to see me in my den."
"because I said so."
Oh now he wants to talk. I took my sweet time. Color coordinating my closet and lining my shoes up just right then I headed down to him.
I knocked and walked in.
"yes sir." I said coming towards him.
"hey come in and have a seat." I walked over to him and sat across from him.
"look baby girl we gotta start laying down some rules in this house."
"like what.?" I asked sitting back in the chair.
"like you and the disrespecting of your stepmother and brother."
"but dad they disrespect me first. I have a right to defend myself."
"if they do this why is it I only hear your mouth everytime.?"
"because your never around when they do it."
"come on Tiara im always here."
"oh really.?"
"yes really."
"you weren't here last summer."
"yes I was. I barely worked during the summer and when I did I was only gone a few hours."
"exactly.! you left me here getting abused by her and you never noticed."
"what are you talking about Tiara.? Trish is not like that, she bends over backwards tryna get you to like her. do you know how many nights I have held her because she was crying because she thinks you hate her.?"
"I do hate her and I have plenty of reason to."
"Tiara that is my wife and I will not sit her and let you disrespect her any longer."
"no your finally gonna let me speak with no interruptions." I stood up and locked.his door and turned towards him ready to tell it all. he's gonna listen whether he likes it or not.
"slow your roll Tiara, I aint your momma and you will shoe me some respect." He arose saying.
"daddy I nothing but respect but you are so blinded by love that you cant see whats been going on right.under your nose."
"what are you talking about." I sat back down as he did the same and began telling about the rape last summer. I told every detail and exactly what Trish did to cover it up. I even mentioned what happened earlier that was interrupted by Trish. I felt a weight.lifted off my shoulders when I finally told everything to him. he sat there for a minute not blinking or saying a word. his face was blank and I couldnt tell if he believed me or not.
"daddy please say something." I said walking to him and kneeling before him resting my arms on his legs.

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Ohhh Trish you don't f***ing want it!!! I am about 2 seconds from killing a random b**** named Trish!!
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She might handle it with them being kicke out but I'll handle it by personally putting them in there grave!!! The hell I would let my sissy go back to that house. Matter fact ill let her go back get her s*** & then leave that mothaf***a burning to damn f***ing s*** hell pieces >:/ how dare he force Trent on her I hate Trish! I wanna f***ing assassinate a biotch! She better hope she handle it well or me, Trent, Trish AND Richard are gonna play a little game of hide & seek death!!!

Run it though chica :)

*Tiara's POV*
When I first saw Tramicia my whole mood changed. My sissy was back and I knew if I told her what was going on she would believe me and maybe take me away from here. I know she's in college but we could get an apartment off campus and I could get my GED and start school with her. Im sure this will work.
I went to tell my dad I was leaving he ofcourse was on the phone and just waved me off, typical. But as I walked towards the door Trent came up and swooped me up into his arms.
"what no good bye kiss for me.?" He asked leaning towards me but I mushed his face away.
"let me go now."
"not without my kiss."
"fuxk you dude. Im not kissing you." I finally managed to get away only to have Trish.catch me.
"didnt I hear Trent ask for something.?"
"if you heard that then you must have heard me say no." SMACK.!
"you know what Tiara I am getting so sick of your smart mouth. now give Trent what he asked for or I'll hit you again."
"you cant make me do shyt.!" SMACK.!
"now Tiara."
"you know what mom just forget it." Trent said about to wall away.
"no get your ass over here and take whats yours." Trish said turning me to him and holding me while Trent kissed and licked my lips and neck. When he moved back I pushed Trish and ran our the door to Tramicia's car. We left and went to Gordon Biersch. I just really needed to get my mind off those maniacs and Tram is good at helping me forget. We got seated and immediately Chance was ready for good.
"ok babe what go you suggest.?"
"its all really good but whatever you get make sure it comes with garlic fries. they are.delicious."
So we ate and I learned more about Chance but soon the conversation switched to me and I got frightened.
"so Tiara how's things going with Richard.?" Tram asked.
"its ok I guess. he's hardly ever home so we never had much time together. Trish and Trent really dont care too much for me."
"who is that.?"
"his wife and stepson."
"that white lady.?" Chance asked.
"yes. she's never liked me but now I think its grown."
"why do you say that.?" I paused for a moment. Im really about to tell Tram everything but Im scared she wont believe me.
"come on Tiara you know you can tell me anything." Tram said noticing my hesitation.
"Tram I've been keeping something from you."
"what is it.?"
"Im not a virgin anymore."
"oh my goodness Tiara. so you have a boyfriend now.?"
"well was it planned.?"
"is the nigga someone I know.?"
"I was raped last summer."
"Tiara why didnt you tell me.?"
"what could you do.? your all the way at school."
"I dont care Tiara I would have came home for you. did you go to the police.?"
"why the hell not.?"
"because Trent did it."
"your stepbrother.?"
"oh hell no.! Chance get the check we going to take care of this now."
"Tram you cant.! and why not. you living up in there with the nigga who took your innocence and you want me to just forget about it.?"
"you have to.! I want to tell Richard so he can divorce Trish.and get them both out not just Trent."
"what she gotta do with this.?"
"she covered it up and since then she excepts me to give it up to Trent whenever he asks for it."
"get the fuxk outta her. Tiara I cant just sit back and do nothing."
"please Tram I promise this will be taken care of will soon."
"you better or else I will."
"I know."
We left the restaurant and went on a mall crawl. Tramicia got me so many new outfits and shoes for school which started on Monday and I was so excited. I wonder if my girls and them guys went there too. Ohh especially that Maurice guy because he was such a sweetheart. I cant believe Im actually anticipating going to school, its Senior year and Im ready to be done and move away.

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Mmmmmm I love that name.....Chance......Chance.......that's a sexy ass name Chance XD. In so glad in back now I can check up on her anytime I want too. Imma kick Richard, Trish, & Trent ass >:/

*Tramicia's POV*
I finally finished the trip with my class I was taking and now we all get to go home for the weekend and I cant wait. Im going to introduce my new boyfriend to my mom and Tiara. Oh Tiara, I missed her the most outta everybody in Bankhead. I wonder if things are finally getting better between her and momma now that I left. Momma use to always compare us and say I was her favorite but maybe now they are as close as we were. At least thats what I pray happened because I havent talked to them since the beginning of the summer and that was over eight months ago.
My boyfriend <a href="">Chance</a> and I pulled up to my moms house to find all these young niggas on her porch and I knew momma wasnt home so I prepared myself to let Tiara have it.
"aye were Tiara at.?" I said as I walked up the steps.
"Tiara who.?" One kid asked.
"you know who Tiara is nigga if you didnt then why you here.?"
"for your information nosey person we are chillen with Tanya. like my man said before we dont know no Tiara. now if you dont mind we would like to get back to our shyt." Another kid spoke up saying, clearly intoxicated. If what they are saying is true then where the hell is Tiara. I walk in the house looking for them only to find my mom in the kitchen smoking weed with another young boy.
"momma Im home." I say to her.
"hey sweetie, I didnt know you were coming today." She said giving me a hug and kiss.
"yea I wanted to surprise you guys. wheres Tiara at I have someone I want to introduce to yall."
"the kid dont live here no more." She said back walking away.
"what do you mean.?"
"I mean she lives with her damn daddy."
"she just packed up and left you momma."
"no I put her ass out. I aint got time for her whiney ass always wanting to talk to me or be near me."
"but momma she's your daughter."
"the one I regret keeping."
"how can you hate her so much.? that girl didnt ask to be here but you brought her in this world so you should be woman enough to take care of her."
"excuse you.? dont you dare come walking up in my damn house disrespecting me over that little bytch. you need to pump ya brakes and remember who your talking to."
"yea whatever, Im out. oh by the way this is my boyfriend Chance. Bye momma." I cant believe she just said those things about Tiara like that. Tiara aintnever did anything wrong to her or anyone else for that matter. I sorry for my sister.
Chance and I head over to Richard's house to see her. When we get there some white lady answered the door.
"can I help you.?" She asked.
"yes hi my name is Tramicia, Tiara's sister, is she here.?"
"she is. come on in. give me one moment and I can go get her."
"thank you." She walked us in to the <a href="">living room</a> and went upstairs. A few moments later I heard someone running and I turned to Tiara jumping in my arms.
"sissy Im so happy to see you.!" She said crying.
"me too honey. look how big you've gotten."
"yea. I missed you so much." She said hugging me again.
"I missed you too. Tiara this is Chance, my boyfriend."
"nice to meet you."
"you too sweetie. I've heard so much about you. I hear you can sing.?"
"Im ok I guess."
"you guess.? Tiara you know you can sing so stop it." I said waving her off.
"Tramicia stop.!"
"whats wrong with you Tiara.?" I asked very concerned.
"can we go out somewhere.?" She asked looking back at the lady and boy standing behind her.
"umm sure honey. where's Richard.?"
"in his den." She said rolling her eyes.
"well just tell him you leaving and lets go."
We headed to the car and then twenty minutes later Tiara stormed out wiping her face and getting in the back seat.
"what happened.?"
"just drive please." Was all she said. Chance and I looked at each other but instead of saying anything he just drove off.

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That some day is quicker than he knows :,) her dad is so denial >:( hat is it gonna take for him to see he's hurting!!!!!! Run it

Ugh let me punch trish in her face please
She is really pissing me off

Hope she tries talking to her dad again
And I hope he believes her.

Awww Maurice wants a girl?
How cute.

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Sitting there in my room I made up in my mind that I was gonna tell my dad everything.! I am so sick of those two thinking they could do whatever to me and get away with it. My dad needs to know the truth and I hope he throws them two out where they belong.!
Just then my dad knockEd a I inhaled deep ready for our one on one.
"hey princess." He said coming in and shutting the door.
"look dad I know your upset with me but there are somethings you need to know."
"Im listening."
"I did call Trent a puccy and I told him to pop Trish's titty out his mouth and grow some balls."
"Tiara you know I dont approve of that type of language in my house."
"I know but its only because Trent tried to force himself on me after you and Trish left this morning."
"he did what.?"
"yea daddy and its not the first time during the summer when I was here he," I began but stopped because there was a knock at the door. Suddenly Trish walked in.
"Richard there's a call for you. I think its your job."
"ok baby. Tiara honey let me take care of this then I'll be right back."
"you know what just forget it.! it doesnt even matter."
"no sweetie we will finish this."
"I dont want to just go.!" I turned over and laid in my bed until I heard the door close. But when I looked up Trish was still here.
"what do you want." I said wiping my face.
"what did I tell yo simple ass.! keep your fuxking mouth shut.!"
"get out my room." I said through clenched teeth.
"think Im playing and see what happens." With that she left out the room. Im getting so sick of her.

*Maurice's POV*
After I dropped Tiara off I figured I head back to the crib and chill. Lil mama is kinda cute but it seems like there's some things about her that aint quite right. She seems cool though, maybe here girls can fill me in. I got to the crib and everybody was all booed up.
"alright now Im back so fix this shyt.!" I said knocking hands off of hips as I walked by."
"aw nigga dont be salty you aint got a good woman like we do." Hashim said laugh and kissing Marie's neck.
"whatever nigga." I waved him off.
"dude you need to leave them hoes in these streets alone and settle down." Malachi said in a serious.
"yea man I hear you man." I fronted like I wasnt paying him no mind but in all reality I was. I mean Im 20 years old and I've never been in love or even close to it. I hope I can one day have what they all have with they girls.

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Yo I wanna punch trish in the face
And cut trents d*** off
Sorry lol they just got me pissed off lol

Hopefully Maurice can help her escape that hell hole

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I just wanna hop on Trish and just bang her head to the ground!! She gets to me so f***in bad!!
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I hate ppl like that. They don't wanna listen to the kids when their telling the truth.....dumb butts.
Run it!