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Loveless Life

<cited>No one ever knew it was happening and I for damn sure wasnt gonna share it. I knew I had brought this upon myself so now I had to suffer the consequences that came with it. Staring down the barrel of the gun I just knew it was over for me and in a way I was at peace. This meant my storms will soon be over and all the suffering I have been enduring have finally come to an end. I closed my eyes and just waited for her to what was started so long ago.<cited>

Chapter 1
<a href="">I</a> never understood why the ones around me hated me some much. My own <a href="">mother (Tanya) </a> could barely stand the sight of me so any chance she got she was shipping to my <a href="">dad(Richard) </a> house and it was bad cuz his new wife <a href="">Trish</a> hated my gusts because she was jealous of the bond me and my father shared. Its kinda hard for me to deal with this shyt because im so tired of being treated like this.!

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At work so I had to cut this short


out of all the stories ... i like this one the most.. update this soon..

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We left the park and decided that we would go over Melinda's boyfriend <a href="">Malachi Stevens</a> house and chill for a while. As it turns out Marie and Christina's boyfriends live here too, apparently they all share the same mother but different dads. When we got there the boys were playing Madden 12 and I could tell they were too serious about this game.
"Fuxk you man Im bout to take this shyt all the way." Christina's boo <a href="">Levi Smith</a> yelled.
"naw nigga Im coming for that ass again." Malachi said back standing up.
"nigga if you couldnt stop him before what makes you think this time you will.?" Marie's boo <a href="">Hashim Gaven</a> joked.
"nigga your on my team too so do yo fuxking part.!" Malachi looked at him saying. That's when I noticed another boy sitting next to Levi all quite. He was too cute. His Carmel skin was sexy and he these full pink lips that looked so suckable. Who is this kid.?
"babe where are the drinks.?" Marie asked.
"in the cooler by <a href="">Maurice</a> baby." Hashim answered. At that moment Maurice and I made eye contact and it was like the whole room was empty with only us in there. He smiled at me and his pearly white teeth melted me inside. I had to play this right because I was going to make him mine. Just when I was about to walk towards him my cell phone rung. It was a text from my dad.
Dad: get home now.! you have ten minutes.
I looked at that message and closed my phone. There was no way I was about to rush back to a place I really didnt wanna be. Then he texted again.
Dad: baby girl I really need you to come home so we can talk.
Looking at that one I knew something was wrong. I told my girls I was out and I began to walk home. A few houses away I heard a car pull up beside me, it was Maurice.
"hey the girls asked me to drive you home." He said out his window.
"why you.?" I asked tryna play tough when really I was glad he came after me.
"im the only one of then who has a car and a license."
"ok fine." I got in the car and looked towards him.
"Im Maurice."
"nice to meet you. so how long you been living out here."
"I just moved in with my dad this morning."
"and you made friends already, good for you."
"i didnt just meet the girls I've known them for three years. Im usually out here whenever schools out and now Im here to stay."
"where you originally from.?"
"I grew up in Bankhead."
From Bankhead to Buckhead I know the you grew up with are jealous."
"I didnt really have friends growning up in Bankhead."
"why not.?"
"they all feared my momma. she was a real bytch especially when it came to me. all I ever had was my big sister Tramicia but after she went away to school last year I been so alone." By now I had directed him to my house and I really didnt want to say goodbye. It was something about hom at screamed peace and thats something I havent had in a long time. We exchanged numbers and I got out the car and watched as he drove away then I turned to walk in the house and I was face-to-face with Trent and Trish.
"your as better not pull no shyt like that on Trent again. if he wants to fuxk you then you better give it up." Trish said through clenched teeth.
"excuse you.? last time I checked this was my body and I dont have to do shyt I dont want to." I shot back.
"see mom I told you she getting out of control."
"boy pop her titty out yo mouth and grow some balls. and you wonder why no girls give you play, your a puccy." Just as I said that my dad walked in.
"oh honey thank God you walked in here Tiara was being very rude to Trent, calling him a punk and a puccy. do something with her Richard." Trish said running to my dad as if thet did nothing wrong.
"Tiara is this true.?" He asked.
"yea but ---," I said prepared to tell him what they said first but he cut me off.
"go to your room, I'll be in there in a minute."
"but dad."
"NOW TIARA.!" He yelled. He's never yelled at me before. I went straight to my room and laid in my bed.

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I think she should go to an arts school :)
f*** Trent nasty self, he's so disrespectful :/, & Trish is wrong god letting her son be so crazed.
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I think she should go to an arts school :)
f*** Trent nasty self, he's so disrespectful :/, & Trish is wrong god letting her son be so crazed.
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Aww it sucka that's she has to stuck in that house with her creepy perverted ass and her b****y ass step mother.

Someone needs to help her

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*Chapter 2*
In that room fighting Trent off was really making me weak anc I could tell it was pissing him off. Sadly, I think in his mind he figures since he already popped my cherry last summer then here's no reason I shouldnt give it up to him now. Well hes wrong, I didnt want it then and I damn sure dont want it now. I am 17 years old. My first time is suppose to br special and with somebody I love not in a basement on the hard cement floor and against my will. The only person here that day was Trish and when I told her she threatened to kill me if I ever.told my daddy what happened with Trent. She even as far as to throw was the blood.stained outfit I had on and go out and buy the exact same outfit for me to put back on before my daddy returned home. Still to this day I never understood why I kept my mouth shut all this time but now that I live here I have no choice.
Before Trent could insert myself in me there was a loud knockat the door that caused him to panic and run to his room. I fixed myself up and went downstairs and answered the door. I opened the door to find my girls <a href="">Christina Smith</a> and <a href=""> Melinda Warren</a> and <a href=""> Marie Anthony</a> and I was too happy to see them.
"hey yall.!" I yelled as I hugged each of them.
"how you been T-baby.?" Marie asked.
"I been ok I guess." I responded.
"she's lying." Christina spoke up saying.
"what.?" I said trying to sound offended.
"lets go for a walk."
We left my house and went to the neighborhood dog park.and watched the animals play and we also caught up with each other. Marie was finally about to start dance school in the fall like she had been dreaming all her life. Christina was doing well in acting school and even was going to star in the school play. Lastly, Melinda is about to start her cosmetology schooling. It seems like everybody was doing well with their lives and I cant even have one peaceful day in my house. I know Im a good singer and writer but I have no inspiration.

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Really Richard, really? You left her alon with that nasty ass pervert Trent. I'm bout to hop in this story and beat his ass if he don't leave her alone!!!!!!
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Ew. Trent is a major frickin creep ! Run it !

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:O that bastard Trent. He's so mischievous & a pervert :/ I don't like him already. think dad think!!!!!
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After about an hour or so I was packed up and headed to my dad's house. In a way I was happy but then again I was scared because not only was I about to be living with evil ass Trish but also her perverted ass son <a href="">Trent</a> and I dont know howIm going to handle this. We pulled up to the <a href="">house</a> and immediately my stomach began turning. My dad called in and told Trish to have Trent help with my things.
"he's still asleep sweetie." I heard her say.
"well wake his ass up and tell him to get out her." My dad responded. About ten minutes later Trent came outside with nothing but some shorts and black socks on.
"hi Tiara." He said smiling.
"hi." I responded walking passed him. They got all my stuff out and I went to town fixing up my room to how I wanted it. It took about forty minutes but I was finally done and my <a href="">room</a> now reflected me.
I was laying in bed and my dad came in to inform me that he was taking Trish to lunch leaving me her alone with Trent.
"daddy can I please go over a friend's house until you guys get back.?" I begged.
"sweetheart its only gonna be a few hours. you and Trent will be fine Im sure."
"daddy please."
"come on Tiara you to start binding with Trent that's your brother and you know how I am about family."
"but dad he doesn't look at me like a sister and Trish doesn't even like me."
"Trish loves you Tiara and now that your living with us you guys can start getting closer like I want you to. trust me baby its going to be fine. I promise."
"I hope so daddy." With that said he kissed my forehead and left. I watched out the window as they pulled out and away then when I turned around Trent was in my doorway staring at me.
"can I help you.?" I asked folding my arms.
"actually you can. you can start off by fixing that little attitude and then you can come over here and we can finish what we started last time you were here."
"I don't know what your talking about."
"oh really.? let me refresh your memory. it started off kinda like this, we go back and forth cuz you have that smartass mouth. but then I walk up to you like so," He said getting closer to me and eventually pinning me in the corner. "yea this was our favorite corner."
"move Trent."
"we aint to that part yet."
"something is seriously wrong with you. get out of my room."
"naw cuz now here comes the good part." He said as he picks me up and sits me on my desk. He then tries to reach his hand inside my sweats but I push him away. My dad shouldn't have left me here.
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Wow !!! Just f***ing trif !!!

Wow how could she say some s***
Like that to her own daughter.
That's f***ed up.

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Nobody want her ass to stay Tanya! Ughh she ratchet for saying that.
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That isn't a good mother, one day she is going to REGRET saying that to her daughter
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Thats a horrible thing to say to ur child
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Chapter 1 *Continued*
"little girl get yo ass down here.!" my mom yelled to me breaking me from my thoughts. I slowly got up and walked down stairs.
"yes momma." I said.
"dont call me that Tiara.!" she yelled.
"yes Tanya." I said back kinda sad.
"look girl your going to yo daddy house today cuz I got a date tonight so I dont want you here when I come back." she told me.
"ok. How long am I staying there.?"
"I dont know Tiara. just get ready cuz he will be here in an hour."
"ok." I walked back upstairs and laid back down. I really dont feel like going there and I wish my sister <a href=""> Tramicia</a> hurries back from her road trip with her friends because I miss her so much. I hate being in these houses and it seems like the only time I experience true peace is when Im writing my music. I dream of the day my music finally gets me out of this place and far away from these people.
As I prepared my overnight bag my mother came into the room.
"look Tiara I have something I want to tell you." She spoke calmly and peacefully.
"what is it.?"
"I cant have you living with me anymore."
"what do you mean.?"
"exactly that. when you leave today you wont ever be coming back."
"but why Tanya dont you love me.?"
"I cant love what I never wanted." When she spoke those words my heart crumbled. How could shd not want me.? I was her flesh and blood and yet here we were and she was sending me off. All I could do was turn over and cry into my pillow. I guess all I have left is my dad and now I actually anticipated going over there at least he loved me.

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Awww :(
Atleast she has her dad ...

Runnn It :)

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Any more runs before I update.?

It's good she has a bond with her father & her mother is'nt a good one.
And her father wife Trish can kicks rocks cause she can't break them up.
Run it :)

I'm interested in what path you might take this down
I already know this is gonna be good

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