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The Decision {Must Read}

"you cant keep calling me like idc you have to leave me alone...just stop it and just be my friend and support me...whatever good bye.!!!" i hung up and threw my phone on my bed and plopped down next to it. i had so many thoughts running through my mind and i didnt know what to do right about now. a decision had to be made but i just didnt wanna have to be the one to make.

before i ruining this for you let me take yall back to the beginning where it all began for me, <a href="">Renee Isabella Bryant</a>, a 19 year-old sophmore in college and soon to be mother of twins.

~Chapter 1~
{five years earlier}
"come on renee your gonna be late for these auditions and i bet i wont talk them into giving you another chance." my best friend <a href="">terrence</a> yelled up the stairs to me as i got the last bit of stuff to take with me. terrence and i have been friends all our lives. our dads also grew up together so it was only right that we did too even though i didnt come out as a boy like they would have wanted it to be. they think we gonna get together and get married and honestly at first that seemed so nasty but over these last couple months i've actually thought that maybe that would be a good idea. i mean terrence is very cute and i wouldnt have to go throught the awkwardness of him meeting my dad because he already knows him.
"im coming boy shut up.!" i yelled right before walking down the steps.
"girl you suck at be on time for any and everything."
"shut up and lets go."
"oh dont try to rush me now cupcake head. i been yelling for you the past half hour."
"fine give me ya keys."
"give me a kiss. on my head." i kissed his forehead. and he laughed.
"whats so funny.?"
"i didnt mean that head." he chuckled.
"EWWW YOUR DISGUSTING.1" i said hitting his arm and back. "lets go." i pushed him out the door and we headed to my school for the singing auditions for the play. the play was Westside Story and i was planning on going for the role of maria. i knew i had a great voice and i was a good actress so i know i had this in the bag.
we got there just as they called my name. i acted out the final scene of the movie when maria was yell at the jets and the sharks after the deaths of her brother and her lover. after that i sang mary j. blige- im going down. the whole auditorium was on their feet clapping when i finished and sure enough the next day i learned that i got the part. the first thing i did was run to terrence to tell him the news.
"Terrence i got the part.!" i said jumping into his arms.
"im so proud of you girl." he said spinning me around.
"we need to go celebrate.!" i said pulling him.
"renee you have one more class left we cant just leave."
"please come on tan i would love it." i said calling him the nickname i gave him when i found out his name was terrence aldon nester. he thought it was wierd at first but then he gave me one too, rib.
"idk rib can you afford to miss this class.?"
"shows how much you know tan this is my art class and i already have an A so lets go."
we left and went to the mall for a mini shopping spree.

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Damn leaving me out though! But it is cool me no likey wakka or wayne so good move :) lol

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~Terrence’s POV~
i don’t know why I hung up on renee it just happened. I cant help it though, its just something about that kimmie chick I still cant stand.! her and her little sidekick charm was always jealous of mine and renee’s relationship just because I let charm suck my dicc ONE time she thought that meant we was going to start dating but renee had my heart and she came first. I wonder why kimmie is even in the car with renee now….i gotta get to the bottom of this and quick before something happens to renee. I started to dial her number then I heard lauren walking up the stairs and immediately hung up.
"hey baby how was school.?” I said kissing her on the cheek.
"it was horrible baby.! the professor decided to take the day off leaving us with a sub who didn’t know shyt about what we were doing and to top it off he sweat A LOT and smelled like onions and feet the whole time.”
“aw poor baby come to daddy.” I said stretching my arms out towards her.
"uhh no what I tell you about that daddy shyt. I will NEVER call you daddy.”
"damn lauren i was only joking.”
“well im not laughing.”
“iight man whatever I gotta finish studying so I’ll see you tomorrow.” without waiting for her response I turned around facing the computer screen and put my head phones in and pretended to be looking over some notes until I heard the door slam shut. lauren had a temper on her but at times its cute but then there are those times when I just wanna rip her head off and this was one of those times. But I love her and we gonna fix this later on.

~Renee's POV~
we finally made it to Clark and I can’t be happier than I am right now. daddy paid a few of the boys he saw hanging around $100 a piece to help us carry our things up to our rooms. there was one boy in particular that really caught my eye as soon as I saw him. his neat long dreads and caramel complexion really turned me on. no other boy I had ever seen since terrence really made me blush the way he did and I haven't even spoke to him yet.
"renee what going on with you.?" nia asked.
"oh uh nothing just enjoying the view."
"ummmhmm the view of them boys I take it. so which is it.?" she asked teasing me.
"the one with the dreads."
"renee they all have dreads."
"oh yea my bad. the super long ones."
"oh he is a cutie."
"yea its weird though."
"why you say that."
"since terrence left I never even looked at another dude until now."
"thats because you’re in a new environment. just enjoy yourself nae and be safe. ok it looks like they're all done so go talk to him."
"are you sure.?"
"trust me nae."
"what about daddy.?"
"oh I got your father under control. go ahead." I took a deep breath and started walking towards him and his friends.
"umm hi my name is renee and I wanna personally thank you all for the help." I said reaching my hand out to shake theirs.
"what is that for.?" my little eye candy said.
"uhh its what you do when you meet new people you shake hands."
"baby girl looking as cute as you do right now I wanna a hug." he said pulling me in to his arms. he smelled so good for a second I didn't wanna let go.
"ok so can I get your name.?" I asked stepping back and fixing my shirt.
"sure. im <a href="">drayson mccall</a> but you can call me dray. this is my boy <a href="">tyson henderson</a> and <a href="">jerrod dixon</a> ."
"its nice to meet you two."
"you too lil mamma." jerrod said.
"so whose that big dude that brought you here.?" tyson asked.
"thats my dad."
"oh." they all said in unison.
"you must be a freshmen." drayson said.
"how can you tell.?"
"your dad is here." jerrod said.
"that doesn’t mean anything. im his daughter ofcourse he's gonna come."
"yea but if you were a upperclassman he wont have." drayson said.
"no with him im pretty sure he would have."
"why .?"
"im an only child and with the reputation my dad has where I come from its amazing that I made it to see college with anything bad happening to me."
"what you mean by that.?" tyson asked.
"he's like a kingpin or something. I just found out a couple years ago from a friend."
"aw shyt thats live.!" jerrod said.
"not really. I mean its cool for a while but having to look over your shoulder all the time gets boring. thats why I came here."
"I see." drayson said.
"aye yo renee.!" my dad yelled.
"times up lets go." I looked back at drayson and before I could say anything he spoke.
"its cool renee we stay across the hall from you so imma catch up with you later."
"iight cool see you soon"
"i’ll make sure of it." I walked back over and me, my dad, and nia all went upstairs and we set up mine and shell's room. we had a 44" <a href="">flatscreen</a>, a <a href="">mini fridge</a> and <a href=">microwave</a> set. we had cute matching <a href="">bedsets</a> that were soooo soft.! its a great thing that both of our favorite colors are pink otherwise she woulda been pissed.
"so baby do you like your room.?" my dad asked.
"I love it daddy.!" I said giving him a hug.
"ok just so you know the dean allowed me to install an alarm system for you girls so that none of your things can be taken. its set up in this room and kimmie and what's her name's room too. dont mention this system to anybody else because if you do its coming out and so is everything in here at cost me the most. you got that.?"
"yes sir." he wrote down the code and after another hour or so he and nia left and it was time to party.
"yo shell I got some dudes I want you to meet."
"hell lets go.! imma get kimmie so we can link up."
"naw cuz one of em aint all that cute and I aint got time for her mouth."
"is it them dudes who moved us in.?"
"yea and im kinda feeling the one with the super long dreads."
"have you even talked to them yet.?"
"aw well then lets go."
"come on.!"

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seriously imma update tonight

lol sorry charm...this is a story i made a year ago
you just picked the wrong dude lol

update coming soon (:

Oh he didn't just call out the blue and hang up!!!!

DAMN CHARM!!! LOL I'm mad you being thirsty in this story now I'm like damn are we all playing her or what's about to go down??

Well damn why I gotta be the hating b****.... TUH....
Damn was it that deep that he just had to click when he heard Kimmi.. smh he aint no good obviously ... a girlfriend now this.. wth
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~Charm's POV~
that little bytch renee is just too spoiled.! i dont get it at times. her dad is crazy if you ask me but at times i wish her was my dad instead of hers because she is just so ungrateful. as long as i've known her she always got whatever she wanted and im sick of it. now dont get me wrong she can be cool peoples but only when her dad has pissed her off about something then she wanna be so 'hood' and around me and kimmie. i haven't liked her since she took terrence from me. yea that's right i did have him. although we never fuxkd i did suxk his dicc a couple times and we were official at that school for about eight months then when that little bytch started going there he treated me like a non muthafuxking factor and that was a no no when it came to me. i got mega plans for little renee when we get to clark atlanta and wont even see it coming. like the saying goes: keep your friends close and your enemies closer and renee bytch you are my biggest enemy.!!!!

~Renee's POV~
its time to head out on the biggest road trip of my life, heading to college. daddy is letting me drive his <a href="">truck</a> and him and his new girlfriend <a href="">nia</a> are gonna drive behind me in my car. im just going crazy in joy about going to this school. i was riding down to school with shell and kimmie, charm decided at the last minute to leave tomorrow with her mom which i think is so cute that she wanted to ride with her we packed up the car i kinda was hoping that terrence would run down the street to me and hold me kinda like i did before he left but then i had to remember that he didn't care about me the way he use to otherwise he woulda keep in touch. its time to move on and thats exactly what i planned to do.on the rode we didn't really speak much then outta no where my phone began to ring and it was a private number, usually i don't answer these but something told me to pick up the phone.
"hello.?" i said.
"hey rib whats up." hearing that name i swerved the car hard causing kimmie to wake up out her sleep.
"damn renee you better not be falling asleep." she yelled.
"mimi I think this is terrence can you hook this up down there." i said handing her the phone so she could hook it up to the hands free devise by the stereo.
"hello.? are you still there.?" he asked.
"yea im here. who is this.?"
"its me renee."
"yea girl how you been.?" i sat there for a minute. what made him call me out the blue like this and where has he been all these years.? im so confused.
"yo renee whats going on with you talk to him." kimmie said to me.
"i been good. how about yourself.?"
"i been iight girl. just doing these studies and shyt like that. how's your dad.?"
"he's fine. yours.?"
"he's good."
"thats good. so what made you call.?"
"it hit me that i missed the two most important events of your life and i wanted to sincerly apologize to you renee. i really didnt mean to."
"what are you talking about.?"
"your prom and graduation. i promised you that i would come back for them and i didn't but im sorry."
"its cool. i didnt go to prom and graduation is just graduation. i missed yours too so we're even."
"iight girl but what you doing.?"
"oh yo dad got you a car.?"
"yes he did.!" shell yelled.
"who was that.?"
"my girl shell."
"oh. hello ms. shell."
"umm kimmie is in here too." kimmie yelled at the phone like it was his face.
"wait is this the same kimmie that be with charm.?"
"the one and only." she responded.
"on that note renee imma hit you up later."
"bye rib."
"tan wait.!"
"WHAT THE FUXK WAS THAT ABOUT.?" i yelled pulling over to the side of the road and breaking down. a few seconds later my dad pulled up and walked over to me.
"whats going on.?"
"somebody named tan called her." shell said.
"who.?" my dad asked.
"terrence called mr. bryant." kimmie answered.
"aw renee its alright honey come here." he said opening the door.
"daddy i dont get it. he hasnt called in a long time then out of the blue he calls like it aint nothing then hangs up on me."
"fuxk him renee. come on honey do you wanna ride with nia and i drive.?"
"no sir i got it lets go."
"you sure.?"
"iight lets go. i love you princess."
"i love you too."
'what was going through your mind terrence and what do you have against kimmie.?'i said to myself thinking about that conversation over and over.

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oooh that Bentley is fyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Anywho I can't wait to see what goes down at Clark!! RUN IT

aww I wish they could see each other more than just prom and graduation..RUN IT

That bentley is sex...

Really dude... a girlfriend smh

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Bad Ass Bently..!

~Chapter 2~
*Four Years Later*
~Renee's POV~
its the night of my going away party and im so excited. its been a great senior year for me but im glad it finally came to an end. i graduated with honors and as valedictorian. i couldn't have done it with the three girls that changed my life forever; <a href="">kimmie>/a> <a href="">charm>/a> and <a href="">shell</a> . we have been through alot in the past two years that i've known them and honestly im glad we made it through our storms. shell and i first met in math class. she was a new student i took it upon myself to show her around and make her feel welcome but then it turned out that she actually introduced me to kimmie and charm at lunch that day. charm and i didnt hit it off at first because she use to like terrence and he always blew her off for me and i didnt even know about her. and as for kimmie, she just thought i was a stuck up bytch who didn't really care about anybody but myself, in a way she was right. but now those are my girls and i would do anything for them. now in the fall we will be headed off to Clark Atlanta University and i cant wait to take over the A.!!!at the party daddy decided to go all out with a dj,a dancefloor over the pool, and a all you can eat food and junk food area...with a chocolate fountain. he even got me a <a href="">bentley</a> which really made me go nuts with joy.
"aww thank you daddy.!" i yelled jumping into his arms.
"your welcome baby girl." I grabbed kimmie's arm and we jumped into the car.
"now renee i dont wont none of them little niggas at that school driving this car period."
"dad what boy you know would be caught dead driving a pink car.?"
"iight renee im serious."
"i know daddy. can we take it for a spin.?"
"sure baby just around the block though."
"CHARM.! SHELL.! LETS GO.!" kimmie yelled when they got in the car i took my time to get away from my daddy's eyes then i floored and speed through the hood over joyed by the gift.
"you lucky bytch how you talk your dad into buying you this.?" charm asked.
"girl i didn't have to as him anything."
"stop playing." kimmie said.
"seriously.! i had no idea i was getting a car but hell i aint complaining either." after five minutes i drove back to the house and enjoyed the rest of my night. but once the party was over and everyone left, just like everynight for the past four years terrence came to mind and my joy was taken by sorrow. i haven't talked to him in two years and its crushing me. i dont know if he's alive or dead and i feel horrible. i just want to touch him or at least hear his voice one more time. *SIGH*

~Terrence's POV~
man this community college business aint no joke.! i hate being here but i know its where i need to be. i've been doing so much better than i did last year thanks to beautiful girlfriend <a href="">lauren</a>. she has been on my ass about my grades and im glad because this whole year i've been getting straight As and Bs. this girl has really had a positive effect on me since being here in cali because for a while i was hating it here but im glad met her.
"babe open the door." i heard her sing through the buzzard to get in my condo. I walked over and buzzed her up then six minutes later she was in my arms kissing me.
"hey baby whats all that for.?" i asked breaking our embrace.
"guess whose moving to the east coast.?"
"that depends on how far east we talking."
"im taking about Atlanta, Georgia east."
"uhh please tell me its yo weird ass brother."
"my brother is not weird terry he's just different."
"what ever you say. now come one with this news."
"i got accepted to Clark Atlanta University baby.!"
"thats great baby." we hugged and i spinned her in a circle then placed her back on the floor.
"so i was wondering if you wanted to apply there too.?"
"i dont know babe. im just now getting use to being here in cali."
"please baby i couldn't be there without you. your my rock."
"ok ok ok. i'll apply first thing in the morning."
"YAAAAAAAYYY.!!! see thats why i love you."
"why because i always give you your way.?"
"no because i know you'd do anything for me and you love me enough to go with me."
"i guess." in a way i didnt really wanna go. i mean i do love lauren but there was a piece of me that felt like i was missing something in my life. that night while doing some last minute studying i ran across an old book of mine a <a href="">picture</a> of renee fell out and my heart fluttered. i hadn't even spoke to her in a while. i wonder how she was doing with her life. AW MAN i missed her graduation and her prom.! i wonder did she have a date or if she even went. what was going on with me that made me forget about my best friend...did she forget about me too.???

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Run it ......she gotta do better ...daddy gon wear that ass out

working on add

He could have talked a little longer :(

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Just like im sad that add ended so suddenly..

Her dad gonna end up f***in her up for f***ing up in school.. Get ya Mind Right Rib..!

Nigga will be back...!

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once i got home my dad was waiting in the <a href="">living room</a> for me.
"isabella come in here please." he called out to me. i put my bag down by the steps and walked to him.
"yes daddy.?"
"first off what the hell are you wearing.?" he laughed.
"it belong to tan i mean terrence."
"oh well baby one of your teachers called me today because she was concerned about you."
"i told her to stay out my business." just as my dad was about to.say something else my cell phone rang and it was tan. i ran up to my room so fast. i composed myself and answered.
"hey tan."
"hey rib whats going down.?"
"nothing just got home from school."
"oh thats whats up."
"yea...i miss you tan oh so much."
"i miss you too rib. i aint been able to hardly focus at school because i have you on my mind."
"thats how i been. i wore your outfit today."
"no you didnt." i took a picture of myself and sent it to him. "oh wow renee i cant believe you wore this." he said laughing.
"it spells like you though."
"oh wow so you walking around looking and smelling like a nigga.?"
"shut up."
"iight be serious now."
"whats up.?"
"we gotta make some plans for the future."
"what you mean.?"
"look its clear dad aint coming back that way no time soon so i wanna make visiting plans."
"ok lets hear it."
"these people here already said i gotta repeat my junior year so in two years imma fly you out here for prom and graduation and when yours comes around imma come there too."
"no time in between there.?"
"we can try baby but these are.the main special and important events of our lives."
"ok sweetie."
"well i gotta head to bed for school in a couple hours."
"aw already.?"
"yea baby. i love you rib."
"i love you too tan."
we hung up and i was sitting there looking at my phone wishing that conversation went longer. i wanted more no i needed more but sadly this is it. i did my homework and laid my ass down. i was happy i heard from him but sad it ended so suddenly.

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Awww poor baby rib !! :(
she can make it through. Daddy should move to cali too ..
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aww poor little tink tink...WTH he aint call or nothing?? I mean damn..RUNNNNN ITTTT!!!

Runnnnnnnn iiitttt! Oh baby is depressed please let that nigga visit her or something..


*Renee's POV*
the whole spring break i was in my room not speaking or eating. my dad tried everything to cheer me up. he bought me <a href="">shoes</a> one day but i just looked at em and layed back in bed. the next day he came in with a <a href="">watch</a> and i didnt even look his way. i think i was really hurting his feelings but fareal i was completely emotionless. i cant handle this.! i need tan and the fact that he's gone i just cant deal.
sadly school had to start back and my dad was not about to let me miss a day so walking in there i wore an <a href="">outfit</a> i stole from tan and it felt wonderful because i could still smell his <a href="">cologne</a> on them. i went through the whole day quite and to myself. teacher could tell something was wrong with me but i didnt feel that it was any of their business what was going on with me.

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Awwww Soo sad...!
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~renee's pov~
the next morning i woke up bright and early realizing it was the day i was dreading for so long, the day my baby leaves me. i rushed and hrew on my robe and houseshoes and ran all the way to his house not caring if anybody saw me looking like tis. i got to his window and saw him taping up the last box in his room. i knocked and he looked up and chuckled a little bit then walked over and opened it up.
"rib what are you doing here.?" he asked helping me inside.
"did you actually think i was just gonna let you go without say goodbye.?"
"honestly no but i didnt think you would have came like this."
"what you mean.?"
"baby you dont have any clothes on."
"yea i know but i had to get here before you left and you know it takes me forever to get dressed."
"true." he said laughing. we embraced in a long kiss then we walked out the room towards the moving truck and just then mr. nester walked up towards us.
"renee does david know your here.?" he asked folding his arms.
"kinda sorta no but i figure once he wakes up and doesnt see me in my room he'll figure it out."
"i'm calling him now."
"please dont call him dad. just give us a few moe moments together. i been with this girl all my life you cant expect this to be easy for either one of us." terrence said gabbing the phone from his father.
"iight man ya'll got one hour before we leave so make it count, just not the same way ya'll did last night.""ok dad i got you." terrence put the box on the truck and we began walking around the neighborhood reminiscing over everything we use to do around here."we were some bad ass kids tan." i said laughing.
"yea and you were such a tomboy back then."
"its my dads fault, he wanted a boy and a little princess. i was truly confused alot as a kid."
"remember when you broke that girls arm because she pulled our pigtail.?"
"yea daddy freaked out because he's the one who taught me how to do it. he made me write her a letter apologizing and everything i was pissed."
"that was the funniest to me because you didnt really apologize you just said 'im sorry you made me break your arm but i hope you learned a valuable lesson in all this." terrence recalled laughing hard.
"hey i dont apologize when im right."
"dont i know it." we were walking back to his house and on his porch.
"i love you tan."
"i love you too girl always and for ever." we were about to kiss but right then my fal pulled up and i could tell he was mad as hell.
"technically daddy you didn't say anything."
"dont back talk me. what are you doing here."
"im seeing them off."
"renee you really want me to hurt you dont you."
"please mr. bryant dont be like this."
"terrence im not too sure you wanna be talking to me right now cuz im still hot with you as well. what were ya'll thinking fuxkin last night.?"
"we were thinking we love each other and since we may never se each other again we wanna be each other's first love in all ways." i told him proud of every world i said.
"terrence were is stayve.?" my dad asked ignoring me.
"i think in his den." he walked past us and in the house.
"terrence im so scared."
"dont be. im sure my dad can cool him off just like old times."
"i hope your right." we sat outside while they talked and then after twenty minutes they both walked out and i could tell he infact did chill my dad out because they were walking out laughing about god knows what.
"renee im sorry for everything." my dad said.
"you my baby girl and the fact that you did that without even talking to me scared me a little." "im sorry daddy and i promise it will never happen again." i embraced my dad and he kissed the top of my head.
"iight terrence you ready to go."
"as ready as i'll ever be." i walked over to him and hugged him tighly not wanting to ever let go.
"i will always love you rib." he whispered to me.
"and i will always love you tan." i said not able to hold the tears in anymore. i let go and they got in the cab to head to the airport.once they drove off i ran into my fathers arms and completely brokedown.
"its gonna be okay renee i promise you." was all he could say. he picked me up and carried me to the car and we drove on home.thankfully for me it was spring break and the whole time i never came out of my room. i was heartbroken and my father was too because he knew there was nothing he could do for me. when terrence left he took my joy and without him nothing mattered to me. i was incomplete.

Run it.!!!

~terrence's POV~
this was the craziest night of my life but it was worth it. i really love that girl and i cant believe tomorrow will be my last day with her.after taking her back home i walked in my house and my <a href="">dad</a> was up still packing up his office.
"where have you been son.? i coulda sworn you was already here."
"i just took renee home."
"what did you kids do all night.?"
"do you want me to tell you the truth or lie to you.?" i knew the answer i just like fuxking with him.
"stop playing terrence."
"we were at the park." i said walking into my room.
"terrence don't tell me you did what i think you did." he said following me.
"depends on what you think."
"aldon did you and renee have sex.?"
"ummm yea."
"terrence why would you do that.? don't you know taking her virginity will leave a permanent bonds and we moving that will tear her head up."
"dad she knows we moving that's why SHE set the scene for tonight to take place."
"this was her idea.?"
"im calling david."
"dad you can't she wants to be the one to do it."
"shut up. ya'll think ya'll grown being sneaky and shyt now its time to deal with the consequences."
~renee's POV~
i got in bed and i was still swore a little. im glad me and terrence had this night together. he was so gentle and his touch felt so good i just wanna do it all over again.
"RENEE ISABELLA BRYANT.!" i heard my dad yell breaking my train of thought.
"YES SIR.!" I yelled back.
"GET YO ASS DOWN HERE.!" whoa did he really just cuss at me.? this has to be serious. i walked down the stairs to him in the kitchen.
"what is it daddy.?"
"i should beat yo ass right now you know that right.?" he said calmly while making a shot of henny.
"for what.?" i said sitting down trying to hide the slight pain i got from climbing on the stool.
"i just got off the phone with stayve(terrence's dad) and he said ya'll had a good night tonight.?"
"we did. i still can't believe they're moving tomorrow." he sat down his drink walked around the counter to where i was and smacked me causing me to fall off my stool.
"i cant believe you hit me like that." i said breaking down crying. this was the first time he's ever put his hands on me.
"so you think you grown out here fuxking at parks and shyt. what the fuxk was you thinking girl.?"
"he's leaving and i just wanted our last night together to be special."
"there are other ways renee. you didn't have to do that."
"but dad i love him."
"i honestly could careless about that love shyt. you fuxked up renee now go to yo damn room.
"i ran up to my room and cried myself to sleep i wish he could understand how i felt but he never will. i guess ever since my mom deserted us he just doesn't believe in love anymore but that's not my problem. im just so pissed.
Run it.!!!