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Once Upon A Time

decided to let y'all know how me and trey met.
some of y'all WILL be popping in and out of this so
be on the look out.

<a href=" ">Before the fame</a>

I was with him before the fame
Before everyone knew him as Mr. Steal your girl
I was there when his first mix tape wasn’t s***
When he gave up on music
I was there before he was the panty man
Hell I was their when he didn’t even have stroke
I was the first one to hug him when he got signed
The first one to sit all night in a studio till he got the song right
His first everything

Once he started making hits I was the only one he never told he was leaving. I was young and in love he was my first and only but he broke my heart the day he got on that air plane. I had to find out from his mother that he was on his way to New York. That day I cried myself sick I felt lost I was depressed hell I even stopped eating for a matter of time. For months I blamed myself was it me who f***ed up, was I not as supportive as he wanted me to be, could I have done more. But soon I just stopped kicking a dead horse and realized he was just a dude who never truly gave a care about what he had back home.

As crazy as it all sounds though I bought every last one of his albums downloaded every mix tape and watched every interview, anytime he was even mentioned on BET or MTV I was there hanging on his every word like a fan. It made me feel closer to him for some reason like I still had a part of him. Even though I hated him with every ounce of blood that dripped through me and the day I see him would be too soon.

I was stuck in Virginia and he was traveling the world doing things I said I always wanted to do, but couldn’t. Time just wasn’t in my favor I had the real world to deal with and that b**** was cold.

I sat in front of the mirror staring at myself as I tried to drown in Hennessey. If I didn’t get drunk this night would seem longer than I would have liked it and I would dread every second. I worked at a strip club called ‘Pure Pleasure’. I had been working here for the past six months but it’s only because I became that typical college girl who couldn’t see the light behind her tuition. So in the day time I went to class and at night I was here. Was I over qualified to work here f*** yea and so was the next b**** and the next b****. Hell all of these girls were on their s***, but responsibilities came first and that’s the one thing I guess we could all respect about each other. Other than that all these b****es could drown in a lake I didn’t give a f***.

“Kitty you’re up” I heard my name being called. It was my turn to shake my ass for change. Taking another huge gulp of my relaxer I closed my eyes and turned into the night freak they loved while shutting my true self out.

4:19 in the morning is when I made it home and my first class started at 9 a.m., you get used to it after a while though. Walking into my empty apartment I shut and locked my door making sure to pull my table in front of it. This neighborhood was getting bad. I just didn’t have the money to move anywhere else all the money I got from stripping went toward rent and school hell food even came last but I rather starve then live on the streets. As I stripped myself of my work clothes I hopped in the bed and snuggled up to Mr. Groove. Yea trey gave him to me almost 4 years ago I couldn’t let him go he was the only thing that held me when sirens rang through the night like midnights theme song and I needed that little extra comfort even if the person who gave him to me was a complete ass.

Turning my radio on to fight out the noise of the outside his voice rang out on repeat over and over I played the same song ever night ‘It would be you’. Why I loved that song I don’t know, he made it once we were over, but it did seem like words he once spoken to me or maybe words I wanted him to say right now. As my eyes drifted to his voice the world faded out and he became louder and he was the last thing that was on my mind once more.

My alarm clock contrasted with trey’s voice which caused me to jump up. Giving the clock a quick glance I groaned 8:15. Throwing the covers over the bed I made my way toward my dresser. Turning him off and switching on something more lively while making my way to the shower.

Dancing to the music in the shower I began to try to twerk to ‘Bandz” as the radio began to turn up. But on a failed attempt I almost bust my ass so I quickly stopped and finished the task I was originally in here for. Stepping out of the shower I heard the radio host come on and begin talking I wasn’t really paying attention I just continued to get dressed since I didn’t have much time left. Shimmying into my jeans I threw on a top, brushed my hair into a messy bun and clicked off my radio. Making my way to my kitchen I tried to see if I had anything to eat but I didn’t. I wasn’t sadden by this though it wasn’t anything new to go anywhere hungry for me I just waved it off and grabbed my keys. It looks like I was going to have to work extra hard tonight.

Once I made it to campus I felt out of place. Most of these kids where here on scholarships or loans. I was here from naked dollars; I always kept my head down ever since that one day some creeps choose a day to let the whole campus know who I was. So to avoid any problems I just kept to myself with quick feet.


if you stab me then i can never run it lol
but i will try by the end of the day

Ana if u don't RUN THIS imma STAB U!!! Please run it

Run it!!!

Awwwwwww sht she gone get pregnant this some bull and now he gone think cuz he got the cookie she just forgive him it ain't right

I hope she doesnt end up pregnant smh.....Loved the add!!!!
Run it!!!


ooh shiiiiiittttt did she say NEVER USED a condom?? she preggo! knowing they just putted it down its bad! trey knew what he was doing! bet his "gf" aint gon be happy with that
yeee trey and ana! get it
lol @ bree
remind me not to use that room! the awkward moment standing outside the hallway hearing ass clap lmao she a trip
run it!

My heart froze with fear, I swear I wasn’t breathing at this moment what the f*** was he doing in this room this wasn’t supposed to ever happen. Taking one look at the door, then back at him I knew I had to make a decision and fast. “Don’t worry I’m paying” he took out a stack of cash and placed it on the stand next to the chair. “Is this going to be enough or do you need more” he reached in his pocket, moving around in the chair I’m guessing to wiggle out the other band of money then slapped it on the table right next to the other lump of cash. “So…what’s up?”

Tears slowly began to make their way to the front of my eyes; everything in the room was blurry but the money. I needed that money so that I can leave and never have to see him again. Flipping the switch I wanted for the music to start and wiped at the runaway water on my face “s*** that is crazy as f*** what are the odds of hearing my damn self while getting a lap dance”

<a href=" ">Clicky</a>

Get your s*** together Anastasia, it is just a dance get that f***ing money. After all that is what he left you for remember. Placing my poker face on I did my cat walk toward him and stood right in front of him slowly moving my hands up and down my body until I got to my pussy moving my index finger up and down the material of my underwear I dropped to my knees and slid my arms up his legs to his thighs gripping them tight as I moved my neck around in circles closer and closer to his d***. Spreading his thighs out wide I shot my eyes back to his and moved my chest so they lightly touched his growing d***. Pulling my body up his body I climbed on his lap straddling him while grinding my hips. I felt his hands slide down my sides to my waist, I usually didn’t let the client touch me but he knew where my spots where. Smacking my ass hard he was my motivation to move faster on his d***. Placing my right leg on the arm of the chair I waited until I was firmly in place before I moved the left just the same, in a perfect split placing my arms behind his head I bounced up and down. His hands caressed my inner thigh as he let his index finger randomly land on the brim of my panties. The song soon changed and so did my position standing up and turning so my ass was in his face I placed my hands behind my head and began twerking my ass in the air.

“f*** ana” whatever was inside of me became weak from that, placing my index in my mouth and looking back at him I moved my hips slower in his face. “Sit on my lap baby” just as he asked I placed my ass on his lap, soft hands soon landed on my chest massaging them to the beat of the song while I grabbed the sides of the chair moving my ass harder on his d***. “Take it off trey” on queue I felt my bra hit the floor as his hands rested on top of my bare skin. “f*** TREMAINE” “keep moving that ass ana… do it for me baby” leaning back on his chest I allowed his head to fall perfectly into the crock of my neck as I continued to pants burn the f*** out of him. Trey’s index and thumb pressed my nipples in hard causing me to slightly moan out in pure bliss. I couldn’t tell you what the f*** was going on with me but I moved one of my arms behind his neck as the other grabbed his right arm. I made him shadow me all the way to the string on the side of my panties then tug lightly removing the bow I had placed there on my hip just seconds before.
“Ana lay your ass on that couch” I quickly turned my attention to his face but his expression never changed. “Now” untangling myself from around him I stood to my feet and slowly walked across the room to the door and made sure it was locked, I could hear bree in the background going nuts at the sound of a door locking but at that moment I wasn’t worried about her ass. Sitting on the couch in the corner of the room I waited for trey to come toward me.
“Take them panties all the way off” in a hesitant motion I pulled the last string then watched my panties fall effortlessly by my thighs. “You know how it goes ana, keep your eyes on me the whole time” with force I felt his lips collide with mine as our eyes never left each other it was awkward at first to be kissing with our eyes open, hell to be kissing trey at all but something felt right like a light had just gone off I missed this, I needed this. I took one of my hands and slid down his body reaching for his jeans then began to unbuckle them snatching them and his boxers to the ground. “Got damn ana… hold up baby” his bright smile warmed my heart as he thought my aggressiveness was cute, taking his legs out of his jeans and snatching off his graphic tee he stood in front of me, body just as nude as mine, but even more gorgeous. Not a blemish on his chiseled tattooed frame, which made the burnt caramel of his skin tone seem almost to glow in a greek god like manner. “You like what you see” giving my lips a quick swipe with my tongue I grabbed his hands and pulled him back close to me, as our kiss began again wrapping my legs around his waist locking them around the ankle.
Slowly his lips moved from my mouth to my chin to the sweet spot on my neck, it was like he never left me like he would forever know what turns me on damn. Moving his head down my neck to my collar bone to the top of my chest he kissed the bare skin above my nipple before looking at me to make sure I was still making eye contact with him. Leaning my head back just a little bit, I felt the warmth of his tongue crash against my harden dark nipple placing them in between his teeth biting down hard then replacing the harsh pain with pure wet pleasure with a swipe of his thick tongue. I couldn’t take this torture any longer grabbing his face I pulled him back up to me and began tonguing him down once more before making him sit down on the couch right next to me. Kissing down his body I stopped at his abs and licked a certain spot then blew on it “Damn” still remember that spot. Making small wet kisses further down his body I made it to his harden d*** pre-cum made the tip glisten, and my mouth to water.
This might sound strange but I always loved the way the way trey tasted, licking the tip numerous times I them allowed spit to form at the roof of my mouth so when I licked his tip again and strong line of saliva would meet from his d*** to my tongue. “s*** girl” taking my hand to the base of his shaft I moved up and down and I slowly let his d*** enter my warm mouth fully, I could feel my eyes begin to water from the width but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. Bobbing my head up slowly then back down with force contradicted the motion my hand was moving I began to deep throat him. The way I knew he loved “mmm f*** yea, keep them eyes on me baby” pushing him as far as I could go I felt my gag reflex shoot back at me and I pulled him out of me still stroking his d***. “Lay back baby” as I wiped my mouth I laid back on the couch so now trey was on top
“I love you ana” he spoke while looking me dead in the eyes but he didn’t wait for an answer back instead he fell face first into my love. Lifting my right leg up in the air placing my thigh on his shoulder he pushed the left leg off of the couch eating my s*** to no end. I would feel myself at a climax then he would stop place my clit in between his teeth and lightly begin to nibble sending my body straight off of the couch, my head shot back and my back arched as his tongue went deeper.
“KEEP THOSE f***ING EYES ON ME ANA” trey growled in my pussy sending vibrations through me. Grabbing the side of his face I pushed him in deeper as I felt his tongue action grow faster and faster. I was at my climax when I felt him snatch his face away and stick his d*** right into me. I wasn’t going to protest though. Wrapping my legs around his body I moved my hips in an opposite direction as his to cause more friction to our movements. “f*** TREMAINE” “this pussy my ana…huh” I felt his body start to grind into my pussy as his d*** was deep in it causing me to scratch at his back in retreat. “f*** trey that is my spot” “yea baby I know I aint forget that s***, spread them legs out far for daddy baby… yea let me tear daddy pussy up” the slapping noise from our body I’m sure could be heard beyond the door but at this moment I didn’t care I had gotten what I have been needed, love from this man. My legs began to shake hard as he was hitting that s*** at an angle. “Trey i’m.. go..oing toO CUM” placing that gorgeous smile to his face he gripped my hips and pounded my body onto him as hard as he could making my chest bounce up and down uncontrollably. “Tre..EEYY” “Cum for me baby come on daddies d***… LET THAT s*** GO ANASTASIA” chest moving at a runners pace and placed my eyes right on his and let go hard making my whole body shake, after a few more powerful thrust I felt trey cum right after me.
“So now what” trey asked while placing his head on my chest. To be honest I was afraid of that moment, the moment where now we have to own up to our actions and say what we really are to each other.

“Damn b**** if I would have known your ass was in there getting d*** I would have walked the f*** away, that awkward ass moment when you standing in a hallway and hear ass clapping” bree said as I made it back into the dressing room with her. I had told trey to give me time to think so with a few more minutes of lying in each other’s arms I had grown confused and walked out. “So s*** reminds me never to dance in that room again” “s*** bree all the other b****es that be f***ing in those rooms you gon call me out on my s***” I said while laughing and grabbing my stuff out of my locker “Yea but I aint never hear the s*** you was just nasty… I better not go in that room and slip on a damn magnum wrapper” she said laughing which made me laugh harder than stop almost instantly. We never used a condom.


excuse any mistakes but im tired as f*** just know i do this s*** for yall


run it! i wanna know is it trey??

it's either trey or flocka . can i please beat lauren's ass for being a jealous hoe ? & ana's for lying to trey like he can't see that she still loves him ? think about it , trey , if she didn't then why the fck is she crying & running from you ? & trey's ass for believing lauren's pregnancy act .

Run it!

Damn I'm glad she gave it to trey ass. That's what he gets. I wonder if trey is the one in the room hmm....
Add soon!!! Run it!!!!

How does it feel to get a taste of your
own medicine Trey? Does it feel good?
Now you know exactly how Ana feels!
Lauren, you wasnt about to do s***!
What the f*** was your dumb ass going
to do? We all know Ana would've beat
your dumbass! Bree is always so f***ing
hype! Like take a chill pill girl. I dont think
this should be appropriate but I loved how
Ana's way of revenge was showing her body
off knowing that she's HIS ANA! I bet that
nigga is Trey! i knew his ass would be
coming back!

Run it again please!

“I can’t trey” I said placing my arms into his chest, boy every being in me was kicking my own ass for stopping this but I needed to, if I hadn’t I would invite him into a world I myself was afraid to enter plus he had baggage, yea I mean lauren. “Ana please let me kiss you” his lips where just a tongue swipe away from touching mine, I could literally feel my body begin to boil as his hands slowly caressed up and down my side warming me up with every friction he gave to my shirt. “A kiss will not solve anything” “no but it will at least let me know there is something still in your heart that loves me” the words he spoke stung my heart to the core, why, WHY did he need me to kiss him to let him know I still loved him couldn’t he see it in my eyes. In the way I cried for him ran from him hell even in the way I hold myself around him love was the nicer way to say how I felt about him, truth be told I would f*** the world and die for him but he already killed me heart.

“Tremaine I can’t” I said trying to get passed him but his grip had gotten tighter around my waist as he moved his head the same direction I moved mine trying to get me to look at him. “Tell me Anastasia do you still love me, if so I will fight to make this work, if not I will leave you alone and never f*** with you again” tears fell like rain drops now how could he possible give me this type of ultimatum. “Trey please” “yes or no ana do you love me” “I” “damn it ana YES OR NO” trey yelled while slamming his hands on the top of the car which caused me to startle in fear, I wasn’t afraid of him cause I knew he wouldn’t hurt me but just seeing him this pissed hardly ever came. “I’m sorry look please tell me something…stop crying please just tell me” he said while wiping the tears from my face.

Voice meek and fragile I looked him dead in the eye then looked away “no” “look at me when you say it anastasia” facing him I felt as if my head was about to explode I was becoming dizzy from crying as much as I have and I could tell they were not about to stop anytime soon, looking him dead in his eyes with my eyes blurry and unreadable I spoke up again this time with hate and anger and pain in my voice “NO I don’t love you I hate everything about you and honestly I wish you never had come back” he took a step back then approached me again “I know your lying ana I could always tell when you lie” “I’M NOT LYING I HATE YOU” I said screaming at the top of my lungs trying my hardest to convince him that I hated him even though a blind man could see I was full of s*** but in my mind if I continued to tell these lies then I wouldn’t have to face the truth. “You hate me huh” “with all of my heart” as he looked into my eyes one more time I saw hurt, pain that I feel finally put him in the same playing field as me. “iight then I guess there is nothing else me and you need to say to each other than” finally backing up he put his hand behind his head and walked back to his side of the car opening his door and starting the car. Once I got in the car I barely had time to put my seat belt on before he began to pull off “so this is it, no friendship or anything” he spoke while my head laid rested on the window, when he realized I wasn’t going to say anything back he put his attention to the road and turned his music up drowning out my weak sobs.

“Hey ba…” before Ms. April could finish her statement trey rushed passed her and headed straight upstairs while I walked in shortly after holding myself. “f*** did you do to him” lauren yelled from the living room. “Stay out of this” April yelled at her but she didn’t listen instead she walked closer to me and lifting up her hand as if she was going to swing of something, just the thought put me in ali mood I had been dying to flip her ass since the day I meet her but before either one of us could get to each other trey came back downstairs and grabbed lauren. “Don’t f***ing touch her, get your s*** we out of here” “but trey you still have 5 more days until the radio appearance” april spoke trying to reason with trey but his heart was to torn to listen I knew that trey well. “We cutting this trip short sorry” “thank god because I was just about to dog walk this b****” lauren said while being dragged away by trey. “Ana what happened” but I just put my hand up and walked upstairs myself, pissed at the world.

“Ayyyy ana bissshhh where the hell have you been” I heard bree yell over the music that was playing in the back locker room. After me and trey had gotten into it which caused the whole house tension I ran upstairs to my room made a few phone calls and placed my spot on stage tonight. I knew I wasn’t going to do this anymore but I needed to do something, something I knew could piss him off more than anything. Even though I knew he probably wouldn’t even see me or know I was here tonight, I was going to expose his ana, the one thing he hated the most. “heyy bree” in my mind I was trying to be tough about the situation but deep down I was still hurting. “Damn you look s***ty…here take some of this” she said handing me a bottle and walking off to get dressed. “And don’t worry about giving it back call it a peace treaty for killing your bottle” “but I thought after you whooped home boy we were even” I said taking a sip of whatever jungle juice she had in this glass. “Beating ass is free, but a bottle is about what 15 20 dollars from the arab s*** drink that s*** plus you look like you need it” “thanks bree” I said sarcastically “no hard feelings baby but don’t nobody want to tip a depressed stripper” she said laughing and walking out of the locker room, as I domed the rest of the bottle.

Drunk as s*** I stumbled to the back curtain and waited for them to say my name, I couldn’t tell you what the f*** was in that damn bottle or what the hell my name was but gotdammy I was on the moon and planed on freaking the stage hard. “Alright alright now we have a special treat for you money crunching bumpkins today, now yall haven’t seen her in a while but lord have mercy let me tell you she still finer than a mother f***er, yall know what it is kitty come on out here baby”

As the music dropped I smiled <a href=" ">hard</a>

“this one is for you baby” placing my middle finger to the air I placed a slick smile to me face and did my cat walk to the stage, tonight was all mine.

“Damn b**** you can’t come back in here and try to shut s*** down though” bree said while helping my stumbling ass off the stage. “Your ass was getting it though s*** if my landlord hadn’t been to my door every day this week asking for his rent I would have thrown your ass a dollar or two” I could help but laugh at her I mean the state I’m in everything was funny. Sitting down on the chair next to the vanity I took a look at my money, this s*** was way too easy to get I kind of missed this action. Taking out the cut from clyde dirt ass I put the rest in my locker and began fixing myself up for the next section I was about to do. “Ana ana ana baby I’m glad your back” clyde said walking past all of the other girls in the locker room, you could tell they feared his ass by the way they looked down at the floor trying to not make eye contact or just simply walking out avoiding his ass all together. Looking back at bree she folded her arms across her chest and stood close next to me as in a sign that she had me in case I needed it. Reaching for his money off of the dresser he caressed my face then licked his thumb counting off the money he had in his hands. “Damn girl please tell me you won’t do another disappearing at on me” I didn’t say anything I had nothing to say to him. “Oh come on ana no hard feelings” he said stepping closer to me which made bree step closer, as he looked up at bree then back down to me and smirked “come on ana you cannot possible think I set your ass up can you…well look let me make it up to you I have another private dance for you” “Nope” I said cutting him off but he just continued to smile “I promise you will like it baby, and if it makes you feel any better mark is here” my eyes shot to him as darts what the f*** was he trying to do. “Look it is good money in that room and you are the only one he requested you have no other choice but to take it” swiping my face with his crusty thumb again he began to walk off then stopped and turned around again “it’s all about money baby and if yo skip out on this private dance you will miss out” he said smelling the money he had in his hands then leaving out of the room.

“I want to gut his ass like a damn fish” bree said stripping out of her earlier outfit and putting on a new one. “You thinking about going” she asked while staring at the back of my head “I do need the money” I said a little above a whisper” “f*** you mean you need the money ana all that s*** you just put in your locker… you don’t need money that damn much” bree said but she didn’t understand I was living with my ex’s mother sleeping in a bed that wasn’t mine and playing deaf dumb to the knowledge of her son being in the house I needed this money. “Look it’s a lot of s*** going on in my life right now that I can’t explain but just know I need this… you go my back just in case” hesitant for a bit she unfolded her arms then put a smile on her face “yea with your crazy hoe ass…I can’t judge you get yours s***” a smile finally reached my face and as I continued to get dressed with bree I still had this feeling in the back of my mind that s*** wasn’t right but I was going to play it cool.

“Hey mark uhmm this is my friend bree” I said pointing to bree as she stood jumping up and down as if she was in a boxing match “and she is going to stand out her with you just in case I need her ok” “I guess so” he said with a straight face then opened my door.

Walking up I took a deep breath then nodded my head for them to shut the door. Turning the music on with the switch I finally faced my client and almost doubled over, oh please god no…it can’t be…not him.

Loved it but I hope Ann doesn't kiss his sorry ass. I really do not like Chris or his girl smh

Lauren be irritating the f***
out of me, she acts like she
hot s*** just because she with
Trey, you aint s*** boo boo!

Poor Ana, I feel bad for her, I
just want to run over and give
her a hug. I hate the fact that
Trey be bringing all these
memories back and he feels no
remorse for it. He has her crying
over him and s***, I hope this
convo brings them to a certain
closure because Lord knows
they need this.

Add more Ana....please!

Run it

That nigga better chill
Fronting us on our slide && stuff lmao
He just mad bcus he couldn't get on it

Lauren asx is grimy af man
I just wish her asx wld go away ugh

I'm really glad Trey && Ana are talking things
out . . . they need closure to start over
Hmm poor thing


Thank you!!!! I was waitin for you to update this

i owed yall something so here you go lol


To say I was mad at lauren would have been an understatement she knew that I held a deep past with ana but she gave everything she could to make sure she f***ed with her with us. I swear if she wasn’t carrying my child I would have left her ass at the mall, but I can’t she my girl and I guess I have to just separate the feelings that I have between these two ladies.

Making it back home I didn’t want to do anything but talk to ana. “Lauren can you go into the house and let me talk to ana” “what” lauren asked and yelled at the same damn time. “Trey please I don’t have anything to say I” but I cut her off by holding up my hand and looking at lauren. I was tired of tip toeing over the matter I was tired of acting like we hated each other and I wanted, naw f*** that I needed to get to the bottom of this before I left in a few days. “lauren go in the house I’ll be back in a minute” lauren gave me the coldest stare in the world before turning her head and looking at ana like she had did something wrong, then looked back at me picking my hand up and placed to her stomach while taking her other hand and pulling my face toward her, kissing me with what I think is passion or a stamp in ana face. “Don’t take long” and with that she got out of the car and made it to the front door looking back at the car only 100 times.


“Trey please I just don’t” “don’t what ana get in the front come on” he said while hitting the seat. With hesitation I climbed out of the back and sat in the front seat next to him. I couldn’t control my breathing and I felt as if I was going to pass out it has been a long time since I have been this close to him, and I was a nervous wreck. “Ana” “huh” I said coming out of my daze “Your seat belt babe” “oh yea” fighting to get it closed I finally got it I was tripping hard as hell right now. “You good” I nodded yes but my brain was saying no, as he slowly pulled out of the driveway I held onto my seat as if this was about to be my last ride. To many it might seem like I was over reacting but if the man you gave everything too told you to take a random ride with him when you haven’t even talked to him in the last few years you would be jumpy as hell to.

As we hit the interstate I paid close attention to all of my exits we were heading back to the bricks but why, “you want to listen to some music or something” “uhmm sure” “any type of artist in mind” he said with a smirk “anything but you…please” “anything but me huh ok I can live with it” slowly chris brown fortune began to play in the background, I didn’t have any beef with chris but I did listen to a few of his song during my depression period which seem to have come a lot back then. “So tell me ana why stripping” trey asked while turning off on another exit. “I needed the money” “why didn’t you just stay with my mom” “I don’t need a hand out from anyone” I was beginning to feel uncomfortable with where he was going with this conversation. “I feel where you coming from but you could tell you didn’t belong there the other night” “that didn’t stop your friends from tipping” “I didn’t say you wasn’t the baddest one of the night I said you didn’t look like you belonged” he said while looking at me for a quick second. “Like I said I needed the money with school and rent I just wasn’t making ends meet properly” “you never just thought about taking out a loan on school until you were on your feet” “and then if I don’t come out with a job I’m left with debt and then I would be living on the street” why was I telling him this stuff it was none of his business really, my financial life was my business not his. “What’s you major any way” “media management, but I think I will change it” “why” “you will have to deal with celebs artist and I have bad luck in that category” I began to laugh then continued “with my luck every artist that I put up with would take shine from me then leave me high and dry” I was airing out dirty laundry but I don’t know if he caught on or not. “Why would you say that” he didn’t, so let me bring it home “you did.” “Ana I was young and stupid back then… if I could I would take all this back” “all your fame girls money…come on trey that was all you use to talk about” “that was all I use to talk about with you…once you were out of the picture it just didn’t seem like the life anymore” “You seem to be doing just fine” “well mainly because I met back up with lauren she was a familiar face in a strange place and we just took it from there”

Listening to him speak was like pricking nails into my skin, wrapping my arms around myself I sat further down in my seat until I looked out my window and began to see a neighborhood that brought back way to many memories. “Trey are we” “yea” he said with a smile, we were back in the bricks I couldn’t help but smile too, that was the simpler time back then when all you had to care about was homework and getting home before the street lights came on. Pulling into the parking lot of the park I knew too well my eyes began to water up. “Same old park wood chips and a basketball court” “don’t forget the slide” “who could forget you and nani’s little ass weak ass slide” he said laughing. I couldn’t help but smile either I hadn’t been to this park in years, this is where I had my first fight over trey my first kiss with trey my first place I snuck off too when I was running away from home…with trey, damn. All of a sudden I really wasn’t into being her anymore. as I felt trey open my side of the door, I tried to get out of my seat but realized I still had the seat belt on “that’s ok players f*** up too” trey said while laughing but I no longer had that smile on my face, I was back in hell back to where it all began my home away from home where I slowly feel in love with his good for nothing ass.

I felt the tears hit my face as I looked away toward the park and physical pictured me and him together. “Ana no please don’t cry please” “f*** YOU TREY… YOU DID THIS TO ME I CAN’T EVEN SLEEP WITH OUT DREAMING OF YOU, YOU WERE MY EVERYTHING AND YOU DID THIS TO ME FOR YOUR f***ING FAME”I was screaming and hitting at his chest while he tried to console me but it wasn’t working I had years and years and months of anger to pour out. “YOU KNOW I CAN’T EVEN GO TO SLEEP WITH OUT HEARING YOUR VOICE ON THE RADIO, I HAVENT HAD A RELATIONSHIP SINCE YOU LEFT ME, I’M LONELY AS f*** TREMAINE ALL BECAUSE YOU TOOK LOVE AWAY FROM ME WHY… WHAT DID I DO WRONG… what did I do please tell me I’ll fix it I promise I’ll be better trey I’m sorry” I said finally completely breaking down on his chest. I felt my chin being lifted and I was face to face with trey as soft tears left his face as well “I’m sorry ana I promise I didn’t mean to hurt you” but I didn’t want to hear this so I looked away only to have my face snatched back “don’t stop looking at me” he said in a deep voice while leaning in for a kiss.

Lauren needs to die.
Run it!

damn soso you wasnt playing you really did comment
but i love it

should be posting soon

ok......IM CAUGHT UP

"Round of applause, make dat ass clap, drop it to the floor..."
Anerrr be strippin?! this sht kray. ana was there for trey and then he just gon' be out without sayin' bye?! the fck was his prollem? smh. no wonder anerr be so horny! the way trey was givin her the d and then LEFT aw hell, you don't give no girl the D, Trey and then leave. he should know by now that any btch he fcks with becomes an addict of his product! had ana living life without her crack cocaine lol shame on that nigga.

Le struggle lol, had to call mama trey up for a lil meal right quick! but at least ana is in school, too. she make money just not how other people makes dat paper, they up there judging ana they don't know her situation. niggas don't wanna hire a muhfcka so they can shut all that judging up. she got a job that's all that matters plus she in school to top that. moving forward, ctfu up at jetting the fck outta the house when she heard trey's voice. she was running faster than edward from twilight lol.

the flashback JAYYY lmao he's the only one who could shut nani up smh if it gotta be a nigga to be the one who does it but ayee as long as someone can do it. That's right lauren ease on up btch trey don't want yo ass hoe! His Ana has arrived. I like how he wants her to himself and nobody to see her. see what she be doing causin accidents and shid. BOOM - ana walks in and necks break like bread, ain't neva seen a shawty that bad. I thought Ana was gon' pick her plate up and leave but she stayed, i knew that was gon' be a bad decision. Trey tryna apologize and now, nahhhh nigga you did ana wrong af! then lauren ole btch gon' have the nerves to say some sht with her hoe ass, btch please. they got you fcked up ana lol straight twisted.

the next flashback of that hoe cheating on trey...shameee why tf did trey keep on messing with this btch after everything ana did for him he must've not really given a fck because if he did he would have tried to have ana with him instead of just up and leavin. man i just wanna whoop trey's ass! ...the apartment building just had to burn down. damn. well at least she had ms april's houses to go to and trey need to keep his distance from ana, he with that ratchet ass hoe lauren, he can stick to talk to her ass. THIS...b**** NIGGA! Trey done got his life straight muthafckin twisted! omg if i could come through this screen i'd whoop his ass I wish Ms April woulda slapped the fck outta his dumb ass. Lauren got her nerve lettin Ana know she preggo and probably WITH WAYNES baby not Trey's baby; she ain't slick she still a hoe; once a cheater always a cheater.

Ana girl...please put me in this btch ion give a flyin fck if lauren pregnant i'll drag her ass to the dumpster with her ole bum ass and throw her in, lol. NANA! yank that btch for me! Hah, Trey couldn't take his eyes off of Ana. Good come back Ana *claps* had trey hypnotized. Bet lauren can't break a neck even if she tried! But man...Ana momma is wrong for lettin her husband hit Ana. I would like to have loved that Trey was there for her, but he's a changed man and ion like his ass right now cause he dead wrong. yeah he helping her giving her the credit card but only cause his momma had to talk his ass into it. the shame and he wasn't gonna take her shoppin just cause he with lauren?! Nigga please!


i'll onlyy go to jail if someone snitches
&& well uuuuh Thuggie leaves NO witnesses !
so let Teyy no he better keep quiet or
*waves gun arnd* he's next !


nani no you cant go to jail lol

*points sniper rifle && looks through scope at Lauren*

Just sayy teh word . ..say the mf'n word
&& her shxt is OVER son
*thug voicee*



my feedback should be coming soon ana,
but I like it already

Run It

comment gonna be short but simple & to the point
and lauren needs her ass whopped fr fr i'll do it fo you thou just case this b**** really is prego lik she claims you wnt get into trouble

and trey smh tsk tsk you just straight downgraded homie playa playa get it together

run it