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Once Upon A Time

decided to let y'all know how me and trey met.
some of y'all WILL be popping in and out of this so
be on the look out.

<a href=" ">Before the fame</a>

I was with him before the fame
Before everyone knew him as Mr. Steal your girl
I was there when his first mix tape wasn’t s***
When he gave up on music
I was there before he was the panty man
Hell I was their when he didn’t even have stroke
I was the first one to hug him when he got signed
The first one to sit all night in a studio till he got the song right
His first everything

Once he started making hits I was the only one he never told he was leaving. I was young and in love he was my first and only but he broke my heart the day he got on that air plane. I had to find out from his mother that he was on his way to New York. That day I cried myself sick I felt lost I was depressed hell I even stopped eating for a matter of time. For months I blamed myself was it me who f***ed up, was I not as supportive as he wanted me to be, could I have done more. But soon I just stopped kicking a dead horse and realized he was just a dude who never truly gave a care about what he had back home.

As crazy as it all sounds though I bought every last one of his albums downloaded every mix tape and watched every interview, anytime he was even mentioned on BET or MTV I was there hanging on his every word like a fan. It made me feel closer to him for some reason like I still had a part of him. Even though I hated him with every ounce of blood that dripped through me and the day I see him would be too soon.

I was stuck in Virginia and he was traveling the world doing things I said I always wanted to do, but couldn’t. Time just wasn’t in my favor I had the real world to deal with and that b**** was cold.

I sat in front of the mirror staring at myself as I tried to drown in Hennessey. If I didn’t get drunk this night would seem longer than I would have liked it and I would dread every second. I worked at a strip club called ‘Pure Pleasure’. I had been working here for the past six months but it’s only because I became that typical college girl who couldn’t see the light behind her tuition. So in the day time I went to class and at night I was here. Was I over qualified to work here f*** yea and so was the next b**** and the next b****. Hell all of these girls were on their s***, but responsibilities came first and that’s the one thing I guess we could all respect about each other. Other than that all these b****es could drown in a lake I didn’t give a f***.

“Kitty you’re up” I heard my name being called. It was my turn to shake my ass for change. Taking another huge gulp of my relaxer I closed my eyes and turned into the night freak they loved while shutting my true self out.

4:19 in the morning is when I made it home and my first class started at 9 a.m., you get used to it after a while though. Walking into my empty apartment I shut and locked my door making sure to pull my table in front of it. This neighborhood was getting bad. I just didn’t have the money to move anywhere else all the money I got from stripping went toward rent and school hell food even came last but I rather starve then live on the streets. As I stripped myself of my work clothes I hopped in the bed and snuggled up to Mr. Groove. Yea trey gave him to me almost 4 years ago I couldn’t let him go he was the only thing that held me when sirens rang through the night like midnights theme song and I needed that little extra comfort even if the person who gave him to me was a complete ass.

Turning my radio on to fight out the noise of the outside his voice rang out on repeat over and over I played the same song ever night ‘It would be you’. Why I loved that song I don’t know, he made it once we were over, but it did seem like words he once spoken to me or maybe words I wanted him to say right now. As my eyes drifted to his voice the world faded out and he became louder and he was the last thing that was on my mind once more.

My alarm clock contrasted with trey’s voice which caused me to jump up. Giving the clock a quick glance I groaned 8:15. Throwing the covers over the bed I made my way toward my dresser. Turning him off and switching on something more lively while making my way to the shower.

Dancing to the music in the shower I began to try to twerk to ‘Bandz” as the radio began to turn up. But on a failed attempt I almost bust my ass so I quickly stopped and finished the task I was originally in here for. Stepping out of the shower I heard the radio host come on and begin talking I wasn’t really paying attention I just continued to get dressed since I didn’t have much time left. Shimmying into my jeans I threw on a top, brushed my hair into a messy bun and clicked off my radio. Making my way to my kitchen I tried to see if I had anything to eat but I didn’t. I wasn’t sadden by this though it wasn’t anything new to go anywhere hungry for me I just waved it off and grabbed my keys. It looks like I was going to have to work extra hard tonight.

Once I made it to campus I felt out of place. Most of these kids where here on scholarships or loans. I was here from naked dollars; I always kept my head down ever since that one day some creeps choose a day to let the whole campus know who I was. So to avoid any problems I just kept to myself with quick feet.


bree that was violent lol

OMFG!!! I f***ING HATE LAUREN TOO! ON GOD IF SHE DIED, I WOULD LAUGH!!!! Lmao, I'm sorry but it's the way I feel right now. That evil b**** was being too extra for me. I swear, I can see the real Lauren London playing this role to a 'T'! Ugh, dumb ass b****. She was just doing the most and I cannot wait until Ana beat the f*** out of her to shut her ass up! Tell 'em why you mad b****! Because Trey wouldn't jump in front of a parked car to save you, if the b**** was backing back? lol. f*** yo dumb ass and everything you stand for. And the b**** that raised you. If she still alive. Trey wasn't going for that s***... He made her ass take that card. That's right. He remembered what April said because she wouldn't be going for that. And damn paparazzi, can y'all like chill? Trey got this. Let him do what he do. Ha, Lauren looked so f***ing stupid as Ana came out looking sexy lo. Hmm, what you got to say now b****? Shut that ass up quick. And um that flashback was horrible... Smh, her own mother allowed a man that wasn't even her father to hit her... Poor Ana... And then the song that he sung to her that reminded her of the incident comes on in the car?! MAKING ANA CRY! I DON'T LIKE SEEING MY ANERR CRY! TF?! AND THIS b**** SMIRKING EVILLY AND SINGING!!!!!! OMG!!!! I WANNA BUST THROUGH THIS f***ING STORY AND WHOOP HER ASS AND RUN THAT b**** OVER! f*** THAT, I'LL PUNCH THAT HO IN HER DAMN STOMACH, IT'LL SAVE THE BABY FROM BEING BORN TO SLUT ASS b**** LIKE HERSELF! UGH, I'M VERY HEATED.....

RUN IT!!!!!!!

I can't stand Lauren behind she makes me sick and so does trey . Ana needs to let go and move on from trey she deserves better! Run it!!!

oh i forgot to speak on the "baby"
that bxtch aint pregnant she think sayying tt
gon keep tht nigga WRONG

&& even if she is it PROLLY aint his
its prollyy waynes !

*sharpens blades*
psssh bxtches got lifee fckd up

new reader!

Lauren is EVIL!!!! she needs to be dealt with..that aint even trey's baby i bet!! Ana need to get with her one good time! im dying to see her lay them hands on her and put her in her place.. Im glad Mrs. April said something to both trey and Laura..(oops i mean Lauren lol)..trey need to get his ish togetha and fast!..he know he was wrong for leaving her then wanna pop back in town with this wanch and try to act like everything gon be all kool with him and Ana..i think NOT!..i know Ana dont want nothin to do with him but i just want them two to have a convo and i want her to hear im out on what happenned back then as to why he aint let her know he was leaving...cuz i wanna hear this sorry excuse my damn self! lol..trey betta fix it man..and lastly he aint have to go spreadin her business that she a stripper..likeDAMN! run it!

Noooooooooooooooo !!!!
no tell
otayy i be good !

Oh my gah! Someone please push Lauren out the damn car! I hate that b**** so bad! She aint s*** and never will be! Like who tf she think she is? Please sit the f*** down! She needs to realize that she will never compare to Ana, no matter how hard she tries.

Trey, Trey, Trey. Why he acting like he dont want her? He knows damn well he does. I bet if he could he would have taken her down right then and there when she was getting her sexy on. I fee like Ana should atleast be nice to him. He's trying and thats all that matters because he easily could have been a d***. But he isnt.

Why would her mom let her step dad beat her? That is some f***ed up s***! Like her mom needs a serious ass whooping. Ill be happy to give it to her. Cause she is seriously asking for one.

Run it

I'm telling cole


i'll just makee onee

*scared smile*

note to self: keep nani away from ALL things
that are and might become weapons

lol im onlyy violent whn pushed to the
*evil smilee*

that was a little violent don't you think

*slowly backs away from nani*

Lauren is SUCH a bxtch
i reallyy just ugh i cant with her man
she trying to show out && shxt
. . . dng the most

Treyy should def feel likee an asx right now
how tf you leavee Ana for THAT shxt stain
i mean seriouslyy comee on

Ana *high-fivee* girla had the right
Lauren thought she had tht shxt but Treyy still
want her && she knw it

her mama is just a MESS
that is all
her mom's husband needs to havee
a plunger shoved up his asx, cut repeatedlyy w/ a blade
havee salt && lemon juicee poured into the wounds
then placed in a HOT bath . . . bxtchasx

Lauren asx just aint gon get enough until
Ana roll on her asx
&& i CANNOT wait !


Making my way downstairs I watched as trey held onto Lauren’s waist while she stomped and kicked her feet upset about something, I guess it was me “I’m ready” as both eyes landed on me Lauren’s held a mean mug while treys said something different but I wasn’t going to play a guessing game with him not today. As we made it out to his car I walked toward the passenger side like not even on any type of slick s*** just that’s where I was headed only to be bumped hard as hell by lauren who grabbed the handle of the door and looked at me as if I was crazy. “f*** you think this is” “lauren don’t start” “no trey you don’t start with me” rolling my eyes I didn’t want to fight so I held my tongue and got in the back, one day I will drive my foot in her ass.

I couldn’t help but look out of the window while trey and lauren held hands in the front, I could tell trey was genuine but lauren was putting on a show one that she thought could piss me off and it was working. Stay cool ana stay cool.

“Trey, trey over here trey, is this your new boo trey are you taking two bad chicks out today, lauren is this your friend or trey’s little secret, hey mystery girl what’s you name what are you to trey and lauren” I couldn’t make it through the crowd of paparazzi like trey and lauren who have years of experience so I was getting hit the most with stupid questions and flashing cameras. Watching trey get lauren inside safely he came back and grabbed my hand basically fast walking through the crowd. Once we made it to the door security block it off and I guess we were good to go well they were but I was a bit shaken up. I mean that was super intense I love celebrity gossip but I didn’t know the measure they had to go through for me to hear it.

As I stood in the middle of the mall I looked around and noticed we were the only people inside, did he really close the mall down for me or just to shop. “Alright where do you guys want to hit first” trey asked while reaching for his wallet in his back pocket. “I’m going to coach lauren said while holding her hand out like a spoiled brat. “Ok and you” trey asked but I pretended not to hear him and began to walk away from them. “TREY TREY!!” I heard lauren yell while trey’s footsteps were fairly close to me. “ Ana here you left without” but I stopped him with a glare “I don’t want your money tremaine” “ana please swallow your damn pride and take it” “swallow my damn pride huh” I said stopping to give him my full attention “ana please don’t fight with me just take it” “like I said before I don’t want your money I don’t need your money” I said walking away again only to have him grab ahold of my elbow, “if she said she doesn’t want it trey don’t push it on her she is a big girl” I took a deep breath then snatched my arm away.
“ANASTASIA LEIGH” I froze I haven’t heard him say my name like that in well ever “if you don’t take this money I will be forced to follow you into each store standing on your damn ass the whole time” I looked at him for a second to see if he was joking but no sign of a humorous trey showed. “Fine” snatching the card I took off and began speed walking away from them I wanted to be nowhere near them”

Hours passed and more and more of my heart sank as I walked around with trey’s card buying things. It wasn’t the fact that I was using it because in some stores in fact it came in handy but it was what they called me when I used it. “Alright Mrs. Neverson here you are” every time I heard that today a part of me wanted to scream out f*** trey and f*** you for assuming I would ever go with a selfish pig as himself but I didn’t I kept the tears welled up in the back of my eyes burning like fire.

As I made my way into Fredrick’s of Hollywood I noticed lauren putting on a mini show for trey but it killed me to think that b**** honestly thought she had a banging body. “Hello welcome to Fredrick’s of Hollywood do you need help finding anything today” I looked over to make sure lauren or trey didn’t hear me enter and then politely shock my head no at the lady.

Looking around a bit I found a few things that I honestly would love to show case at the club and a few I knew would be comfortable just around the house. So I began to rack up on a few items. “What you doing buying more stripper clothes” “lauren” trey snapped “what I can’t just ask the girl a question” “lauren that is none of your business you know that” trey tried to butt in “then why did you tell her” I said cutting him off “excuse me ma’am I actually do need a fitting room, thank you” I said while walking off. I honestly didn’t need one I knew my size like the back of my hand but I also knew men. If lauren could play so could I.

As I danced the little number on a reached into my purse and slickly put a little more perfume on, was I doing the most hell yes, but I wanted that b**** to know she wasn’t untouchable and the weapon I was using for today was her so called man. Pushing my boobs up, I walked out past her and trey as they stood by a rack of panties. Looking in the full length mirror I loved how I looked but I was going to play that s*** like I didn’t. “Hey Lauren can I get your ever so stylish expertise on this outfit” I said while laughing in my mind, as soon as I said that her eyes landed on me than looked at trey as he didn’t even try to hide the fact that he was looking. “trey TREY!” lauren said while hitting him in his head making him snap out of his trance. “You know what I like it too I think I will get it thanks guys” walking into the dressing room I stood by the door and counted down the seconds until I heard them arguing, man that felt good. Picking up my stuff and placing my real clothes back on I walked out past the arguing couple and placed my items on the counter paid for them and walked out, waiting for them to come on.

Back in the car lauren said nothing, she didn’t try to rub on his hand cheek or lean toward his side instead she just looked out of the window pissed. “hey hey hey we have an old school one just for you old souls check it out ‘melody’ by ray j” as the radio host played the song my heart stopped. It was our song well not THE song but trey sang this to me every time I cried to him about my mom.


I ran and ran all the way to his house from mine the run was about 20 minutes but I wasn’t stopping until I got to him I needed him more than anything right now. Once I made it to his house I beat and beat on the window as tears raced down my face. Quickly he yanked the blinds up with an angered face until he saw me and quickly opened his window pulling me in. “What’s wrong ana” I fell into his chest and cried harder making him slowly drop his body to the floor taking me with him I let it all out on his shirt. “She, She let him hit me” moving in with my mom came with its issues but it was never unbearable until her husband felt he could take the place of my real father and try to hit me. At first I couldn’t believe what was going on why wasn’t my mother standing up for me saying don’t since I wasn’t his child but she didn’t say anything she sat right in her chair as he made his way up the stairs. Hitting me with the belt he was previously wearing.

When I told trey I felt his body stiffen he hated Allen that was my mother’s husband, if he could he would kill him with his own two hands but I never let him stay in a room to long with him, just for the simple fact that I knew trey would confront him about it.

“where” he asked slightly breathing heavy, as I stood up slowly I slid my pants down and showed him the slashes in my back side. My skin was dark enough to hide some but the others that showed were enough proof that he was beating the living hell out of me. Picking me up in his arms he stripped me of the rest of my clothes and walked me to his shower turning the water on then taking his clothes off as well. I stepped in first and backed up a bit from the sting, as trey grabbed his radio he turned it on and hopped in side with me. Grabbing my body close to his and stood right under the water with me swaying my body back and forth as he sang the words to me.

End of flashback

Tears finally fell from my face as I placed my face on the window; trey tensed in his seat and began driving with two hands. As lauren watched the whole scene an evil grin spread across her face as she turned the music up and sang the words.

Yayyy lol.

thanks you
now i can add some more drama for yall lol

That flashback made me want to slap tf out of Trey EVEN MORE. Ugh, he is so wrong for that s***. And I know April was feeling her pain. She knew her son was in the wrong for the s*** that he did. How tf could he leave and not let her know? Like she said, even a text message would've done the deal but to NOT SEND ANYTHING is just crazy. Now let's get to her starving to damn death. I feel her about eating fast. I be eating like it's my last meal lol. Honestly it feels that way when you're really hungry! And now to add more s*** to the situation, her apartment catches on fire.... Man smh. That is so freaking f***ed up. This is just crazy how she is going through all of this and like always, we know April has her back. Trey shut yo ass up. You have NOTHING to say. Just HUSH PLEASE. WTF IS SHE GOING TO DO?!!

OH s*** wtf just happened? Lol. But I loved the way you described everything. It honestly was like I was reading a movie script. Awww poor Ana... She don't even have a stable home anymore due to that bulls*** ass fire. The s*** was totally not fair. Ugh. WHy tf it had to happen to her of all people? What she do to deserve this? She's a good ass person. She been through SO MUCH and this is what happens! Then here go Trey ass. What this negro about to say? And what the hell she do? Kiss him? It's getting GOOD now lol. Whewwww!

Now she wakes up right... And the aroma of food fills the air... Mmmm the bacon is tender and yummy, but when she comes into the kitchen and sees that it is Trey who is cooking... I most definitely felt that little awkward moment. Smh. And Lauren b**** ass. Why is she honestly there? Why can't she just go jump off a damn building somewhere. b**** JUST DON'T come back... That's all I'm saying. And lol @ April calling her ass Laura. I do think she doing that to be funny and it worked because I laughed lol. Whoa.... it got even more awkward when April started talking. Trey KNOWS he's wrong. Yeah, you may think you love Lauren, but trust me your ass don't. You're IN LOVE with Ana and you choose that smut ass b****? I like EVERYTHING April said. She didn't bite that tongue for s*** and that's wtf I love about her. She let that b**** HAVE IT and wouldn't let her give it back lol. Trey couldn't even say s*** after that 'cuz she got his ass in order too. And pregnant? b**** please. I swear I don't think she really pregnant. Trey said he never raw dogged her. So, how tf is she pregnant? I know birth control fails, but he NEVER went in her ass raw. Yup, the b**** lying and if she is pregnant, I bet it's another nigga's baby. I just don't trust her. And then this smut had the AUDACITY to try to come at Ana too. Talking about "b**** watch where the f*** you going." Do this b**** value her life? I don't think she does. Anyway, THIS can't be happening to Anerr right now... Ugh but look at Trey getting her ass together lol. LAUREN GO TF AWAY! 'TIS ALL!

RUN IT!!!!!!!

Trey is on some other s***, swear like that nigga is bi polar as f***! He need some help. Lauren needs her ass whooped, she know damn well she aint preggo. Gtfoh b****! Did Trey just say he is love with Ana. Dont think I didnt catch that s***, but on a real note he needs a damn reality check because he is pissing me the f*** off.

Run it

Naw hell Ana keep writing lol thanks for the extra add though. I want Ana to kick Lauren ass and kick try in the nuts smh they make me mad.
Run it!!!!

no d*** but fire f***ing head YEAAHHH

Don't add no more Ana! I need to catch up! You must got some d***! You adding too much lol.

“The f***” I damn near jumped out of my bed to the sound of thunder crashing against the house. Stopping to look around a bit I realized where I was and had to take a breath, first time I have had a dream about him in almost three months. I couldn’t stay in this house, no telling how long he will be here I mean I’m sure him and his shadow of a girlfriend will have to be on the road for shows and all of that pretty soon right, but at the same time I really wasn’t up for guessing his time of departure. I just wish I had some where to go, 4:13 a.m. why couldn’t I go to sleep and stay asleep, usually my body would have been worn out and tired but today I was just up. I needed my music maybe that’s why I couldn’t sleep, I needed my bed my teddy I need the cop sirens I need the millions of voices I needed our house back.

Slowly beginning to cry I reached for my phone and turned on Pandora to TREY SONGZ now I know it sounds dumb to truly turn your music on to a guy who is right next door the guy who brought his troubles with him into this house. But I needed it to sleep it was the only thing that I knew could put me to sleep I had become adapted to it. As love faces swept through the room I rested my head on the pillow and closed my eyes. This is what I needed.

The next morning I was greeted by the smell of strong food coming from down stairs. In my state you know I woke up to that, getting more than excited I quickly walked over to my drawer that I had in this room for days I did stayed the night and grabbed under wear and shorts and a t-shirt. I didn’t have much over here in fact I know I will have to go shopping today for new things, which honestly I’m kind of happy to do. I haven’t shopped for myself in almost 5 months.

Quickly rushing to the bathroom that was inside of my room I jumped in the shower and starting singing until I was finished. Placing my hair in a messy bun putting lotion on with the stuff Ms. April had in the cabinet and slipped my clothes on brushing my teeth and headed down stairs still in a somewhat happy mood. “Good morning Ms.” But before I could answer I was stopped by trey in the kitchen standing over a pot with his mother’s apron on singing. I suddenly didn’t have much of an appetite, well hell who was I kidding I was starving but I didn’t want any of his food, slowly backing out of the kitchen so I wouldn’t be seen I ran my back straight into a figure.

“Damn b**** watch where the f*** you’re going” “I’m sor” but I stopped myself like hell I was going to apologize to her rude ass. “Good morning ana…Laura” I heard Ms. April say while stepping inside of the kitchen, it put a smile to my face when she said Laurens name wrong I didn’t know if she was trying to be funny or honestly didn’t know but whatever the matter it made me smile. “Aw look at my baby in here cooking” Ms. April grabbed a kiss from trey while sitting at the table. “Ana come sit” hesitant at first I made my way to the table next to Ms. April while Laura lol, stood by trey.

“How did you sleep last night” “I was fine, thank you for everything” I said while facing the door, like I normally wasn’t this way around her but with trey in the room I couldn’t help but be shy for some strange reason. “Now let’s talk business, you’ll be staying with me for a while until you get on your feet I don’t want you paying for a thing I want you to save that money for you a new house a nice one” “Ms. April I can’t take you up on that offer please let me give you something” I said about to stand up and grab my purse from upstairs. “No ana I can’t you’re like a child to me I got this, this is my house I can take care of this but you need to take care of yourself.” If I had never gotten the chance to feel like a charity case I guess today was the day to know what it felt like. “Clothing wise we can go shopping later on today if you would like, what you need pants shirts panties and all of that” “mom we are eating” trey spoke but she just ignored him. “It’s ok really I have some money I can get myself things I’m alright” but all she did was eyeball me I could tell I wasn’t about to win this war. “Trey and Laura will take you” “WHAT” trey and I spoke at the same time while Lauren was in the back saying her name over and over again. “Ma come on I can’t” “and why not trey” all he did was look at me then back to an upset Lauren who held her hands to her hip.

“You are taking her and that’s final Tremaine” “I don’t know mom” I watched as they went back and forth as if I wasn’t even in the room trying to see who was going to take me to the store as if I was some little orphan that no one truly wanted to take responsibility for. “I can take myself I don’t need trey I have been doing it all by myself for this long” I spoke making the room become quiet I watched as his face sunk then as he fixed his lips to speak I held up my hand. “I got it” grabbing a few strips of bacon from the table I stood and made my way to the stairs. Trying to be mad but I was honestly not surprised by how that all went down I knew it would be awkward for us just not this awkward. Smashing on the bacon as I made my way to the stairs I had to stop for a second, he even cooks like a god, damn this some good ass bacon.


I didn’t mean to make ana feel that way I mean I truly wanted to help her out in her time of need but I have a girl right now I can’t just up and leave with her and ana without feeling awkward the girl I love Lauren and the girl I’m in love with ana in the same place at the same time. I would either slip up and say the wrong thing or have to break up a boxing match. Beside I couldn’t have lauren fighting last night she announced she was pregnant which took me by surprise I mean I really can’t remember the last time I even had sex with her unprotected that is. I mean even with her being on the pill I wouldn’t raw dog her and she knew that but mistakes happen and I was going to be there for her no matter what.

“Fix it tremaine” I heard my mother speak but I really was stuck in the middle. “Trey” I heard lauren whine I knew she knew I was thinking about it, I really was in deep thought about running up those stairs but what about her. “You know what I’ll tell you this and then I will keep my mouth close for the rest of the time you are here” “I’ll leave you guys to talk” lauren spoke while about to walk out but my mother stopped her. “Naw you need this to little girl, now I don’t know anything about you, I couldn’t tell you if you were any different from a can a paint of less spotted then a cheetah but I will point out the fact that you are coming in between years, YEARS of friendship, if you really love my son like you say you do you will allow him to help that girl not so she can slide on back through with him even though I’m praying for it, but for your own satisfaction so you know if your ass ever gets the boot you know trey will be there for you.” My mother spoke I knew that was a slap to lauren but I didn’t stop my mother at all in her rant. “And you Tremaine Aldon Neverson if I have never taught you anything in life before today you should know better than to do anyone like that. She needs your help she has nothing, NOTHING and you telling me you will honestly sit in my face think about if you’re going to help her or not. What the f*** happened to you, she has put up with a lot of bull from you and honestly I would stick my shoe up your ass until your vocal cords popped out but she hasn’t and she won’t she doesn’t want to come in between this even though I am PRAYING for it, but at least, at least knowing half the s*** you have put her through you would help” taking a breath she finally stopped I could tell I had made her more than upset and that killed me even more I hated seeing my mother like this. “Now I’m going upstairs I’m taking my ass to sleep for an hour than I’m going to a meeting you fix this s*** before I get back or it will be you and me.” Grabbing her plate she took a look at lauren and then sighed as if she had more for her but was holding back. Then she walked out, “so what are you going to do tremaine” sitting my elbows on the table I rubbed up and down my face. “Go get dressed we’ll go take her for at least an hour or so then come back here” “trey” “please lauren I can’t with you…I really can’t” but she didn’t walk out like ana and my mom instead she grabbed her fork and stabbed at her food aggressively giving me the eye the whole time she ate. f***.


“If I could have anything, I put it on everything, that it would be you” but stopped when I heard my door open. “Yes” I questioned as trey walked in with and unhappy lauren not far behind him. “You still want to go shopping today” “don’t worry I can take myself” “ana please, look I’m sorry about downstairs really just get your stuff together and be ready in 20 minutes” “trey I don’t need your help” “and I’m not asking again get your stuff ready and be downstairs in 20 minutes or I will drag your ass out of this room” shocked a little at how he had just spoken to me I had to get myself back together before he made bad thoughts run through my head. Leaving with a smirk he knew what he just did and so did lauren he watched trey as he left then looked back at me. “I don’t know what game your trying to pull but he is mine” “lauren please I don’t want trey” “good keep it that way we are happy extremely happy and going to be a family” she said while rubbing her belly this made me look down at her stomach which wasn’t big yet but holding a seed their seed. I wanted to cry now I was becoming emotional as hell in these past couple of weeks but it wasn’t my fault and the satisfaction ran over laurens face “right so stay your ass back” and with that she walked out of the room damn near skipping at the fact she could break me. All of a sudden I wasn’t really up to shopping.

adding one more time for my love bunnies

I agree with dany you left us hanging for three days lol . ...I hope she don't fall for him again he ain't worth it and he's got a b**** it!!!!

No, no, no! Dont fall bavk into his stupid trap! He dont deserve you! Plus he has his other chick. Gh! Im so frustrated right now. Trey makes me wanna punch him in the goddamn face. Hes so dumb! Ana, you have to add one more. You cant stop there.

Run it

added one more part ladies lol

oh now this nigga wanna be all loveyy
&& there for her . .

Pshhh . . . but still . .
lol who gon sayy no to him lol

Damn, just cant catch a damn break . . .
thts f***ed up her homee wasnt much but
it was hers && now its gonee along with everything
she valued
. . . .


well look at the bright sidee now she can start over
&& makee new memories along
with obtaining new things/ppl tht aree of valuee to her

Poor Ana

i see Ms. April shut his asx D O W N !
lmao good job !


ok now you can read lol

Rain hit hard on my window I couldn’t sleep and there were more covers on this bed then bed bath and beyond could hold. I needed my music I couldn’t sleep without hearing, well I guess without hearing his voice. Funny how things change the voice that usually puts me to sleep is now in the same house as me sleeping right next door. Looking at my phone it read 2:12 a.m. but I was far from tired. Still depressed and hurt would describe it better, why was so much happening to me today I mean I have been a great person these past couple of months. I pray I give what I can to the church when I go with Ms. April hell I even gave to a homeless man on the street who probably has more in his cup than I do in my bank account and s*** was happening to me as if I was in the wrong. Standing up from the bed I walked over to the window ledge and let the blinds paint patterns on my naked frame. It was relaxing in a sense but at the same time it felt wrong. I was use to the sight of thugs and crack heads outside of my window but tonight I was greeted by a bed of flowers being soaked up by the rain beautiful but not my home.

As I stood by the window I traced the rain shadows down my arms and stomach trying to pretend catch them before they fell. As my arm brushed my skin hot air collided with it a breath of air that I wasn’t afraid of but I was tensed from for the time being. Moving with the shadows a hand moved with mine stepping close to my naked behind which caused me to move my head back. Moving together we danced on my skin as I began to become short of breath feeling the warmth of the body behind me sway to their own rhythm while still gliding over my skin.

The clashing of thunder brought me back to the ground I realized what was happening stopping myself from swaying and moving my arms I took a step forward and bit my lip. Without looking toward him I spoke, “get out” a little above a whisper but I knew he heard me. “Do you really want me to leave, if so I will leave right now I promise, but I will not promise this will be the last encounter I have with you Anastasia” I didn’t know what to say I wanted him to leave he was dead to me in so many ways, but comfort was what I needed at this point of time. What was I going to do, turning toward his frame I looked over his body he wore nothing my boxers while his toned body held the shapes of the rain drop pattern just like mine. Taking a step closer I glanced into his eyes and made my decision a choice that would probably cause problems later on in life.