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`Have No Fear pt II : The Corn Maze! [discontinued]

<strong> Intro...</strong>

“Excuse me ladies and gents, my name is Ms.Tower and I will be here with u all for the rest of the week. As we all know that every single person in here as done something to get him or her right here right now. So, let’s go here and do what were supposed to do and leave. Please don’t do anything out of the ordinary that will get you put behind bars for good. Come here get your community service hours and keep it moving. Any questions on that?” She asked. <a href=",r:4,s:0,i:84&biw=1241&bih=606">He </a>opened my eyes and noticed everyone looking at each other crazy. Chris wondered if the rest of them had the same dream that he had. “Ok well I will explain more in detail once we get to the hotel. Bu- “NOOOOOOOO” Everyone screamed.
“Aye stop dis bus right now!” <a href="***,r:17,s:0,i:127&biw=1241&bih=606">He</a> demanded. “Real sh*t I’m with him.” Nic retorted. “What is the rush guys.” Ms. Towers laughed. “Nobody wants to go where the f*ck you trynna take us that’s what.” Chris chimed in. “Ugh…” Abby exhaled and got up and got up. Everyone’s eyes were on her waiting to see what she was up to. Abby punched Ms. Towers in the mouth and threatened the bus driver to pull over and he did. Abby got off the bus and everyone tried to follow, but didn’t get very far while Ms. Towers got in front of the door and warned the bus driver to not even think about opening it again. <a href=",r:8,s:0,i:96&tx=87&ty=60&biw=1241&bih=606">He </a> sat down and smacked his lips saying, “This is some f*cking bullsh*t man I swear.” He screwed his face. Shad chuckled and shook his head taking a seat. “How long we been riding round man cause a real nigga can’t fall asleep and have another dream like I just had.” Ty blurted. “Damn I thought I was the only one.” Chris laughed. “Hell nawl I had one too.” Trey said. “Man..I should of gotten off the bus with Abby ass.” Cali spoke up. “THAT’S IT YOU’RE ALL GOING TO JAIL!” Ms. Towers yelled. Cali smacked her lips because she was already more than likely going to be in for life for murdering her mom. Chris wished he’d gone to anger management instead of fighting off that cop who caught him with marijuana. Shad wished he were more careful on the streets because he could have been making money now. Trey felt this was a waste of his time because he could’ve been sexing underage girls right now instead of hearing Ms. Towers b*tch. Ana sat in the back quiet as a mouse because before Abby had the guts to punch Ms. Towers she was already on the verge of doing so just like the bartender she knocked out at a party for hitting on her. Nic was completely over it and wished she had paid for driving school vs. paying for all of her speeding tickets. “Oh my Godddd shut the f*ck up.” Chris suggested. “Fat ass needed to be knocked out according to the dream.” Shad mumbled and whispered causing Trey and Tyga to laugh. The bus soon started moving again making everyone sigh. They didn’t know if they were going to jail for real or not, but one thing was that nobody was scared not even quiet Ana. Shortly, the bus came to a stop, but they weren’t at a Jail. “Welcome abroad…Meet <a href=",r:88,s:200,i:268&biw=1241&bih=567">Bree</a> everyone.” Ms. Towers introduced. Bree walked on the bus and everyone stared at her. “Oh hell no I’m getting the f*ck outta here.” Ana blurted while getting up. “Scared or something?” Bree teased while showing her grills. Chris looked at her up and down and then licked his lips. “You can sit down next to me I got seat available.” He flirted. Bree looked at Chris and laughed then continued to walk until she saw an empty seat next to Tyga.

“You look lonely.” She stated while taking a seat. Tyga swallowed hard knowing why Ana wanted to leave. This girl looked exactly like the Bree that suddenly appeared in everyone’s dream. “This sh*t is crazy.” Cali whispered to Shad. “I know…but I don’t think she was that ugly in the dream.” He whispered. “Yall asses need to get over that this aint no f*cking déjà vu it was a dream leave it at that.” Chris announced. Trey looked up at Chris who was whispering the same thing to Nic. Everyone’s eyes then looked at Bree as she shrugged. “What? Pictures last longer you know.” She spat. Everyone widened his or her eyes as if she was weird except for Chris who smiled while licking his lips. “I like her.” He mentioned. “Of course you do Chris.” Ana rolled her eyes as she sat down. “Awwww sh*t here we go man.” Chris spoke out loud making Tyga laugh. “Something funny?” Bree asked him. Ty screwed his face “Umm.. yea what he sa- “Shhh… just wanted to see if yo scary ass was gonna speak. Now, be quiet before I slit your throat.” She retorted while putting her index finger over his pulp lips. Tyga looked at her with confusion in his eyes and thought that they were all in for another rollercoaster ride.

a/n: just the intro and everyone else will come in soon!
didn't want to add everyone's pics in this because i hate to do all of that and trigger the spam, so don't worry i got you guys!
<a href="">Have No Fear</a> <--- for those who want to read the first part!


Okay. I respect your decision.

sorry this is discontinued
it was supposed to be a short story
but it's takin to long to do.
i probably will continue to post some chapters to dis other story and then after that i will be officially gone from the board. I don't be on here really so im just decided to remove myself completely my reasons are my reasons and not meant to offend or target anyone for my decision.


Alright I'm late af. I apologize and it won't happen again. Now onto this April b****. I don't trust her. She lied too damn fast about Chris. I don't like that! And left his ass for dead and she works there smh. But I will say that Keri showing up outta nowhere like that is scary and I would've just dipped on her ass. She a ghost and s***? Ms. Towers fat ass gone too? Ughhhh still don't like her. Cali still missing as well. Y'all niggas need to stick together. Um. Trey and Ana. I see them. I'm surprised he likes girls of AGE. Bree and Tyga a mess and just nasty. Shad little short ass need to chill too. And aww at him liking Nani. But I honestly hope Chris make it. I don't want him to die. Long as him & Tyga survive I'm cool. F u c k everybody else lol.

Run it

i know ana lol

Hey hey my comments on here kill them
*points and runs*

Lmao... nigga I said I was gonna read it.... dang.

wait in the hell does that have to do with reading? lol cause if dats da case i'll just kill all three of you in the next chapter and then end this s*** real soon lol

We really are going on a strike from this site..... Lol.

We just talk SOMETIMES... but that's it. No stories will be updated from me, Ana, Nani or Soso ON HERE...

But I need to gon' head catch up right quick.

all of my readers are gone from this site and the other lol whats going on? lol

lol sorry!
I often forget about the things in cast call

Thts petty how i ditched chris like that im mad at my own character
Run it

I will be bck to comment
sorryy i been MIA

lol sorry and I totally understand!

Damn Keria lol
I do have a job!
They be having me work crazy hours
And when I get home I just go to sleep nsh*t
But I'm definitely gonna try and comment more
I'm not tryna die likeamf! lmao

@monroe lmao
yo ass disappeared cause you disappeared from dis commenting you need to do lol

thanks @ana

This story is getting too real man
Like, April is a shiesty b*tch
First she leave Chris
And then she acting like she don;t know nothing
And she laughin n gigglin nsh*t
Like, b*tch! DIE
And where the fck is Cali??
I hope her and Chris run into each other
And possibly get out of there
Shad need to trust Nani & forget about April ass
Ugh, anyway...loving the scariness!!

f*** that b**** named april she tried to play chris stupid b****
I hope he make it out and when he do we all kill april and plant her ass
I really hope chris make it out safely

but lowkey when I saw the youtube video I was scared to click it I didn't
know what I would see lol

aww look at me and trey :)
nic... I f***s with your rude ass lol
bree and ty NASTY
nani and shad need to cool it we way to close to death for that

WAIT where the f*** ms tower slop head ass go..

run it

lol awww its okay nic your only that way cause of the first part!

i just wanna know why tf am i enemy number 1 dont nobody like me everybody mean but its okay when people start dying they gone want me to save them this is some straight bull and nani need to calm tf down for she get beat down and shad baby im sorry im done being a btch

lol i need to stop sayin 'aughhh'

SNEAK ASS HOE aughhh ms towers fat
ass ain't slick either! aughhh lol


<cite> WARNING: This is a short chapter but i just wanted to add. If you see a youtube link from here on that means you need to listen while reading... please and thank you. :) </cite>

Chapter 4

Chris and April continued walking trying to find the others as the night fell quickly. “Do you have a flash light on your phone?” She asked. “I only have 10% now…” Chris told her. “Damn it.” April spat. Chris sighed and continued leading the way, “We have to hold hands and just use the night vision Jesus gave us.” He stated. April chuckled a little bit and hoped to find the others fast. “Why yall looking at me like that?” Trey asked. “Did you not hear what you JUST said?” Ana looked at him disgusted. “I mean at least a nigga being honest with yall…sh*t I know I ain’t the only one in this mothaf*cka who done f*cked someone they weren’t supposed to.” Trey screwed his face looking at Shad and Ty. “Nigga don’t look of here T-raww stay where he supposed to be.” Tyga claimed. Bree chuckled and whispered in his ear, “I bet I can unleash that lion.” Ty looked at Bree and whispered in her ear, “Let me tame that leopard.” Bree moaned softly, but loud enough for Nic to hear which made her turn her nose up. “Ewww… can we move now?” She asked. “No..we’re waiting on April and Chris.” Nani told her. “B*tch what you don’t get that they asses are probably dead somewhere?” Nic asked Nani. “HEY! SHUT THE HELL UP!” Ms. Towers butted in. “I mean…she really talking to us like she own us.. I mean I’m just saying.” Ty shrugged and mumbled to Bree causing her to laugh. “You should just go on home…f*ck you still here for anyway?” Shad looked at Nani. Nic rolled her eyes and chimed in, “EXACTLY!” “Yall… she said that she was trying to help us, so get off her.” Ana interjected. Shad shook his head at Ana and decided to shut up. “If you feel that I’m holding “secret information” then go ahead and try solving things out. If I told you that I don’t know sh*t then leave it at that.. shouldn’t be such a f*cking pussy.” Nani retorted toward Shad. Nic giggled and nodded her head at the comment she made about Shad. “Oh so now you’re on her side? You either on my d*ck and now you on her clit you need to sit your wack ass down though.” He told Nic. “What the f*ck was that?” Bree questioned. “What?” Ty wondered. Everyone looked at her awaiting her response. “Yall didn’t hear that?” She looked at them. “Yall made it seem like I was crazy when I felt someone touching me…so nope I didn’t hear nothing.” NIc said. “It’s either you heard something or not, where the f*ck is the maturity level here?” Ana shook her head. “It’s every man for themselves I can care less about yall.” Nic announced. “Then take yo ass on and when yo ass go missing don’t come crying to us.” Ty told her. “Sh*t I’m not because Cali is missing too and nobody concerned about her ass.” NIc said causing Trey to laugh. “What’s so funny?” Nani looked at him. “It’s just funny…” Trey said. “Do you know where she is?” Shad said raising his eyebrow. “WHAT?” Trey stopped and screwed his face. “HELLOOO CAN WE FOCUS HERE!” Bree shouted.
“Okay… I think we’re almost there.” April told Chris. Chris continued walking and then saw <a href=",r:8,s:0,i:99&biw=1241&bih=606 ">Her</a> and stopped dead in his tracks. “Umm.. April didn’t you saw the manger was on their way some come and shut it down for the public?’ He asked her. “Yea why?” She looked at him weird. “I just saw someone..” Chris told her. “What? Where?” She asked looking around. “Is the manager male or female?” Chris asked. “Male…” April said. Chris sighed, “Who the f*ck was thattttt?” He panicked a little. “Calm down Chris.” April said. “CALM DOWN? How can I calm down when I just saw someone that I haven’t seen on the bus before or out here earlier.” He expressed. “It could have been the bus driver.” April thought. “The bus driver is a male that was a female!” Chris blurted. “Oh lord…we have to really hurry up now. Do you think it was the lady in that house?” She asked. Chris shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know you’re the one who saw the lady in the house I didn’t” Chris told her. April sighed. “I have to tell you something..” She informed Chris. Chris looked at her and felt a punch to her face as she took off running. Chris felt his mouth and looked up to see April gone, “YOU B*TCH!” He yelled. April ran and took out a map of the corn maze and started making her way to the front. She couldn’t save Chris any longer and had to get away fast.

“Yall think I’m crazy, but I’m not crazy I know what I heard.” Bree expressed. “Calm down boo I know you not crazy.” Ty told her which made her smile. “Great now that Mr.Thirsty made you smile you’re not scared anymore.” NIc exclaimed. “No b*tch you just want some type of f*ckin attention because every time someone got something to say you got to come back with some hating ass sh*t.” Nani said. “Truuuuu…” Shad cosigned. “F*ck this.” Nic said walking away, but was stopped by Ana. “Are you crazy? Three people missing and you wanna be the fourth?” She questioned. “Y-a-yall?” Trey stuttered. “What?” Bree looked at him and chuckled. “Wh-Where’s Ms. Towers?” He swallowed hard. Shad fixed his shirt and then looked at the others, “It was nice knowing you guys… I hope that one day I’ll see you in heaven, but my day WON’T be today.” He said turning away. “WAIT!” Nani shouted. “NO I DON’T F*CKING TRUST YOU!” Shad shouted. “WE ALL NEED TO STICK TOGETHER!” Ana shouted. “That’s right…” A female voice spoke out. Everyone turned their attention to the direction the voice was coming from and saw April. Trey flashed his cellphone light on her up and down and then looked at everyone else. “What’s everyone looking at?” She chuckled. “Ohhhh hell nawllll” Nic said shaking her head. “What?” Ty looked at Nic. “This b*tch is laughing and sh*t something ain’t right.” She whispered to him. Bree looked at April up and down weirdly followed by Trey. “Where’s Chris?” Ty turned his attention to April. “He said he knew a short cut and wouldn’t listen to me, so I went my separate way.” She lied. “YOU DID WHAT!” Nani pushed her. “HEY!” April shouted while pushing her back. “GET THAT B*TCH!” Shad yelled. “How did you find us?” Trey questioned April.

“What do you mean? I do work here you know.” April laughed. Nic studied her and just didn’t know, but something didn’t feel right about her. “F*ck all of that… do you know the way to the bus?” Bree asked. “Wait Bree! What we gone do about Chris and Cali?” Tyga wondered. “What about them?” Nic said. Ana sighed and shook her head, “There probably going to have to meet us at the bus, we can’t stay here with people missing… it’s obviously something going on.” Ana stated. “Maybe we’re all just over thinking because I didn’t hear any movements or anything like that, so how do we know that Ms. Towers and just walk off because she really doesn’t want to help us at all?” Tyga pointed out. “That’s true..” Trey said. “Either way we need to do something I mean we can’t stand here forever.” Bree mentioned. “I had someone touch me and Bree said she heard something earlier so I don’t understand Tyga… I’m not over thinking sh*t. It’s some weird as sh*t going on with some WEIRD as people who know this f*cking maze and ain’t helping us not one bit.” She glared at Nani and April. “Can you just help us?” Trey asked. “I’m not going with Nani.. but I’ll definitely let April lead the way out, let Nani help her damn self.” Shad said. “I believe your mad because you didn’t get no suga baby.” She said playfully and sarcastically. “Nah…” Shad lied. He liked Nani, but he wasn’t sure If he should trust her based off the comment she made earlier. It really disturbed him and made he want to know what she was holding back because it had to be something.
“Umm..April? Where did you and Chris go to begin with? I know you guys didn’t get snatched up… you don’t seem hurt or anything.” Ana observed. “If I tell you…then you guys would look at me a certain way… I rather keep it a secret.” She laughed. Everyone looked at her trying to digest her persona. “Everyone stick together and hopefully we’ll run into Chris.” Nani suggested. Bree and Ty looked at each other and nodded their heads. “Trey..” Ana whispered. “Yea?” He looked at her. “I know what you said isn’t really acceptable and you should be shot, but…if we get separated just know that I did like you.” She confessed. Trey smiled and nodded his head, “That’s cool… I know it sounds mean, but I’m kind of glad that Chris is gone… leaves me with enough time with you.” He winked. Ana blushed and then started walking with the group. “I’ll be in charge of roll call every 5 minutes let’s stick together and hold hands.” Ty suggested. “Ty…you know you were in my dreams?” Bree randomly asked. “Unfortunately you were..” He said referring to the dream everyone had. “Wow…I hope you were licking up my pussy juice in yours like you were doing in mine.” She laughed. “Omg…” Shad mumbled causing Tyga and Bree to laugh. Chris came to a <a href="">stop</a> and tried to catch his breath and figure out which way to go. Chris turned his head feeling the hair on his neck stand up. He closed his eyes and convinced himself that he wasn’t going crazy. “April stop f*cking with me. I knew I shouldn’t have f*cked you crazy b*tch.” He spoke to himself. Chris turned around hearing footsteps and quickly made a decision to go left because sometimes you weren’t always right. Chris started speed walking as he panted because of the cold <a href=" ">air</a>. “Momma… I know you can’t hear me, but God can and I know he’ll bring you a sign or something. I love you and I don’t know if I’m dying tonight..” He spoke to himself and constantly looked back. Chris continued speed walking, felt someone coming behind him, turned around, and saw no one. Chris turned around to keep walking and stumbled upon the same female he saw yesterday and started running. “HEYYYY!!! AYE GIRLL!!! WHO THE F*CK ARE YOU?” He screamed. Chris ran toward the lady and saw her disappear into the corn field and stopped and caught his breath looking around one more time. “F*ckkkkk….” He said to himself. “Bree?” Ty called. “Here…” she laughed. “What’s so damn funny giggle box?” Shad asked her. “SHhh nigga… Nani?” Ty proceeded. “Here” She answered. Ty continued to do roll call and everyone seemed to be present……for the moment.

thanks i believe some other cast people are missing.... but typing an update

Okay, I have absolutely no idea what's going on and I read all of it.... Um, Nani works there. April works there. Alright, that's situated. Nic, shut yo bum ass up b****, you not gon' do s*** ho. Anyway, Trey little ass... smh he f***ing around with these young girls.. Boy yo ass pitiful. Where tf is Cali ass? And YES Nic you ARE a b**** and BEEN a b**** even BEFORE this damn story lol. Um I did laugh when someone made a joke about Ms. Towers running or some s*** I believe. They wrong for that. And um let's see here, we making plans and s***? And awww LAWD somebody grabbed on Nic ole weak head ass and it wasn't Ty? Smh. THEN WHO! And I hope April and Chris get to the rest of them quickly... MAINLY Chris though. I actually like his thirsty ass. I really don't care for April lol. Oh and Lol @ Ty fake crying. His ass did that in Have No Fear part 1. Him and Chris did with they crazy ass. I STILL DON'T TRUST Ms. Towers ass. Ugh, fat ass.

Run it.

aw ok @wrongnotes

ayeeeee *shrugs*
ijs man lol @juicee

lol @ soso
the manager is only coming to close the maze to the public so they wont get distracted by the people who work there and the people!

LMAO @ana
saying cali dead or hanging like a scarecrow i was weak lol




see shad acting like a straight female like you need
to grab nani by the face and say you gon talk to me
or else i will put my short ass up your ass and do a
cartwheel get to talking lol

nic is being a big b**** but hey she was on that s*** before
so that aint knew its just her

trey gon be the one to make it out watch he keep praying he
the only one getting out and ima be with him cause thats
my baby i mean :) thats uhmm my homie

chris see what happens when you mess with dogs with fleas
your ass gets left in corn fields
well thats not what happens but thats what happened to you
should have stayed with us now your ass in grass
oh well

cali ass is dead and if she aint dead her ass hanging like a

ms. towers back on that dumb s*** like she dont know whats going on
thats why her ass needs to get her ass beat like b**** keep
your group together keeps us on a running bus and get my ass a snicker
cause im hungry and i know your b**** ass is hungry too

trey finally said what he did,
we all here for some s*** that is f***ed up really
i just hope that he finds his way through here and know that i would
still f*** him in the cornfield i just aint wearing no little
ass pigtails and s***. lol

in love i think we are all going to die but hey thats what makes
this GREAT


...if these niggas were smart they
woulda took a ball of yarn and tied
it to the start or left sumn along
the way. i'd rather be butt naked
and left my clothes along the way
so i could find my way back and not
be stuck in some big ass maze in
the middle of the damn dark.

now how in the hell is the manager
supposed to come find they ass. he
got a helicopter or sumn? i think not.

smh ana crazy for tryna leave the group,
somebody's fckng with nic, stay touching
her, shad still tweaking, nani might as
well get to storytelling in that btch cause
they gonna be waiting, and cali is missing.
then that dumb btch april cryin and sht
we ain't got time for dat! chris i felt
him on the callin names, but that's only
gonna get them killed quicker.

ms towers ass should've dropped whatever the
fck her ass was eating and left crumbs.
i know she was eating sumn while on break
left some pieces of corn along the way to
go find these niggas and then on top of that
the guard is missing. aw lawd jesus...
somebody bouta die lol but i'm a need cali
to die first...then maybe nic...but most
def nani if her ass don't get to talkin.
No, April's ass can definitely die first she
don't know jack s*** she's not valuable lol.


why i gotta b the btch this time in the story hell naw this is not happenening we need to leave my baby shad aint crazy and uh oh s*** touching me and stuff i dont wanna diiiiieeeeee and bree need to stfu for i punch her in her mouth or throat have her gag lol and cali missing what the heck happened to her april and chris need to come on aint nobody got all damn day its bout to b dark shoot trey is just the daddy of everybody and he dumb saying he bout to go to jail he is to sexy to b going to jail shad lil self i dont even know what he there for he aint bad with his sexy elf self anyway people need to come on and the bus driver better b there or imma b mad