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House Nurse

<a href="">Charm</a> just finished talking to her boss about working from home because her lovely <a href=" ">boyfriend</a>,Myles, was hurt on the job. He was a simple cable guy but it paid well so she doesn't complain.

Anyways, today is the day a house nurse is coming to start Myles physical therapy on his leg, he fell down a flight of stairs.
She pulled up into the driveway and walked in.

"Baby, where are you!?" Charm yelled out.

"I am where you left me 45 minutes ago Charm." She walked down the hall to the guest room on the main level.

"You need anything?" Charm said putting her hair in a ponytail and stepping out of her heels.

"I need you to ride this d***." Charm rolled her eyes.

"I am going to make some cookies for the nurse. Whats her name again?" Myles reached into his nightstand pulling out his doctor forms.

"uhh Sasha Durant." He watched me run around in frantic cleaning things that didn't need to be touched. "Charm stop worrying. She is going to be great."

"I know, I know. I am just alittle uncomfortable with you having a female nurse."

"Charm, you know I only got eyes for you. I am just ready to get healed up like you should too." She sighed.

"You right! You wanna go to the living room while I start the cookies?" He nodded and they began working together to get out of the bed.

Once in living room Myles got comfy with his leg up and turned it to ESPN.

"Baby can you make me some chicken nuggets?"

"Already on it!" She quickly put the cooking dough on the sheet and nuggets on another placing them in the oven after.

Charm checked the time. Nurse Sasha is coming at 12:45 and it was going on 11. She had some time to rest after the things where done.

Charm plated his nuggets and put bbq on the side. Then put her cookies in a contanier so they can stay warm a little longer.

"Okay, baby its 11:30, I'm going to take a quick nap. I should be up by time she here."

"That's fine. Rest up, I ain't going no where." Charm pecked his lips and dashed to her bed. She fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

At 12:50 she was awakened by the doorbell.

"Why did we choose that loud ass bell!!?" Charm hopped out the bed. "Commiiinggg!!" She fixed her lipstick and hair. Charm headed for the door and opened it find this <a href=" ">strikeingly beautiful woman</a> standing there. She caught herself staring and welcomed her in. As she walked past Charm she couldn't help but to look down at her ample ass.

Charm lead her into the living room.

"Hello Mr. Stokes! I am Nurse Sasha. As you know I will be coming three times a week. The first few weeks we will start out small with simple streches. Cool?" Myles nodded. "Good, now I take it this is your beautiful girlfriend?" She asked allowing her eye to fall over every curve on Charm's body.

"Yup that's my baby!" Myles said proudly. Sasha slowly licked her lips.

"Okay, well first I'm going to show you guys some simple activities you can do at home and Miss ..???"

"Charm will try after I demonstrate each one."

"Sounds like a plan." Charm said. She sat next to Myles as Sasha set up her table and pulled out some gels and lotions. She helped him up to the table.
"Charm come stand next to me." Sasha took off his brace and put some lotion in her hand. She gave his leg a light massage. "Now you don't put to much pressure on the knee but it does need some. Charm stand in front of me. Sasha took her hands and helped her apply little to no pressure on his knee.

"How does that feel Myles?"

"Better than pain killers."

"Good we want you to kind of stay off the meds. Charm keep doing this." Sasha started rotating his ankle slowly. "Do not do this ankle exercise on your own. Charm step away please." Sasha lifted his leg slightly bending it. He grimaced in pain. "Too much?" He nodded. She lowered it some and straightened it out. Charm watched Sasha work but she is was attracted to this unknown woman and she couldn't understand why.

Charm sat in the kitchen alone as they finished up. She nibbled on a cookie until her thoughts were interrupted.

"Okay Ms. Charm I think we are all done for today."

"I will walk you out." They headed to the door. "Thank You Sasha! See you on Wednesday." Charm said opening the door for her. Sasha bit her lip looking into her eyes.

"My pleasure." She said with a sexy overtone. Charm closed the door.

<em>I hope this is a speedy recovery</em>


Awww damn, that aint even right..! How he just going to call her a hoe. At least she a hoe with goals. LMAO

<a href=""> Jessica</a> was up and getting ready for her first day of work. She was running late because she was working late at the club. Yes she is a stripper but she had been out of school for six months and had to keep her money coming in somehow until she got a job.

Jessica was happy to be leaving the club but her boss wasn't to thrilled. That didn't matter to her though she was finally living her dream. Her supervisor was calling in.

"Hello!" Jess answered.

"Hi Jessica! It is going on 8:30 you have yet to clock in, is everything okay?" Her supervisor asked.

"Yess! I just got a flat on the way to work but it is almost done being fixed." Jessica said.

"Thats fine, just remember to call in when you are going to be late."

"Okay!" Jess said trying to get dressed in her smocks.

"Now go straight to Mr. Shaun Miller's residence. Check your email for more information and the address."

"Alright, thank you" Jessica hung up and grabbed her bag and tea. She sat in car reading the email. Once going over it she started her gps and followed the route to the house.

She got there and knocked on the door.

"Come in." A voice said from inside. Jessica opened the door walked in, to the left she found a <a href="">young man</a>.

"Mr. Miller?" Jessica asked. He coughed and nodded his head waving her in further. Once he finish coughing he saw blood on his hands.

" f***!" He screamed. Jess quickily put some latex gloves on and moved his lap top.

"Let's get you cleaned up." He lead her to a bathroom and sat on the toilet seat.

"You look familiar?" He said to her.

"Excuse me Mr. Miller?" She asked as she washed off his hands and mouth. He thought for a second.

"You that hoe from the club uhhhh Caramel Delight." He laughed. Jessica dropped his hands.

"I will not be disrespected. Another nurse will be here later." She left the bathroom.

"Stupid Hoe!" He yelled out laughing. Jessica quickly grabbed her belongings and hopped in her car speeding off.

She drove one street over and cried. Jessica could never escaped that life and sometimes wished she had never started.

Just hurry already. Lol

Mmkay !!
And I decided to throw in everybody kinda like extras :)


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b**** who tf you talkin to hoe.

then i wuda politely took a seat and waited

You could have said worse lol

Lmao Alicia how you gonna say that's me being nice.
I guess I am spicy/feisty. But I don't like being clueless so if she can tell me something I would greatly appreciate it. Don't be tryna act stank just because you behind a desk *shrugs* I'm just saying

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Never thought I would meet a Tevin I don't hate lol
Happy my boo thang is okay!!

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Lmao Oh i like, thatmeans she spicy...

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dawg that nurse was about to get it!!!! if I was in the hospital looking for who shall remain nameless and they wouldn't tell me I would have thrown chairs and flipped tables. mhmm that nurse would have become a patient.

but i'm glad he is okay!! they are so cute and i'm sure they will make it through.

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<a href=" ">Tash</a> was waiting on her fiancee to get in the house. He went to a basketball game with his bestfriend.

She has planned a sexy evening because they had been so wrapped up in work to do anything together. Tash was getting worried though, it was going on 1:45 and he is usually home by now.

She waited patiently but at 2:30 she called him and his friend. She got no answer from her finacee but the friend picked up.

"Hey tash! Whats up!?" His friend answered.

"Uhh , where are you guys?"

"I am at home. Tevin dropped me off little over an hour ago."

"What the f***?" Tash screamed.

"Just relax it may have been some traffic. Check the news."

"Iight, good look. I will call you and let you know when he gets here." She hung up and grabbed her remote. As soon as she turned the tv on, breaking news about a five car collision popped up. The first car she saw was Tevin's and it was destroyed.

"s***. s***." Tash yelled hopping around putting her shoes on and grabbing her trench coat. She rushed out to her car keys in hand.

Tash didn't know what hospital to go to. She decided on the community hospital. Her normally 45 minute ride was cut down to 15.

She ran to the ER front desk.

"Tevin Norton." She tried to sound as calm as possible. "He was in that five car pile-up"

"Ma'am! Have a seat. Those people are en route." She rolled her eyes and turned away.

"Bald head b****!" Tash said as she went and sit down.

Thrity minutes pass and she heard nothing about Tevin. She went back to the desk.

"Excuse me, Is he here yet? Tevin Norton?" The nurse looked up with an attitude.

"I told you to have a seat."

"b****, dont get cute. I know what you said but I'm asking you were the f*** is my man!?" The nurse laughed. Tash balled her fist and said."Ohh so you think this is game?" Just as she was about to swing a doctor came out.

"Tevin Norton Family?" He called out.

Tash bucked at the nurse. "Lucky b**** you are." She went over to the doctor and followed him through the doors.

They reached his room but before they walked in the doctor stopped.

"He is a few back and neck injuries. Nothing a few home visits can't fix. But he will be kept here for a few days. Then when he gets home lots of rest and the following weeks the visits will begin." Tasha nodded and shook his hand.

"Thank You so much!" She walked on in and got kind of sad to see her baby all cut up.

"Come here gal!" Tevin said in his country accent.

"You feeling okay?" Tash asked. He nodded.

"Are you okay? Why you wearing a coat?" Tash slowly untied it.

"I was waiting on you." She said showing off what she was wearing underneath. "But now I have to worry about your health." She quickly tied it back.

He laughed. "You ain't right for teasing me like that but I love you. So happy I made it out of that alive."

"I'm happy too." She said sitting next to him in the bed. He lightly and slowly pecked her lips. He saw worry on her face.

"Whats wrong?"

"We just got back on our feet, and since my mom died and I had to pay for everything ... I just ... I hope we can make it through this."

"This is a minor setback. Doc talked to my boss and I will be back to work in no time and taking care of you. Just keep hope alive." She smiled at him and gently rested her head on his shoulder.

"You right, you always hold it down for us. Love you..."

Thankied ladies !!

Thank you miss (insert name) !! I will try something a little different.

New reader

This story is interesting and I am wondering where this is going to go. Lol Sasha is really feeling charm and I have to say that the intro made me go "hmm this is diff." because I didn't think charm was going to be attracted to the nurse. It kinda a spin to a story.

I think your a great writer but these are examples that confused me!

<cite>"Tomorrow, 8 am, and wear trunks." He huffed.</cite>

<cite>"Nope." Kee opened up a walker.</cite>

Like I didn't know who was speaking until I read it again. It's really confusing if you type like that because at first I thought that Kee was the one in the wheel chair and that Chad was the physical therapist. I hope you're taking this as constructive criticism because this story has great potential already.