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Trey Songz Naked .. Oh Snap

where the mother socks are you guys at
i leave for two seconds and everyone goes missing lol

whats new in the land of fantasy and rough sex lol



true true *rub my hands together like birdman* lmaooo

does not mix

uhn uhn

too too much for myy virgin eyes !

lexi you said no d***
you never said anything about head :)

i want head three i dnt lol

I wish I could get head :(

head on stairs
head on the counter
head on the tv
head on the grass

hell even got head in a closet

Heeeey! Lol.

But I'm relaxed too. You must just got some fye ass head? Lol.

hi lovey cakes

dude im like really relaxed
right now so chill its crazy lol

hi ana lol

Hey Ana.

lexi you get back in here *YELLS*

heyyy guys :)

I wasn't being rude, but honest.

Bree, always has to be rude.

You are a garden tool b**** lol.

im no hoe so ✌ *leaves out post*



hey hey hey you hoes come back

just worked out feeling the burn

lexi put your f***ing shoes on lol

cupcakes yummy *holds hand out*

Ana I made a cupcake for you (:

i havent been any bar of soap lateky ive just been uber bored lik bleh >,< & tired but yeah who wants to rub my feet ive been on the move all weekend & today they need a good rough rub down ;) ;)

Nasty sluts!!!

Come greet Ana lol and hop off the big bar of soap.


lol i see they must be somewhere
s'ing some d
them whores lol

We missed yo ass too. It's been real empty lately lol


but i missed you guys i wanted to get on here
so bad but couldn't lol

Lmao Anerrrr!

I knew this was fake! You would never let him release pics like that lol.