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Hell and a White dress

“I think I’m about to have a heart attack” <a href=" ">I</a> said while letting <a href=" ">soso</a> finish up on my hair. “You better not die or trey will kill you” sofia said while placing the tiara onto my head. “A bout time yall asses got married hell” <a href=" ">dany</a> said while kicking around her dress like it was a soccer ball. “Dany really” <a href=" ">Lexi</a> said while sipping on something in a cup that no one else in the room had. “Lexi what’s in your cup” I asked truly wanting to know what type of mood her crazy ass would be in depending on the drink kirk probably gave her. “This that stay calm before I murk a b****” “what” “I don’t even want to tell you who car I saw outside so instead I’ll drink this and mind my own damn business” she said while taking the cup to the head. “Wait where that f*** is bree and nani” I said rushing toward the door trying to look out but was stopped by dany quick ass. “Uhmm bree is uhmm handling a little rodent problem and nani well I don’t know where she is” dany said while pushing me back toward the vanity mirror. “I’M GOING TO KILL A b**** TODAY” <a href=" ">bree</a> said while busting through the door. “Here drink some of this it will cool you right off” lexi said but bree just looked at her, “f*** and lexi ass trying to give me random ass jungle juice awe f*** naw today is not my day” “you must aint get none” dany said sitting next to bree “I’m sorry but chris d*** don’t even belong to you” “damn” lexi said in the background “f*** you bree that was a low blow” dany said getting up “she didn’t mean that dany” soso said trying to be the peace maker but deep down you can tell she wanted to laugh. “ANASTASIA GIRL YOU BETTER CHECK YOUR SECURITY” <a href=" ">Nani</a> said rushing into the room with her dress on but her jeans were still on underneath “f*** is you talking about” “you will never guess who the f*** I seen walk in this b****” I could feel soso tell her no behind me and looking over at lexi she began pouring more in her cup. “I mean heyyy ana buddy you ready for today” “man f*** that who is out there” “no one who is going to stop you and trey flow ok so don’t worry about it” soso said putting the finishing touches to my makeup. “that mean its lauren” bree said shimmying into her dress “LAUREN” I yelled.


“Who is it” lexi said as if it would be the police or something on the other side. “It’s <a href=" ">sean</a> baby open up” “sean” bree said rushing to the mirror fixing her hair. “He aint here for you “ nani said but bree just flicked her off “let him in” I said facing the door watching as his swag took over the room damn man I love trey but this man right her can make a b**** act all the way up. “I brought this for you” sean said handing me a box while all the girls awed in unison. “Aw sean you didn’t have too” “I know but I couldn’t let you walk down the aisle without shining baby” he said while taking his index finger and flicking my chin and placing the <a href=" ">bracelet</a> on my wrist. “You bring me anything” lexi said stripping out of her sweats not caring if sean was in the room or not. “f*** that you didn’t have to bring me a damn thing just keep talking” bree said while pushing her bra up. “Michael is in the other room bree” dany said while finally getting dressed “and another empty room is right next to that” bree said with a flirtatious grin. “Whoa dere well I see you ladies need some time to get all beautiful and things so I’ll just go head and let ya hit it” “or you could” “BREE” soso said cutting her off “I was just kidding damn” “bye ladies…Anastasia” sean said to us before walking out. “I think I’m about to explode” bree said while sliding off the couch. “He is sexy” “now nani if j heard you say that you would be more than dead” lexi said finally throwing her cup away. “but he didn’t and don’t be going around snitching either”

“<a href=" ">Trey</a> man you sweating like a runaway dawg you good” <a href=" ">Kirk</a> said while fixing his own tie. “hell naw he aint good he about to jump the mother f***ing broom” <a href="">Ty</a> said while trying to pick out a hat to go with his suit. “You know that means no more random ass right” said <a href=" ">Chris</a> “I wasn’t getting random ass before” trey responded with a stank face “damn dude hurry up then we got about 30 minutes” ty said while him and chris burst out in laughter “don’t listen to them man you and ana make a good couple man” <a href=" ">Bluey</a> said while wiping his face in the mirror. “Better than lauren egg beater head ass” ty said matching hats to his shoes. “I don’t want to hear her name man… not today” “you do know her ass is here right now right” kirk said looking at me “f*** you mean” “he mean you about to have a f***ing fight on your wedding day…I’ll grab the camera” chris said while rushing to his bag and grabbing his camera. “f***… yall think ana know” “f*** YEAH” all the boys said at once “with lexi and bree loud mouths, they probably planning a way to attack her ass right now” <a href=" ">jermaine</a> said brushing his hair. “I’m dead” trey said while falling back on a chair “if it make you feel any better you aint the only one with extra baggage here” bluey said while the rest of the guys slapped their foreheads and shook they head no. “f*** that mean” “Not s***” chris said while ty just looked out the window. “please do not tell me yall brought problem to my wedding” “s*** I just won’t tell you then… that was easy” ty said finally picking a hat and stood by the door “let’s go gentlemen”

Trey stood by the pastor sweating hard as Michael stood right behind him along with kirk, chris, maine and bluey. As the music began to play the doors slid open and the <a href=" ">girls</a> walked down half way only to have the men step down and met them walking them to their side. Then the beat dropped and eyes began to water as <a href=" ">ana</a> walked down the aisle. You could tell she was crying and trying to hold it in so she wouldn’t mess up her make up but it was hard for her watching the man of her dreams stand there with open arms ready to be hers’ forever. Stepping in front of trey he stepped down and took ana from her dad and shook his hand, then helped her back up on the higher step.
“Today we are gathered here to bring together a couple that is no stranger to love I have watched Tremaine and Anastasia grow together as a beautiful unity with love and most importantly with God. So I do say so with great pleasure I am honored to bring you two into one on this day” the pastor said while you heard random sobbing.

“TREY WAIT” someone yelled out from the back of the church “oh hell naw lexi said handing dany her flowers ready to f*** a b**** up. “Lauren really” trey said with much anger in his voice “trey I can’t watch you do this I love you and I know you love me… be with me trey please” <a href=" ">Lauren</a> said while rushing down the aisle “I told you this s*** was going to be good” chris said while pulling the camera out of his pocket and recording the whole thing. “Lauren this is my wedding day” ana said trying to keep her cool but she was beyond pissed that this b**** chooses now to speak her thoughts. “f*** ana let me lay her ass out” “chill out over there lexi” kirk said giving lexi the eye “HA he told your ass” bree said. “bree that does not even concern you” ty said while stepping in “I’m sorry but I wasn’t talking to you salamander” “f*** you bree” “NO f*** YOU” bree yelled “Trey please” lauren continued to beg “stanking b**** get the f*** up” lexi said trying to get to her but soso held her arm. “Lauren get the f*** out of my face don’t you see me about to marry ana this is where the f*** I want to be not with your ass clearly” trey said while stepping closer to her but ana grabbed him quickly not sure what he would do to the girl. “Man just let lexi two piece the girl so we can get this over with” dany said “dany I don’t think they asked for your comment” “bloop bloop boop boop WHAMMMMM bishhhhh I wasn’t talking to you Christopher” “man f*** THIS” soso said while stepping down c**king back and hit lauren right in the nose twice then an upper cut to the chin. Everyone was pretty much silent since they never really seen soso get so mad before, everyone except for bluey who was over on his side cheesing super hard. “Let’s continue” nani said as if none of this ever happened. As a few ushers carried a sleeping lauren out of the church trey pushed a curl out of ana’s face as they took a step back on the high stair.

“Alright alright he said kiss the bride not f*** in front of everyone” bree said while shaking out her tired legs. “man I love weddings” dany said wiping her face only to feel another hand touch her face helping her remove fallen water. “I’m truly sorry about earlier dany” “it’s ok chris” she said chris opened the church door for her and she walked out. “I was thinking maybe we could maybe grab a bite to eat or something” “maybe” dany said while smiling.

As bree was about to walk out of the church she felt an arm grab her about to go all kinds of off she stopped once she noticed it was ty. “f*** is wrong with you dude I almost beat your ass” “Breana I’m getting tired of your mouth” “f*** you gon do about it then” grabbing a hold of bree from behind ty turned both of them around and shoved bree’s back into the wall attacking her neck while sliding his hand under her dress. “we can’t do this here” “why not” ty said while moving his hand up even more, but all bree did was point around the church to indicate where they were “hell he seen it before” ty said taking full advantage of bree.

“Man I wish I could have been the one to Mike Tyson that b****” Lexi said while punching in the air “chill the f*** out” kirk said while grabbing her waist and saying something in lexi ear which made her blush. “You so nasty” “you already knew that tho lex… get ya ass in the car” kirk said while hitting lexi hard on her ass

“Your hand ok babe” “I’m fine” soso said while still carrying her flowers. “can’t wait for the day I get married” “you in some kind of rush or something” bluey said while stopping in his tracks. “No I said I just can’t wait I mean it is truly a beautiful thing” “it is” he said while staring at soso, grabbing the corner of her arm he pulled her in close to him “Sofia Robinson sounds pretty good to me what you think” “I love it” soso said while blushing and leaning in for a passionate kiss under the same arch trey and ana just said I do.

“Hot” nani said while sitting in the car waiting for j to pull off and head to the reception site. “Hell yea I thought trey was going to smash that girl face it” “naw he left it to soso ali looking ass” nani said while laughing. “so when are we going to get married” j asked while looking at nani “Jermaine come on we have been through this only a hundred times” she said while looking out of the window only to have j grab her chin and make her face him placing a small kiss to her lips. “and I will keep asking until you say yes”
My wedding you snails would do a reception post later lol MAYBE


Why tf was Ty trying to find a matching hat
Lol smh only his asx
Lexxii asx drinking unknown liquids out of a red cup
courtesy of Kirk
Lauren ole ratchet asx wanna bust up ppl wedding
but got Ali'd byy Soso sweetheart lol
Trey abt to fck Ana in front of the whole church lmao
Bree && Ty f***ing in the church
Bluey seemingly not wanting to marry just yet
J wanting to get married but I don't which is weird

Just a nicer ole wholesome wedding lmao

Congrats Ana !
*raises glass*

in a writing mood so more to come....

thanks guys
and yea this is just a short one

might add a reception scene in there lol

bloop bloop boop boop wammm bishhhhhh lmao

hah i clocked that btch! tf she gets
i did that sht like a mafckin' G lol
smh trey should've sent somebody to
make lauren leave before the wedding
even started. but this was nice though

run it

lmaoo should let me get the b**** for real for real but cudos to soso ooww b**** i see u ;) ;)

ad bree & ty just nasty for gettin freaky in church ya goin to hell w gasoline draws on lol

bloop bloop boop boop wam bish that had me dieing i lik dat

run it thou <3

lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soso a goon

run it

Is this a short story???

another wedding lol

ill brb to read

Damn, everyone making these wedding posts.
Im bout to type mine next.
Minus the whole fight thing, the whole ceremony was cute.
Why the hell was ty's crazy ass tryna wear a hat with a suit?
Bree was not slick with that damn comment.
s***, Sean. Mhmmm he was sexy as f***.
We all wanted that nigga.
Lauren got hers and that s*** was mad funny.
Who knew soso had it in her.
Ugh, this was just great.
Hol up real quick tho.
Me kicking my dress is exactly what i do too. Lol

Run it