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~Untitled~(for now)

If you’ve ever been confused about what you wanted out of life then you understand where I’m coming from. At first everything was clear to me because I had all of my goals planned out; Go to college and graduate, get a good paying job as a nurse, marry my boyfriend that I’m currently dating after we both become stable, and lastly have kids and live a happy life with my career and my family. All of those things sounded nice and dandy in my head but when it came to actually taking action I realized that’s not what I want. After failing most of my classes the first two years of me going to college I realized that if I can’t even get through school then it just isn’t for me so I dropped out.

My mother was pissed as you can imagine because I wasted her money and disappointed her. My plan of living on my own was also f***ed because I broke our deal so she refuses to pay half my rent anymore which is understandable but it put me in a s***ty situation because I was forced to become roommates with my sister.

As for my boyfriend things are strained between us because of all of the stress we are both dealing with trying to get our lives together and sometimes we can barely stand each other. I love him but sometimes I don’t think things between us are going to last and it’s scary to think about that. However at the moment I can’t think about that because my mind has to stay focused on my newest issue at hand.

“Nikki can you come here?” I heard my sister Jade call out to me from the living room.

I knew this was coming just didn’t think today would be the day. My sister had gotten engaged about two weeks ago to who she claims to be the love her life. Ever since then I knew it would only be a matter of time before she asked me to move out so that she could move her fiancé in.

“Coming!” I called out to her feeling myself start to panic.

If she kicks me out there’s no way I’ll be able to afford living on my own meaning I would have to move back in with my mother which I absolutely hate the thought of doing.

When I got to the living room my sister was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed in an indian style position as she held her phone to her ear in one hand and a lit cigarette in the other. She took a long drag of her cigarette before saying into her phone “I’ll call you back and let you know”.

That statement left me curious to know what she would have to let that person know and who she was even talking to.

After she got off the phone she looked at me and smiled before saying “ I have some great news for you”

“What’s the news” I asked apprehensive knowing that it was probably great news for her not me.

“I found a way for you to make some extra cash” She said not giving me any detail what so ever because she stopped to take another drag of her cigarette.

“Jade I hate when you take your sweet as time trying to tell me something” I said with annoyance in my voice.

She rolled her eyes and continued on what she was saying. “A friend a mine is hosting this big party up at the casino in lake wood tonight and she needs help with pretty much everything so I volunteered you to help.” She said stopping again to finish off her cigarette.

“How much does it pay and if it involves anything sexual than un-volunteer me” I said still curious to know more.

“Your my sister do you really think I’d put you up for something shady” She said trying to act innocent.

Me and her both knew that answer to that was but after continued on the that I’d get paid 20 grand for the night my lack of judgment faded and I quickly agreed but not before asking why my sister want the job for herself.

“Nikki because you need the money more than me and I love you” She replied. Which in jade term meant she gets a cut plus a finder’s fee for volunteering me.

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