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~{The Lies A Man Keep}~

There's no day like a bride's wedding day. This day meant the world to her. It was a day that meant everything was about her and no one else mattered but her and her husband. And for Renee it meant she had finally got her prince and they can go away together away from all the drama and bullshyt and start their lives together stress free.
"do you <a href="">channing</a> take renee to be your lawfully wedded , to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part.?" The <a href="">reverend</a> asked.
"I do." Channing responded smiling at his bride.
"and do you <a href="">renee</a> take channing to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.?"
"I do." Renee said with tears of joy in her eyes.
"then with the power invested in me I now---"
In an instant Channing was covered in thr blood of his bride and she laid lifelessly in front of him.
"Nooooo.!!! SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING.!" He yelled bending down and clinching her to me.
"No baby you cant leave me like this.! Come back renee.! Aaaaahhh." Channing yelled and cried holding the love of his life until the paramedics and police prided him off her.
Just that fast his life was over and the world meant nothing to him.

What yall think.?
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WOW Stephen and Channing are totally two different people!! So interested as to where this story is going to lead?


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*Chapter1 Continued*
They both were on the basketball team and Stephen was hella good and had all the hoes on him and Channing had a little problem with it but Channing was better at the game and made Stephen jealous as hell when he was drafted first round and he was.drafted third round to the Lakers. But beyond that they had each other's back when outsiders came in and tried either of them.
They left Stephen dorm and headed to the Delta house ready to go hard. When they walked up to the house all eyes fell on them chants of their name rung out. They loved the attention and even took longer to walk through the crowd to the other side just to soak it all in.
"yo chan im smashing at least six bytches tonight." Stephen said pulling out a twelve pack of <a href="">condoms</a> and waving them in the air.
"have fun with that my nigga." Channing responded just as the Deltas made their entrance."
"OOOOOO-OOOP.!" They chanted walking outside and thats when Channing saw her. The Vice President of Delta Sigma Theta, Renee. Channing has been crushing on her for a while and tonight he planned on making his move. He watched her as they <a href="">stepped</a> admiring every inch of her body and ignoring everyone in the room. There was something about her that just drew him in and he didnt want to fight it.
Everyone finally began walking in the house and Channing began looking for her. It took him a while to break through the crowd but when he did he found her talking to her soror sisters.
"um excuse." Hd said walking up and tapping her shoulder.
"yes." She responded.
"hi, my name is Channing."
"we know who you are." Her sister <a href="">Lilly</a> spoke up saying.
"well my bad." He responded.
"hello." Renee said.
"hi can I have a moment of your time."
"sure." They walked out on the balcony and stood there in silence for a minute.
"soooo whats up.?" She asked.
"oh um. well, um how are you.?"
"good. and you.?"
"im cool. uh, so um are you currently seeing anyone.?"
"im looking at you right now." She laughed.
"oh. so can I take you out sometime.?"
And that was it for Channing. He walked her back down to her girls and they exchanged numbers and he went on and began enjoying the party. He took his major step with Renee and now he felt he could do anything.

Run it.!!!

I wonder why they are not actually cool? Like why are they pretending? RUN IT!!

p.s trey... i mean channing is looking hotdorable!!!!

run it sis
and u best add a LOT more to chapter 2... dont be doing no short chapters... it's not acceptable

No runs.???

*Chapter 1*
One year ago
Channing couldnt wait to graduate from Georgia Tech and hit the NBA with a bachelor degree in sports therapy. He was gonna be a first round draft pick and he was headed to the Miami Heats. The final week of school for him was consisting nothing but parties and bytches. Tonight was the Delta farewell party and he was too ampted to go. He headed to his boy <a href="">Stephen's</a> room so they could get ready together and head out.
With his duffle bag of clothes and smell goods on his shoulder he walked four buildings over to Stephen's. He knocked and after four minutes stepje opened up.
"whats gud homie.?" He said letting channing in.
"shyt, nigga your ass always taking forever to get ready."
"nigga you brought yo shyt over her to get ready so wtf.!"
"whatever man."
Channing got showered and dressed and stood in the mirror admiring <a href="">himself</a> and as he walked out stephen was putting the final touches on to <a href="">his outfit</a> for the night.
They seemed to be the best of friends right.? But secretly their was a terrible envy problem going on between those two.

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No more runs.???

uh uh imma need a run like yesterday!!! wth happened just now?? RUN IT!!

daaaammmnnn that s*** cray they aint
even get to the kiss yet what the hell
happened i liking this