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Tyga,T-raww i love u baby lmao ha i wished him happy birthday before bree ugly self and we going to the strip club later so fck u hoes


Yall are crazy i miss u too lol i miss cussing bree out but bree know wassup she know i love her and yea it is good shoot green eggs and ham taste good af


We can float in the clouds.

Wait I lied,

Its 'We..something something down the something :)

We... And I forgot the rest

Nous pouvons flotter dans les nuages.

She is crazy....

She is ???

Elle est folle.

maybe :(

Yes you're ready!


*hits head*

i have no names ... maybe i'm not ready

So Ana....what are you going to name the baby?

*does nicki blink*

Ummm suuuuure Aneeer lol.

Christopher 2.0

he wont
*looks at bree*
cause your not going to tell him right bree

Oh man. Trey better not hear that s*** lol.

lmfaoo yessss his body ssshhheeessshhhhhh

yea but bad news is
i went to see twilight (had to wait on my bf to get back from school)
and i saw taylor also known as jacob and damn near feel in love
all over again... i might have two baby daddies lol


yaaayyyy ana having a baby wwwwwwoooooooooooooooo *makes it rain w/ prenatal vitamins*

Oh, Ana <a href="">look</a>! Trey is so good with kids!


What we talking bout?

awww then f*** yea he bogish lol

me and trey decided to have a child!

She was aight... nothing to brag about lol.

damn.. haha was she bad tho lol

IT WAS F U C K I N G Crazy!!!!! I fell asleep next to a damn stripper. She was all in my lap and s***... Ty ass left me alone with the bih... I was like TF? lol

how was tiggers b-day

Lol oh man.... I should've known.

sleep :D oh yea i do it (big sean voice)