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where are the big Twilight fans at?!?!?

Im thinking about doing a twilight inspired story and i was a co writer to write with me.
The writer has to have at least watched the twilight movies.
If you want to help me just give me a sample of your best writing skills and we can go from there.

Lol i sound like a cermercial
Iight lets go!


@nic yesss! I was to hype in that movie theater !!

omg lemme be in it shooot i love twilight the last movie was sooooo good omg it was better than all the movies

I love twilight !! I'm not a writer but if you need a cast I'll be in it

OMG Tht would be awesome!!!!!

check ur messages

Iight I don't got time ti wait on other people I wanna get this going
Lexi we gon write this story and its gonna be great lol

Message me and we can talk about our ideas

im a big twilight fan i hav seen every twilight movie and the last one is the best one made hope to see the story soon

GGGGRRRRRRRRRR i miss the edit button smhh

<a href="">Here</a>

i wanna co write i started out doing something lik that but ehhhh i got lazy u can check it out thou <1 href="">here</a>