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| Bree! Ana! Dany! Lexi! Come entertain me! ^.^ |

- While your doing so go look at this pathetic s***!


Yes you! Remember the time we all went to the movies and you and Trey you know...did the dirty right there with all those people in the theature

who me!!! lol

*jumps up and down* ooh, ooh, ask me who's the freakiest.

* sways back and forth* I would say Ana :)

lexi please you and kirko be on
fire much more then us!!!

*gag* smh lol

yea like the sound you make when he grabs at your pussy under the table
at chili's lol

Like Treh-Ee? lol....


Awww Danyella lol.

you had to say trey in a special way lol

Yay! You're preggo!!!

So uh, my gammy from my mom's side continuously keeps calling me Danyella Bear -___-

woo hoo *throws prenatal vitamins at you*

Lexi & Preggy did tho lol.

Um.. that did NOT rhyme lol.

lexi im preggy by trey lol

hey that rhymed

hi not reading everything so wats going on

was busy cleaning my room the bathroom and washing clothes resting a bit before i throw s*** in the dryer

suppose to meet up w my friend to get a bottle

god i hate cleaning im cursing out who ever mess up my damn floors my damn back hurt ima kick em right in their s*** KMT -,-

uhmmm ??? damn i need to f*** for inspiration

I know... and neither did I lol.


lol he aint want to have babies back then

damn it ok trey didnt like that one either lol
i did .. hahahahahahaha

At least Trey came inside you Ana... he always came on my stomach lol.


Lmao , really ana?

how about panty droppa neverson

Well get to thinking! lol.

Aye now ana do your thang! Lol
Bree . * ravens voice * ya nasty!

hehehehe im happy just has to think of names

Yes pregnant pussy is sooooo good lbod... Ask Tyga! He was tearing ME UP!!!! lol

FUUUUUUCK YES! Can't wait....

Aye... I want some coffee right now lol.

thanks guys we worked hard on it .. now i have to get
a big round belly ohh and i can eat when ever i want
and they said preggy pussy is the best so trey will be happy
too :)