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Catch Me

That fateful night keeps playing in Serenity’s mind. It was the night her whole life changed for the complete worse. She never thought anything like this could ever happen to her. From the outside looking in, Serenity had the perfect life. Perfect job, perfect house, and perfect man; perfect everything. But on that cool fall night two months ago, everything became the exact opposite of perfect. Serenity looks at the empty spot next to her on the bed. She slowly turns over on her left side and gently rubs his side of the bed. Tears instantly fill her eyes when she thinks about him and she closes her eyes shut and wraps her arms around herself as she starts crying hard.

“Darius….how could you leave me like this? You promised me you would never leave me. You said we would be together forever…..and now you’re gone. You’re gone. I can’t live without you. I love you so much and I need you. Especially now….I wish you were here. I wish you would come back to me….I just….I never wanted to imagine my life without you….but….the truth is….you’re gone. And….I just can’t accept it yet,” Serenity said as tears continuously streamed down her cheeks. Serenity suddenly feels this warm presence take over her and she can’t help but smile. Whenever Serenity gets this feeling, she is almost certain that it’s Darius’ spirit. She wishes she could see him one last time, hug him, kiss him, and make love to him just once more. Serenity suddenly feels a distinct kick against the right side of stomach. She looks down at her protruding stomach and smiles. She places both of her hands on her stomach and rubs it gently.

“Do you feel daddy’s presence too DJ?,” Serenity said softly to her stomach. Serenity is seven months pregnant and her son, Darius Junior, DJ for short, is the only reason she feels she can even keep living at this point. Her son will forever be a reminder of her husband Darius, and she is so thankful that a part of Darius will live. Serenity rubs her stomach for a few minutes and then she turns her head to look at the dresser. She notices a picture of her and Darius and she just sighs and looks at the ceiling and thinks. At age 25, Serenity never thought she would be at this point in her life. She’s hurt, angry, sad and confused all at the same time. Darius was truly her only family and now that he is gone, it feels like her heart has been ripped out of her chest and she feels completely alone. How can Serenity keep everything together, when she only wants to fall apart?


<em>Two months Later</em>

Serenity is enjoying every minute of motherhood and she loves DJ beyond measure. It’s amazing to basically watch him grow by the day. She loves taking care of him and just spending time with him. Serenity has not gone back to work yet, just because she has not decided on day care for DJ. If she had it her way, she would just stay home with DJ until he goes off to college, but she knows that is not an option for her right now. She still needs to be able to support her son and herself. She has money saved up and she has money from Darius’ insurance policies, but that is not her back up plan. She plans to decide on day care for DJ within the next week or so, so she can go back to work. As for Terrence and Serenity’s relationship, they are more acquaintances than they are friends. They speak when they see each other, but it’s just the simple hi and bye. They don’t really talk like they used to and they don’t spend time like they used to. Also, Terrence has been seeing Sabrina pretty consistently these past two months and Terrence has grown to like her. Anisa is not happy about this at all. Anisa just feels a bond to Serenity that she doesn’t feel with Sabrina. Anisa thinks Sabrina is nice and all, but she loves Serenity and she really wants her and Terrence together. Well it’s a Friday evening and Terrence is out on a date with Serenity. Pretty much every Friday and Saturday night, Terrence is out with Sabrina. Anyway, Serenity is sitting on the couch rocking DJ in her arms as he sleeps and Anisa is coloring on the floor in the family room.

“Serenity? Can I ask you a question?,” Anisa asked.

“Sure what is it gorgeous?,” Serenity said.

“Why don’t you like my daddy?”

“Oh Anisa....I like your daddy just fine.”

“But....why don’t you want to date him? He’s really nice I promise. He would make a good boyfriend.”

“’s complicated. It has nothing to do with your dad, he is really nice I know.”

“......Is it because of your husband? Daddy doesn’t want to replace him....he just wants to love you.”

“...How do you know that?”

“He told me....daddy tells me everything.”

“Well...he has Sabrina now.”

“I want him to date you, not her.” Serenity just looks at Anisa and sighs and Anisa sighs too.

“.....It’s not fair. I want daddy to date you....can’t you just try?,” Anisa asked sweetly.

“Anisa......I’m not ready yet. I’m sorry.”

“How do you know if you don’t try?” Serenity just looks at Anisa in a bit of shock and then looks away.

“....I’m going to put DJ in his basinet ok? I’ll be back down in a minute and we can watch a movie,” Serenity said. Anisa just nods her head and Serenity brings DJ upstairs and kisses his cheek before lying him down in his basinet in her bedroom. Serenity walks back downstairs to the family room and watches a movie with Anisa. After that, Anisa takes her bath, puts on her pajamas and then comes back into the living room with Serenity. Anisa climbs on the couch and rests her head on Serenity’s lap and Serenity smiles and leans down and kisses Anisa’s cheek. Serenity gently rubs Anisa’s back as they watch tv together and actually fall asleep. At around 11 pm, Serenity is awakened by Terrence coming into the house. She stands up with Anisa in her arms, while Tristan closes and locks the door behind him. Serenity walks towards the door and Terrence smiles when he sees Serenity holding Anisa.

“Hey how was she?,” Terrence asked softly.

“She was great as usual,” Serenity asked. Serenity hands Anisa to Terrence and he kisses her cheek a few times.

“I’m going to put her in bed,” Terrence said.

“Ok,” Serenity said. Terrence walks upstairs and Serenity walks into the kitchen to fix a glass of water. A few minutes later, Terrence walks into the kitchen and he just looks at Serenity and Serenity looks back.

“....How was your date tonight?,” Serenity asked while breaking the silence.

“....It was good.....I like Sabrina, but..,” Terrence said.


“No you need to hear this.....I like Sabrina, I do.....but tonight we shared our first kiss.....I was expecting fireworks and sparks, but you know what I felt? Nothing. I felt nothing when we kissed....and I told her that and she felt the same, so....we decided to stop seeing each other.”

“.....I’m sorry Terrence.”

“Don’t be I’m fine....she just isn’t who I am supposed to end up with,” Terrence said while looking Serenity in her eyes.

“.....What? Do you think I am supposed to be who you end up with?”

“I don’t know but neither of us will know unless you give me a chance,” Tristan said while shrugging his shoulders.

“Why don’t you get it? I’m not ready Terrence.”

“That’s not why’re scared. You are scared the minute you get close to someone; they are going to leave you. You are scared to let your heart get involved because you don’t want to get it think I don’t know that? I lost my wife Serenity and I know exactly how you feel because I felt the same way....but life is too short to be scared to love again because if the death of my wife taught me anything, it’ never know when God is going to call you home,” Terrence said as a few tears built up in his eyes.

“.....I didn’t mean to get you upset,” Serenity said softly.

“....What’s wrong with me? Why don’t you just give me a chance? I met you for a reason.....and it’s to heal your heart and you are here to heal mine.”

“How do you know that Terrence?”

“The same way you know......Sonia came to me.....did Darius come to you in the dream you had at the hospital and tell you the same thing?” Serenity just looks at Terrence in utter shock; how did he know that? It terrifies Serenity that Terrence can read Serenity so well and know exactly how she feels or what she goes through. It scares her to death. Serenity just swallows hard and puts her empty glass in the dishwasher and then looks at Terrence.

“...I’m going to head to bed,” Serenity said. Serenity starts to walk past Terrence, but Terrence gently grabs her hand and stands in front of her to stop her. Terrence wraps his arms loosely around Serenity’s waist and Serenity cannot look at him and she feels so uncomfortable, but comfortable at the same time.

“Serenity.....look me in my eyes and tell me you have no feelings for me and mean it, and I will leave you be. I promise I will.....but I have to hear it from you,” Terrence said. Serenity looks Terrence in his eyes and his deep brown eyes look so sincere.


“Just be honest Serenity.”

“I....I do have feelings for you,” Serenity said while looking down.

“Look me in my eyes Serenity. Please,” Terrence said. Serenity takes a deep breath and lifts her head up and looks Terrence in her eyes and Terrence does the same.

“Terrence....I have feelings for you....I like you....I like you a lot....and it scares me,” Serenity said as a few tears ran down her cheeks. Terrence smiles and he wraps his arms around Serenity’s waist tightly and pulls her into a tight embrace. Serenity moves her arms around Terrence’s neck and hugs him tightly as Terrence gently caresses her back.

“Serenity...hearing you say that means everything to me....and you don’t have to be scared of me or the feelings you have....they aren’t wrong....and I won’t hurt you. I promise you I won’t,” Terrence said softly in Serenity’s ear. Serenity just smiles to herself and closes her eyes and enjoys the embrace. Serenity can’t even describe how it feels to have Terrence holding her like this. She has needed and craved this for so long. After a two minute embrace, Terrence pulls out of the hug and just looks down at Serenity. Serenity looks at him and rests her hands on his shoulders.

“You are so beautiful Serenity,” Terrence said.

“Thank you Terrence,” Serenity said shyly. Terrence gently rubs Serenity’s hips and Serenity notices him licking his pink, full lips. Serenity just watches as his tongue lightly grazes across his bottom, then top lip and she gets this weird sensation in her stomach. Terrence holds Serenity close to him and just looks at her.

“....You have the most beautiful lips,” Terrence said while staring at Serenity’s lips. Serenity just swallows hard because she doesn’t know what Terrence is about to do, but a part of her wants to find out. Terrence moves his left hand up Serenity’s side and places it on the right side of her face and gently caresses her cheek, while wiping her tears away. He pulls her face closer to his so their noses are touching. Serenity just looks Terrence in his eyes and he does the same. Terrence inches his lips closer to Serenity’s and Serenity closes her eyes and Terrence closes his eyes. They both pucker their lips and within seconds, they feel the other gently pressing their lips against each other’s. Serenity felt chills running up and down her spine, to her arms, legs and stomach. Her knees got weak and before she began to fall, Terrence held her closer and tighter to prevent her from falling. Terrence felt chills the minute Serenity’s lips touched his and he can admit kissing Serenity gives him a sexual sensation as well. Terrence places his right hand on Serenity’s face and holds her face gently as they share a gentle, yet passionate kiss. Terrence turns his head to the side to deepen the kiss and he grazes his tongue across Serenity’s bottom lip. Serenity opens her mouth and Terrence slides his long, thick tongue inside of her mouth. He instantly finds Serenity’s tongue and uses his tongue to play with hers. A small, soft moan escapes Serenity’s lips while Terrence uses his tongue to play with hers. Terrence runs his hands from Serenity’s face to her neck, down her shoulders, down her sides and rests them on her hips. After a two minute kiss, Terrence pulls away and Terrence and Serenity both open their eyes and just stare at each other. Serenity is in a state of shock because she can’t believe she kissed Terrence. She can’t believe that they shared such a passionate moment. Serenity takes a deep breath and Terrence just stares at her.

“ know, it’s late. We should get to bed,” Terrence said awkwardly.

“Oh uh...yeah. You’re right,” Serenity said. Terrence smiles a bit and he lets go of Serenity’s waist and Serenity walks in front of Terrence as they walk up the stairs. Once Serenity gets to her bedroom, she looks at Terrence and he looks at her.

“You have a good night Serenity,” Terrence said.

“Thanks you too,” Serenity said. Terrence quickly hugs Serenity and then goes into his bedroom, closing the door behind him. Serenity smiles a bit and she walks into her bedroom and closes the door behind her. She goes over to DJ’s basinet and leans down and kisses his cheek and then gently rubs his stomach. She turns around and gasps in shock, when she sees Darius sitting on the bed.

“Hey baby,” Darius said while smiling big.

“Darius....hi baby....did I do something wrong?,” Serenity asked worried.

“Not at all Serenity....not at all....I want this for you. Terrence is a good man for you. I want you to be happy.”

“I know.....I just....I feel strange about all of were the only man I have ever loved so I feel weird having feelings for Terrence.”

“But don’t you dare hide them from yourself or him. That isn’t right.....I’m proud of you though Serenity. You finally told him how you feel and I know it feels good to get those feelings off of your chest.”

“You’re does.”

“....I know you enjoyed the kiss too.” Serenity just looks down because she feels bad that she kissed Terrence.

“Don’t do that....don’t feel bad because you know something? You’re not wrong for anything can move on now and you know why right?”

“Yes I know are not here and you aren’t coming back so I should move on.”

“That’s right gorgeous.” Serenity watches Darius stand up from the bed and walk over to her and he stands in front of DJ’s basinet and he looks in and leans down and kisses his cheek then smiles big while leaning back up.

“Look at my lil’ man sleeping.....he’s beautiful....I always told you I wanted him to get your big, beautiful brown eyes and he did,” Darius said while gently rubbing DJ’s stomach.

“You’re right....everything else is all you though Darius....he’s your twin.”

“I know he’s my little mini me.....he is going to take care of you and I know you are going to take care of him....I love him so much and I will always look out for him and you, that’s a promise.”

“Thank you Darius....I love you so much.”

“I love you too. I love you and DJ so much.” Darius just looks at Serenity and smiles big and he leans down and pecks her lips and then he disappears. Serenity just smiles to herself and looks back down at DJ.

“DJ daddy was here I am sure you felt him.....he loves you so much and he will always look out for you,” Serenity said. Serenity kisses his forehead and then turns off the lights and lies down in the bed on her side. She gently rubs her bottom lip and she can’t help but smile when she thinks about the kiss her and Terrence shared. Terrence’s lips, they were so soft and felt so good against Serenity’s lips. And his tongue....Serenity has no words for how it felt in her mouth and playing with her tongue. Serenity gets under the covers and she just cannot stop smiling. She can’t stop thinking about Terrence’s lips. Serenity just thinks that the kiss she shared with Terrence is the beginning to a blossoming relationship.

DJ's home. Aww its so sweet seeing Serenity with her son, who'll always love and be with her unconditionally. And I love how helpful Terrence is with the baby. Im ready for these two to become more dude.
Im about to kick Serenitys ass myself lol. She needs to quit trying to chase away her feelings for Terrence cause there not gonna go anywhere and will only get stronger no matter how much she doesnt want to openly admit it. Please Terrence dont give up, Serenitys just being stubborn and scared.

Aww DJ's here now. Pretty baby I'm so glad Terrance and Anisa were there for the birth. When Darius came and visited Serenity in his all white and words of wisdom. I nearly cried. Im glad he told her it was okay for her to move on and that he sent Anisa and Terrence to her. They all no pain and heartache and can help each other move on from it. Ill miss you Darius, with your handsome self.
Now this b**** April needed to be punched, how dare she disrespect Terrence and Anisa the way she did and she doesnt even know them. Im glad Serenity checked her ass and told her she wasnt gone be around her son with that kinda attitude f her. She's got a family now DJ, Anisa and Serenity. YAY
RUN iT!!!

i hope that he doesnt give up on her and dam she need to pull herself together!
shes irratating me >.<
rrun this

Serenity is really starting to piss me off. Why the hell doesnt she give Terrence a chance? Like is she not seeing everything he's doing for her? You just watch, he's going to find a girl who's willing to be down for him and when that happens Serenity is going to want him. Gah, i'm just so frustrated right now.

Run it

Omg if Serenity doesn't get it together!!! She is getting on my damn nerves!! I hope she tells him how she feels soon, if not, she will lose out. I'm glad DJ is home!!

Three days pass and today is Tuesday and Serenity is bringing DJ home! She is so excited to finally have him home with her. Terrence and Anisa have been so helpful to Serenity. They have come to visit her in the hospital every day since she gave birth and they sit with her and DJ for hours. Serenity can tell that Anisa already really loves DJ. Serenity also notices how good Terrence is with DJ. This is fine to Serenity and she really appreciates it. Anyway, Serenity is on her way home from the hospital. Terrence offered to pick Serenity up, but Serenity didn’t want Terrence to miss work. It’s around 12 pm and Serenity pulls up to her house and parks in the garage. She turns off the car and gets out and puts her bag on her shoulder. She then goes into the backseat and smiles when she sees DJ in his car seat.

“Hi handsome. You’re home!,” Serenity said. Serenity leans down and kisses his forehead and then she carefully takes his car seat out of the car and closes the door. She closes the garage door and then walks into the house. She takes off her shoes and sets down her bag. She then sets down DJ’s car seat and takes off her coat. She picks him up carefully and kisses his cheek multiple times and holds him close. She goes over to the couch and sits down and rests DJ on her legs and just stares at him. He is so beautiful. He looks just like Darius as well. Serenity has pictures of Darius when he was a newborn and DJ is his twin. DJ definitely has Serenity’s eyes though. Serenity gently rubs DJ’s cheek and just stares at him as he squirms around a bit. She is trying not to cry because seeing DJ reminds Serenity so much of Darius. Serenity can’t help it though and tears stream down her cheeks. She looks at DJ looking around and she can’t help but smile. She quickly wipes her tears and leans down and kisses DJ’s nose. She picks him up and rests him on her chest and gently rubs his back. Within 15 minutes DJ is sleeping peacefully. She walks upstairs carefully holding DJ and lies him down on her bed. She wraps him in his baby blanket and lies next to him on the bed and puts an arm around him. She scoots close to him and just admires him sleeping. Seeing DJ just makes Serenity so emotional and she softly cries to herself. She has mixed emotions right now. She is beyond happy that DJ is here and she is in love with this little boy already. But a part of Serenity is also so sad because Darius is not here with her. They were both so happy when they found that Serenity was expecting and they couldn’t wait to see their little boy. Serenity just wishes Darius was here, but she has to keep reminding herself that he isn’t. She wipes her tears and leans closer to DJ and kisses his forehead. She gently rubs his stomach as he sleeps peacefully.

“DJ….baby boy you are so beautiful….I am so in love with you already….I am going to take such good care of you so don’t even worry about that. I will always love you and protect you…..right now I may seem sad, but that’s just because daddy isn’t here. He isn’t coming back either…..but DJ your daddy loved you so much….even though he never saw you he always loved you. He would tell you every day if you were here….but since he isn’t here; I will tell you every day just how much he loved you,” Serenity said softly. Serenity just watches DJ sleep; she could watch him forever. Serenity lays with DJ for the majority of the day. She feeds him and changes his diaper when he needs it, but other than that DJ slept most of the day. At 4 pm, she hears Terrence and Anisa come home. She smiles when she hears them talking as they walk into the door. She realizes that she cares about the both of them so much and she doesn’t even want to think about them leaving. Within minutes she hears Anisa footsteps running up the stairs and she hears a knock on the door.

“Come in Anisa,” Serenity said. The door opens and Anisa smiles and walks in.

“How did you know it was me?,” Anisa asked.

“Because I know you and I know you want to see DJ huh?,” Serenity said.

“Yes I do….is he sleeping?”

“Yes he is….but you can still see him. Come here.” Anisa smiles and walks over to the bed and looks at DJ sleeping and she smiles big. She leans over and kisses his cheek and then gently rubs his hand.

“How is he doing?,” Anisa asked.

“He is doing great Anisa,” Serenity said.

“….You really love him already, I know.”

“Yes I really do…..he’s so beautiful.”

“He is…I love him too and I just met him.” Serenity laughs a bit and leans over and kisses Anisa’s cheek. Anisa and Serenity then hear a knock on the door, and they look and see Terrene standing in the doorway.

“Hey Serenity,” Terrence said.

“Hi Terrence,” Serenity said.

“Baby girl why don’t you go start your homework,” Terrence suggested.

“Ok daddy,” Anisa said obediently. Anisa kisses DJ’s forehead and then walks out of the room. Serenity looks at Terrence and smiles and Terrence smiles back.

“How’s he doing?,” Terrence asked.

“He is great. He has been sleeping most of the day,” Serenity said.

“And you? How are you doing?”

“I’m doing ok.”

“Just ok?”

“Yeah……come sit next to me.” Terrence smiles a bit and he sits on the bed next to Serenity without disturbing DJ.

“……I can’t stop thinking about Darius….whenever I look at DJ, Darius is all I see,” Serenity said honestly.

“And that’s understandable Serenity…..listen we all mourn on our own time….don’t rush it. You are going to be just fine. One day, everything will seem easier. I promise,” Terrence said softly. Serenity just looks Terrence in his eyes and smiles a bit.

“….You always know what to say….I like that about you.”

“Thank you….Serenity I really understand what you are going through I promise you…..I was in the same situation you are in now…..if you ever need me, I’m here.”

“I know….I don’t know how you do it Terrence….you’re so….you’re so happy all the time…..I never see you sad.”

“But I get sad all the time….I just remind myself that Sonia wouldn’t want me sad….Darius wouldn’t want you sad….I have to stay strong for Anisa too. I can’t let her see me breaking down because I’m supposed to be her backbone.”

“….You’re right….I try to be happy but Darius was all I ever had…..I never had anyone love me the way he loved me.”

“Well you have DJ now remember,” Terrence said while gently rubbing DJ’s left hand.

“….I know. I am so in love with him already.”

“I know you are….Anisa is too….she is so in love with you and DJ….she keeps telling me to promise her that we will never leave you or DJ.”

“She is so sweet. Your daughter is amazing… know? I…..I can’t imagine how it would be without you and Anisa here with me.”

“That’s sweet Serenity…..I know Anisa does not want to leave anytime soon. She is so attached to you…..I honestly haven’t seen her so close to another woman……well….since her mom died…..the same goes for me too.” Serenity just looks Terrence in his eyes in shock and Terrence looks Serenity in her eyes. Terrence and Serenity stare at each other for what seems like forever, until Serenity looks away awkwardly.

“…..You look exhausted Serenity….how about I take care of DJ for a few hours while you get some sleep? I can have dinner ready by the time you wake up,” Terrence offered.

“Are you sure Terrence?,” Serenity asked.

“I’m sure. I can put him in the baby chair with Anisa while he sleeps. She will keep a good eye on him.”

“….I would appreciate that. I could use the rest.” Terrence smiles and nods his head and Serenity kisses DJ’s face multiple times and then Terrence stands up from the bed with DJ in his arms and leaves the bedroom closing the door behind him. Serenity sighs and turns onto her back and thinks. Terrence is openly expressing his feelings for Serenity, but Serenity can’t do the same. She does care about Terrence, but she fears telling him her truest thoughts about him. Serenity turns on her side and gets under the covers and closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep. Terrence cooks dinner in the kitchen while Anisa is in the living room sitting on the couch next to DJ’s baby chair as he sleeps. At 6 pm, Terrence has dinner ready and he fixes Anisa a plate and she sits at the table. Terrence picks up DJ from his baby chair and carefully walks upstairs with him and goes into Serenity’s room and sees her sleeping peacefully on her side. Terrence goes over to Serenity and gently taps her and she squirms around a bit. She slowly opens her eyes and smiles when she sees Terrence and DJ.

“Hey Serenity….I wanted to bring you DJ since I am sure he is hungry and will up crying any minute….I have dinner ready so whenever you are ready, come down and eat with us,” Terrence said.

“Ok thank you Terrence,” Serenity said. Serenity sits up and Terrence hands DJ to her and then leaves the room. Serenity kisses DJ’s cheek and wakes him up so she can feed him. Once DJ is all fed, Serenity cradles him in her arms and goes downstairs to the kitchen and sees Terrence and Anisa eating.

“Serenity let me fix you a plate,” Terrence said.

“Thank you Terrence,” Serenity said. Terrence fixes Serenity a plate and a drink and then sets it in front of her and Serenity starts eating. She has DJ in her arms because she just does not want to be away from him. Terrence, Serenity and Anisa enjoy their dinner together and then Anisa goes upstairs to take her bath while Terrence cleans up the kitchen. Serenity sits on the couch with DJ and gently rocks him as he is drifting off to sleep again. Once Terrence cleans up the kitchen he sits with Anisa until she falls asleep. Once he is done with that, he walks downstairs to the living room and sees Serenity gently rocking DJ as he sleeps in her arms. He smiles and walks over to the couch and sits next to Serenity.

“…You’re a natural Serenity,” Terrence said softly.

“Thank you,” Serenity said softly. Serenity kisses DJ’s forehead multiple times and then looks at Terrence.

“I’m going to lie him down in his basinet, but I’ll be right back,” Serenity said.

“Sure no problem,” Terrence said. Serenity stands up from the couch and walks up the stairs holding DJ close to her chest. Serenity lies DJ down in the basinet in her bedroom and pulls a few covers over him. Serenity then turns on a pair of baby monitors and grabs one and then walks downstairs to the family room and sees Terrence sitting on the couch flipping through television stations. Serenity smiles a bit and walks over to the couch and sits next to Terrence. Serenity yawns a bit as she rests her chin in her hand and places her elbow on the armrest.

“Tired huh?,” Terrence said.

“Yes even though I took a nap today….I’m still exhausted…..I didn’t really sleep too much after DJ was born….I just couldn’t stop looking at him,” Serenity said.

“I understand……come here.” Serenity just looks at Terrence and he smiles at her.

“Come here Serenity…..I make a great cushion….come on,” Terrence said with his arms open. Serenity just stares at him and Terrence stares at her.

“.....I should probably just get up to bed,” Serenity said.

“Serenity....don’t do that,” Terrence said.

“.....I can’t do this Terrence. I don’t feel right even liking you at this point and I don’t want to lead you on.”

“...I thought you said you cared about me....was that not true?”

“That was true Terrence. I do care about a friend....I’m just....I’m just not ready for this.”

“Well then I will wait for you Serenity.”

“Terrence.....I can’t let you do’re a good man....and you deserve someone that can love you the way you deserve to be loved.....and right’s not me,” Serenity said honestly.

“Serenity....I care about you so much though....I don’t think you even understand how much.”

“Terrence......please don’t.”

“Don’t what? Tell you how I feel?”

“Don’t make me feel bad.”

“I’m not trying to make you feel bad Serenity, I am just being honest.....but I understand I can’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do. And....I can’t force you to feel anything you don’t want to feel....can’t say I didn’t try, but I can take a hint don’t want what I want and I can understand don’t have to worry about me expressing my feelings anymore Serenity.”

“Terrence....I don’t want that either.”

“Well what do you want?”

“I still want us to be friends Terrence.”

“.....I don’t just want to be your friend Serenity. I want to be so much more....I know I will be good for you. I can give your heart the love it needs....the love it craves.....I..,” Terrence is cut off.

“Terrence stop,” Serenity said boldly. Terrence just looks at Serenity and then sighs and stands up from the couch and looks at her.

“Ok Serenity....I will stop. I’ll stop it have a good night,” Terrence said softly. Serenity just watches Terrence walk up the stairs and she heavily sighs. She honestly is not ready for anything other than a friendship, but she just hopes she didn’t make a decision that she will regret.

Omg DJ is here!!!!! I think she needed to hear those words from Darius. I'm glad he came to her. Terrance and Anisa are so sweet to be there for her. Idk how April knew about her being in the hospital, but her visit was so unnecessary!! b**** take yo ass on!! I'm glad Serenity told her about herself. She shouldn't be anywhere around DJ with her f***ery. I know Serenity will be an awesome mom. Run it!

Awe, DJ is here! How cute!
Yay, she finally had that talk with
Darius. She finally found that closure
and i'm glad it came from him.
What I like most is that he knows
why things are happening for her.
She's going ti finally give Terrence
a chance and that makes me happy. He
deserves a chance for sure.

Run it

awww dam u done make me teary!
that add was too dam cute! im glad he paid her a visit and told her everything she needs so she can be at peace! and Terrence is really made for her he even said so himself and im glad he picked her ot for her
i love how she and anista stood up to april! thats right u better walk up out of there!
but I'm so excited to see how their relationship builds :)
run it!

<em>One Month Later</a>

Serenity has finally reached a full term pregnancy, she is 39 weeks pregnant! DJ should be coming any day now and Serenity is so excited. She cannot wait to see him. She has his room all ready for him to come home. Terrence actually helped Serenity put DJ’s crib together. Terrence has been very helpful and Serenity appreciates that so much. It’s still a bit awkward between Terrence and Serenity, but Terrence does his best to ease that. Serenity is very aware of Terrence’s feelings for her and she would be lying if she said she didn’t have any feelings for him. She just can’t accept the fact that she is thinking about another man the way she use to think about Darius; it terrifies her honestly. Darius has been gone for four months, which isn’t too long, but it might be time for Serenity to move on. It’s not like Darius left her and will one day come back; Darius is gone forever. Serenity no longer wears her wedding band, even though she feels strangely doing this. She knows that technically she is no longer married; she is a widow. She never thought this would happen to her, but it did and now she has to deal with it and move on. She has to be strong. Especially with her son coming, she definitely has to stay strong for him. Well it’s Friday night, at around 9 pm and Serenity is sitting on the couch watching tv with Terrence. Anisa is sleeping with her head in Serenity’s lap and Serenity is gently rubbing her back. They were watching a movie, but Anisa fell asleep. Serenity suddenly feels a sharp pain in stomach and she yelled out in pain. Terrence looks at her with a worried look across his face.

“Serenity what is it?,” Terrence asked.

“I just got a very sharp pain,” Serenity said.

“Oh….have you had any other pains today?”

“Yes…..all day actually. They weren’t so bad, but they have gotten stronger.”

“Serenity they might be contractions…..DJ sounds like he is ready to come.”

“….Maybe you’re right…..I just screamed loudly and your little girl didn’t even budge,” Serenity said while laughing a bit.

“You’re right….when this little girl is sleep, she is dead to the world,” Terrence said while laughing too. Serenity smiles and looks down at Anisa and leans down and kisses her cheek then rubs it gently. Serenity looks at Terrence and he is just smiling at her.

“What….why are you smiling at me like that?,” Serenity asked shyly.

“….You’re just so good with her….it’s amazing. You instantly treated her like she was special to you. We both appreciate that,” Terrence said.

“Terrence…you have an amazing daughter. Her personality….will make anyone love her instantly. You and your wife Sonia did a great job with her.”

“Thank you so much Serenity…’re going to be such an amazing mother to DJ.”

“Thank you….I…..ahhhhhh!!,” Serenity screamed out in pain. Serenity looks at Terrence as she takes a deep breath and holds her stomach.

“…..I think DJ is ready to come,” Serenity said while smiling a bit.

“I think you’re right!,” Terrence said. Terrence takes Anisa from Serenity’s lap and sets her in his lap and rests her head against his chest. Serenity stands up and starts to walk to the kitchen, but as she is walking, she stops in her tracks when she feels a gush of water rush from in between her legs. She gasps and looks down at the puddle at her feet.

“Serenity!,” Terrence exclaimed.

“Terrence! My water just broke!! Oh my god!!,” Serenity exclaimed.

“It’s ok…um….I will get Anisa and me ready and you go change your pants. We already have our bags in the closet down here for all of us. I will meet you back down here in ten minutes. We have to go to the hospital.” Serenity just takes deep breaths and nods her head. Serenity and Terrence both rush up the stairs and get ready. Ten minutes later, they leave the house in a hurry with everything they need and drive to the hospital. Serenity had a few pains on the drive there and she is incredibly uncomfortable. Once they get to the hospital, Terrence parks close and he gets Anisa out of the car and carries her in as he and Serenity rush into the hospital. Serenity talks to the receptionist and they tell her to go to the third floor to room 348. Once they are in the room, Serenity changes into the hospital robe and Terrence sets all of their bags down. He then sits in a chair next to the bed with Anisa in his lap. She is awake and she has her head resting against his chest. A few minutes later, Serenity comes out of the bathroom and she lies down in the bed.

“Serenity you are going to have your baby soon! Are you excited?,” Anisa said.

“Yes Anisa I am so excited,” Serenity said while smiling.

“Daddy I want to lay with Serenity,” Anisa said while looking up at Terrence.

“Serenity needs her rest Anisa. Just sit with me ok?,” Terrence said.

“Terrence it’s ok. She can lay with me. Come here gorgeous,” Serenity said. Anisa smiles big and she gets down from Terrence’s lap and she takes off her shoes and jacket and then walks over to the bed and climbs in right next to Serenity. Anisa gently rubs Serenity’s stomach and Serenity just smiles.

“Daddy…..can you sing me and Serenity to sleep?,” Anisa asked.

“You can sing?,” Serenity asked in shock.

“Anisa thinks I can, I never really thought my voice was that good,” Terrence said.

“Daddy your voice is amazing….now sing,” Anisa said. Terrence smiles a bit and he starts to melodically sing “Love Is.” Serenity was just in shock at how good Terrence sang. His voice is beautiful. Serenity and Anisa fall asleep within minutes. Terrence just smiles at the both of them and then he goes over to them and kisses the both of their cheeks. He then sits down in the chair next to the bed and falls asleep himself.

Serenity slowly opens her eyes and looks around the room. Her breath is taken away when she sees Darius sitting at the end of her hospital bed, dressed in all white. She looks around and Anisa and Terrence aren’t in the room. She just looks at Darius and he smiles big.

“Hey beautiful,” Darius said. Serenity just puts her hand over her mouth as tears fill her eyes and roll down her cheeks.

“Hey no crying… know I always hate to see you cry,” Darius said.

“Darius….baby……oh my god…..I miss you. I miss you so much. I need you,” Serenity said through tears.

“I know baby and I miss you too. But you need to listen to me… cannot feel sorry for yourself or me. Baby where I am… the most amazing place you could imagine. And although I’m gone, I am always with you. You know that.”

“But it’s not the same Darius. I want you here with me. You should be here now. I am about to give birth to our little boy.”

“And I am right here, just not physically… have to accept that gorgeous….our son needs you to be strong.”

“I know but…’s so hard. I think about you all the time.”

“I know baby, I know. I think about you too, that is why I make my presence known when I can…..but baby I’m gone…..and never coming back… have to move on.”

“…..What do you mean Darius?”

“Terrence…..he’s a good man. He has been through pain just like you so he knows just how you feel. Talk to him. He will listen. Give him a chance like he asked. He won’t hurt you.”

“Darius…..I can’t do that. I’m not ready.”

“He’s not asking for your hand in marriage Serenity, just your friendship. It may turn to more or it might not. But you need to give him a chance….he was sent your way for a reason. Trust me, I know…..and that beautiful little girl Anisa…..I don’t think you understand how much she loves you. She cares for you so much……you are like a mother to her and you don’t even realize. Don’t ever abandon her.”

“I…..I don’t know what to say…..but I love Anisa so much….and I do care about Terrence.”

“Then tell him and show him… are not doing me wrong by getting to know Terrence. It’s not wrong. You have to know that. I know you may still be in mourning but he understands everything you went through. His heart still needs to heal and that is why he met you. You two met to heal each other’s hearts.”

“No Darius….you are the only man I will ever love.”

“No Serenity you cannot say that for sure…..I know you have feelings for Terrence too so don’t try and hide them. That is not good…..who cares how it looks to anyone, you do what makes you happy. I want you to be happy…..I know my mother has always tried to put you down and I know what she is trying to do with DJ, but that will never happen. That’s a promise. You live your life and know that I am always looking out for you and DJ. Know that I am proud of you. Know that I love you and always will…..and know that love can heal all pain.”

“……Ok Darius……ok… I love you. I love you so much.”

“I love you too baby… stay strong. Tell my son daddy loves him.”

“I will baby I promise.”

“Ok.” Darius stands up from the bed and moves closer to Serenity and leans down and pecks her lips. When Serenity opens her eyes from the kiss, Darius is gone. She looks around the room and he isn’t there. Serenity just smiles to herself as tears run down her cheeks; Darius told her everything she needed to hear.

**Serenity eyes pop open from her dream and she sits up in the bed. She looks next to her and doesn’t see Anisa and she doesn’t see Terrence in the room either. She takes a deep breath and she lies back down in the bed and gently rubs her stomach. A few minutes later, Anisa and Terrence come back into the bathroom with drinks and snacks in their hand.

“Hey Serenity,” Terrence said.

“Hey Terrence, hi Anisa,” Serenity said. Anisa smiles and waves and goes over to the bed and climbs in and sits next to Serenity.

“Serenity we would have gotten you a snack, but the nurse said you couldn’t eat while in labor,” Terrence said.

“It’s ok.” Terrence looks at Serenity and she looks somewhat disturbed to him.

“Serenity….are you ok? You look….a bit disturbed,” Terrence asked.

“Oh I’m fine…….actually since you mentioned it…..I just had a dream….a dream that felt so real…..Darius….he talked to me. He told me…..things that I know I needed to hear….but I’m still scared Terrence…..he said I need to move on….he told me that only love will heal my heart,” Serenity said in tears.

“Pretty lady don’t cry,” Anisa said sweetly.

“Serenity…..please don’t cry…..I hate to see you sad,” Terrence said honestly.

“…..Why?,” Serenity asked.

“Because I care about you that’s why,” Terrence said.

“….I….I care about you too Terrence….and that scares me,” Serenity said.

“But it shouldn’t.” Serenity just looks up at Terrence and he smiles at her and then he leans down and hugs Serenity. Serenity takes a deep breath and she wraps her arms around him and hugs him tight.

“It’s ok Serenity….everything is going to be fine….I’m here for you,” Terrence said in Serenity’s ear.

“Thank you so much Terrence,” Serenity said. Terrence and Serenity suddenly hear clapping and they pull out of the embrace and see Anisa clapping while smiling big. Terrence and Serenity both laugh a bit.

“Yay! I’m so happy!!,” Anisa exclaimed. She leans over and kisses Serenity all over her face and then Terrence kisses Anisa’s cheek.

“Baby girl now don’t get too excited… and Serenity still have a lot to learn about each other,” Terrence said.

“I know but I’m still happy,” Anisa said.

“Serenity how are you feeling?,” Terrence asked.

“I feel ok…..I am in a lot of pain….I have had a few pains, but I have been able to fall back asleep….what time is it anyway?,” Serenity asked.

“It’s a little past 1 am,” Terrence said.

“Oh ok….Anisa baby girl you’re not tired?,” Serenity asked.

“No I’m ok….I want to be awake when DJ is born….am I going to be able to hold him?,” Anisa asked.

“Of course you will….you are going to see a lot of him,” Serenity asked.

“I know and I can’t wait! I am going to love him….I do already,” Anisa said.

“You’re so sweet Anisa,” Serenity said. Serenity kisses Anisa’s cheek and Anisa smiles and scoots close to Serenity and starts eating her snack. Terrence just smiles and he sits in a chair next to Serenity’s side of the bed.

“Are you two sure you are ok staying until DJ is born? It may be a while,” Serenity said.

“Serenity we wouldn’t miss this for anything….and it’s the weekend so it’s fine…..we want to support you. You shouldn’t have to give birth by yourself, that wouldn’t be right,” Terrence said.

“…..You’re so sweet,” Serenity said.

“He is isn’t he?,” Anisa said while giggling. Terrence just laughs and starts to eat his snack.

“….I want you both to know that I really appreciate both of you being here…..I don’t have any family or any friends, and I thought after Darius died, I would give birth by myself….but I am so happy that you are both here….you two…..are very special to me now,” Serenity said honestly.

“Oh Serenity you’re so sweet… and daddy are going to be great when you two start dating,” Anisa said while smiling big.

“Little girl eat your snack,” Terrence said slightly embarrassed.

“Daddy you should be thanking me. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t be able to tell Serenity how you feel,” Anisa said proudly. Serenity just laughs and Terrence shakes his head. Serenity suddenly gets a pain and she yells out and grabs the bed rail.

“Serenity! You ok?,” Anisa asked with concern.

“….Yes…..I’m ok…..just a contraction,” Serenity said through deep breaths. Anisa nods her head and kisses Serenity’s cheek. About 30 minutes later, a nurse comes in to check Serenity’s dilation. Serenity is only 5 cm dilated and she needs to at least be 10 cm before she can start pushing. The nurse checks Serenity’s vital signs and then leaves the room. Anisa gets out of the bed and goes to a table and starts to color in her coloring book. Serenity lies back in the bed and turns on her side facing Terrence. She just looks at him and he looks at her.

“….Uncomfortable huh?,” Terrence said.

“Yes incredibly,” Serenity said while smiling a bit.

“It will all be worth it….soon as you see your son’s face….it will be worth it.”

“I know and I can’t wait… you remember when Anisa was born?”

“Of course I do…it was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen and one of the best days of my life….when I first got to hold my little girl and look into her eyes…..I couldn’t help but cry. I couldn’t stop looking at her and I couldn’t stop kissing her face….she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life….she still is,” Terrence said while looking at his daughter color.

“Daddy I love you,” Anisa said.

“I love you more beautiful,” Terrence said. Serenity just smiles at Terrence and he looks at her.

“....I can’t wait to look into DJ’s eyes….I just can’t wait to see him…I’m so thankful that I have him because honestly if it weren’t for him….I wouldn’t know what to do with myself…I would be completely alone….but I know with DJ…I will never be alone,” Serenity said.

“That’s right Serenity. Your son will always love you remember that,” Terrence said.

“Thank you….I’m thankful for you too. You and your daughter.” Terrence just smiles and he gently rubs Serenity’s left hand.

“Try and get some more rest. You are going to need all the energy you can get,” Terrence said softly. Serenity smiles a bit and nods her head. She closes her eyes and Terrence just admires her. Terrence thinks Serenity’s face is absolutely stunning. Terrence gently hums and once he knows Serenity is sleeping, he kisses her cheek. He goes over to the table where Anisa is sitting and sits next to her and talks with her for a little while. After about six hours, Serenity is finally 10 cm dilated! She is ready to start pushing!! Anisa is sitting in a chair next to the bed holding Serenity’s hand. Terrence is standing on the other side of Serenity and is holding her hand.

“Ok Serenity….you can start pushing whenever you are ready,” the doctor said. Serenity takes a few deep breaths and nods her head. She grips Anisa and Terrence’s hand tight and she starts pushing, while screaming out in pain.

“Ahhhhhh!!,” Serenity screamed.

“You are doing just fine Serenity,” the nurse said. Serenity stops pushing and takes multiple deep breaths as tears run down her cheeks.

“You’re doing great Serenity,” Terrence said. He gently wipes her tears away and Serenity looks at him.

“Ok Serenity whenever you’re ready,” the nurse said. Serenity leans forward and pushes while screaming. She has never ever felt pain like this in her life!!

“Keep pushing!,” the nurse said. Serenity pushes for ten seconds and then stops. She looks at Terrence as tears fill her eyes. Anisa gently rubs Serenity’s hand and kisses it gently.

“You are strong Serenity….trust me,” Terrence said. Serenity closes her eyes and then opens them and she starts pushing again. After about three sets of pushes, the nurse can see DJ’s head!

“Ok Serenity I see the head!! Just a few more pushes and your son will be here!!,” the nurse exclaimed. Serenity squeezes Terrence’s hand and she pushes two more times and screams loudly as DJ is born!!!!

“Ok here he is!!! DJ, born at 7:19 am!!,” the nurse exclaimed. The room suddenly fills with DJ’s cries and Serenity can’t help but cry as she looks at her son DJ! He’s absolutely beautiful!! The nurse takes him and cuts the umbilical cord and another nurse starts to clean him up.

“Serenity he’s so cute!!,” Anisa exclaimed!

“He is beautiful Serenity….you did great,” Terrence said. He wipes her tears and forehead and then leans down and kisses her cheek. Serenity just smiles and holds his hand tight. Once DJ is weighed, measured, inspected, cleaned thoroughly and clothed, the nurse brings him all wrapped in a blanket to Serenity.

“Here he is. Here is your son DJ,” the nurse said. Serenity is handed DJ and she just looks at him in amazement. She can’t believe her son is finally here!!

“Hi baby boy….oh wow you are so beautiful....I’m your mommy DJ….and I love you so much,” Serenity said. She leans down and kisses DJ’s cheek and forehead multiple times. Anisa and Terrence both sit on the edges of the bed and admire DJ. Anisa gently rubs DJ’s cheek and Serenity just smiles at this.

“Oh Serenity he’s so cute,” Anisa said.

“Thank you baby girl,” Serenity said as tears flowed down her cheeks. Serenity looks down at DJ and he yawns big and Serenity can’t help but smile.

“You can sleep right here in mommy’s arms DJ,” Serenity said softly. She leans down and kisses his cheek multiple times and he just looks at her. Serenity can’t even describe how it feels to look into her son’s eyes. It’s an amazing experience. The nurse and doctors leave to give Serenity some time alone with her newborn son. About 15 minutes later though, April comes rushing into the room and when she sees DJ in Serenity’s arms, she smiles big and rushes over to the bed.

“Is this my beautiful grandson?! Huh? Let me look at you handsome!,” April exclaimed. Serenity has no clue how April knew she was even in labor because she definitely call her and she is sure Terrence didn’t either. April takes a good look at DJ and she smiles big.

“Can I hold him?,” April asked. Serenity hesitantly nods her head and she hands DJ to April and April gently rocks him as she kisses his cheek.

“Oh thank goodness you look just like your daddy,” April said. Serenity just sighs and Terrence looks at her.

“That’s not nice. Serenity is very pretty ma’am,” Anisa said. Everyone looks at Anisa in shock, but especially Terrence.

“Well….you have a very smart mouth I see. That’s not cute at all little girl,” April said rudely.

“April please do not talk to Anisa like that,” Serenity said.

“Well maybe if her father would have taught her some manners, then I wouldn’t have to talk to her like that,” April spat.

“You are way out of line. You don’t know anything about me,” Terrence said defensively.

“Well the way a child acts says a lot about their parents….but you’re a single father right? What happened to the mother? Did she run off?,” April said coldly.

“No my mommy died… can you be so mean? You don’t know me or daddy,” Anisa said as tears filled her eyes. Serenity just feels awful right now. Anisa’s lips trembles as she looks between Serenity and Terrence. Terrence gets up from his side of the bed and picks up Anisa and holds her close and looks at Serenity.

“Serenity we’ll be in the waiting area,” Terrence said. Terrence leaves the room and Serenity looks evilly at April.

“Hand me my son,” Serenity said.

“Excuse me?,” April said.

“I said hand me my son April. Now.” April kisses DJ’s forehead and then hands DJ to Serenity. Serenity looks at DJ and kisses his cheek and then she looks back up at April.

“April…..I always use to bite my tongue out of respect for Darius. I know how much he loved you and I wanted to respect you…..but now it’s just me. I am on my own and Darius is not here and I will do whatever I have to do to protect my son….I will not let you talk to Terrence and Anisa the way you just did. Those two people are the sweetest people I have ever come across. They have been incredibly helpful to me and I care about the both of them very much….and they care about me…..I do not have any family and I never did. Even when I married Darius, he was all I had because you and your family did not like me simply because of the money I made…..but Terrence and Anisa….they are the closest thing I have ever had to family…..they are both very special to me and I will not let you mistreat them or me. I will not let you walk all over me April….I have let you do that for too long…..and I am going to tell you something. This baby boy right here is my son. He is mine. Not yours. You will not take him away from me. That is a promise. I will not let you take him away from me. You will have to bury me before I let you take MY son away from him….now I know you are his grandmother, but I can’t have him around a woman as hateful as you because I know you will tell him negative things about me. I’m his mother and if I have to get some sort of restraining order to keep you away from him, then I will. I will do whatever I can to protect him from evil people like you. Family or not, I don’t care. He is my responsibility. Mine April. Don’t you ever forget that,” Serenity said boldly. April just sucks her teeth and leaves the room in a hurry. Serenity sighs a bit and she looks at DJ and smiles a bit.

“Don’t worry baby boy. I will protect you from her….your daddy was nothing like her. Your daddy was very kind, and sweet and loving….and he loves you. I will be sure to tell you that everyday….gosh you do look like your daddy though….but you have my eyes,” Serenity said while smiling a bit. Serenity kisses his cheek and gently rubs his hand as he yawns. A few minutes later, Terrence comes back into the room with Anisa in his arms.

“Terrence and Anisa….I am so sorry about April. I had no clue she was going to come and I have no idea how she knew I was even in labor…..I’m sorry for what she said….I don’t know why that woman is so hateful,” Serenity said.

“It’s ok Serenity,” Terrence said.

“Baby girl I am really sorry she made you cry….but you don’t listen to her. You are an amazing and sweet little girl,” Serenity said.

“Thank you Serenity….daddy said the same thing….I’m sorry I said anything. But she was being mean to you and I don’t like people that are mean to you. You’re really nice and I love you,” Anisa said.

“Thank you sweetheart… want to sit next to me? You can hold DJ,” Serenity said. A smile forms across Anisa’s face as she nods her head. Terrence sets Anisa on the bed next to Serenity. Anisa kisses DJ’s forehead and then Serenity helps her hold DJ correctly. Anisa is just smiling big!

“He’s a cutie,” Anisa said while giggling. DJ is just looking at Anisa and she smiles at him.

“He is just too cute…..Serenity can daddy hold DJ?,” Anisa said.

“Only if he wants to,” Serenity said while looking at Terrence.

“I would love to,” Terrence said. Serenity smiles and Terrence sits on the other side of Serenity and then Serenity gently takes DJ from Anisa and hands him to Terrence. Terrence just looks at DJ as DJ looks at him.

“He has your eyes…..your big beautiful brown eyes,” Terrence said softly. Serenity looks at Terrence and smiles a bit. Terrence gently rubs DJ’s left hand and leans down and kisses his cheek. Terrence starts to gently hum and DJ falls asleep in Terrence’s arms. It amazed Serenity how good Terrence was with DJ. She really likes that.

“Terrence I think you and Anisa should head home. You two need to get some sleep,” Serenity said.

“Are you sure? We don’t want to leave you here,” Terrence said.

“Just sleep for a bit then you two can come back. I will be fine,” Serenity said.

“Ok Serenity….but if you need anything, call me.”

“I will…..thank you so much for staying with me….I really needed someone for support I am really glad that you and Anisa were here for me. It means so much to me.”

“You’re welcome….thank you for making us a part of this experience….and congratulations. You’re a mother now.” Serenity just smiles and nods her head and Terrence and Anisa both hug her and then they get their things and leave. Serenity looks down at her son and smiles big and kisses his cheek. She just can’t kiss him enough. She then feels a warm presence in her heart and she can’t help but smile.

“DJ daddy is here… may not see him, but he is always watching us…..he will always be in your heart….he loved you with all of his heart, I want you to know that,” Serenity said as tears filled her eyes. She wishes Darius was here with her, so they could admire what their love created together: their son DJ. Serenity quickly wipes her tears and she continuously reminds herself to stay strong for her son. She knows he needs her and she needs him too. Serenity actually feels that the birth of her son is just the beginning of her healing process.

I can under stand the pressure and the idea of letting another man into her heart is so scary. I wish she would give Terrance a chance, buts it gonna take some time. Run it!!

i can understand why she dont wanna rush into another relationship. She just lost her husband like what four five months ago? Plus it will make her look worse to april and we all know april gonna try some ishh with them
but i do want her to give him a chance ! she felt the chills with a forehead kiss cmon stop frontin
run it

Awwww Terrence dude I love you lol. And Anisa is so sweet. Shes so young but alot more mature for her age. She's keeping those adults on there toes. Im glad she told them her feelings about not wanting to leave Serenitys if her dad were to move on with his life. Poor baby she's grown attached to her, Serenitys like a mother to her and she doesnt wanna lose another mother.
Im glad Terrence was hones with Serenity and told her he didnt enjoy his date cause he thought of was her. Im glad hes not giving up on them either. Please let Serenity realize her feelings for him before its too late. Love the idea of them as a lil family. Please please please Serenity move on with your heart boo. RUN IT!!

Can serenity jusy give Terrence a chance. He deserves one. She knows that she wants him, she just doesnt want him to hurt her but he doesnt seem like that type. Anisa is a little troublemaker trying to make them get together. Can like Darius come to Serenity in a dream and convince her that its okay to love? Please.

Run it

So three days pass and things between Serenity and Terrence have become incredibly awkward. When they see each other around the house, they both just look away awkwardly. They say hi and bye and that’s basically it. Dinner has become very uncomfortable for everyone and Anisa has noticed the changes as well. Terrence didn’t want things to be like this between him and Serenity, but he just has to accept it. Well right now, Terrence is getting ready for his date with Sabrina. Terrence has known Sabrina for a few months since they work at the same accounting firm. Terrence likes what he knows so far about Sabrina and she actually asked him out last week. Terrence wasn’t sure at first, but now that he knows Serenity doesn’t have the same feelings he has for her, Terrence decided to give Sabrina a chance. It’s around 6:20 pm and Terrence is getting ready in his bedroom and Anisa is sitting on his bed watching him.

“Daddy….why aren’t you and Serenity going on a date?,” Anisa asked.

“Baby girl…..Serenity doesn’t like daddy like that ok? She only wants to be my friend do you understand?,” Terrence asked.

“No daddy I don’t get it….I know she likes you too, I see the way she looks at you sometimes…..she’s just scared.”

“Anisa….Serenity doesn’t like me the way you think… me…I know…..and I have to accept it and you should to.”

“…..But daddy….I really like Serenity….I love her…..I love her a lot….and I don’t want to leave. I like it here.”

“What do you mean? Why do you think we would leave baby girl?”

“Well…..if you like this other lady, and she likes you too….what if you two want to live together? Then we would move somewhere with her.”

“Oh Anisa….listen tonight is only me and Sabrina’s first date ok? I can’t say for sure that me and her will start dating….we just want to get to know each other a little better.”

“……Ok daddy…..but I still like Serenity better.”

“You haven’t met Sabrina Anisa.”

“I don’t have to.” Anisa smirks and Terrence just shakes his head.

“Ok little girl, now I don’t want you stay up too late ok? No exceptions. Don’t try to make Serenity let you stay up all night do you understand?,” Terrence said.

“Yes daddy I understand….you have fun on your date,” Serenity said.

“I will thanks beautiful….now give daddy a kiss before I go.” Anisa smiles and she stands on the bed and opens her arms. Terrence smiles and stands in front of her and Anisa kisses Terrence all over his face and then pecks his lips. Terrence just smiles and hugs Anisa tight. He then picks her up off the bed and sets her on the floor. He gets his wallet and keys and then walks downstairs with Anisa. Serenity is sitting on the couch and when she sees them, she smiles a bit.

“Daddy is all ready for his date…..doesn’t he looks handsome Serenity?,” Anisa said. Serenity nods her head and stands up.

“…..You do look nice Terrence,” Serenity said.

“Thank you Serenity…..thanks again for watching Anisa for me. I really appreciate it. I won’t be out too late. 10 at the latest,” Terrence said.

“It’s no problem….enjoy your date.” Terrence smiles a bit and nods his head and he hugs Anisa and then he leaves, closing and locking the door behind him. Anisa looks at Serenity and walks over to her and they both sit down on the couch.

“So gorgeous what do you want to do tonight? We can watch a movie or go out and get something to eat. We can do whatever you want to do,” Serenity said. Anisa just shrugs her shoulders while looking down.

“What’s wrong pretty girl?,” Serenity asked while lifting Anisa’s head up.

“I just…..I wish you and daddy were going on a date tonight,” Anisa said honestly.

“Oh Anisa…..listen I like your daddy, I really do, but only as a friend.”

“But why? He’s so nice and he likes you.”

“I know and you’re right….but I only see him as a friend.”

“But I see the way you look at him sometimes….you look at him the same way he looks at you.”

“Anisa…’s complicated.”

“No it’s not….you and daddy both lost people you love and now you two met. So you should be together.”

“….It’s not that easy Anisa….I wish it was but it isn’t.”

“…..Ok…..I’m going to watch tv in my room.”

“You don’t want to keep me company Anisa?”

“No….I’m sad now and I just want to be alone.”

“…Why are you sad?”

“Because I don’t want to leave. I like it here.”

“Baby girl what makes you think you are leaving?”

“Well I told daddy if he likes the lady he is going on a date with and they want to live together….then me and daddy would leave.”

“Oh Anisa it’s only one date, nothing will be set in stone.”

“I know….but Serenity I don’t want to leave you. I love you….you remind me of my mommy.” Serenity just looks at Anisa and she sighs. She scoots closer to Anisa and wraps her arm around her and Anisa rests her head against Serenity.

“….That’s very sweet of you Anisa….you miss your mommy huh?,” Serenity said.

“Yes I do….I think about her every day….some days I get sad, but other days I don’t get sad because I know she would want me to be happy.”

“That’s right she would not want her little girl sad at all….she would want you happy…..what do you miss most about your mom?”

“…..Her smile. Her smile was beautiful and whenever she smiled, so did I.”

“That’s so sweet Anisa…what else do you miss?”

“I miss her doing my hair. She use to do it every week and I would love it. We would talk for hours. I miss talking to her too…..I miss everything.” Serenity just pulls Anisa into a tight embrace and Anisa cries a bit. Serenity gently rubs Anisa’s back and kisses the top of her head.

“It’s ok Anisa….I know you miss her but she will always be in your heart. Don’t you ever forget that,” Serenity said softly.

“I know,” Anisa said. Anisa pulls out of the embrace and Serenity wipes Anisa’s tears.

“I’m sorry Serenity. I do want to stay down here with you,” Anisa said.

“It’s ok no need to be sorry…..hey I think we have your favorite chicken nuggets. How about we make you some dinner?,” Serenity said.

“That sounds great Serenity!,” Anisa exclaimed. Serenity smiles and leans in and kisses Anisa’s cheek. Serenity then stands up from the couch and grabs Anisa’s hand and they both walk into the kitchen and they make dinner together. After dinner, Anisa takes her bath and gets ready for bed while Serenity cleans up the kitchen. Once Anisa is ready for bed, she comes downstairs to the living room and Serenity ties up her hair. Serenity and Anisa then watch tv together. At around 9:30 pm, Anisa fell asleep on the couch. Serenity carries Anisa upstairs to her bedroom and tucks her in her bed. She kisses Anisa’s forehead and then leaves the bedroom, closing the door behind her. Serenity walks back downstairs to the living room and sits on the couch and watches tv. About 10 minutes later, she hears the front door open and close. She hears the door lock and Terrence slips off his shoes and jacket and walks towards the living room. When he sees Serenity he smiles and Serenity looks at him and smiles a bit.

“Hey,” Terrence said.

“Hey Terrence….how did it go?,” Serenity asked.

“….It was ok.”

“Just ok?”

“Yes….can I be honest?” Serenity swallows hard and then slowly nods her head. Terrence smiles and he sits right next to Serenity on the couch and looks at her.

“It was just ok….because I couldn’t stop thinking about you….I wish it was me and you on that date,” Terrence said honestly.

“Terrence….I….I just see you as a friend,” Serenity said while looking down.

“Look me in my eyes and say that, and I won’t ever mention my feelings for you again,” Terrence said boldly.

“…..That’s not fair.” Terrence gently places two fingers under Serenity’s chin and lifts her head up to look at him. Terrence looks right into Serenity’s eyes and Serenity looks back hesitantly; it’s like Terrence is looking right into her soul.

“You know what’s not fair? You holding onto your heart as tight as you can because you don’t want to get hurt again….that’s not fair to you and you know it,” Terrence said while searching Serenity’s eyes. Serenity just looks at him and tears fill her eyes. Terrence sighs and gently rubs Serenity’s cheek.

“….I am not trying to hurt you Serenity….that is the last thing I want to do…..if anything I want to help you……I can help ease the pain I know I can,” Terrence said softly.

“Terrence… don’t understand….I can’t….I’m,” Serenity is cut off.

“You’re what? Married?” Serenity just looks at Terrence in shock; he can read her so well. Serenity just looks away from Terrence.

“Serenity look at me,” Terrence said. Serenity takes a deep breath and looks Terrence in his eyes.

“…..I know I could never replace your husband Darius. He was your husband and he is the father of your child DJ and I accept that. I don’t want to replace your husband because I know he has a special place in your heart and he always will…..I am just here to let you know…..that your heart doesn’t have to ache forever… can heal your pain,” Terrence said.

“Ok Terrence stop,” Serenity said while pulling away from Terrence.

“Stop what Serenity?”

“Terrence….you are making things very complicated.”

“You’re the one making things complicated Serenity, not me.” Serenity just looks at him and she sighs heavily and looks down.

“Listen….all I need is one chance Serenity…..can I at least get that?,” Terrence asked.

“Terrence……I can’t. I’m not ready for anything like this.”

“….Well then I can wait. I’ll wait as long as you need me….I hope you don’t think I’m crazy….but something about you attracts me so strongly to you. For one… are absolutely gorgeous. You are a very gorgeous woman Serenity….sometimes I find myself just staring at you…..your face alone…..takes my breath away,” Terrence said honestly. Serenity just stares at Terrence in shock; she had no idea that he felt like this.

“….That’s really sweet,” Serenity said softly.

“Ok….I can see I am making you uncomfortable and I don’t want to do that. Just please Serenity….think about what I said….I’ll be patient for you.” Terrence leans closer to Serenity and Serenity can’t help but look at his lips. He licks them gently and then he gently grabs Serenity’s face by her chin. Serenity has no clue what Terrence is about to do, but she doesn’t want to stop him. Terrence leans closer and tilts Serenity’s head down and gently kisses the middle of her forehead. He then stands up from the couch and walks upstairs. Serenity watches Terrence until he disappears up the stairs. Serenity has to tell herself that she only sees Terrence as a friend and nothing more. If that is true, then why did Terrence just kissing her forehead, send chills through her entire body?

Im glad Serenity visited Darius grave. She needed that closure. Terrence really cares about her it for'real. I know she's not ready to give her love to someone else so soon, but she can allow him to be a good friend and confidont. Anisa loves her and she cares for Anisa too and deep down I think she cares for Terrence, she's just afraid of how it'll make her love for Darius look.
I hope Terrence date with this Sabrina chick disaterous, and I hope Anisa doesnt like her lol, Im mean IDK. I want him and Serenity too get closer, the sooner she realizes it the better. Loved the add. RUN IT!!1

Im glad she let out all her emotions and feelings. We all know she needed that. Why is she rejecting Terrence though? All he wants to do is be there for her but she wont let him do that. Now hes going to try to move on and thats when Serenity is going to want him.

Run it

So about three weeks pass and Serenity, Anisa and Terrence are all doing well. Anisa and Terrence have adjusted completely to living with Serenity and Serenity loves having them there with her. She really cares about the both of them strongly. She doesn’t even want to imagine what it would be like if they ever decide to move out of the house. Well anyway, it’s a Tuesday evening and for some reason, Serenity really feels the need to go visit Darius’ grave. For some reason, she has been having a rough past couple of days. All she does is think about Darius and cry and she does not want to do that. She realizes that going to his grave and talking to him maybe just what she needs to do. She just wants to tell him a few things to give closure to herself. It’s around 6 pm and Anisa is watching tv and Terrence is cleaning up the kitchen. Serenity walks into the kitchen and when Terrence sees her, he smiles.

“Hey Serenity… headed out somewhere?,” Terrence asked.

“…..I really need to go to Darius’ grave. I have had a really rough few days…..and I just feel the need to talk to him,” Serenity said.

“….Do you want me to go with you?”

“….I think I should do this alone, but thank you.”

“No problem…..but if you need me, just call me.”

“Thank you Terrance.” Serenity moves closer to him and hugs Terrence and then she leaves the kitchen. She says bye to Anisa and then she gets in her car and drives off. She stops by a florist to pick up some flowers and then she heads to the cemetery. Once she gets there, she gets out of her car and takes a few deep breaths as she walks through the cemetery. She stops when she comes across a marble headstone with the name “Darius Davis.” She sighs and she sets down a blanket she brought and then slowly sits down. She places the flowers next to the headstone and she leans in and kisses the headstone.

“Hi baby, it’s me…..I know I haven’t been here since you died….but it’s been so hard for me…’s so hard for me to accept the fact that you aren’t here with me….I’ll be giving birth to our son in less than a month and you should be here with me….you should be at the hospital holding my hand while I give birth….you should be here when I take him home….you should be here right now giving me belly rubs like you did since the day we found out I was pregnant….this just isn’t fair. It’s not fair….you were the only person I had in this world that truly loved me and now you are gone and it’s not fair….I’ve never had anything good in my life until you came along and now you are just gone…’re gone and never coming back Darius and it isn’t right……the love I have for you Darius….is stronger than the love I have for myself……I was always alone, but with you, I was never alone or lonely. You always put my needs and wants before yours and I love that so much about you. You put me above anyone because you loved me and I loved you. We were so in love Darius…..we had a love that people dream about…..and even thought we didn’t get to grow old together like we wanted, I will always cherish the years I had with you. Those were the best years of my life. I wish I had more, but I am so thankful for the time we did share Darius. And I’m so thankful for our son Darius. Our love created him and he will always be a part of me and you and a reminder of you….I promise he will know all about you. He will know just how much you loved him….I wish you could meet him once he is born…,” Serenity said. Serenity had to stop talking because she just broke down in tears. She rests her head on the headstone and cries so hard. She balls and actually screams out in anger, hurt, and frustration. Serenity is so hurt and it’s been close to four months since Darius died. To Serenity, it feels like Darius just died yesterday.

“Da-Darius…..I need you. I need you so much…..I don’t….I don’t know how to live without you…..sometimes I wish I would have died with you…but then I remember that you wouldn’t want to me to feel sorry for myself for you. I know where you are, you are happy…..I am trying to be happy too but it’s so hard without you here…..I just try and stay strong for DJ….he needs his mother and I promise I will be here for him no matter how bad it may hurt sometimes…..but DJ is going to grow up looking just like you I am sure, and whenever I look into his eyes, it will be like looking into your eyes. I know when he is born, I am going to burst out in tears and I will probably be in tears for days…..but I know he is going to be the most beautiful baby in the world. And I will love him and take care of him, so don’t even worry about that Darius…..I’m slowly starting to pull myself together…..and I’ve had some help. I have a friend Terrence whom is my roommate and his daughter Anisa…..Darius they are both so sweet and Terrence especially has helped me…..he lost his wife, so he knows what I am going through. I can really talk to him. He has become a great friend and his daughter…..she is one of the sweetest children I have ever met. She is so loving and caring….I love her so much already. And Terrence….he’s really great. He is so sweet and he takes such good care of his little girl. Their bond is indescribable and I want a bond like that with DJ…..I already love him with all of my heart…the same way I love you Darius. I know you aren’t here but I will always love you…..and I know you are always in my heart,” Serenity said as tears continuously streamed down her cheeks. Serenity feels a warm sensation in her heart and she just smiles to herself. Serenity sits at Darius’ grave and talks to him about everything. She finally leaves the cemetery at around 9 pm. It got dark at around 7, but Serenity wanted to stay. She actually feels a lot better. She feels relief in a sense. She has been holding certain feelings back, but to go to his cemetery and fully realize that he is gone is going to help Serenity in the long run. Serenity gets home at around 9:30 pm. She walks into the house closing and locking the door behind her and she takes off her shoes and jacket. She is sure Anisa is sleeping by now. She peeks into the kitchen and sees Terrence sitting at the table eating.

“Hey Terrence,” Serenity said.

“Hey Serenity… did it go?,” Terrence asked. Serenity takes a deep breath and she sits next to Terrence at the kitchen island.

“….It was good….but hard…..I cried, I screamed, I yelled….but it felt so good to get all of those emotions out….it felt good to talk to him….it was very therapeutic….but it still hurts.”

“Oh I know Serenity….but it will get easier I promise….hey I know what can cheer you up. I make the best ice cream sundaes would you like one?”

“I would love that Terrence,” Serenity said while smiling a bit. Terrence smiles and he stands up and makes Serenity a nice sized sundae. He then sits next to Serenity and sets the bowl on front of her and Serenity just smiles when she looks in the bowl.

“This looks amazing Terrence,” Serenity said. She takes a bite and looks at Terrence and smiles.

“Mmm! This is good….what all is in here?,” Serenity asked.

“Well chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, cookie dough bites, hot fudge and whip cream,” Terrence said.

“Wow…..that’s a lot of chocolate….but it’s delicious….thank you.”

“It’s no problem at all.” Terrence sits next to Serenity and continues eating his sundae.

“Is Anisa sleep?,” Serenity asked.

“Yes she is….it was kind of a rough night for her….sometimes she just thinks about Sonia and it’s very hard to console her sometimes….but I eventually got her to calm down…she tries to be happy most of the time, but I know she’s still hurting,” Terrence said.

“Awww I’m sorry to hear that…..she is happy all the time though….she always makes me smile.”

“And you make her smile…..she really loves you Serenity.”

“I know….and I love her too. I really do.”

“You know……I care about you too Serenity.” Serenity looks Terrence in his eyes and Terrence looks back. Serenity then quickly looks away and stands up from her chair.

“….I think I am going to take my sundae upstairs,” Serenity said.

“….Why do you always do that Serenity?,” Terrence said.

“….Do what?”

“Leave when I try to tell you my feelings.”

“What feelings?”

“…The feelings I have for you.”

“Terrence….do you have feelings for me?”

“…Yes I do Serenity.”

“Terrence… can’t….you can’t have feelings for me.”

“Why not?”

“…You don’t know me Terrence.”

“…I feel like I do though Serenity….we have so much in common…..and I haven’t felt a connection like the one I feel with you…in a long time.”

“Terrence…..please don’t.”

“Don’t what? Be honest with you? How can you be so close to my daughter but resist all of my efforts to get close to you? You didn’t even hug me until like a month after I moved in….why is that?” Serenity just looks at Terrence and she picks up her bowl and starts to leave the kitchen. Terrence quickly gets up from his stool and he blocks Serenity from leaving the kitchen.

“Serenity….I do have feelings for you and I am not ashamed of them at all. I can’t walk around acting like they aren’t there, because they are……there’s something special about you,” Terrence said.

“Terrence….I don’t know what to say,” Serenity said while looking down.

“You don’t have to say anything…..just give me the chance to really get to know you…can I at least do that?”

“Terrence…..I don’t think we should do that.”

“We shouldn’t get to know each other? We live together Serenity.”

“Yes Terrence we live together and that’s it…..I am not looking for any sort of relationship other than a friendship….can you understand that?”

“…..Yes I can Serenity….I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.” Terrence grabs his bowl and quickly leaves the kitchen. He goes upstairs and checks on Anisa and she is sleeping peacefully. She then goes into his bedroom and sits on the bed. He feels like a fool right now. He had to tell Serenity how he felt and she just rejected. It’s not like Terrence is in love, he just really cares about Serenity and he could see their friendship growing into something more. Terrence just realizes that at this point in his life, he would like a relationship and Serenity is not ready for that. Terrence may just have to accept that. He can’t force Serenity to do anything or feel anything she doesn’t want to feel. He thought that maybe she would have some feelings for him, but now that he knows she doesn’t, he can accept that and move on. He sets his bowl of ice cream down on the dresser and pulls out his phone. He dials a number and puts the phone to his ear, and after two rings, his call is answered.

“Hi...Sabrina? This is Terrence…..I just wanted to call to let you know…that I would love to go out with you this Friday night… 7? That’s perfect.”

Aww dam why do the good die young?
is it possible to have two soul mates?
i think their friendship is just great timing and Anisa she just too cute!
im in awe how she she siad she loved serenity:)
there purpose is too be together
i only hope that april dont do anything to screw up serenity new friendship
run it :)

Serenity and Terrence have so much in common it's ridiculious. Im glad hes helping her through all this pain shes suffering from. I truly believe thats what she needed. She just needed someone to talk to and her and Terrence hit it off just fine. Anisa is so darn adorable, she is continuously trying to get Terrence and Serenity together that it cracks me up.

Run it

That little Anisa is a piece of work lol, she trying her best to get her daddy with someone esp. Serenity. That was so sweet of Serenity to voulnteer to do her hair and teach Terrence how to do this as well. It's sweet. And when they baby comes I really believe Terrence will help her with him alot too. Poor Serenity is really missing Darius I see, it good she can talk to someone who can relate to what she's going thru. That being Terrence. Love him. His talk and hugs seem to help her alot. And hes right Serenity cant live life thinking everyone she love will leave her. She gotta live in the moment and cherish life to the fullest.
Awww Terrence, I love you. He's a good friend, he'll be an even better boo thang, IJS lol.
Loved the add RUN IT!!!

Serenity wakes up the next day, Sunday at around 12 pm. Serenity usually does not sleep in this late, but she and Terrence ended up talking last night until around 2 am. They literally talked about everything. Serenity just finds it so easy to talk to Terrence and he can hold a conversation so well. Serenity has never really had any close friends, male or female, but Terrence is slowly starting to become just that. She really could see him being a great friend to her. Serenity gets out of bed and she goes to the bathroom and uses it, then brushes her teeth. She takes a quick shower and then gets dressed in yoga pants and a t-shirt. She walks downstairs to the kitchen and sees Anisa and Tristan sitting at the kitchen island eating lunch, leftovers from last night.

“Hey,” Serenity said. When Anisa turns to look at Serenity, her eyes light up and she gets down from the stool and runs to Serenity and hugs her waist.

“Serenity I missed you,” Anisa said.

“I missed you too. The house just wasn’t the same without you,” Serenity said while hugging Anisa back.

“I know….what did you and daddy do without me?”

“Well your daddy cooked us dinner and we talked….we talked a lot.” Anisa pulls out of the hug and looks up at Serenity and smiles.

“Daddy can cook huh?,” Anisa asked.

“Yes your daddy is a great cook,” Serenity said. Anisa takes Serenity’s hand and walks her over to Terrence.

“Hey Terrence,” Serenity said.

“Hey Serenity….are you hungry? I can heat you a plate,” Terrence offered.

“Oh no it’s ok I can do it.” Terrence smiles and nods his head and Serenity fixes herself a plate for lunch and then sits next to Anisa and starts eating.

“What did you and daddy talk about?,” Anisa asked.

“Well….we talked about everything…..just life in general,” Serenity said.

“My dad is easy to talk to right? I talk to him about everything and he gives great advice,” Anisa said.

“You’re right about that….your daddy is very easy to talk to,” Serenity asked.

“….Daddy did you tell Serenity what you think about her?,” Anisa asked. Terrence just gives Anisa a look and Serenity looks at Terrence.

“What do you think about me?,” Serenity questioned.

“I just think that you are a good person and you are going to become a great friend,” Terrence said.

“Daddy that’s no-,” Anisa is cut off by Terrence.

“Little girl finish your lunch,” Terrence said. Anisa smirks and she looks at Serenity and Serenity laughs a bit and Anisa continues eating.

“Daddy….my hair needs to be washed today,” Anisa said.

“Oh well daddy can try to help you with that,” Terrence said.

“…..Anisa I can wash your hair for you. I can style it for you too if you want,” Serenity offered.

“Really Serenity?,” Anisa exclaimed.

“Are you sure you are up for it?,” Terrence asked.

“Yes I would love to. You just let me know when you are ready for me to do it, and I will do it for you,” Serenity said.

“Thanks Serenity! I would love that! You’re so sweet,” Anisa said while smiling big.

“Thanks Anisa,” Serenity said.

“I appreciate that Serenity….I am definitely not the best when it comes to Anisa’s hair,” Terrence said while laughing a bit.

“It’s not a problem at all….I would love to Anisa’s hair. Anisa you have such pretty hair,” Serenity said.

“Thank you so do you!,” Anisa exclaimed.

“Thank you sweetheart,” Serenity said. So everyone finishes eating and then Terrence puts everyone’s plates in the dishwasher. Serenity and Terrence then clean up the kitchen while Anisa sits in the living room and watches tv. After that, they both sit on the couch next to Anisa. Anisa yawns a bit and she rests her head on her daddy’s lap. Terrence smiles and he gently rubs Anisa’s back and she falls asleep instantly. After a few minutes, Terrence picks up Anisa in his arms and goes upstairs and puts her in her bed. He then comes back downstairs and sits and talks with Serenity until around 3 pm, which is when Anisa comes downstairs, with her hair products and tools in her hand and a large towel.

“Serenity I am ready to get my hair washed. Is now ok or do you want more time with daddy?,” Anisa asked nicely.

“Oh I’m ready Anisa….your daddy is going to help me out so he can learn how to do your hair,” Serenity said.

“Ok!,” Anisa said excitedly. Serenity and Terrence stand up from the couch and they walk into the kitchen with Anisa. Serenity takes Anisa’s shampoo and conditioner and sets it on the counter. Serenity then folds the towel on the edge of the sink. Terrence picks Anisa up and lies her down on the counter so her hair is in the sink and so her neck is resting on the towel. Serenity runs her hands through Anisa’s hair as she turns on the water to a comfortable temperature.

“Let me know if the water gets too hot or cold ok?,” Serenity said.

“Ok,” Anisa said.

“Ok Terrence so the first step is so soak the hair completely with water and massage the scalp every now and then to start to loosen any buildup,” Serenity said. Serenity massages Anisa’s scalp gently and then she takes Terrence’s hands and he does the same.

“See it’s easy,” Serenity said.

“Yeah you’re right,” Terrence said. 10 minutes later, Serenity takes some shampoo in her hands, rubs her hands until the shampoo foams up, and then starts to smooth it on Anisa’s scalp.

“Now it’s easier to start at the scalp and then work your way down. The shampoo should be concentrated mostly on the scalp anyway, since that is the most important part to clean and too much shampoo on the actual strands will dry her hair out,” Serenity said.

“Ok that makes sense,” Terrence said. Terrence takes over and massages the shampoo into Anisa’s scalp and hair.

“Daddy you are doing good!,” Anisa said.

“Thank you baby girl,” Terrence said. He leans down and kisses Anisa’s cheek.

“So how many times should I cleanse her scalp? Two to three times with shampoo?,” Terrence asked.

“I think two is good, it doesn’t take much,” Serenity said. Serenity and Terrence finish washing and conditioning Anisa’s hair and then Serenity gently squeezes the access water out of Anisa’s hair and then wraps the towel around Anisa’s head and sits her up. Terrence picks Anisa off of the counter and sets her on the floor. Serenity gets the remainder of Anisa’s hair products and hair tools and they all go into the living room. Anisa takes one of her small play chairs and sets it in front of the couch and Serenity sits behind Anisa and Terrence sits next to Serenity. Serenity takes the towel off of Anisa’s head and makes sure her hair isn’t dripping wet. She then rests the towel around Anisa’s shoulder and splits Anisa’s hair into four sections.

“Now the next step is to add the leave in conditioner and detangle. Since Anisa’s hair is pretty long, it will be easier to do it in sections like this,” Serenity said. Terrence just smiles and nods his head. Terrence watches closely as Serenity adds leave in conditioner and oil to Anisa’s hair and then combs it gently from the ends to the root.

“Pretty girl how do you want your hair?,” Serenity asked.

“Surprise me!,” Anisa said. Serenity just laughs and nods her head and once Anisa’s hair is combed out, Serenity does four flat twists, on the top left half of Anisa’s head and then puts the rest in two-strand twists. Terrence did help do the two-strand twists.

“Ok Anisa you’re all done! Look in the mirror,” Serenity said. Serenity hands Anisa a hand held mirror and Anisa gasps in shock when she sees her hair.

“Serenity! Daddy! I love it! I love it so much! Thank you!,” Anisa said happily. Anisa sets down the mirror and then hugs Serenity and Terrence tight.

“I’m glad you like it Anisa. If you want tomorrow we can take out the twists and you can wear it out or you can leave the twists in and take them out whenever you want…..I will help you maintain your hair too,” Serenity said.

“Thank you Serenity…’re so nice…..I really like living here with you….and daddy you did good too. You learned how to do my hair!,” Anisa said.

“You’re right….thank you Serenity for teaching me,” Terrence said.

“It’s no problem at all….I really love doing hair it’s a hobby of mine. Anytime you need your hair done, I will do it for you Anisa,” Serenity said.

“Thank you Serenity……I love you,” Anisa said while looking Serenity in her eyes. Serenity just looks at Anisa in shock, but a smile does form across Serenity’s face.

“…I love you too Anisa,” Serenity said. Anisa just smiles big and hugs Serenity tight and Serenity hugs Anisa back. Anisa then kisses Serenity’s cheek multiple times and looks at her daddy.

“Daddy I am going to play in my room,” Anisa said.

“Ok baby girl….kiss first,” Terrence said. Terrence closes his eyes and puckers her lips and Anisa giggles and stands in front of her daddy and pecks his lips and then hugs him tight. Anisa then runs upstairs to her bedroom and Terrence looks at Serenity and Serenity looks back.

“…..Anisa gets close to people very fast. She is so trusting and loving,” Terrence said.

“I know she is…..but could I not fall in love with that little girl? She’s so friendly and sweet and caring. She’s so….pure you know?”

“I understand completely I feel the same way about her…..I just hope it didn’t make you uncomfortable.”

“Not at all… surprised me, but it’s ok…..your daughter is beautiful inside and out and anyone could fall in love with her just after meeting her one time.”

“Thank you Serenity….thanks for doing her hair. I could tell she really loved it….her mom use to do her hair all the time and I know she misses it…..she was stuck with me for a while not having a clue what I was doing….she really appreciates it….and so do I.” Serenity just looks at Terrence and he smiles at her and Serenity smiles back and realizes she gets lost in his smile all the time! She isn’t sure how she feels about this. She feels weird looking at any other man in any way, even though her husband is gone. She still feels completely committed to Darius and she just wonders how long these feelings will last. Serenity realizes that Darius has been gone for three months now, and she stills wears her wedding ring. When will she feel comfortable taking it off? Serenity doesn’t even know the answer to that question. She looks at Terrence’s left hand and notices he doesn’t have his wedding bands.

“Terrence….can I ask you a question?,” Serenity asked.

“Of course you can,” Terrence said.

“…..When did you stop wearing your wedding bands?”

“I stopped wearing them about 2 months after Sonia passed away….I realized that the day she died, I was no longer married, even though I wanted to be.”

“Oh…..I still wear mine and it’s been three months.”

“There’s no set date when you should stop wearing them… take them off when you feel comfortable…..when you can openly say that you are no longer married and be ok with that…..then you can take them off.”

“Wow…..I just wonder if I will ever feel that way.”

“It’s not easy Serenity and I won’t lie and tell you that it is…..losing your significant other will be the worst pain you could ever experience in your life I am sure of that….I’ve been through some things, but nothing even compares to losing my wife Sonia…..and Anisa looks so much like her so that makes it difficult at times too.”

“I understand……when me and Darius got married, I never imagined a day of my life without him….I even told him that I hoped I would die before him because I knew he could handle it because he was strong….but me…..I’m not as strong as he is. And I always knew that, so him not being here……is so painful. It’s so painful Terrence. It hurts. My heart aches. My body aches because I miss him so much. I’m always thinking about him and all the good times we had….our life was picture perfect and here I am without him and I don’t know how to handle it…..he was all I had. He was the only person I had in this world that loved me. He loved me unconditionally and I never had that…..I never had that so for me to lose that love…’s so painful,” Serenity said in tears by now. Terrence just looks at Serenity and he feels so bad. He does not like to see her sad or crying at all. He really wants to console her and he may regret what he is about to do, but he decides he will do it anyway. Terrence wraps his arms around Serenity tight and holds her. He felt her tense up a bit as he did this, but she eventually loosens up. Serenity has had no one to hold her since Darius died, and it feels so good to feel like someone cares by having their arms wrapped around her. Terrence gently rubs Serenity’s back as Serenity cries hard.

“Serenity it’s ok….it’s ok. You say you’re not strong, but you are. You may not realize that now, but you are. You’re stronger than you know. I am sure that Darius is proud of how you are holding up. You still smile even though you are hurting, so you must be strong. When your son DJ comes, you will have someone that loves you unconditionally. That will be your son and he will always love you. You are his mother and you always will be. Don’t ever forget that Serenity. You may have been alone at first, but you aren’t anymore. You have your son who will be here within a matter of weeks…and Anisa and I are right here and we aren’t going anywhere,” Terrence said softly in Serenity’s ear. Serenity just shakes her head and she pulls out of the hug and looks Terrence in her eyes and Terrence looks back.

“….I wish I could believe that….Darius said I was stuck with him for life and he would never leave me……but he’s gone Terrence. He’s gone….and never coming back,” Serenity said while crying.

“Serenity….as difficult as this sounds….you can’t live your life with the fear that you will lose everyone you get close to… is too short for all of that,” Terrence said honestly. Serenity just looks at Terrence and wipes her tears.

“…..How do you do it? How do you make it all seem so….so easy?,” Serenity asked softly.

“Time Serenity……all it takes is time.”

Well I'm so glad they are getting along fine. Anisa still tryna play matchmaker is so cute!! She is adorable. Lol I think Terrance and Serenity are sooo cute. They are becoming better friends which is great. I know things got kinda awkward there for a lil bit. But the reason they'll soon discover is to heal each other's hearts. Run it!! Love it!!

Yay there all moved in Anisa's a trip tryna play match maker and stuff lol, It's good for Serenity to have the extra help around the house tho. Terrence is an amazing guy to very sweet and respectful and he cooks and cleans heyyyy. Ugh Aprils ol bytch azz was way outta line for real. She's to disrespectful, how dare she talk to Serenity the way she did and how dare she threaten to take custody of her unborn child from her because of the way she decided to live her life. She dont help her all she does is down her Serenity had to do what she had to do.

Im glad Terrence and she share similar stories and I too think fait bought them together. He's a good strong man and shes a sweet loving lady. I like that she and he can talk about there loved ones who are gone and help each other get through the hurt and pain of a lost loved one. I see Terrence is really starting to catch some feelings, Serenity too. We'll see where this goes... It's getting interesting. RUN IT!!!

<em>One Month Later</em>

Terrence and Anisa have adjusted just fine to living in Serenity’s home. They really enjoy all the space they have and Anisa loves how big her room is. Anisa also loves living with Serenity and she tells Serenity that every chance she gets. Serenity has really enjoyed Terrence and Anisa living with her. They do chores every week and help with the cooking as well. The house is always so clean and Serenity appreciates this so much. Since Serenity is a little past 32 weeks pregnant, it gets a bit difficult for her to clean the house on her own, so she really appreciates the help. This has been a good month for Serenity. She is still mourning the loss of her husband Darius, but every day seems to get a bit easier for her. Serenity just knows as soon as her son is born, she might fall into a slight depression since she is positive DJ is going to be Darius’ twin. Every time she will look into DJ’s eyes, it will be like looking into Darius’ eyes and that is going to be very difficult for Serenity. Serenity knows she has to stay strong though and she has support now in Terrence and Anisa. Terrence has been so good to Serenity. Sometimes Serenity finds herself breaking down and if Terrence ever notices this, he does his best to console her and he does a pretty good job. Terrence knows all about the mourning process since he went through it when his wife Sonia died. He knows he can help Serenity when it comes to this and he will do the best he can to support her. Terrence really feels a connection with Serenity that he can’t really explain, but he really likes it. They are so alike in so many ways, yet different and Terrence can admit he is intrigued by Serenity. Anisa has even noticed this. Sometimes Terrence finds himself just lost in Serenity’s eyes. She just has the most beautiful eyes to him, but they carry so much pain. Anisa notices her daddy staring at Serenity when she is looking away and Anisa loves it! She loves to see her daddy’s eyes sparkle when he sees Serenity. Anisa is still trying to play matchmaker and Serenity thinks it’s sweet, but she can’t see herself ever dating again, as crazy as that sounds. Even if she were to find someone that she likes, she would have a fear of losing that person like she lost Darius. Serenity just wants to take things one day at a time. Anyway, it’s Saturday evening and Terrence is cooking dinner. Anisa is actually having a sleepover at one of her friends’ house tonight, so it’s just going to be Terrence and Serenity tonight. Terrence is a bit nervous and he doesn’t know why. He gets so nervous around Serenity, even though she isn’t intimidating. Terrence is starting to realize that he may have some developing feelings for Serenity and he isn’t sure how to feel about that. He really just wants to get to know her personally, and he doesn’t want to rush that. Maybe this dinner could be a good start. It’s around 7 pm and Terrence is putting the finishing touches on his dinner: homemade lasagna and salad.

“Something smells delicious,” Serenity said. Terrence turns around and sees Serenity resting against the entrance to the kitchen smiling a bit.

“Thanks Serenity. I was just about to fix our plates. Please sit down,” Terrence said. Serenity smiles and sits down at the kitchen island and Terrence fixes both him and Serenity a plate. He sets the plates down and then fixes a glass of water for the each of them. He then sits down next to Serenity and they both say their blessing and then start to eat.

“Mmm this is delicious Terrence….where did you learn to cook like this?,” Serenity asked.

“Honestly my wife Sonia….before I met her I could barely cook and we just started doing it together and I became really good at it and started to cook more on my own when she…..well….when she started drugs,” Terrence said while looking down.

“….Did she do drugs as long as you knew her?”

“No not at all…..after Anisa was born, she was just….different. I still to this day do not know why she changed the way she did but the first time I caught her…..Anisa was three years old….I go into the bathroom because I thought it was empty and I see her sitting on the toilet injecting something in her arm….I just become so angry and go over to her and I pull the needle from her hand and I ask her what is going….she didn’t really give me an explanation and she just left the bathroom without saying anything….I look around and see a plethora of prescription pills that I know she did not have a prescription for. She crushed them up and injected them that way…..I just couldn’t understand how she could do that to her body and to me and Anisa…’s like she didn’t care about anything but getting her high. The next year or so she did it every day and she was injecting up to 20 times a day….she was fired from her job, and Anisa started to cling more and more to me, since she saw her mother in a high state too many times to count at only age 4…..I remember one day I went downstairs and Sonia was high on the couch and Anisa went over to her and kept saying “mommy wake up.” Sonia was so high her eyes were like rolled into the back of her head and she was slumped over on the couch…..I could not stand to let my daughter see her mother like that… I kicked Sonia out a year later. I gave her the ultimatum of choosing me and her daughter over the drugs, and she chose the drugs…..she was staying with other addicts and I went to visit her almost every day to convince her to come back to me, her husband and her daughter, but she never did…..later that year she died of a drug overdose…..she died at the house where other addicts were and when I got that call……it felt like I died too. The wind was literally knocked out of me and when I told Anisa…..she broke down in my arms and we cried together for hours….she was only 6, but closer to 7 but she was very aware of everything…..and to this day….I blame myself. If I never would have kicked her out, she might be alive today….I tried to send her to a rehab center numerous times, but she always left after only a few days…..I felt like I gave up on her and I shouldn’t have done that….she was my wife and I vowed to stand by her through both good and bad times….but I didn’t…..I still feel really guilty about it all,” Terrence said.

“Wow…..that’s so sad Terrence I’m sorry you lost your wife like that…that must have been so hard on you and Anisa but….you should just know that you can’t blame yourself….I am slowly starting to learn that myself….I blamed myself because I begged Darius for months to take me to the new soul food restaurant on the other side of town and I use to think if we never would have went there…..then he would still be here….but I can’t live like that. No one knew that night would end the way it did….you didn’t know your wife was going to overdose so don’t blame yourself.” Terrence just looks Serenity in her eyes and smiles and Serenity smiles back as she feels chills. She notices that whenever Terrence smiles at her, she gets chills and a weird sensation in her stomach. She always tries to brush it off though.

“…..Do things ever get easier Terrence?,” Serenity asked.

“Actually….it does. But it’s important to take things one day at a time, that’s all you can do really,” Terrence said.

“….I just wish I could see Darius one more time,” Serenity said softly.

“I feel the same way about Sonia….just to see her smile once more would make things a bit easier…..but Darius is looking down on you don’t forget that.”

“I know he is…..sometimes I feel like he is here with me….as weird as that sounds.”

“…..Do you get warm sensations in your heart like his spirit is there? Or do you ever feel like his spirit just takes over your whole body?” Serenity just looks at Terrence in shock and Terrence just smiles.

“Wow…..I thought I was crazy….you have experienced those feelings too?,” Serenity questioned.

“Yes I have….all the time actually… reminds me that Sonia will always be in my heart even if she isn’t here physically…..Anisa said she has had the same feelings too and she loves to feel her mother’s presence,” Terrence said.

“You’re right…”

“…..We have a lot in common Serenity….what do you think?”

“…..You’re right.”

“….Can I be honest with you?,” Terrence asked cautiously.

“…Sure,” Serenity said.

“I just….I just feel this connection with you….that I can’t explain….but I like it.” Serenity just stares at him and then looks away.

“I’m sorry Serenity……I shouldn’t have even said that…..I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” Terrence said while sighing. Serenity just nods her head and continues eating. Terrence knows he made a mistake and now the dinner is very awkward instead of enjoyable. Once they are both done eating, they put their dishes in the dishwasher and then Terrence looks at Serenity.

“Uh….I was going to watch a movie. I rented Prometheus I really like science fiction….would you like to join me?,” Terrence asked.

“Uh….actually I’m kind of tired. I think I am going to get to bed,” Serenity said.

“Ok no problem….I will make sure the volume isn’t too loud.”

“Thanks….have a good night.”

“You too Serenity.” Terrence just looks at Serenity because he really has an urge to hug her, but Serenity turns away and walks up the stairs. Terrence watches her walk up the stairs and then he puts in the DVD and then plops on the couch. He hopes he didn’t ruin his growing friendship with Serenity because he at least wanted to be good friends with her. Serenity changes into her pajamas and then lies down in her bed on her back. After about 45 minutes of restlessness, she gets out of the bed. Serenity has been so tired lately, but finds it so hard to get comfortable. Her protruding belly makes it so hard for her to get comfortable. She sighs and walks down to the first floor and sees Terrence sitting on the couch watching the movie. When Terrence sees Serenity walking down the stairs, he grabs the remote and mutes the movie.

“Serenity is everything ok? Is the tv too loud?,” Terrence asked with concern.

“No Terrence it’s not that…..I just can’t sleep….it’s hard for me to get comfortable these days,” Serenity said.

“Oh I understand… can chill with me for a bit if you want? I wouldn’t mind the company….I miss my little girl,” Terrence said while laughing a bit.

“I know things aren’t the same without her… have done a great job with Anisa. She is such a sweetheart. And she’s so gorgeous.”

“Thank you so much I appreciate that….she has always been a daddy’s girl. I admit I can spoil her at times, but she deserves it. She’s really a good girl. She’s smart and always does what she is told.”

“You’re right about that…..she is smart beyond her years actually.”

“You’re right about that it amazes me sometimes….but I love her to death. That’s my world, my everything.”

“I can tell… are an amazing father to her. And you two are so close….your bond is indescribable, but beautiful.”

“Thank you so much Serenity…that means a lot to me….if I achieve nothing else, I know I was a very good father to my daughter.” Serenity just smiles and nods her head and Terrence smiles back.

“I know you must be very excited to have your first child Serenity,” Terrence said.

“Oh gosh I can’t even explain how excited I am…..I have always wanted to be a mother. When me and Darius first found out we were expecting, next to our wedding day, that was the happiest day of my life…..everything was going to be perfect when we had our little boy…..our life was going to be perfect…but then….well… know,” Serenity said as tears built up in her eyes.

“It’s ok Serenity,” Terrence said softly.

“…..Gosh I hate this so much….I hate crying over him because I know he wants me to be strong. I just want to be able to talk about him and not get so sad and emotional. I wish I could talk about him and be happy….because he made me so happy.”

“Serenity I understand, but it’s understandable for you to be sad when you talk about him. He was your husband and he was just taken from you…..and that’s very painful. I know losing the one you love is the worst experience you could ever go through.”

“You’re right……I’m sorry Terrence I’m venting to you.”

“And I don’t mind that at all Serenity. You can talk to me about anything….I mean that. I can relate to a lot of the things you may be experiencing now, since I went through all of it before.”

“….I know.”

“…..And I’m sorry about what I said earlier about my connection with you…..I was only being honest. I know that we haven’t known each other for long at all, but I just feel like we could be really good friends.”

“…..I understand…..I guess I can be honest too…..I feel a connection with you too and that scares me because we just met each other…..but I guess that it’s because we have similar situations and we can relate on that…..I really feel like you came into my life for a reason…..a time when I really need someone.”

“….I feel the same way. I feel like I met you for a reason…..and I’m not sure what the reason is yet….but I can’t wait to find out.” Serenity just looks at Terrence and smiles and Terrence smiles back and then both look away awkwardly. Serenity and Terrence both realize that they met each other for a reason and they are both eager to learn, just what that reason is.

April go on somewhere with that mess, you can't really gain full custody of somebody's unborn child because for one: the child isn't in any sort of danger, two: Serenity checked and double checked to make sure she wasn't bringing just anybody into her house, three: you have no physical proof or evidence to convict Serenity and four: you're just plain nasty.

Run iT! <3

April irks my nerves. Like why does that woman act the way she does? She isnt better than anybody. Kill yourself April. Terrence is so sweet. He is exactly what Serenity needs. You can tell. she needs that company and she can get that from him. Him and her both have been through the same things and thats something they can share together.

Run it

<em>9 days later</em>

It’s Saturday at around 12 pm and Terrence and Anisa are on their way to Serenity’s house to move in!! They are both very excited! Everything came back just fine in Terrence’s background check; the man doesn’t even have a traffic ticket, so Serenity offered him the opportunity to move in. Anisa is very excited and she has been suggesting that her daddy and Serenity can date soon. Terrence has to remind Anisa that Serenity is still dealing with a very tough loss, so she might not be ready to date now or ever. Anisa tries to understand, but she just thinks her daddy just has to work his magic and sweep Serenity off of her feet. Terrence knows better though. He knows that Serenity is not ready for anything other than a friendship with him and he has to accept that. It’s difficult though because Serenity has a personality that Terrence could easily fall for, and he thinks she is absolutely gorgeous to top it off. He is attracted to her, but he has to keep those feelings to himself. He doesn’t want to force anything with her and if anything were to ever happen between them, he wants to take things as slow as possible. Terrence is about 15 minutes away from Serenity’s home in the rental truck he rented. He looks over in the seat next to him at Anisa eating her snack of blueberries.

“Baby girl you ready to move in today?,” Terrence asked.

“Yes daddy I can’t wait! I can’t wait to decorate my room! And I can’t wait to see Serenity…..daddy I really like her. Do you like her too?,” Anisa said.

“Yes I like her too Anisa….but just as a friend you know? Not to date,” Terrence said.

“Why not? Daddy Serenity is beautiful and very nice….what’s not to like?”

“…..You’re right about that, but…,” Terrence is cut off.

“So you do think she’s beautiful daddy?”

“….Yes I do….she’s gorgeous…..she has the most gorgeous face to me,” Terrence said honestly.

“Awww daddy!! If you think she’s gorgeous, you should tell her. She will like it,” Anisa said.

“Anisa….I just can’t tell her something like that yet.”

“It’s only a compliment daddy.”

“I know….but it will make her uncomfortable.”

“Ok…..daddy I just want you to be happy….you know? You don’t smile as much as when mommy was alive…..she would want you to be happy too, not sad and lonely.” Terrence just looks at his little girl; she never ceases to amaze him with how smart beyond her years she is. Terrence makes a kissing face at Anisa and Anisa smiles and does the same and then giggles. 15 minutes later, Terrence pulls into Serenity’s driveway.

“Alright Anisa we’re here! It’s our new home,” Terrence said!

“Yay! I’m so happy! Let’s go find Serenity,” Anisa said. Terrence nods his head and he gets out of the rental truck and then he goes to Anisa’s side of the truck and he helps her out and they walk to Serenity’s door hand in hand. Terrence rings the doorbell and within a minute, Serenity opens the door and she smiles at the both of them.

“Hi Anisa, Hi Terrence,” Serenity said.

“Hi Serenity,” Terrence said while smiling.

“Hi Serenity!,” Anisa said while waving and smiling.

“Hi gorgeous are you ready to move in today?,” Serenity said.

“Yes I am I can’t wait!,” Anisa exclaimed. Serenity smiles and leans down and hugs Anisa and kisses her cheek. She then looks at Terrence and she holds out her hand and he smiles and shakes it firmly.

“Well you two can start unloading the truck whenever you two are ready….let me get you your set of keys,” Serenity said. Serenity walks over to the table in the living room and picks up a set of keys and then hands it to Terrence.

“Thank you,” Terrence said.

“You’re welcome….I was just about to head out to get a few things for DJ. He’ll be here very soon and I want to have his room ready by this coming week……maybe we can all go grocery shopping a little later when you two get settled in? Just so you both have what you need,” Serenity said.

“Sure Serenity that sounds fine…..I can cook for us tonight….if you wouldn’t mind,” Terrence said.

“I should be cooking for you and Anisa, you two are the ones moving in,” Serenity said while smiling a bit.

“Oh no it will be my thank you to you….for letting us become your roommates…..just let me know what you have a taste for and I will cook it ok?”

“…..That’s very sweet Terrence….I would like that.”


“I’ll see you two in a little while.” Terrence and Anisa both say bye to Serenity and then Serenity leaves.

“Alright pretty girl, you ready to get the boxes out of the truck?,” Terrence said.

“Yes daddy let’s go!,” Anisa said. Terrence smiles and grabs Anisa’s hand and they walk out to the rental truck and start to unpack their belongings. About an hour later, Terrence notices a red Mercedes Benz E Sedan pull into the driveway. Serenity didn’t mention any company, so Terrence isn’t sure who this person is. Once the car is parked, a woman gets out of the car and she looks at the rental truck in confusion. Anisa is up in her room unpacking a few of her things and Terrence is standing next to the rental truck. The woman walks up to Terrence and looks him up and down.

“Who are you?,” the woman asked rudely.

“My name is Terrence. Terrence Smith,” Terrence said while holding his hand out. The woman just looks at his hand and then looks back up at him without shaking it.

“What are you doing at my son’s house with a rental truck? Is Serenity moving to a place she can actually afford?,” the woman said evilly.

“No ma’am… and my daughter Anisa are actually moving in… must be Darius’ mother correct?,” Terrence said nicely.

“Yes I am….and I would like to know why you are moving into his house…..are you and Serenity a couple?,” April said.

“No ma’am it’s not like that….she put an ad for the house because she needed help with the bills and I have been looking for a house that I can afford….so this seemed like the perfect option.”

“This is unbelieveable…..that b***h brings a strange man, and his daughter to live with her and my grandson? No, I don’t think so…..I will not stand for this.”

“Ma’am….there is no need for such name-calling….and Serenity took all necessary precautions before she just let me move in.”

“Listen you don’t know anything about Serenity. You think you do, but you don’t. She is nothing but a gold digger…..and a murderer. She had something to do with my son’s death and I will not rest until she pays for that.”

“Ma’am……your daughter-in-law loved your son very much. I haven’t even known her that long and I even know that.”

“She is NOT my daughter-in-law….she is not a part of my family.” Just then Serenity’s car pulls into the driveway. Terrence and April both look in Serenity’s direction as she gets out of the car with her purse on her shoulder. Serenity looks up and sees April and Terrence staring at her. She sighs heavily; what could April want? Serenity goes into her trunk and she gets out the four bags and closes her trunk and walks towards the house.

“Mrs. Davis….what can I help you with today?,” Serenity said as nicely as possible.

“What do you think you are doing here Serenity? You ask a stranger and his daughter to come live with you? Are you crazy? You are about to have a child and you don’t even know these people! You are just going to bring strange men around your son? What kind of mother does that? Huh? Are you going to tell your son this man is his daddy? Huh?,” April said while raising her voice.

“April…..I don’t have to explain anything to you,” Serenity said calmly.

“I think you do! Unfortunately you are carrying my son’s child and that boy will be a part of me! I will not stand while you make foolish and stupid decisions like this….this just proves you are an unfit mother… can expect papers from my lawyer regarding custody of DJ,” April said evilly.

“April…..I will not let you take my son away from me,” Serenity said sternly.

“We will definitely see about that…..I came to drop off some things for DJ, but I think I will keep them….I will need them when he comes to live with me when I get custody,” April said. She quickly turns around and gets in her car and speeds off. Serenity looks at Terrence quickly and then looks away. She walks into the house and Terrence follows behind her. Anisa was sitting on the steps when Serenity and April were talking and she heard everything.

“Serenity…..are you ok?,” Terrence asked cautiously.

“….I’m fine. I’m accustomed to April’s hurtful words…..but no matter how hard I try….she always gets to me,” Serenity said as tears built up in her eyes. She walks up the stairs past Anisa and Anisa looks at Terrence and frowns a bit.

“Daddy…..that lady was very mean to Serenity. Who was she?,” Anisa asked.

“That was Darius’ mother,” Terrence said.

“She’s mean….her son must have been the opposite cuz Serenity is too nice to be with someone so mean,” Anisa said.

“You’re right baby girl,” Terrence said while sighing a bit.

“Should we check on her?”

“Maybe we should just give her some space.” Anisa smiles a bit and nods her head. Terrence gets the last few boxes from the rental truck and then closes and locks the door behind him. He isn’t sure where Anisa went and he looks on the first floor for her and doesn’t see her. He walks upstairs to her bedroom and he doesn’t see her. He walks past Serenity’s room and sees Serenity lying down on the bed facing the door, crying and Anisa sitting next to her gently rubbing her stomach. Terrence gently knocks on the door and they both look at him and Terrence rests against the doorpost.

“Anisa….I thought I said we should give Serenity her space,” Terrence said.

“But daddy she was crying,” Anisa said.

“I know but I told you to give her space.”

“I know….I’m sorry Serenity,” Anisa said softly.

“It’s ok Anisa, I don’t mind,” Serenity said through tears.

“Anisa, why don’t you go make up your bed,” Terrence suggested.

“Ok daddy,” Anisa said. Anisa hugs Serenity and then kisses her cheek. Anisa then gets out of the bed and leaves the room and Terrence looks at Serenity.

“….Do you want to talk about it?,” Terrence asked softly. Serenity just looks at him and then looks away. Terrence takes this to mean that she doesn’t want to talk right now.

“…..I’ll leave you be. I’ll be in my room unpacking…but….you shouldn’t let her get to you Serenity….you know you will be a good mother and I am sure Darius knows that too and that is all that matters,” Terrence said. Serenity looks up at him and he turns to leave the room.

“…..Wait,” Serenity said softly. Terrence turns to look back at Serenity and she sits up in the bed and wipes her tears and then looks at Terrence.

“…..Can I tell you something?,” Serenity asked shyly.

“Of course,” Terrence said.

“Honestly…..I have always just wanted April, Darius’ mother to like me. As the wife of her son, I have always wanted her approval. She is my mother-in-law and honestly Darius’ family could have been my only family….but they all just shunned me away like I was worthless and it was all because of money. Just because I didn’t make 5 figures like Darius, they all assumed I was after his money…..I tried so hard to get his mom especially to like me because I wanted a relationship with her. She was important to Darius at one point and I wanted to love everything and everyone he loved because I loved him….but she just could not see me for who I was…..the first day I met her….I came to her house to meet her and I bought a gift….I got her a scarf because Darius said she loved scarves….as soon as she unwrapped it, she said it looked too cheap and she threw it away right in front of me…..I remember looking at Darius and he was just so angry and he could tell that I was hurt…..when me and Darius went home that night he reassured me that he loved me and he always would….and if his parents can’t accept me then they can’t accept him….he said he could no longer have a relationship with his parents if they couldn’t accept me because he was in love with me and I was his wife….the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with…..I just did everything right with April and she still treats me like I am nothing….she makes me feel like I’m not worthy of anything…..but I was Darius’ wife and I was a d**n good one and I know I will make a d**n good mother. My son will never be scared or hurt or hungry or cold or anything else as long as I am around,” Serenity said honestly while crying a bit.

“Oh Serenity…’s ok….you don’t have to explain anything to April….if she can’t see the real you, then it’s her lose. She is missing out…..and Serenity I know how much you love your son already. You are going to make a fine mother… don’t let an evil woman like April ever take away anything from you. Don’t let her bring you down and don’t listen to her lies. You’re better than her and she is probably just jealous of that….and no judge in their right mind would give custody of your son to a conniving, evil woman like April. If you even need me to testify for what I heard her say about you, then I will gladly do so,” Terrence said. Serenity just looks at Terrence and smiles a bit and wipes her face of her tears.

“…..You’re really sweet,” Serenity said.

“Thank you…..I am available to talk whenever you need me Serenity,” Terrence said.

“Thank you Terrence….I could really use someone to talk to…..this past 2 months or so have been very hard alone.”

“I can understand that……losing the one you loved will have you feeling like you are completely alone in this world even when you aren’t…..when my wife Sonia passed away…..I wasn’t myself….I felt completely alone even though I had Anisa…..and it was so hard for me to get out of bed every morning, but I knew I had to do so because I had a little girl to think about….I couldn’t have her thinking that her daddy was gone too….and some days Serenity, are so hard. Some days I just think about Sonia and cry for hours…..usually when I know Anisa is sleeping because I can’t let her see me breaking down….because I am all she has and I have to stay strong for her even when some days I just want to break down….I swear if I didn’t have Anisa, I would have crawled right in that grave with Sonia,” Terrence said while becoming a bit emotional.

“Wow…..I understand everything you are saying because I feel the same way…..on the day of Darius’ funeral, I sat by his grave all afternoon and all night and I did not want to leave……but I haven’t been back to his grave since that day because it still kills me that he is there and not here with me.”

“You should go back Serenity….believe it or not it will help you in more ways than you think. Just to talk to him and say anything you want could really help….me and Anisa go to Sonia’s grave at least once a month. Anisa talks to her mother for hours about everything and I do the same. We make a day out of it and it can be really therapeutic.”

“…..I just can’t… least not yet.”

“Well when you are ready, you let me know… and Anisa can go with you. And you can bring DJ too. But only when you’re ready ok?”

“Ok…..thanks Terrence.” Terrence smiles and then he leaves Serenity’s room and Serenity smiles to herself. She thinks Terrence will end up being a great friend; something Serenity really wants and needs.

Awww Anisa is just too cute lil grown butt. I love how she keeps tryna play matchmaker for her daddy. Im glad Serenity chose Terrence and Anisa as her roomates, this shall be interesting. But yeah they are the better picks. And she'll have good company and help around the house esp. sice shes about to give birth soon.
As for April that bytch is very rude and disrespectful, how dare she talk about Serenity like that and then threaten to take her child b**** got nerves. If I were Serenity Id never let her back into my home again. Grandma or not. I can already see she's gone be a problem. OLD BYTCH....
CANT wait till moving in day for Terrence and Anisa, this shall be interesting, to see how they all wull live together under one roof.

And damn Darius was one FYNE ASS MAN. hmm hmm hmm. God rest his soul. Boy he will surely be missed. But least a part of him is with Serenity always.