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But look..

did yall see the picture Rih just posted on Instagram with her on Breezy's lap??

idk I'm all for being with the person who you truly love but is it love or lust..

both of them badd af don't get me wrong..

what yall think??


I absolutely love both Rihanna and CB&&like I stated I totally agree with rocking with your ngga regardless of the hearsay..

NO doubt in my mind that they both are in love with one another but I think they both got good sex which is why it's happening so fast..

please i would fck CB brains out&&I'm no lesbian but for Rihanna I would be :P lol

I want them to be together I just don't want this s*** to happen so fast to where next year they done split again..

But like Rih said ain't nobody's business so on that note I'm about to go burn one&&RELAX!!

All I wanna say is. . .CHRIANNA BACK. And I ship them 169.4% ;)

no offense to anyone or their opinion
now heres mine

at the end of the day its his life no matter what we think

he like it
she like it
he happy
she happy
they both good

shes showing off whats hers exactly what ANY female &&/or male would do with their significant other some ppl didn't complain and etc about Kae posting pics with && of Chris
so whats the difference now ??

all im saying is its his life.
his choices && mistakes to make
&& we cant change that

I agree with Dany...

I feel like she doing some of this s*** on purpose. Ole Messy ass hoe. I just dont wanna see him go through all that hurt again if she doesnt work out which I feel it wont.

And according to him they stil arent "officially" together but they might as well be..

Plus I dont like that song they have together.. It sucks...

I dont want to see him hurt. And I have a gut feeling that's going to happen.

At the end of the day it aint NOBODY's Bizness!!! They are gonna do whatever them two grown ass adults think and feel regardless if we like it or not. Not our business to judge or degrade their choices. We don't personally know them or their lives/relationship. Let it be!!

I love it honestly I like how neither one of them give a f***

Its not "Nobody's Business" and even if she is putting pics in the media
Its still nobody's business its like saying they know about us but they dont know about "us"

If she forgave him and what he did and he forgave himself
Why should everyone elses opinions matter.

He doesnt have to answer to anyone but god so like they say
#f***YoCriticizism #f***Themedia

He grown She grown they can do what they want

I love Chris brown with all my heart, I think he's making a mistake AGAIN, i just don't want him to get hurt with this whole riri and him again, I have a feeling that this is not going to turn out good at all.

I 100% agree with that. Been saying that for a while... But I'm still not mad if Chris with Rih. s***. They don't care about my ass no way. So I'm sure they could give af what I approve or don't approve lol.

That would be a friggin dream come true!

But I just feel like Chris needs to be solo for a while and figure himself out.

Awww. You still want him & Cassie to happen? Lol.

I don't know. I want Chris to be happy but my mind just doesnt want this to happen.

True Dany.

That is true but she know people gon' have a field day with it. That's why her ass do it. Rihanna be coming off messy sometimes, but I still love her lol.

They put out a song saying it's nobodies business but its like she wants it to be everyones business if shes putting that picture where everyone can see.

I love chris but why would she post tht pic and no the media is goin to say somethin

Ha! I LOVE it.

I dont like it... I like RiRi music but I dont as a person. She seems sneaky af.

But as long as he's happy... I am I guess..