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Chris On XXL

Chris On XXL
“Hip-hop’s most reliable R&B ally,” Breezy himself dominates the cover of XXL’s December/January issue! Read more of the story written by Chris himself about his growth as an artist, personal life and more here!
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  • GO CB!
    by Cedron on dec 15, 2012 du31 2:02du
  • chris brown looks hot on this cover
    by chrisbrownteamb... on dec 9, 2012 de31 9:09de
  • I gt 1 Qu3stion 4 u Chris y r u so K*U*T*3 n 3v3ry way?
    by Kutekira on dec 9, 2012 de31 1:01de
  • This boy is simply gorgeous:)
    by Nannaaa on dec 6, 2012 du31 1:01du
  • can someone answer my freakin question???
    by melissabrown01 on dec 4, 2012 du31 1:01du
  • All I can say is chris
    by Sa.k.ari on dec 4, 2012 de31 11:11de
  • did it come out already?
    by melissabrown01 on dec 4, 2012 de31 10:10de
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