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• — Important. Messege.

I haven't been on lately because Avory was hurt really bad in an incident, that I by the way dont feel like explaining. Im been taking care of him. Thats number one. Number two, I most likely---probably have a suckish report card, so Ill most likely unsurely get my phone took which means no updates or social siting because the computer we own doesn't have wifi. So I'll be adding out the ass until thursday. Thats when I'll know my progress in school. But finishing off, I have two new stories to come & at least 3 updates a day.

Goals for this month:
• Finish Welcome Home Mayleen.
• Eat
• Tell Dany a secret
• Eat
• Add the new story
• oooh look ------ EAT ! >

Well, im done speaking about that. Wassup with ya?