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• — Important. Messege.

I haven't been on lately because Avory was hurt really bad in an incident, that I by the way dont feel like explaining. Im been taking care of him. Thats number one. Number two, I most likely---probably have a suckish report card, so Ill most likely unsurely get my phone took which means no updates or social siting because the computer we own doesn't have wifi. So I'll be adding out the ass until thursday. Thats when I'll know my progress in school. But finishing off, I have two new stories to come & at least 3 updates a day.

Goals for this month:
• Finish Welcome Home Mayleen.
• Eat
• Tell Dany a secret
• Eat
• Add the new story
• oooh look ------ EAT ! >

Well, im done speaking about that. Wassup with ya?


Uhhhhh. Me and Tyga have problems too... We not lovey dovey lol.

Kingston has been with me and Ty this whole weekend.

Lmao stop running fore you bust your s*** and I laugh! But hey :D

*Runs in Post* Heeey

Oh! You had me like.. Damn! Thats what we do?
Where's my god kids / nieces and nephews? (:

Kick boxing. I never fight a b**** unless she gives me a reason to.

Kick Boxing or straight whooping a b****es ass?

When I stress i fight

I been feeling some type of way lately. Like whenever I stress I run to my childhood. I wish I was like you and tyga. Like f*** the s*** outta drake then be alright. But unfortunately he's in need of a snicker. pms'n all over my room -.-

I'm here.

And Home Alone... eh... haven't seen that in a long ass time.

It'll probably be my last time, cause my mom told me its supposedly not ' good ' on college applications.
Im like.. They dont HAVE to know.

Yes, your not as energetic as you usually are. Its going to be fine though.

Bree where you go? Gosh, I feel like watching home alone 1 & 2.

I need to switch schools but its pointless now.

Damn, everbody notices my unhappiness without soccer.

Penis , Peepee . Vagina! (:

Cause, I hate being at one school for long, I think its time to relocate. Meet new people. This time I'll be at a suburb school. not some ole' whack Mps school.
Good cause your unhappiness about not being able to play is heartbreaking. Lol

I just realized I spelt breaking wrong.
Im great, next month I should be back in action.
Switching schools? Why.
Yes, soccer is great, i live for that sport.


I wont. But whats been up with you?
Im trying out for soccer again this year to see what happens. Well, after I redo my popularity because im changing schools in January. Lol

Braking your leg isnt fun. Dont do it.

No your not, you want this McLoven * shakes my ass on you *

I'm over you that's all lol.....

@Dany .. The secret is..












Chickenbutt (:

No seriously, * whispers * ima brake my leg on purpose so we can match.. But everybody else will think its a accident. Lol

@ Bree , why what?

Whats the secret?