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R.I.P. to the girl you used to see
Her days are over, baby she's over
I decided to give you all of me
Baby come closer, baby come closer

Arugh, I been listening to it all day. It sounds real similar to drake's song, but its whatever.. I like it & I give Rita props and claps for this.

Anywho. What's up with everyone? ♥


Lol not happening.

No. They need to swerve & let me clap your cheeks in peace. Js lol

*grabs crutch and starts swinging*

Don't hate. Let them c**k block. Them my babies lol.

Technically, thats sexual assault cause she's most likely gonna shove it up my ass. So im sueing lol

I have always wanted a baby with you but Chris and Tyga blockin' asses always messed it up. lol

Lol personally, I think you should beat her ass with your crutches.

And now you wanna baby with me? Oh no... My fertile clock is ticking lol.

Lol im sowwy :D

Bree lets make a baby together ^.^

-___- f*** you Kay! You know I cant walk let alone skip.

Oh my gah! Bree, I love when you speak spanish.

Dany lets skip all the way to school.

Lol. I live here muthaf***a.

Putas, Putas, Putas.

b****es, b****es, b****es.

Wait, when the f*** did you bring any bags here? * throws a stroller at you * get out, get out of my house! I dont see you! I dont wanna talk to you! Arugh!

— sorry. Im watching Dont Be a Menace. Bleeh t^.^t lol

You should've just said you was saying it in Spanish.

Tsk. Poor dat lol.

And only Chris can do that hump. Thank you very much. *Packs suitcase & leaves*

Go trip & fall on chris' d*** , bleeh lol * does the look at me now hump *

*Bree. Capitalize the B in my s*** b****. Get it right lol and ehh I don't think so.

Why am I so weak right now?

I left it there so my ' dictunary bree ' app can correct me. No your eating cheese balls with a dry throat so you can choke. Swerve lol

Ho please if I wouldn't have said s***, you would've left it there. Stop flexing & no you swerve b**** to a dictionary. And I'll take some cheese balls. With a grape Fanta on the side lol.

Lmao hoe I spelled it wrong by accident. So um, swerve. & evalute these cheese balls in your mouth * tygas voice * make it nasty Lol

b**** who doesn't know how to spell camera tho? Like evaluate your life immediately lol.

Lmao, thats hella funny.

Danks alowt humen dictunary (:
Whats up with you though a**hole?


I don't blame him.

Im really pissed cause I can't find a cheap puppy (Maltese or Yorkie) under 3OO dollars in wisconsin. Its annoying. I really want one.. Or another Photography Camara.

I know. He's just worried.

@bree whats new about that? lol
I had a idea but my brain just farted.. sorry :P

Thats how it was for avery while he was in duty. His mom got sick with pneumonia & she was in the hospital for almost a month. He cried on skype with us while I visited her & we would all pray together. He lost his sister in 08 so all he has is his mom. But I believe De is a strong boy.

Awww, hoping everything will be fine. All you can do is pray.

And Kay hush. Food is delicious lol.

I'll let him know.
Swear, the only things that have been keeping him going are his grandma and siblings.

Lol Bree you always want something to eat ^.^

Yeeeeah I would stress out too. But he should know that god is only strengthing his mother. I pray she'll be fine & she leaves that hospital pregnant & well. Tell him to keep his head up for me. And you of course.