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Streetz. "It Aint All Gravy"

<strong>The Streets isnt everything, everything aint all good.
Red and Blue rivalries. Gunshots rung every night.

<strong>Hoping and praying that isnt a home boy, home girl, family losing their life.</strong>

<strong>Now ive seen alot, i been there did that, sold a few rocks to a crackhead.</strong>

<strong>I embraced the streets And everything it taught .</strong>
<strong>Hustling and selling</strong>

<strong>But I wanted to get away from here, this place wasnt for me, but its the only thing i knew....hell im from the Streets.</strong>

------------------------- <a href="">Stasha</a>...Stasha Smith, im 18 years old and from California. Not not hollywood or anything but i was from the <strong>Hood</strong>....Compton to be exact. Growing up here aint all good, im just going to keep it real with you. Ive hadmy share of doing alot of stuff here...being out past my time...smoking weed, getting drunk....Having sex. EVERYTHING, i bet your thinking "shes aint nothing but a dumb hood chick", nah im book smart...matter of fact i go to Compton High School..whenever my boyfriend stop wanting me to do things from him. But this was my life...until a bad event occurred...i would like to start from the beginning just so you could get a feel of what its like living in the <strong>streets</strong>.


It was a last friday night, i would say it was round 11:45. I was laying on my boyfriend's flipping through a magazine waiting for him to get done getting dressed. I mean he was worse than me, i really thought i took a long time to get dressed but this nigga out did me.

Finally he came out of the bathroom smelling good and looking good. I bit my lip and smiled. "<a href="">London</a> you took that long to put on some damn shorts and a shirt??"

"hell know i got to look for my shawty", he picked me up as he began to kiss my neck, all i could do was giggle.

"AYE GO WE GOTTA GO NIGGA COME ON", we both looked around to see his bestfriend <a href="">Omega</a>...he looked at me and sucked his teeth and smirked,i really hated him, it was something about him that i did not like at all.

"ok nigga", i grabbed my beg and unwrapped my arms from London waist, i rolled my eyes and walked out the door.

It was now going on midnight, and round midnight we hit the <strong>Trap</a>. It was a spot were we kicked and sold drugs as well, and also <strong>dealt</strong> with people. We finally made our way there and met our home boys and girls. I went into the the other room and chilled with them and let London did his own thing.

"Ay Stasha bout time yall showed up, we hitting a lick tonight babyyyyy", she smiled as she popped a bottle open. I rolled my eyes and looked a <a href="">charie</a> like she was crazy.

"Charie, you know im down whateva, what time we leaving?", i picked up a beer and took a sip of it.

"s*** we leaving in exactly 10 mins, lets go". We all got up and loaded up, I hated doing this but i needed the money. I grabbed my gun and put the mask over my head as we pulled up to the spot. We all headed towards the back alley were London had told us to go. Made our way round the back as Omega and the rest of boys.

"Stasha..babe imma need for you to do something for me ok?", he looked at me with a deep stare, i can tell he was serious as f***.

"Ok babe, tell me", I pulled up my mask a little bit so i could hear him a little more.

"Popped the window latch and i want you to crawl through the window and come open it up from the inside, dont make a sound and try not to wake them nigga...they dangerous babe..and they'll hurt you", he looked at me trying to read face seeing whether or not if i was going to do it.

"babe..i-i dont know", i took a deep breath and looked at him with fear in my eyes.

"Stasha, you love me right??", i nodded my head as he grabbed my arm snd pulled me close to him, "well do this s*** so we can get out of here", i nodded and he let my arm go and pecked my lips.

I pulled my mask back down and took a deep breath. I popped the latch as they help me climb through the window, I now appeared in a random dark room, i couldn't see anything until i got to the end of the hall way. I crept slowly and steady as i moved a crossed the hall and passed a room door that was open, i saw some guy laying across the bed, he was tall...light skin and had tattoos all over his arm...he was pretty cute. I shook my head and got back to focus, I finally made my way to the front door and opened it.

Thats when I signaled them to come in and thats when it all went down. London and Omega bust through the door and some random niggas came the hall with guns. Shots began to fire in the house as we were ducking and shooting. Bullets were flying past my face and one hit London in the leg. "BABY", i screamed as he fell back down. I clenched my jaw and began to run into the living room as i shot down the hall. This went on for 15 mins until it was silence, We all gather the goods and headed out the door, we jumped into the cars and sped off.


Next morning i woke up back at my house in bed, i looked around and didnt see London...they must've dropped me off while i was knocked out. I got up and did my daily thing, showered, bushedmy teeth, through my hair up in a bun, and throwed on some jeans, a tanktop and some shoes. I grabbed my backpack and mademy way down the stairs, I saw my mom sitting at the counter looking mad as f***.

"Goodmorning mom", i smiled slightly as i sat my bag on the counter and headed towards the fridge.

"Morning.....stasha were was you last night?", she asked as she foldded her arms.

"s***", i thought to myself, i grabbed the orange jusice and closed the fridge door, "Well mom...i was down a friend house".


"mom...please calm down ok?, your taking it to the extreme", i sat down drinking from my glass.

"Stasha...i worried about you every single time your with him, hes a hood nigga, he cant do s*** for you but go to prison and sit around all day smoking!", he began to walk back and forth speeching.

"Mom you dont know s*** about Lond-", before i knre it she slapped me...we both stood there in shock, she back away from me and went up the steps.

A car horn began to beep, i grabbed my bags an went to the door "mom...bye", i held my cheek as i walked out the door....i cant beleieve she hit me.....


i know its kinda slow, but tell me if you like it :)


Smh she gon' end getting her stupid behind hurt or killed...I feel horrible for London :( poor baby I hope he finds out the truth about his so-called friend

London POV

Its been some days I've talk ed to anyone or seen anybody, I sat there in the chair wishing they would've took me instead. I can't believe they took my chick away from, I had nothing to live for. That was with me when they tried to indict me for selling cocaine and nit once did you she snitch on me. She was my ride or die man...

My phone began rang it was Omega.


"Um..w-whats up...haven't heard from you in awhile...are you good?", he said with hesitation in his voice.

I sighed, "nah...I'm not good...but I heard you living good though my nigga"

It was total silence for at least a few mins until he changed the subject.

"Look London.... we getting you out the house tonight....everything is going to be fine"

It took all I might not to snap but I did anyway.


I hung up and through my phone against the wall and began to why wouldn't it had been me man...why


Stash a POV

I woke up to loud music and smoke everywhere, I began to sit up but realized I was in the same room on the same bed with hand cuffs on me.

"Well look who's awake aha.."

I looked over to see Red smirking and walking over to bed with a forty in his hands and blunt hanging by the side of his mouth.

I squat down in front of me and stared me into my eyes.. I really did want to spit on him.

"Enjoyed your sleep miss stash a?", he began to rub his hands across my face

I moved my face away but he grabbed it and blew his nasty ass smoke and breath in my face. And before I knew it I spit on him.

I smacked the hell out of me as I feel back on the bed, he began to crawl on the bed cursing and pulling me by y hair. And tugging on what little clothes I did have left on my body. All the other guys began to leave the room and he continued ripping my clothes off.

"Stupid b****, you gone learn today" , he sad with fury in his voice.

I began to scream as soon as Chris bust in, he came over and pushed Red off of me. That's when Red the gun on him still mad as spit ran down his face.

"SO YOU SAVING THIS DISRESPECTFUL b**** CHRIS EH??", he said as he pointed the gun towards him.

He began to back towards the bed innfront of me, Dude chill....boss said don't hurt her, what the f*** are you thinking?"

Red began to fling his gun around again, "fine....but that little b**** better not spit on me again"

He made he way out the room and slammed the door. Chris looked at me and gave mean sheet to cover u my body,, and sat on the chair shaking his head.

"Chris...thanks but I think I could've handled it", I clenched the sheet around me tighter.

He chuckled and rubbed his head then sat up "didn't seem like it....look just coropperate with us and it'll be over soon....I'd hate for Red or boss man to hurt you...k?"

I nodded my head and began to look around in silence.

"Um can I shower Chris....I need...bad aha",

He laughed and took the hand cuffs from my hands and the bed post.

Chris is a fool, he just doesn't know what I have in store for him....

She should just make a deal with Chris' boss

I have a feeling Omega set them up. Ohhh! Chris and Stasha sitting in a tree. Lol
Run it

Run it

Chapter 3: Shes Gone

Londons POV

I stood there...tears ran from my eyes as i dropped to my needs. MY girl was gone...and there was no way i could get her back, my mind began to race as fire build up with in all i wanted to do was kill somebody. who would do some s*** like this...why would they want to take her from me???

I heard my niggas running out the building as they stood there in silence watching me lose someone i loved the most.

Charie walked up behind me as she grabbed my shoulder and spun me around, "London, what the fxck happend??"

"THEM MOTHERf***ERS TOOK STASHA, AND ONE OF YALL HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT!", i began to point my gun around as everyone began to gasp.

Omega walked over towards me and slowly reached for my hand, "aye bruh...put the gun down....please"

I stepped back and put my gun down, omega gulped hard and began to walk back towards his car.

My heard was racing like it never it before all i wanted to do was kill someone...i know one of these motherf***ers around has something to do with on to them.


Stasha POV

All i could see was blackness all around me and footsteps then people talking. I began to cry as i heard them coming towards me as i sat in the back of the hot damp van. The back of the van opened and two guys climbed in and dragged me out from the back gripping and squeezing my arms and legs.

"LET ME GO", i began to kick and scream hoping they would turn me lose.

Hell all i got was a smack to the face and "bxtch shut the fxck up"...

They took me into the house they was huge as f*** and they acutally looked like a mansion. They finally placed me down as we walked into the house but they still had my hands tide down. All i saw was maids cleaning up and music being played through out the house.

"Aye nigga boss said bring her to him", he said as bucked his eyes at the other guy.

The guy which was tall light skin had tattoos all over him was still eyeing me down as tugging on me harder,"man chill, i want to have fun with this little bxtch before we take her to boss".

They both smirked then laughed as the light skin guy through me over his shoulders.

I began to kick and scream again, no HELL WAY was about to let these niggas fxck me.

"looka here you little b**** calm the fxck down before i knock yo teeth down your throat", he began to raise his fist as if he was about to punch me.

"<a href="">CHRIS</a> AND <a href="">RED</a> PUT THE GIRL DOWN"

I looked up to see a big sloppy looking <a href="">nigga</a> walking towards us with a cigar in his mouth.

"Fine... this bxtch aint even worth my time", Red had said as he dropped me on the floor then walked away.

The light skin guy looked at me then walked away as well while leaving on the floor as this big nigga stood infront of me.

"Well well...why isnt it miss Stasha..London's girl",he smirked and blew smoke fron his nose.

I raised my eyebrow as i began to get up from the ground, "how the fxck do you know my name ans his name??"

"Look pretty girl...dont worry about all of that...all you have to worry about is finding my money and drugs" he shrugged and began to rub his hands together

I looked at him again as he stared me down, "Im not doing s*** nigga...YOU KIDNAPPED ME WHY SHOULD I HELP YOU!?!?!"

It was silence for me minute until he signaled me to follow him...i hesitated for a minute but i did anyway, we made our way into the den i guess it was his office as he told me to sit down in the chair.

"I know who set you and your nigga up...but if you help me get back my can be free", he lit up another cigar as he leaned back in his chair.

I bit my lip as i sat thinking yet dumbfounded, "So your telling me its somebody whos been with me and London this whole time who set us up?"

He nodded his head and smirked, " know them....very well...look ill give you time to think on it pretty girl", he snapped his fingers and signaled Chris to come get me. Red pulled me off my feet as he began to take me down the stairs and into a dark hall.

We then entered this room, he through me on the bed and chained my hand on to the bed.

"You know you dont have to chain me right?...", i looked at him as i sighed.

He looked at me and continued to wrap the chain aginst the bed post.

I looked at him some more as if i knew him...i seen those tattoos somewhere....matter of fact, he was the one laying on bed that was eyeing me as i strolled the house we stole from.

"I know who you are Stasha...youre the one who was looking at me and s***", he smiled sat back down in the chair that was on the side of the bed.

I raised my eyebrow, "so...why did you stop me then...Chris?"

"I didnt stop you because i dont care about this s*** of a place...for all i care i would let you go...but that nigga Red in my way" he leaned as he stared at me some more, "youre pretty"

I began to look down, not knowing what to ssy...i meaan these niggas did just kidnap me like 5 hours go.

"Thanks...chris", I gave him a sligh smile

He smiled as he showed dimples, i felt my heart beat race...this nigga was cute...but i gotts keep my composer if i want to be out this hoe....I had to set up a game plan...i had to find away to reallyyy get him on my side and into find out who set me and my baby London up....

What the f***?! London you were supposed to watch out for her. I guess if Stasha fought back she probably would've gotten killed. Smh.
Run it

adding more tonight :)

So that was Omega's plan to get Stasha kidnapped smh he's dirty as hell

wtf is goin on...???

A few days went by.....I had about 10 missed called from my mom...i was too scared to even think about calling her but i did. All she did was curse, yell and then called me a b**** and said i was selfish, then quickly hung up in my face. I wasn't in the mood...i was too worried about what London had planned with the rest of these fools.

I slowly got up and walked passed his room where him and his niggas met up at, I stood by the door and put my ear up against it.

London's POV

" you think this is a good idea?",i took a hit of the blunt and passed it as i licked my lips from the burning sensation of the smoke.

"Man...i got you daw, have a ever let you down??", he smirked as he turned up his forty and slammed it down as he shovled the dinimos on the table.

I took another look at him and squinted my eyes at him, "Look...if you screw me over Omega, im gonna kill you...and whoever else if this s*** is bogus"

He shook his head and smirked again, "iight my nigga, lets put in work then...tonight"

"Tonight?...", i raised my eyebrow, and leaned back in my chair.

he chuckled and blew smoke from his nose slowly,"Yeah bluffing nigga?"

"nah down...just gotta tell Stasha"...

After that the conversation ended, i really needed this money for me and her, i know shes not gonna want to help out this time but i really need her too...if she loves me and says shes my ride or die shell do it.


Stasha POV

I backed away from the door and frowned my face and headed back into the bedroom. I wasnt feeling this at all...i felt as if Omega was up to something...i just couldnt put my finger on it.

Later on that night London was being to nice to me...i know what he was doing so i just told him yes ill do it..It made him happy and i want to keep it that way...i dont want to loose him.


Omgea's POV

I headed down on Fifth Ave. and turned into a alley waiting for this nigga to get here. I looked out my rear few mirror and saw him there, I blew the smoke from my nose and got out the car as we met face to face.

"Aye dawg whats up?", he grinned his big grin as he looked me in my eyes.

I looked around and nodded my head and waited for him to say what he had to say.

" and you go way already know...Remember i saved your ass and i put you in these streets and made you who you are", he patted my shoulder as he took the cigar out his mouth.

i nodded my head again, "yeah...i know, so is it a deal or what my nigga?"

He smiled again and chuckled then patted my face, "Of course...its a deal...Be there 10..not 10:01, BUT 10...i mean."

"Iight...i gotcha", we dapped eachother as he slid the money in my hand and smirked again.

"Dont fail me Omgea...or else", He laughed as his other niggas laughed to, they then stopped and gave me a serious look.

I gulped as i saw them walk back to the cars, i got in mines and sat there for a second...admiring the money that he gave me, i smiled and pulled of in the night with satisfaction.


London's POV
Midnight came and it was ready to roll, me and everyone else was in the cut ready for the action to break through. We made our way to the spot and got ready to make the hit, it was the dark alley and down the alley was another abandoned building which Omega said that the drugs and money was in.

I drove down the alley as i looked over to my passenger side to see Stasha afraid. I grabbed her hand has she looked at me and smiled alittle, I wasnt going to risk her risk mines before ill let someone hurt her. We made our way down the alley and parked. I turned off all the lights on the car and sat there and explained to everyone what we was going to do.

We got out the car and made our way around the building, i told Stasha to stay in the car while we went in...i didnt feel to comforable with this place. One of my homesboys broke the lock and made our way inside and saw crates and boxes everywhere.

"This must be it yall, aye London check this out!", Omega opened the crate and smiled as he held up a wade of money.

I smiled and signal him to throw it at me, "Aye bruh, this is it!"

I made my way over to the boxes, and thats when i heard footsteps behind the stair well and i saw some shadows coming. I slowly slid my gun from the side of my pants and began to hold it closely so no one wouldnt see.

"AYE LONDON WATCH OUT", i turned around and started shooting, i ducked behind the box as they began to shoot.

All i heard was bullets flying everywhere, i scooted near the too of the tall boxes and loaded my gun again and began to shoot from the side. Before i knew it they began to flea ou the door. I ran down the stairwell and towards the alley, to see my car doors open. My heart sunk down into my stomach as i ran over there.

"STASHA!!!", I made my way slowly to the car holding the gun as tears ran down my eyes, my heart sunk even more when i saw she wasnt there......

Bang! Bang! I don't feel right about Omega, he seems sneaky. As for London, he may not have the best choices, but atleast he is letting Stasha stay with him.
Run it!!!

I jumped into London'scar and buckled my seat belt then slumped down slowly as i tear ran down my face. He shook his head and pulled off, he knew she was fussing at me again about him. It was silence until we got back to his place, i didnt even want to go to school.

We hopped out and headed into his place, i went into his room and got up under the covers and watched him go into the bathroom to shower. I closed my eyes and began to think about everything that we've been through...I loved London with all my heart and i without him i wouldn't know what to do. This boy was my life, him and my family...but London understood me more than them. I began to cry thinking what wouldve did if he wouldve got killed the other night.

20 minutes later he hopped out of the shower, i began to wipe my face as tears ran down my cheek, he walked over to me with a convernned look on his face, he then sat on the edge of the bed and smiled slighty as he rub my back. He pulled me closer to him as our bodies start to touch ; flesh to flesh, our temperature starts to rise. As he had up aginst the wall kissing me on my kneck I wanted to make him stop, but all I could do was wrap my legs around his waist ; he gripped my thighs as he pushed me up a lil higher. As he hands touch my aching body,he went from my shirt, to boy shorts, down to my to bra. Our bodies were naked. Laying me qentley on the bed, he kissed me from head to toe and came back up to my hips. As I flet his hot tounge,like he was ready to demolish me for a feast. Mmmmm mmmm good, he looked up at me saying “nice” as a slight smile came across his face. I smiled with out a warning I felt his tounge lucking my walls, all I could say was “oh my god!”, grippn his hair and pushing his face in more. He gripped my hips as he was told to do, tounge is deep and deeper. I told him enough, he kept goinq he looked and said “not until im ready to stop and went back to feastinng. This went on for a hour I came until I couldnt handle it anymore. He came back up and kissed my lip softly with his soft lips, makin me taste my own juices. As he movd my legs apart I knew what was going to happen next, he whispered in my ear “relax” and kissed my kneck biting my shoulder. Inch by inch he entered me, as I gasp a little bit not letting my expression show. I put my head on his chest. Stratching his back leaving scars and his blood and skin under my nails. He moaned a lil bit while looking at me while he pumped in slowly increasinq his speed by the way I was getting wetter. He gentley put my leg over his shoulder moving more deeper into making me moan louder. All you heard was the sound of wetness, while movinq faster. I enjoyed this moment rubbing on his abs while sweat dripped from his glistening pack. Without a warning he went in deeper..all of him was in me not pulling out he stayed there rotating his manhood inside me i grabbed his back and made him qo beyond deeper.


I woke up to him holding me closely, i smiled and began shimming my way out of his arms until he let go. I slowly got up and went into the bathroom to shower, i came back out to him lighting up a blunt and smiling at me, i smiled and sat on the edge of the bed.

"babe...i think i want to move in with you..", i looked at him with happiness on my face but the look on his face wasnt so great.

He began to choke as he pulled the blunt from his lips, "Babe...that isnt a good idea...believe me i would love to have you live here but your mom aint playing that", he blew smoke from his nose as he passed me the blunt.

I took a puff and passed it back, "London...i dont care what my mom says...shes holding me back from living my life...i want to be with you", i looked at him with my sad puppy eyes which always worked.

"Stasha...ok..but youre telling your mom...not me", he pecked my lips as he stood up and walked out the room.

I smiled and bite my lip with satisfaction and and layed back on the bed. I loved London and <strong>nothing</strong> was gonna stop me from being with him. I got up and threw on some shorts and a tanktop and walked to the living room and saw him and Omega playing BO2. I bent down and gave London a kissed, i could see from the corner of my Omega was smirking again eyeballing me, i could feel his eyes burning through my skin, i rolled my eyes and walked away into the kitchen to fix us something to eat.