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My Boy's Sister REPOST


i drove around for hours. I needed to calm down. a part of me wanted to go back and finish Kirko off, and that wouldnt be a smart idea.
i know, it was trifilin to say i slept with Kaeloni when i didnt. but i was so mad! my nigga since i was 3 f***ed my girl. well, ex girl.
Kaeloni was gonna kick my ass, that was for sure. if she ever talked to me again.I sighed. i hoped she did,i liked having kae in my life. and i didnt know why...
speak of the devil, there she was walking. i pulled up beside her.
"get in."
"f*** off."
"get in the car, kaeloni."
" i said f*** OFF."
People passing in cars were staring, prolly thinkin "omg, this nigger is tryna kidnap that poor girl and make her his sex slave."
" Kae, come on. i know you're mad at me. but please, just get in the car. "
she sighed, then got in the car. i sped off as soon as the door was shut. She let me have it.
"Why the f*** would you say that we slept together?! in front of my brother? are you crazy?"
" We didnt sleep together."
"what the f***! why did you say that?! you see my face? its swelling. my brother hit me cuz YOU were butt hurt about a b**** who aint s*** anyway."
" im sorry. im shouldnt have said it."
" no f***." she rolled her eyes.
" ima take you home now, okay."
" no." kaeloni said.
"You're drenched, i dont want you to get pnuemonia."
" i cant go back."
" why?"
" my brother hit me again, so i stabbed him."
my jaw dropped. "is he-"
"hes alright, i didnt do it deep. but i cant go back, he'll start with me again and then i'll slit his throat."

this girl was the true defintion of a "dont f*** with me " type chick.