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Secluded Heart (Complete)

<a href="">Zaira</a> had everything going for her. She was excelling in her junior year at college at age 21, was involved in multiple extracurricular activities, and was madly in love with her boyfriend, <a href="">Travis</a>. Everything seemed to be perfect, that is, until she met <a href="">him</a> and he turned her world upside down.



So one and a half months has passed and today is the day! Today is the day Julian, Cameron, Angela and I are graduating college!! We are all beyond ecstatic!!! None of us can even explain how happy and excited we are!! We are all graduating honors as well!! I am so proud of everyone and myself. Graduating college is quite the accomplishment. It’s the second week of May at this point and Julian and I are getting married in mid-June. I am too excited for that as well!!! Everything is really going our way. Julian was offered a full time position at the company he interned for last summer and the same goes for me!!!! We both start our jobs in September so we have plenty of time to enjoy the summer with the kids. I will be working at a pharmaceutical company as a researcher. I am so happy that I got this opportunity. Julian will be working for one of the top computer hardware/software manufacturers. I am so proud of my baby! He has worked so hard and he deserves this. His salary alone could take care of me and the kids. Speaking of the kids, they are doing great! They are very excited because now that Julian and I will be graduating, they will be living with Julian and I. Julian and I have been looking for a house and we have a few that we like and can afford. We definitely want to move in before we start our jobs, or we might just stay with Karen, since she offered, until we save up a good amount of money. Julian and I are really going to start our lives together and I just can’t wait. Anyway, it’s Saturday and Julian and I are all getting ready for graduation! Since Julian and I are graduating from different schools of the college, our convocations are in two different places at the same time, so I won’t see my baby walk across the stage and he won’t see me :(

“Baby I wish I could see your fine ass walk across the stage,” I said while putting in my earrings in the mirror in our bedroom.

“I know baby.....I wish I could see you walk across the stage. I would be a fool and scream at the top of my lungs “That’s my baby!!,” Julian said happily. I just laugh and I turn around to face Julian. I move closer to him and I wrap my arms around his waist and I look up at him.

“Baby I am really proud of you. You have been a lot these past four years and for you to graduate with honors and with a job offer, that’s amazing baby. I’m so proud of you for wanting to take care of me and our family and I know you are going to do just that this day tonight, I have something special planned for you,” I said.

“You’re so sweet baby. I’m so happy you are proud of me, but I’m proud of you too baby. You have been through so much during your four years too, but you did not give up and that just proves that you are strong. You are amazing and I am proud that you were able to get through all you went through; even though I know it got very hard at does this something special you have planned involve you naked on top of me?,” Julian joked.

“....Maybe.....would you like that?,” I teased.

“You know I would love long as I can be naked on top of you too.”

“Julian you can be naked on top, under, on the side, wherever you want to be.” Julian just smiles and slaps my ass and I just laugh out loud.

“Zaira I love you. I cannot wait until our wedding. I swear on our honeymoon night, your whole damn pussy is going to be filled with cum. You have no idea!!,” Julian exclaimed. I just smack my lips and I hit his chest. This man is nasty!!!!! He is so anxious when it comes to raw sex and I feel the same way. We have almost slipped up a lot of times, especially as of late, but we have not had unprotected sex. What’s stopping us? We will be married soon, but I am sure if Julian and I have unprotected sex tonight, I will be pregnant by our wedding. I may not know it, but I am sure I will be pregnant. I honestly cannot wait to get pregnant though. I have always wanted to be a mother and I know I already am to JJ and even Alexis, but I cannot wait to give birth to me and Julian’s child. I can’t wait to build a bond with the child I will be carrying. I’m so excited for all of that.

“You’re so damn nasty,” I said while shaking my head.

“And? You love it don’t you?,” Julian teased.

“I love everything about you Julian.”

“Awww baby.” Julian pulls me close and hugs me tight and I hug him back. Julian kisses the top of my head multiple times and I just smile to myself.

“Ok baby we have to finish getting ready,” I said. Julian pulls out of the embrace and kisses my lips then we both finish getting ready. Both of our convocations start at 9 am. Once we are both dressed, we leave and Julian drops me off at my convocation location.

“Baby I love you and I am so proud of you. I will see you later ok?,” I said.

“I love you too baby. You look beautiful,” Julian said.

“Thank you baby.” I kiss Julian’s lips multiple times and I walk to the set of chairs for the graduates and Julian drives off. I wish Julian was right here with me, but I am still going to enjoy walking across the stage. I also wish my parents were here, but I know they are watching from above. Angela is graduating from my school, so CJ, Angela’s mom, and Alexis will be seeing me watch across the stage. Karen and JJ will be watching Julian walk across the stage. Cameron is graduating from another school from Julian, Angela and I. I find my seat and I wait patiently for convocation to start. Angela is sitting nowhere near me since we are in alphabetical order. I look around and I see Shantel. Ugh still can’t stand that ho. She learned her lesson though. She hasn’t even looked Julian’s way since the fight. She even looks fearful when I pass her by. I’m just glad that ordeal is over with. So two hours, pass and it’s official! I have graduated from college!! Commencement is tomorrow, but I still feel like today is just as important. I find Angela and we hug each other so tight!

“Boo we did it!! We graduated!,” Angela exclaimed.

“I know we did! I’m so happy!,” I exclaimed. I pull out of the hug and Angela kisses my cheek and I kiss hers. She holds my hand tightly and we go to find our family. Angela’s mom comes up to us with CJ, and Alexis and we both smile.

“Congratulations Aunty Zaira!,” Alexis exclaimed.

“Thank you pretty girl! Come here,” I said. Alexis smiles and runs to me and hugs me tightly. I then pick her up and I kiss her all over her face and she kisses me all over mine.

“Hi was my baby CJ?,” Angela said.

“He was great baby. I’m so proud of you honey. I love you so much,” Angela’s mom said.

“I love you too mom,” Angela said. Angela hugs her mom tight then looks at CJ and smiles big. She loves her son so much it’s amazing to me. She is such a great mom.

“Hi cutie pie! Mommy missed you! Did you miss me? Huh?,” Angela said in her baby voice. CJ smiles a bit and Angela takes CJ from her mom and kisses him all over his face and then gently rocks him.

“Mommy graduated from college CJ! Are you proud of me? Huh?,” Angela said cutely. I just smile and I gently rub CJ’s hand and he smiles at me. Gosh I love this baby so much. I can’t wait until Julian and I have our baby. I lean down and I kiss CJ’s cheek and he kicks his feet in happiness.

“I know you’re happy huh handsome?,” I said in my baby voice. Angela just laughs at me and we wait for Julian and Cameron to show up. 20 minutes later, we see them walking towards us. Julian smiles at me and I smile back at him. He walks over to me and hugs me and Alexis tight.

“Congratulations baby!,” I said.

“Thank you baby same to you!,” Julian said. Julian kisses my lips multiple times then takes Alexis from me and kisses her all over her face.

“Congratulations mommy!!,” JJ said while running up to me.

“Thank you sweetheart!,” I said. I pick JJ up and he hugs me tight and I smile and I hug him back. Karen then hugs me tight. This has been such a great day so far and it’s just started. We enjoy a nice lunch everyone, it was lots of fun. Cameron held CJ the entire time we ate. He is such a good father and it came natural to him just how I thought. CJ looks so much like Cameron too, they are basically twins. After lunch, we all go to Karen’s house. The weather is so nice, so the kids play in the pool and the rest of us sit around and talk. Julian and Cameron grilled meat while the women made the side dishes for dinner. It was a really nice day. At around 8 pm, once Julian and I put JJ and Alexis to sleep, we all left Karen’s house. Cameron and Angela want to spend the night with CJ, not at a party and Julian and I understand that completely. I have special plans for Julian and me anyway. So once Julian and I get home, he sits in the living room while I get everything ready. I change into <a href="">this</a>. I wear my hair completely out and I have on black stilettos to match. I light a few candles and I turn off the lights. I turn on a slow jam cd and the first song that starts playing is “I’ll Make Love to You” by Boyz II Men. I open the door and I call out for Julian and when he sees me he stops in his tracks.

“Come in baby,” I said. Julian just looks me and up and while licking his lips and then walks into the bedroom. I close the door behind him and I turn to look at him and he is just staring at me.

“ are so gorgeous. I love you so much,” Julian said.

“You’re so sweet baby. I love you too. Come dance with me,” I said sexily. Julian licks his lips and moves closer to me. I wrap my arms around Julian’s neck and he wraps my arms around my waist and we start to slow dance together.

“You’re so handsome’re perfect,” I said softly.

“You’re so sweet. You’re the perfect one,” Julian said while smiling. He leans down and pecks my lips and then holds me tighter. After a few dances of dancing, I just want Julian to strip. I tell him to do so, he does it quickly, and then he looks at me.

“Lie down for me baby.” Julian lies down in the bed on his back and I go to the end of the bed and I crawl to him. I straddle him and I lean down and I caress his face.

“ mean everything to me. You are the love of my life and I cannot imagine a day of my life this day forward without you. You, JJ and Alexis are all I need I swear I mean that with all of my heart. I cannot wait to marry you and I cannot wait to start our lives. Our graduation was just the beginning baby. Our future what I live for. I live for you and our kids. I promise to always stand by you no matter what. I will not let anything or anyone come between us baby. I love you with all of my heart, my soul, my body, and my mind. I love you so much Julian,” I said passionately.

“Oh Zaira you’re so sweet baby. I love you too beautiful. You are my heart you know that.....I don’t deserve you, but I promise I will not ever take you or your love for granted. I will do my best every day to show you that I love you and cherish you. My life from this forward involves me making you and our kids happy and that’s it. When you are happy, then I am happy. You are my happiness Zaira. I love you,” Julian said passionately as well. I just smile and I grab Julian’s face and I lean down and I kiss him deeply. Julian lets his arms roam my stomach and breasts and I moan as we kiss. His hands then roam down my back and to my ass and he grips it tightly in my hands. I can feel him growing against me. Damn I just want to feel him inside of me. I swear there is no better feeling than Julian inside of me. He then runs his hands up my arms and he rests his palms as my face as we kiss passionately. I kiss down Julian’s chin and he tilts his head up and I lick, suck and kiss him all over his neck. I leave a love mark on his tiger tattoo ;) I then kiss down chest and I swirl my tongue around his nipples and he moans lowly while I do this. I run my tongue through the cut of his abs and then I smile when I get to his hard d***. I look up at him and he winks at me and I wink back at him. I open my mouth wide and I take all of him into my mouth at once.

“Ahhh s***,” Julian groaned. I bob my head back and forth at a very past pace as I take all of Julian in my mouth each time. I can tell he loves this and I love doing it. Within 10 minutes, I am swallowing Julian’s cum. I wipe my lips and then I look at him and he smiles at me.

“It’s my turn now baby.....lie down for me,” Julian said. I switch positions with Julian and he plants gentle kisses all over my neck as he slides down the straps of my lingerie piece. I take my arms out of the outfit and he slides it down to my stomach. He looks at my breasts then attacks them with his lips. I rest my left hand on top of his head and I rub it gently as I moan. His tongue feels so good. He slides the lingerie piece past my waist and I take it off under him and he throws it to the floor. He licks and kisses down my navel and hips and then he opens my legs wide and just goes right in. His tongue is already deep inside of me.

“Julian......ahhh!!,” I moaned in pleasure. Julian flicks his tongue across my clit and I scream in pure ecstasy. His tongue is a weapon I swear! He moves his stiffened tongue in and out of my pussy and I grip the bed sheets in pleasure. Within 10 minutes, I am squirting and screaming my lungs out. Julian sits up and licks his lips and I look at him while panting hard.

“Julian get inside of me,” I said.

“I love it when you’re demanding baby,” Julian said while smiling. Julian goes to reach into the dresser for a condom, but I put my hand up stop him. He just looks at me in complete shock.

“Zaira......what are you doing?!,” Julian asked in shock.

“Julian.....I wanted us both to graduate before we stopped using condoms and we graduated today so.....let’s not use condoms anymore. Let’s try and have our baby,” I said while looking Julian in his eyes.

“Zaira are you sure? Are you 100% positive? I wouldn’t mind waiting until we are married if you wanted to.”

“Julian I want this. I want this so bad. I want to have our baby as soon as I can.” The biggest smile ever forms across Julian’s face and he leans down and kisses me so passionately with mostly tongue!! Damn he has never kissed me like this before!!!! Julian pulls out of the kiss and looks at me.

“This means everything to me Zaira,” Julian said.

“It means everything to me too baby,” I said. Julian then narrows his eyes at me and looks at me lustfully. He’s so nasty ;)

“Zaira I really hope you understand what you have just you understand that I am literally going to destroy your pussy?,” Julian said sternly.

“I...I...I know that baby,” I said while stuttering a bit.

“You scared?”


“You should be.” I just swallow hard. Why does his aggressiveness turn me on so much?!?! Lord please help me!! Julian positions himself in between my legs and looks at me and I look at him. Gosh this is going to feel too good!!! I cannot wait!!!

“Zaira.....I am going to apologize now for cumming the second I am inside of you. You know I like to take my time with you, but with your tight, wet warm, raw pussy around me......I won’t be able to control it,” Julian said while laughing a bit. I just laugh and I shake my head. Julian leans down and kisses me and he grabs his d*** in his right hand and slides inside of me. The way he a million times better than I thought!!!! We both let out very loud moans even when the head was just in. I am drenched and I know for a fact I have never been this wet before.

“Damn Zaira!!!!!! f*** you feel good!!!!,” Julian groaned in pure pleasure.

“Mmmmmmm! So do you Julian!,” I moaned. Once Julian is all the way inside of me, he rests his head on my shoulder and lets out a sigh.

“s*** I have never felt anything so good in my life.......damn!! You been keeping this s*** from me?,” Julian joked. I just laugh and I kiss Julian’s cheek and he grabs my face and looks at me intensely and I just look back at him.

“I love you Zaira,” Julian said.

“I love you too Julian,” I said. He smiles at me and stares me in my eyes as he pumps in and out of me. Damn he feels good!!! To feel Julian with no barrier is beyond amazing. Within a minute, Julian reaches his second climax and his face contorts in a way I have never seen before. It must have been good!! We both moaned out loud as Julian shot his cum inside of me. I loved the way that felt! He collapses on my chest and I just hold him tight and I smile to myself.

“Damn Zaira....we are not sleeping tonight I hope you know that,” Julian said.

“That’s fine with me baby,” I said. We both catch our breath and then Julian sits up and looks at me.

“We are just getting started. Turn around and get in doggystyle,” Julian demanded. I nod my head obediently and Julian gets off of me and I turn around and I get in doggystyle. Julian slaps my ass multiple times and he pushes my chest in the bed. Julian gets behind me and grips my waist tight and he slides right into me. He groans out in pleasure and he just starts beating my s*** up!!! Like he has no mercy on my pussy right now!!!

“Uhhhhh s***!,” Julian groaned while slapping my ass.

“Ohhhhhhh Julian!,” I yelled into the bed.

“Damn your pussy is so good baby,” Julian moaned.

“Mmmm.” Julian and I continue like this for a while, but then he grabs my left leg and props it up so my left foot is placed in the bed. Julian continue his fast pace, but then starts to rub my clit.

“Ohhhhhhh baby!!!! f***!!!!,” I yelled in ecstasy.

“You like that huh?,” Julian said while slapping my ass with his other hand.

“Mmmmmm yes baby I love it! I love it!!!! You’re gonna make me cum!!”

“That’s right you cum for me baby. That’s what I want.” Within minutes I am squirting all over the bed and screaming at the top of my lungs. Julian slide out of me while I came, but once I was done, he slid right back inside of me and came for a third time within minutes. I collapse on the bed and Julian pulls me legs so they are straight on the bed and spreads them out a bit. He lies on top of me, so his chest is against my back and he plants gentle kisses on the back of my neck as I try to catch my breath. Once I catch my breath, I turn my face towards Julian and he kisses my cheek multiple times.

“Zaira you feel f***in’ amazing. You have Grade A pussy do you know that?,” Julian joked.

“You’re so silly.....but Julian you feel amazing too. You feel a million times better than I imagined. It feels so good to not have to use a barrier with you.”

“I feel the same way....can I slide back in?,” Julian whispered in my ear.

“You don’t even have to ask,” I said sexily. Julian nibbles on my ear and I moan and he slides right back inside of me. Julian wraps his arms around my waist and pumps in and out of me slowly.

“f*** you feel so good Zaira. I can’t say that enough,” Julian said through groans.

“So do you baby,” I moaned.

“I want you to have my baby so bad.” I just smile to myself. Julian is too sweet when we make love. He always says the sweetest things to me. I cannot wait to have my baby with Julian. This man is so amazing and he makes me so happy and I cannot imagine anyone else being the father of my children. Once Julian and I reach another climax, Julian flips me over on my back, puts my legs on his shoulders and slides back inside of me. He starts pumping in and out of me so fast. Gosh he really is trying to destroy my pussy!

“Julian!!! Baby ahhhhh!!,” I yelled.

“Uhhhh damn. This s*** is amazing,” Julian said softly. Julian grips my waist tight and thrusts fast and deep.

“OHHHHH BABY!!!! I screamed in pleasure. I feel a strong sensation take over me after a while and I push Julian out of me and I sit up and open my legs. I rub my clit hard and within a minute I am squirting all over the place. Julian just smiles at me as I do this, and I collapse back into the bed.

“Oh gosh,” I said weakly.

“You need a break baby?,” Julian asked. I just nod my head and Julian nods his head and lies on his side facing me. He gently runs his hands through my hair and kisses my cheek as I breathe heavily. After a five minute break, Julian and I go right back at it. I lost count how many times we both climaxed and we literally did every position known to man I swear! Julian climaxed inside of me so many times; I know he filled my pussy with cum just how he wanted to ;) At around 4 am, Julian and I just finished a round with me on top of him. I collapse on his chest and he holds me close and kisses my forehead multiple times.

“Zaira......thank you so much for tonight. Tonight truly means everything to me,” Julian said.

“Julian thank you for making tonight special. Today has been one of the best days of my life. I’m so happy right now,” I said as tears ran down my cheeks.

“Hey don’t cry.” Julian quickly wipes my tears away and looks at me.

“Julian you are a dream come true I swear. Everything is finally going our way and I’m just so happy. Thank you for making me so happy baby,” I said.

“You’re so sweet Zaira. I know we have had some rough times together, but we made it and now we deserve all the blessings that are coming our way. I know our future is going to be amazing and I’m so excited to start our future together,” Julian said. I just smile and Julian sits up with me in his lap and we hug each other tight. Today will be a day I will never ever forget. After a short embrace, Julian pulls out of the embrace and kisses my lips. He then looks down at my stomach and smiles. He rubs it gently while looking up at me.

“You know that you are probably going to be pregnant by our wedding whether you know it or not right? Because we are having raw sex up until then for sure at least once a day, unless you are on your cycle,” Julian said while grinning.

“I know baby and I can’t wait to have our baby.....we are going to be so happy,” I said while smiling big.

“We already are Zaira. We already are.”

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Damn its almost here graduation and the. Wow times flying. Aww they all still try to hang together even though Cameron and Angela are parents now. Well I see shantel got that ass handed to her lol. She wasnt expecting Zaira to whoop her ass huh lol. Aww Zaira fears she'll lose Julian, like all the other men in her life poor thing. I just hope Julian can truly assure her thats not gonna happen, aww there lovemaking was so sweet and passionate, like Ju telling her its only her for him and vice-versa.

Run It!


So another three months pass and everyone is doing great! CJ has gotten so big already and yes we all spoil him to death! He is really cute; he is a great mix between his mother and father. JJ and Alexis love him already and they have seen him quite a few times since he was born. Cameron and Angela seem to be getting the hang of parenthood pretty quickly. They are both so good with him. I love CJ and so does Zaira. Oh my gosh Zaira treats CJ like he is her own. I can tell that when we have our baby, she is going to such a great caregiver to our newborn baby. Zaira and I are starting to finalize our wedding plans as well!! We found the church, venue for our reception and we are currently looking for a cake and we still have to find our dresses and tuxedos for all of the wedding party. The planning is really coming together and I am so happy about that. We are already in our second semester of our senior year and it’s amazing how the time has flown! We will be getting married in no time! Anyway, it’s Friday evening and Zaira and I are getting ready for a party. We both just want to get out and have a good time together. We are going to meet Angela and Cameron at the party as well. They haven’t been out since the birth of CJ, so they just want to get out for one night as well. Angela’s mom is going to watch CJ for the evening. So once I am all dressed, I come out to the bedroom and I see Zaira all dressed in <a href="">this</a>. Her makeup is perfect and she is wearing her hair out. Her hair now falls past her shoulders in its natural state. She is just stunning.

“Baby do I look ok?,” Zaira asked.

“ are stunning. You are so beautiful......damn can we f*** real quick?,” I joked. Zaira just laughs and walks over to me and pecks my lips then looks me up and down. I am wearing skinny jeans, Jordans, a nice t-shirt and a hat to match everything.

“Baby you’re so handsome,” Zaira said while smiling big.

“Thank you let’s go to this party, so we can come back and f*** alright?,” I said. Zaira just slaps my chest and I laugh and I kiss her lips multiple times. We get everything we need and then we head to the party about four blocks away. Once we get there, we meet Angela and Cameron outside the house before walking in.

“Hey boo!,” Zaira said to Angela.

“Hey! Zaira you look gorgeous!,” Angela said.

“So do you Angela! Are you sure you just had a baby three months ago? You look amazing!” Angela just laughs and hugs Zaira tight and then Zaira hugs Cameron as well. I say hi to Cameron and Angela and I hug the both of them tightly.

“How is CJ doing?,” I asked.

“Oh he’s great man. We put him to sleep before we left.....I know Angela is going to call her mama every five minutes to check on him,” Cameron said while laughing a bit.

“You’re right I will want to. I miss my baby already.....but let’s go inside ya’ll. It’s been a minute since I have just had a good time with my fiancé,” Angela said while moving closer to Cameron. That’s right, Cameron proposed to Angela two months ago at her birthday party in front of everyone. It was really great. Angela couldn’t stop crying. Zaira and I are so happy for them. Cameron kisses Angela’s lips multiple times and then we all go into the party. It’s packed! We say hi to everyone that we know and we go into the kitchen and we all fix non-alcoholic drinks. Zaira has never been a drinker and I haven’t either. Angela and Cameron said they barely drink now that they have CJ. We can all still have fun when we are sober anyway. We go to the dancing area as YG “Make it Clap” is playing. Zaira loves this song. She is always dancing and twerking to it when we are at the apartment. She grabs my hand and turns around on me and starts grinding on me. I hold her waist tightly with my free hand and I move right with her. Damn I love the way she moves! She moves her hips like a pro which I know is from all the sex we have ;). Cameron and Angela find a spot near us and start dancing as well. We all have a great time and we dance for about 30 minutes before we take a quick break. After another hour and a half, Angela and Zaira go to the bathroom and Cameron and I just talk amongst ourselves. As we are talking though, Shantel comes up to me and wraps her left arm around my waist.

“You want to dance Julian?,” Shantel asked nicely. I quickly take Shantel’s arm from around my waist and she looks at me confused.

“What friends can’t dance?,” Shantel asked.

“I don’t think so Shantel. I’m with Zaira and I don’t need anyone getting the wrong idea about you and I,” I said sternly.

“Oh you brought your girlfriend huh?”

“She’s my fiancée actually Shantel.” I just look Shantel up and down as she smiles at me. She is wearing a shirt that only covers her breasts and extremely short shorts. She looks like a basic ho to me and nothing else.

“You sure you don’t want to dance?,” Shantel asked.

“I think he said no,” Zaira said from behind me. I turn around and I hold my hand out to Zaira and she grabs it tightly and I bring her so she is standing next to me and I kiss her cheek. Shantel just rolls her eyes and I know Zaira noticed this.

“You have something to say?,” Zaira asked.

“You know? I just don’t get how Julian could fall for someone like you.....he can do so much better,” Shantel said while looking Zaira up and down. I am about to step to Shantel, but Zaira puts her hand up to stop me. She looks at me and her eyes say she will handle it.

“And who’s better? You? The campus ho,” Zaira said rudely. Damn where did that come from?!? Zaira can have a temper when she wants to though.

“Ho? b**** you don’t know me,” Shantel said defensively.

“You’re right but it’s not exactly a secret that you f*** everything with a d***,” Zaira retorted. Shantel just looks in shock and then pushes Zaira hard. Zaira barely stumbles then pushes Shantel back.

“Baby don’t she’s not even worth it,” I said quickly. Shantel pushes Zaira again though, and Zaira pushes Shantel so hard that Shantel fell to the floor. Shantel kicks Zaira’s legs and Zaira just got on top of Shantel and started to beat and scratch the mess out of her! I have never seen Zaira act like this! Zaira even pulled out a few of Shantel’s tracks! Shantel tried to pull out Zaira’s hair, but Zaira’s hair is real so she didn’t do any damage there! Zaira got in multiple good hits, while Shantel just put her hands up in defense. Cameron and I quickly pull Zaira off of Shantel and Shantel just wipes blood from her lip. Zaira really did some damage! Damn!!!! On the low, that s*** is sexy as f*** ;)

“Stay away from Julian you ho! He is mine!,” Zaira yelled at Shantel while kicking her legs causing her heel to put a small slash on Shantel’s bare leg. I grab Zaira’s waist tight and I take her outside and she takes my hands off of her waist and quickly walks away while taking a deep breath. I run after her and I stand in front of her and I see tears in her eyes. I know she is not proud of what she did at all. I know she does not condone fighting. I can tell she is very upset.

“Baby it’s had a right to fight back,” I said.

“Why did she have to push me? She wasn’t even worth that energy,” Zaira said sadly.

“Zaira sometimes you have to let people see what happens when they take things too far. She took it too far and she paid the price.”

“.....I’m sorry if I ruined our night. But you are mine Julian. You’re my man and I can’t just let any woman disrespect me or what we have.”

“I understand that completely makes me feel really good to know that I am worth fighting for.”

“Julian......I would die for you,” Zaira said while looking into my eyes as tears streamed down her face. That just melted my heart. I know Zaira would do absolutely anything for me. Cameron and Angela then come running up to us.

“Zaira, boo you ok?,” Angela asked quickly.

“Yes I am ok,” Zaira said while sighing.

“I knew you had it in you was just a matter of time before it came out. You beat her ass!,” Cameron exclaimed. We all laugh a bit at Cameron’s statement.

“Ya’ll I’m sorry if I ruined your night,” Zaira said apologetically.

“Not at all....if anyone, you ruined Shantel’s really f***ed up her face I’m proud of you!,” Angela said. Zaira just shakes her head while looking down and laughing a bit and then she looks up at me.

“I’m not proud of what I did......but I know what I was fighting for was completely worth it,” Zaira said sweetly. I just smile and I wipe her tears and I kiss her lips. I examine her and Zaira doesn’t even have a scratch on her. I am proud of her :).

“Ya’ll want to get out of here and get something to eat real quick?,” I asked. Everyone nods their head and we go to Denny’s. We enjoy an early breakfast since the time now is around 2 am. After that, Angela and Cameron head to Angela’s mom’s house and then Zaira and I head to our apartment. Zaira has been pretty quiet since the fight. Once we get inside of our apartment, we go into our bedroom and Zaira takes off her heels and sighs. I close the door behind me and I take off my shoes and I come up behind her and I wrap my arms around her waist and I hold her tightly.

“You alright baby?,” I asked.

“....I just feel so awful.....she provoked me though Julian,” Zaira said.

“Exactly so she got exactly what was coming. I know you feel bad because you are such a nice person and you have such a huge heart. I know you don’t like to hurt people, but it happened and it’s ok. We can’t get along with everyone you know?”

“You’re right baby. Thank you.”

“No problem gorgeous.....I know what can make you feel better.”

“What’s that?”

“Me.” I turn Zaira around in my arms and she wraps her arms around my neck and I lean down and I kiss her gently. Zaira moaned the minute our lips touched and I held her close to me. I run my hands down her waist and I move them so they are resting on her ass. Our kiss becomes deeper and Zaira tugs at the bottom of my t-shirt. I quickly take off my hat and t-shirt and Zaira runs her hands up and down my chest and abs. She leans in and plants kisses all over my neck and chest and I moan lowly as she does this. She looks up at me and then takes her shirt off and I take off her strapless bra. I lean and I attack her breasts with my lips, causing Zaira’s moans to become louder. She runs her left hand down my abs and unbuttons then unzips my pants. She slides her right hand inside of my pants and boxers and then she finds my d*** and begins to stroke me slowly. I moan slightly as I kiss her breasts.

“Mmmm baby I want you inside of me. Deep inside of me,” Zaira said through moans. Damn I am rock hard now. I pull back from Zaira and I just stare at her. I just want to make her feel better and I plan to do just that. I take off my jeans and boxers and then I just look at Zaira as she looks me up and down. She smiles to herself and then she undresses as I watch her. She lies down in the bed on her back and then looks at me.

“Come make love to me,” Zaira said softly. I just smile and I put on a condom and I get on top of her in between her legs. She rests her hands on my cheeks and I lean down and I kiss her deeply. Zaira moves her hands from my cheeks and she wraps her arms tightly around me as I grind myself into her. She moans slightly and grabs my d*** in her hands and I pull out of our kiss and I look at her as she guides me inside of her. She feels better each time I am inside of her I swear. She is so wet right now.

“Uhh f***,” I groaned as Zaira slide all of me inside of her. Zaira wraps her arms around my waist and I lean down so my chest is against hers and I turn my head so my lips are facing her ear. I thrust in and out of Zaira slowly as she moans.

“ I love you,” Zaira said.

“I love you too baby. I love you with all of me,” I said softly.

“You’re my heart Julian.”

“You’re the reason I breathe Zaira.”

“I want you in my life forever.”

“I’m right here baby and I am not going anywhere.” Zaira turns her head to face me and we kiss so passionately. The passion between us right now is off the charts. After a deep kiss, she pulls away and looks at me.

“I won’t let anyone come between us if you promise to do the same for me,” I said.

“I promise baby. I promise,” Zaira said. I smile and I kiss her forehead as I continue to stroke in and out of her. Zaira wraps her arms around my neck and wraps her legs around my waist to give me deeper access inside of her. She closes her eyes and I just watch her enjoy this moment. Sometimes the love we have for each other amazes me. Our love is strong and deep. I cannot wait until we start our lives together and with the kids. Zaira just looks at me and I look at her. I can tell something is on her mind. I don’t want to ruin the moment, so I will ask her later. After two rounds of climaxes, Zaira and I are cuddled under the sheets. We are both lying down on our sides facing each other and I have my right arm draped around her waist. Zaira is outlining a few of my chest tattoos with her fingers. I love it when she does that ;). I can still tell something is on her mind.

“You ok from tonight baby?,” I asked while running my hands through her hair.

“I’m ok Julian.....can I tell you something?,” Zaira said.

“Of course baby. Talk to me.”

“I saw when Shantel put her arm around your waist.....and I swear something in me snapped. I knew you wouldn’t dance with her but.....just the thought of you......just the thought of you looking at any other woman the way you look at me, dancing with another woman the way you dance with me or doing anything else that you would do with me......all of that scares me to my core Julian. In both of my past relationships.....I was replaced. The man replaced me with another woman......and the thought of you ever replacing me scares me Julian. That is why I need assurance all the time. I need to hear you say that you want me and only me so I can believe it.....I snapped on Shantel because if anyone is going to take you away from me, I am going to put up one hell of a fight. I’ll die before I let anyone come between us,” Zaira said as tears ran down her cheeks. Wow. I don’t even have words for what Zaira just said to me. This woman is so f***in’ amazing I don’t even deserve her, but I surely will not take her for granted. I wipe Zaira’s tears and I hold her face in my hands tightly as she looks at me. We both look in each other’s eyes.

“ one could ever take me from me. My heart literally belongs to you baby you have to know and believe that. I cannot imagine my life without you in it. If you aren’t with me, then I am nothing. I am literally nothing without you. You make me better Zaira. I love you so damn much and I am not going anywhere. We are going to spend our lives together. Trust and believe that,” I said sternly. Zaira just nods her head and I wrap my arms around her and I pull her close to me and I hold her tightly. I have realized that Zaira’s past relationships have scarred her in a sense. Zaira loves hard and I know that. She fears the more she gets involved and the deeper she loves, the more likely she is to get hurt. That’s just not the case with Zaira and me though. I am and always will be here to stay.

i want a bf like Zaria's! lol too dam cute and CJ a joy :)
run it

Im glad Zaira told Julian how upset and uncomfortable she was with his interractions with Shantel, and that lil heffa better watch it and quit flirting with Julian. I dont like that Zaira's so insecure about her apperance, she's a beautiful woman, whom Julian adores, Travis was an a**hole for messing with her self esteem, by saying she wasnt very pretty. Thats why Julians great, he makes sure she knows how beautiful she is. RUN IT!!!

Run it....

Julian is so wonderful..but he does need to let shantell know to back off it

Awwww CJ's birth was soo beautiful!! He's so cute, I can tell. I'm glad Zaira and Julian talked about how she was feeling. It's a shame Zaira doesn't feel good about herself. But she has Juju to make her feel better. They're so cute!


So the next day, Friday, Zaira and I are walking on campus after our classes are over at 2:15. As we are walking, Shantel is walking towards us. When she sees me, she smiles and waves and I smile and wave back. Once she is in front of us, she hugs me and I hug her back. She then says hi and waves to Zaira and Zaira is polite and does the same back.

“Hey Julian.....think you and Zaira are coming to my party tonight?,” Shantel asked.

“I’m not sure. Our best friends just had a baby last night, so we are going to the hospital now to see them.”

“Aww that’s nice.....but I would really like for you to come Julian. Don’t disappoint me,” Shantel said while smiling a bit.

“Maybe for a little bit, we will see. I will let you know,” I said.

“Ok Julian, you have my number so let me know. I look forward to seeing you tonight,” Shantel said. She kisses my cheek and then hugs me and then walks away without saying anything to Zaira. Zaira kind of glares at Shantel as she walks away and I notice this. She is definitely jealous right now, but she has no reason to be. I grab her by her waist and I kiss her cheek multiple times and she looks at me.

“Why you looking like that?,” I asked.

“So it’s ok for her to kiss your cheek?,” Zaira asked.

“I don’t pay that any bothers you?”

“Yes it does Julian. You flipped s*** on me when Xavier looked at me a certain way but he never even touched me, but you let other girls kiss your cheek like it’s nothing? That’s f***ed up and you know it,” Zaira said harshly. Where the f*** did that come from?!? Ugh damn must be her time of the month coming soon, that is the only time Zaira ever gets moody.

“Wow ok.....I had no idea you felt like that. I’m sorry. I will tell her to stop kissing my cheek, hugging me and talking to me? Would that make you happy Zaira?,” I asked. Zaira just rolls her eyes and sighs.

“No I’m asking you Zaira. I’m not trying to be rude right now, I am asking you want you want from me. I don’t want you to feel threatened or jealous so tell me what I can do and I will do it,” Julian said.

“....I don’t know Julian.....let’s just go get the kids ok?,” Zaira said while sighing and looking down. I hate seeing her like this. I move closer to Zaira and I hug her tightly and I kiss the top of her head multiple times.

“Baby I love you so much. You are my everything. No one can or ever will come between us I mean that,” I said.

“I love you too Julian. I love you so much,” Zaira said softly. I smile a bit and I pull out of the embrace and I peck Zaira’s lips. I then grab her hand and we walk to my car and we go pick up JJ and Alexis from school. We are talking them to the hospital with us so they can meet CJ. They are both very excited. Once we get to the hospital, we all go to Angela’s room and we see Cameron sleeping in a chair near the bed, and Angela awake holding CJ in her arms as she reclines upward in the bed. She smiles big when she sees JJ and Alexis.

“Hey my gorgeous sweethearts. I want you both to meet CJ. Come sit on the bed with me,” Angela said. I pick JJ and Alexis up and I set them on either side of Angela and they both just gasp and smile when they see CJ. He is awake and alert and looking around.

“Oh he’s a cutie pie!!,” Alexis said.

“He has your pretty eyes Angela,” JJ said nicely.

“Thank you handsome,” Angela said while smiling big. JJ and Alexis both rub CJ’s hands and Angela just smiles at them.

“CJ, baby, this is JJ and this is Alexis. You are going to be seeing a lot of them,” Angela said while pointing to each of them.

“Angela can you please show me how to hold him?,” Alexis asked nicely.

“Of course beautiful. Hold out your arms,” Angela said. Alexis holds out her arms and Angela carefully hands CJ to Alexis and Angela adjusts Alexis’ arms so she is holding CJ correctly. Alexis is just smiling big as she looks down at CJ.

“Hi CJ. You are so cute!!! You are a good mix between your mommy and daddy,” Alexis said while laughing a bit. Angela smiles and looks at Zaira and I. We go over to her and hug her and then she looks at Zaira.

“Zaira, boo what’s wrong?,” Angela asked. I know how close Zaira and Angela are, they are more like sisters, so they know just when something is bothering the other.

“Nothing girl, I’m fine,” Zaira said while putting a fake smile on her face.

“Zaira I have known you long enough to know when you are lying,” Angela said.

“I’m fine trust me Angela.....I’m going to use the restroom I’ll be back,” Zaira said. She quickly leaves the room and Angela looks at me.

“What’s bothering her?,” Angela asked.

“Well I think I am at fault here......I have this friend Shantel and Zaira and I saw her today on campus. Shantel wants me to come to her party tonight, but I told her we will probably be here at the hospital so I wasn’t sure. So when Shantel leaves, she hugs me then kisses my cheek. Then Zaira got mad and asked me why is it ok for Shantel to kiss my cheek but when Xavier even looked at her a certain way, I would get mad. She has a point, because I know I let my jealousy take control, but Zaira never has until now.....I told her if she doesn’t want me to be friends with Shantel, then I won’t. I don’t want to hurt her like that,” I said.

“Oh Julian......there is something you should know about Zaira......she has never been a confident person and it’s really sad to me because Zaira is absolutely gorgeous inside and out. I swear I tell her that every day and she still doesn’t believe’s not you, but I am sure she is threatened by Shantel because Shantel is pretty.......I don’t know if Zaira ever told you this.....but Travis constantly compared her to other women. He always wondered why she didn’t wear her hair a certain way, or why she didn’t dress a certain way or wear a lot of makeup.....he made her feel bad sometimes about her appearance because he thought she could do so much more with her looks......she told me that one time he rated her appearance and gave her a 7, and asked why she couldn’t look more like Lisa, because in his mind she was a 10. That made her feel awful and she tried to change certain things about herself and I know it didn’t help when Travis cheated on Zaira with Lisa. I know Zaira doesn’t want to control anything you do and she tries really hard not to be jealous. I know you tell her she is beautiful everyday she tells me that, but sometimes when another woman comes along friend or not, she doesn’t believe it......Zaira thinks you are the most handsome man in this world and she wonders why you chose her because she thinks you could have any woman you wanted,” Angela said. Damn. I had absolutely no clue Zaira felt the way she felt. That kills me. I swear Zaira is the most beautiful, gorgeous, sexy woman in the world to me. I tell her that all the time and I show her, but maybe I just need to do more.

“Wow Angela.....I really didn’t know her issues were that deep.....I should be more considerate of her feelings for sure,” I said.

“She loves you Julian and you love her. You two will work this out I know you will,” Angela said. I just nod my head and a few minutes later Zaira comes back into the room. We all sit with Cameron, Angela and CJ until around 7 pm. We ordered food while at the hospital and we all ate together. Angela said she will be discharged tomorrow and she and Cameron are very excited to bring CJ home. So Zaira and I drop the kids off at my mom’s house and then we head home. Once we get home, we go to our bedroom and Zaira sits on the bed and takes off her jewelry and I look at her.

“Baby come here,” I said while holding out my hand to Zaira. She just looks at me and sets her earrings on the counter and then grabs my hand and stands up from the bed. I walk her to the mirror and I stand behind her and I wrap my arms around her waist and I look at her through the mirror and she looks at me.

“Zaira you are the most beautiful woman in the world to you know that?,” I said. Zaira just sighs and looks down and I lift her face up and I look at her through the mirror and she looks at me.

“Where do I even begin? You have the most beautiful, inviting, almond shaped brown eyes. Your eyes alone take my breath away Zaira. You have this adorable shaped nose and your lips? Zaira your lips are perfectly shaped to me. I love how they feel against mine. You have the most beautiful smile I have ever seen in my life, I mean that. I seriously love your natural hair too baby. You have such a beautiful skin complexion and every inch of your body is so soft. I love the shape of your body and you know that. I love every inch of your curves baby. Everything about your exterior is perfect to me, but that’s not even the best part of you. Your best your heart baby. I swear you have a heart of gold beating in your chest. You are so passionate, caring and loving. You always and I mean always put everyone else’s needs before your own. You are so unselfish and I love that about you. You are absolutely gorgeous inside and out Zaira.....don’t you know that?,” I said whole heartedly. Zaira just looks at me as tears run down her cheeks and I quickly wipe them away.

“....You really meant that didn’t you?,” Zaira said softly. I turn Zaira around to face me and I look her in her eyes and she does the same to me.

“I meant every single word with every fiber in my being,” I said sternly. Zaira just wraps her arms around me and hugs me tight and I hold Zaira tightly.

“I’m sorry Julian,” Zaira said.

“You don’t need to were right in expressing how you feel. I should be more considerate of how you feel because you always consider my feelings,” I said.

“I don’t want to fight over stupid things like this. I really don’t....I can admit I am insecure Julian. I feel threatened by Shantel,” Zaira confessed.

“You shouldn’t feel that way though. My eyes are only on you and my heart is with you. No one could ever change that......if we were to go to this party, I wouldn’t do anything with Shantel. I would say hi and bye. The rest of the party I would be focused on your fine ass. You would have my complete attention. I mean that.”

“I know you would be trying to f*** at the party,” Zaira teased.

“Damn you know me so well,” I said while laughing.

“I really do....I’m sorry for snapping on you earlier.”

“It’s ok....your time of the month is coming I know.”

“Yeah it is. You probably now that cycle better than me,” Zaira joked.

“Hell yeah I do....I need to know when I won’t be getting any pussy.” Zaira just hits my chest and I laugh.

“Are you cramping already?,” I asked.

“Ugh yes.....I get cramps a week before the actual cycle comes,” Zaira said.

“Awww my poor baby......let’s just chill here tonight ok?”

“Julian.....if you want to go to the party tonight, I am fine with it.”

“I won’t go without you.....I already told Shantel I wouldn’t be coming anyway......I’ll make you your favorite ice cream sundae and we can watch movies. How does that sound?”

“That sounds great baby.....Julian I love you.”

“I love you too baby.” I kiss Zaira’s lips multiple times and then I go into the kitchen and I fix sundaes for Zaira and me. I go back into our bedroom and I see Zaira has changed into one of t-shirts. That’s my favorite outfit on her ;) I hand her the sundae and then I set my down so I can change into a beater and basketball shorts. I put Norbit on the television and then I get in the bed with Zaira. I pull her in between my legs and she rests her head against my chest. I get my sundae and we both start eating while watching the movie. Zaira and I watch two more movies, well actually one and a half more movies because I noticed Zaira sleeping at around 12 am. I smile and I turn off the television and I lie down in the bed on my back and I rest Zaira’s head on my chest. I just admire her and I rub her left hand as she sleeps. It’s hard for me to believe someone as beautiful as Zaira could be so insecure, but I have no problem telling her everyday just how I feel about her. This is the woman I am going to marry and spend the rest of my life with and no one could EVER compare to her.

run it

aww baby CJ is here!! that was so beautiful!! he will be so loved and very spoiled! lol.. hmm so Julian can have female friends but zaira cant txt xavier?? that aint it!

aww baby CJ is here!! that was so beautiful!! he will be so loved and very spoiled! lol.. hmm so Julian can have female friends but zaira cant txt xavier?? that aint it!


So another three months pass and Julian and I are doing just fine. The commercial Julian and I were in premiered on television about two months ago and now we are local celebrities! It seems like everyone knows as us as the couple that was in the natural hair commercial. It’s definitely different for all of us. The product company even asked us if JJ and Alexis would do a commercial for their kids’ line since they both have natural hair as well. The kids both really want to, but Julian and I aren’t too sure about that just yet. Anyway, on campus, so many females come up to Julian asking for pictures with him and autographs in case he becomes famous. Julian doesn’t really pay it any mind, but I know these females have crushes on him. As for me, not a single guy has asked for a picture with me or my autograph. People on campus know Julian as someone you don’t want to mess with, so that is why no one approaches me. I don’t mind at all because I don’t want Julian to get jealous or anything like that. But now I am the one feeling jealous. A lot of attractive woman approach and it makes me feel a certain type of way. I haven’t told Julian about this though because I don’t want any tension between us. As for Angela and Cameron, Angela has reached a full term pregnancy!!! She is due any day now! I am so excited for her! She is huge now, but I think she looks beautiful and Cameron does too and he tells her this every chance he gets. They are such a beautiful couple. I already know their child is going to be absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to meet my godchild CJ! Julian and I plan to be at CJ’s birth, whenever that may happen. Anyway, it’s Thursday afternoon and I am walking on campus to meet Julian at the bus stop. As I am walking, I see Julian talking and laughing with <a href="">her</a>. Her name is Shantel. It seems like whenever I see Julian on campus and he isn’t with me, he is with her. She is absolutely gorgeous though. I have never been an overly confident person to begin with, so I am easily threatened by attractive women. Ugh I hate feeling like this. I look at Julian as I am walking towards him and when he sees me he smiles big. I smile back and Shantel turns to face me and she smiles at me. I walk over to them and Julian kisses my cheek.

“Hi Zaira,” Shantel said nicely.

“Hi Shantel,” I said politely.

“Well Julian I should get I going to see you tomorrow?,” Shantel asked.

“Zaira and I might come, I’ll let you know by tomorrow though,” Julian said.

“Great I will see you later,” Shantel said. Shantel kisses Julian’s cheek and then smiles and waves at me and then walks away.

“What’s tomorrow?,” I asked.

“Oh she is having a party tomorrow night and she invited us,” Julian said. I just nod my head and I smile a bit and I start to walk, but Julian grabs my arm to stop me. I look at him and he looks at me. He wraps his arms around my waist and holds me close.

“What’s the matter?,” Julian asked.

“Nothing,” I said quickly.

“Don’t you dare lie to me Zaira.....we don’t have to go to the party tomorrow if you don’t want to.”

“It’s not’s just.....I don’t know.”

“You do know. Now tell me.”

“......Shantel is.....she’s gorgeous Julian,” I said while looking down. Julian grabs my chin and lifts my head up and looks me in my eyes.

“No one in this world is more gorgeous than you Zaira,” Julian said sternly.

“....Do you really mean that?,” I asked.

“Of course I do. No one could ever compare to you Zaira. You have my heart, hell you are my heart.....I know ever since the commercial a lot more females talk to me and even flirt with me I can admit that. But I do not flirt back and they all know that you are my fiancée....Shantel is in one of my classes this semester and we are friends Zaira. But if you do not want me to be friends with her, then I won’t. I don’t want to do anything to hurt you,” Julian said while caressing my left cheek.

“You’re so sweet baby. Thank you. I don’t want to control you in any way. As long as she respects me, then I am fine with it.” Julian just smiles and hugs me tight and then kisses my lips multiple times. He then slaps my ass and I gasp and I hit his chest.

“Why are you so freaky even in public?,” I asked.

“I’m not shy that’s why. I would f*** you in the middle of this campus and not give a damn who sees us,” Julian said while smirking. I just smack my lips and Julian laughs and kisses me all over my face. Just then my phone starts ringing. I look at it and I see Cameron is calling me. I answer and Cameron is screaming on the other end and all I can make out is “Angela’s water broke!!.” I just gasp in shock and I look at Julian.

“Ok Cameron we are on the way to the hospital now!,” I said. I hang up and Julian just looks at me.

“Angela’s water broke! We have to go to the hospital!,” I exclaimed.

“Oh my gosh I can’t believe it! Ok let’s go!,” Julian said quickly. He grabs my hand and we run to his car and we get in and quickly drive to the hospital. Once we get there, we go to the maternity ward and once we get there, we see Cameron pacing in the waiting area.

“Cameron!,” I called out. Cameron looks at me and Julian and he walks over to me and hugs me tight. I can tell he is nervous.

“Where is Angela?,” I asked.

“They are getting her set up in the room,” Cameron said shakily.

“Well I am sure she wants you with her. Let’s go,” I said. He takes a deep breath and nods his head and I grab his hand he leads us to Angela’s room. Angela is reclining up in the bed with her hospital gown.

“Baby come here,” Angela said while holding her hands out to Cameron. Cameron walks over to the bed and sits next to her and Angela rests her head on his shoulder and Cameron holds her tight. I just smile and I sit on the other side of Angela and I hug her tight.

“How you feeling boo?,” I asked while rubbing Angela’s stomach.

“So uncomfortable......these contractions I have had so far are no joke,” Angela said. I just laugh and I kiss her cheek and she kisses mine. Julian then kisses Angela’s cheek as well.

“I can’t wait to see you CJ. You are going to be the cutest thing,” I said to Angela’s stomach.

“He is probably going to look like his handsome father,” Angela said while looking at Cameron. Cameron just smiles and pecks Angela’s lips. Angela then rests her head on my shoulder and I gently rub her stomach. I can feel CJ moving :) This so amazing to me. I know when I get pregnant it will truly be a blessing and a miracle.

“Baby feel CJ moving,” I said to Julian. I grab Julian’s hand and I place it on Angela’s stomach and Julian smiles big when he feels CJ moving.

“That’s so amazing,” Julian said.

“Your time will come Julian. I already know you and Zaira would be great parents. You already are to JJ and Alexis,” Angela said.

“Thank you,” Julian and I said in unison.

“When CJ is born, I want you two to bring by JJ and Alexis to meet him. I already know they are going to be close,” Angela said.

“They can’t wait to meet him,” I said. Angela smiles a bit and closes her eyes and Cameron lies her down in the bed and kisses her forehead as he holds her hand tight.

“Try and get some sleep baby. You are going to need all the energy you can get,” Cameron said.

“Ok baby.....I love you Cameron. I love you so much. I can’t wait to give birth to our son,” Angela said.

“I love you more Angela. I can’t wait to meet our lil’ man,” Cameron said while smiling. Cameron pecks Angela’s lips multiple times and then rubs Angela’s stomach until she falls asleep. Cameron then looks at Julian and me.

“Ya’ll I’m so scared,” Cameron confessed.

“Why Cameron?,” I asked.

“I don’t the first thing about being a father....I’m so nervous and scared that I won’t do anything right,” Cameron said.

“Don’t think like that Cameron. You and Angela and so great with JJ and Alexis and they may not be newborns, but they are still children. You can’t and won’t learn everything right away, but you and Angela can work as a team to figure out just how to care for CJ. It will come naturally believe it or not,” Julian said.

“Julian’s right Cameron. Nothing you do may be perfect at first, but you will get the hang of it faster than you think. Don’t even worry,” I said.

“Man ya’ll are right....I just want to be a good father you know? I already love CJ more than I thought I could love anyone......I already know when he is born I am going to cry,” Cameron said while laughing a bit.

“Of course you are going to cry. Your first born child is about to come into the world,” I said. Cameron just smiles and nods his head and then looks at Angela. He smiles and holds her hand tightly and caresses it gently.

“Ya’ll I love Angela so much....I want to marry her,” Cameron said. I just gasp in shock and Julian smiles.

“Are you thinking about proposing?,” Julian said.

“Yes I am.....I already have the ring and her mom’s approval. Her birthday is coming up, so I think I will do something special for her then....I want it to be perfect,” Cameron said.

“Oh Cameron! I am so happy for you!,” I exclaimed. I go over to his side of the bed and I hug him tightly and Julian daps him. I am so happy for Cameron and Angela!!! They deserve this!!! I know Angela is going to be too excited when Cameron proposes. I know how much they love each other. About two hours pass, and Angela wakes up in pain. She holds her stomach and closes her eyes shut. I am sure she is experiencing a contraction. Cameron and I hold her hands as she squeezes her tightly. Once the contraction passes, she takes a deep breath and opens her eyes.

“You ok baby? Was that a contraction?,” Cameron asked.

“Yes baby it was. I am ok,” Angela said while sighing. Cameron just nods his head and records the time her contraction lasted. He is making a table of how long Angela’s contractions are how far apart they are. Cameron then kisses Angela’s forehead multiple times and Angela just smiles. A nurse then comes in and checks Angela’s dilation and she is only 3 cm, and she needs to at least be 10 cm to start pushing. The nurse then does an ultrasound and CJ looks just fine. All of his vitals are right where they should be. Cameron, Julian and I get a quick bite to eat and we patiently wait for Angela to start pushing. Finally, 8 hours later, at around 10 pm, Angela is ready to start pushing!! Cameron and Angela’s mom who came as well are both dressed in scrubs. Julian and I are holding Angela’s hands.

“Ok Angela whenever you are ready, you can start pushing,” the doctor said. Angela nods her head takes a deep breath and closes her eyes starts pushing. She does a cycle of 4 pushes, and then she stops, breathing heavily afterwards.

“Cameron I can’t do it. I can’t do it,” Angela said as tears ran down her cheeks.

“Baby yes you can do it. You can do this. You are strong. You are almost there,” Cameron said in an encouraging tone. Angela just nods her head and after three more pushes, the doctors say they can see the head. Cameron and Angela’s mother are both in tears.

“Come on baby, CJ is almost here. Just one more push,” Cameron said. Angela takes a deep breath and pushes and screams out as CJ is expelled from her body. I am crying at this point and Julian has tears in his eyes. The room is then filled with cries from CJ. Cameron cuts the umbilical cord as tears stream down his cheek. The nurse cleans, weighs, measures CJ before she puts him in a diaper, clothes and a blanket.

“Ok here he is,” the nurse said. The nurse hands CJ to Angela and she is just balling.

“He’s beautiful Angela and Cameron,” Julian said.

“He is. He’s perfect,” Angela said. Julian comes over to me and holds me close and Cameron goes over to Angela and sits next to her on the bed.

“Hi baby boy, it’s mommy. I love you so much Cameron Junior,” Angela said. She kisses his cheek multiple times.

“Hey lil’ man,” Cameron said while rubbing CJ’s hand. CJ yawns big and we all just smile at that. Angela hands CJ to Cameron and Cameron holds him perfectly and rocks him gently, while kissing his cheek as well.

“I love you already CJ,” Cameron said.

“Baby he looks exactly the way you did when you were a baby,” Angela said.

“You’re right.....he has your eyes though,” Cameron noticed. Cameron holds CJ for a bit, then Angela’s mom does, and then she hands CJ to me. I hold him so his head is supported and I just stare at him. He is beautiful.

“Hi CJ, I’m your are so beautiful,” I said as tears ran down my cheeks. I lean down and I kiss his cheek and he yawns again and I just smile.

“He is so precious,” I said as tears flow down my cheeks. Julian laughs a bit and wipes my tears.

“You’re next Zaira,” Angela said while smiling a bit. I just nod my head and I hand CJ to Julian and Julian gently rocks him.

“Hey CJ. I’m your godfather Julian,” Julian said softly. Julian kisses CJ’s forehead and CJ squirms a bit, but calms down quickly. Julian hands CJ to Angela and I look at him and I wipe his tears. He smiles at me and then kisses my forehead. I hope my birthing experience is just as beautiful as Angela’s. I can tell her and Cameron love CJ so much already. Julian and I stay with Angela and Cameron until about 12 am. We tell them we will be back tomorrow after our Friday classes. Julian and I hug and say bye to everyone and then we get in the car and head home. Once we get home, we instantly change into our pajamas and then we lie down in the bed.

“That was amazing to see baby....I can’t wait until you give birth baby,” Julian said as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

“It really was beautiful....and CJ is so cute. He looks like Cameron but definitely has Angela’s eyes,” I said.

“I know you’re was emotional to see him being born. I cried, so when our baby is born, I am going to be balling like a baby. I probably won’t be able to stop crying,” Julian said while laughing a bit.

“I am going to feel the same way baby.” Julian pulls me close to him and rests my head on his chest. I hold Julian tight and he kisses my forehead and I just smile to myself.

“....Thank you Julian,” I said softly.

“Thanks for what baby?,” Julian asked.

“Thank you for being so patient with me.....I know how bad you want us to have our child, and I know seeing CJ born was a great experience, but I know you want it for us as well.”

“You’re so sweet baby, but I know waiting to have our child after we both graduate and get a job is the best option for us. I know that is what’s best and it may have taken me a while to see that, but I see it now. I love you woman and I will do anything for you I truly mean that.”

“I know you would baby, that is why I love you so much.”

“Oh yeah? Show me how much you love me. Hop on this d***,” Julian said. I just gasp and I hit Julian’s chest and he laughs as I roll on top of him.

“How come I can’t just say how much I love you, and you believe me?,” I teased.

“Actions speak louder than words baby,” Julian said while smacking my ass. I just giggle as I lean down to kiss Julian deeply. He wraps his arms around me and holds me close. I love how intimate Julian and I are, I swear I wouldn’t trade that in for the world :)

Ok ya’ll hopefully you all liked that add! If you read, please leave comments!!!!! I love ya’ll :)

That was a good add. You trippin Nicole.
I cracked up at the part of Julian accidentally saying outloud that Zaira's his to Xavier lol. The commercial was a hit and it was so cute they picked Julian to play Zaira's love interst in the commercial.
Im glad that they talked out there little argument I hate when they fight, they should never go asleep mad at one another. I bet this commercial is gonna bring them both populairty. Aww Cameron and Angela are gonna be parents real soon, its sweet they invite Julian and Zaira to the appointments. RUN IT!!!


Run It...

yeah it wasnt bad at all!
run it

its not as bad as you thik. it was entertaining. run it

So about three months pass and Zaira and I started our senior year of college about two months ago!! We were both so excited to finally start our last year of college. We are both already looking forward to graduation. I cannot wait to marry my baby and f*** her raw already!! Ugh! I swear the millisecond I am inside of Zaira raw, I am nutting ASAP!! I don’t like to be quick when it comes to sex, but I know with raw sex I won’t be able to help it. She will surely be pregnant within two months at least I promise ;) Right now, Zaira and I are just focusing on our last year of college and slowly but surely planning our wedding. Cameron and Angela are doing great! They found out about two months ago, they are expecting a baby boy. They already have the name, Cameron Junior so CJ for short. I am really happy for them I mean that. Angela is about six months pregnant now and Cameron takes care of her every need. Angela’s mom actually lives close so until Angela finishes this semester, she will take care of CJ. I know Angela and Cameron will be excellent parents, since they are both so good with JJ and Alexis. Alexis and JJ are excited for Angela and Cameron’s baby as well. JJ is so silly talking about Cameron got his girlfriend pregnant. I am going to have to watch JJ and Alexis when they get older, they are both so flirtatious! I know JJ got it from me though ;) Zaira and I have been to every ultrasound that Angela and Cameron have had and it’s amazing. It’s amazing to see a child grow by the month; it’s beautiful to me actually. I cannot wait to go to ultrasounds with Zaira when she is pregnant! Damn this year needs to fly by! Anyway, about two weeks ago, Zaira got an opportunity to be in a commercial!!! She didn’t want to do it because she didn’t think she would be good for the job, but I told her she was perfect and I told her she should do it. So actually me, Zaira, JJ and Alexis are on the way to Richmond now. It’s about 1 pm on a Saturday afternoon. The commercial shoot starts at 3 and they wanted Zaira there by 2 pm. I can tell she is nervous, but she shouldn’t be.

“Baby don’t be nervous,” I said while rubbing her left thigh.

“Is it that obvious?,” Zaira asked.

“Yeah baby just calm down ok? Talk to me.....what is the commercial storyline?”

“Well so I am going on a date, but my hair is just not how I want it. So I use this natural hair product, and it defines my curls perfectly so I can leave the house for my date. So once I leave the house I go on my date and I guess the ending scene is me and my date sharing an embrace then I look at the camera and promote the product,” Zaira said while laughing a bit.

“Sounds good baby......who is going to play your date?” Better not be that Xavier nigga. Zaira just looks over at me and smiles big and I just look at her strangely.

“Is there something you aren’t telling me?,” I asked.

“Well.....I wanted it to be a surprise, but one of the recruiters noticed our he wants you to play my date,” Zaira said while smiling big.

“What??! Baby are you serious?!,” I asked in shock.

“Yes baby I’m serious!”

“Wow! Why didn’t you tell me? I would have looked better than this,” I said while looking down at my basketball shorts, Jordans and t-shirt.

“Baby they are going to give us both wardrobes so don’t look handsome now anyway.”

“Thank you beautiful.” I lean over and I peck Zaira’s cheek quickly and I grab her hand and I hold it tight. Once we get there and park, we all get out of the car. Zaira holds JJ’s hand and I hold Alexis’ as we go into the building with the set. JJ and Alexis are seated in an area where they can see us. They both brought a bit of homework and books to keep them occupied. Zaira and I are taken to wardrobe and makeup. Zaira is first made up so her hair is all over her head and she is in her bedroom looking in the mirror trying to figure out how to fix it. She is a natural at this acting thing I swear. I can tell the directors of the commercial are impressed with her. So since Zaira has a few hours to do her hair before her date, the hair team then actually puts the product in her hair and then they use a diffuser to dry it. She looks so beautiful. Zaira actually likes the product and the company is willing to give Zaira free products. She is kind of a product junkie so I know she loves this already. So as they are doing Zaira’s hair, I am dressed and prepped for the date scene of the commercial. I am dressed in <a href="">this</a> and I think I look pretty good! I wait for Zaira and I just smile big when she comes out to the set in <a href="">this</a>. She is so gorgeous! I just smile big at her and she smiles at me. She walks over to me and hugs me tight and then pecks my lips.

“Baby you look so handsome!,” Zaira exclaimed.

“Thank you baby. You look absolutely gorgeous,” I said.

“You’re so sweet.”

“Mommy and daddy you look good!,” JJ exclaimed. Alexis just nods her head happily and Zaira and I just laugh at them. I kiss Zaira’s lips again and then we go onto the set and we act all our parts. My job wasn’t so hard; I just had to act natural with Zaira. You know like holding her hand at the dinner table and complimenting her. I am used to doing all of those things, so this is easy to me. As we are acting, Xavier appears on the set, watching from behind the camera. I notice him looking at Zaira and smiling like he likes what he sees. He better watch his eyes, I do not play when it comes to my woman. I am going to try to keep my cool. The entire commercial recording and prepping took about two and a half hours. The director said that he will send us the final product before it airs in less than a month. The director gives Zaira her free hair products, and he says we can keep the outfits we wore for the commercial. So once we are all dressed back in the clothes we came in, we come out of the dressing room and Xavier comes up to us.

“Hey Zaira, hey Julian. Zaira how did you like everything? You seemed to be a natural on set,” Xavier said while smiling.

“Thank you Xavier, I really enjoyed everything,” Zaira said while smiling.

“How about you Julian?,” Xavier asked. Like he even cares what I think.

“It was good. I loved making a commercial with my baby,” I said while pulling Zaira close to me. She looks at me and smiles and pecks my lips and then we both look at Xavier.

“A few of us are going to dinner downtown. Would you like to come? Your kids can come too, what do you say?,” Xavier said while looking at Zaira.

“Baby I am hungry. What do you think?,” Zaira said while looking up at me.

“Baby I told my mom we would have the kids back by 7,” I said.

“Oh you’re right baby.....Xavier thank you for the offer, but I think we are going to have to decline,” Zaira said politely.

“No problem Zaira I did a really good job today. I think you are going to become a highly requested model. You’re so naturally beautiful and we really need models like you,” Xavier complimented.

“Yeah and she’s mine,” I said. Zaira and Xavier just look at me in shock. Damn did I say that out loud?!?!

“Julian,” Zaira said sternly.

“I’m and the kids are going to be in the car,” I said quickly. I just walk away and I get the kids and we wait for Zaira in the car. I can’t believe I let that slip. I have a hot temper when it comes to jealousy. I don’t like feeling threatened in any way. 5 minutes later, Zaira comes out to the car with her bag of products and outfit and she gets in the car, closes the door, gets strapped in and looks at me with her arms crossed.

“I’m sorry ok? I didn’t mean for it to slip,” I said honestly.

“Julian why did you say that? He was only complimenting me,” Zaira said.

“You didn’t see the way he was looking at you when we were filming Zaira. He definitely likes you.”

“Oh please Julian he does not....he’s just friendly that’s all. And if he does, it doesn’t matter because we are engaged and I love you and I would never hurt you.”

“I know that. I’m not worried about you, I’m worried about him.” Zaira just sighs and grabs my hand and holds it tightly. Just then Zaira’s phone vibrates. She picks it up and reads something and then laughs. She types a reply, puts her phone away and then looks at me. What was that?!?

“Who was that?,” I asked.

“Oh it was Xavier,” Zaira said.

“Why does he have your number?,” I asked.

“Julian don’t. It is strictly professional between us ok?”

“Oh yeah? Is that why you just laughed at something he sent you?”

“Julian stop. I don’t want to argue in front of the kids.”

“....Don’t be stupid Zaira.”

“What does that mean?”

“You know what it means.” I start up the car and I drive off. I don’t talk to Zaira the entire car ride to my mom’s house. Once we get there, we take the kids out of the car since they are knocked out. We go into the house and we tuck them in. We then tell my mom everything about the commercial. She could sense tension between us though, so she told us to go upstairs and talk so here we are. We are both sitting on the bed in my bedroom next to each other.

“Julian I do not want you mad at me. But you need to know that Xavier and I don’t talk inappropriately at all. Here is my phone, look through the messages yourself,” Zaira said while holding her phone out to me. I just sigh and shake my head.

“....I don’t need to do that Zaira....I get really hot tempered when it comes to jealousy. I don’t like anyone looking at you the way I look at you,” I confessed.

“Yeah I can tell....but you don’t need to be jealous. My eyes are only on your sexy, fine ass,” Zaira teased. She climbs into my lap and gently kisses my neck and I laugh a bit. I slap her ass and she jumps and laughs at loud.

“Baby I don’t want you to feel threatened by any man. You have my heart Julian I mean that,” Zaira said while looking me in my eyes.

“....Sometimes I don’t know what I did to deserve you,” I said softly. Zaira just smiles and grabs my face and kisses me deeply. I need to do better for Zaira. I need to learn to communicate better with her and not let my emotions take control of my actions in certain situations. She deserves the best husband in the world, and I will do all I can to be just that to her.

Ummmm yeah that add was awful :( next one will be better though I promise!

so glad they made up..julian was being so stubborn! RUN IT

Yes Moe I would love input!! How would you like to see this story progress?

I'll be patient. You got this Nic. You'll figure it out. If you need input or ideas let me know.

run it

Thank you for the support ladies! Unfortunately I am struggling with this story a bit :( This happens to me with every story I write. Obviously I know what I want to happen, just not sure how to make the story flow if that makes sense. Please just be patient with me!

Yeah he was wrong to get mad but she got mad too when he said to get married after college. She don't want to be pregnant while in school but you want to plan a wedding while you in school. He had told her that once they were married he wasn't gonna use condoms, so if they got married now.... she would be pregnant while in school. SO if he have to wait then so do she.....Everyone going in on him for wanting a baby now but once she said to wait after they finished school and wanting him to keep on using condoms even after the wedding...Then she needs to wait too.

I'm glad they made up. Julian is super stubborn. I hope they work on the fighting soon. Everything can't or isn't supposed to happen when they want it too. So I think they should slow it down a notch and relax.

Julians so damn stubborn ugh, but when he made Zaira cry, he knew he was wrong. Aww that was so sweet. They made up. Julian's a freak lol. So happy for those two. Never good to be mad at one another, and lol that fool made sure he bought plenty of condoms tho. Loved the add run it.

yay! i'm glad they made up
run it