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Secluded Heart (Complete)

<a href="">Zaira</a> had everything going for her. She was excelling in her junior year at college at age 21, was involved in multiple extracurricular activities, and was madly in love with her boyfriend, <a href="">Travis</a>. Everything seemed to be perfect, that is, until she met <a href="">him</a> and he turned her world upside down.



I have been calling Julian ever since he left. I hate it when we fight. We said we wouldn’t leave when one was upset, but Julian did just that. He is so stubborn! He has always been like that though. I do understand his point of view, but he needs to understand mine too. I know we both want the same thing; we just want it at different times. Julian wants it all now, but I think we should wait until we graduate. It would be so much easier to have a child once we graduate. How do I convince Julian of this? I’m not sure yet. Angela called me right after she left because she was worried about me and Julian. I explained the situation to her and she felt awful. She had no idea that telling Julian and I her good news, was at such a bad time. I told her she shouldn’t feel bad at all. She completely understands how I feel because she felt the same way at first with Cameron too. She said she was just going to let fate take care of everything. She said that she and Cameron stopped using condoms about six months ago, and whatever happened would happen. She has a plan though. She only has one more semester of college and I have two. She just said I should do what is best for me since I am the one that will be pregnant. What is best for me is to have a baby once I graduate. This is best for Julian too; I just hope he sees that. I sit up in the bed and I wait for Julian. He doesn’t come home until 3 am. I wonder where he was? I hear the front door close and lock and then shortly he comes into the bedroom carrying a plastic bag. I haven’t even been to sleep because I can’t fall asleep without him.

“Julian where have you been? We both said if we got into an argument, neither of us would leave, we would try and work it out,” I said.

“Just had to clear my head Zaira,” Julian said. He takes four boxes of condoms out of the plastic bag and sets them in the drawer. He then takes off his clothes so he just has on a beater and boxers. He lies down in the bed and turns away from me.

“Baby where did you go? I was worried about you,” I said to Julian’s back.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s late go to sleep,” Julian said.

“....I can’t sleep unless you hold me baby,” I said softly. I hear Julian sigh and he turns towards me and drapes his arm around me. I can tell he doesn’t want to hold me right now.

“Why are you acting like this? You know you are acting like a big baby right? You need to think about this Julian. It would be too difficult to have a baby before we graduate. I don’t want to go to class with morning sickness and all of that. I want us to be settled in our jobs and a home before we welcome a child into this world. You may want a baby now, but I am not ready for that yet. I am the one that has to carry the baby Julian not you, so I ultimately get to decide when we have a baby,” I said sternly.

“Ok I get it. Good night,” Julian said nonchalantly. Julian just closes his eyes and I just sigh and I take his arm from off of me and I get out of the bed. I look at Julian and he still has his eyes closed. Ugh stubborn ass! I leave the bedroom and I go into the guest bedroom. I just sigh and I lie down in the bed, and I didn’t sleep at all that night.

I get out of the bed the next morning, Monday at 9 am. I barely slept last night. I hate it when Julian is mad at me. I get out of the bed and I use the bathroom and then I go into the kitchen and I see Julian setting two plates on the table.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hey,” Julian said. I go over to him and I look at him and I kiss his cheek.

“I hope you aren’t still mad at me. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings,” I said.

“I’m over it Zaira. Sit down and eat,” Julian said. I just nod my head and I sit down at the table and Julian sits across from me. We say our blessing and then we start to eat. I just look at Julian. I know he is still mad at me.

“Julian just talk to me. Tell me what you are feeling,” I said.

“Zaira I am over it. Why are you still talking about it?,” Julian asked in an aggravated tone.

“Because you are obviously mad and giving me an attitude that’s why. need to grow up and stop being so selfish. It takes two of us to make a baby, but I have to carry it. You don’t!,” I yelled. Ugh he is pissing me off!

“I get it damn! Stop yelling!,” Julian yelled back. I just shake my head as I take a deep breath. I am so mad right now and Julian has never made me this mad before.

“Julian what do you want from me? Do you want me to just lie down, have raw sex with you, and get pregnant? Is that really what you want from me? What about what I want? I want to get my degree in biology Julian. I want to graduate. You know what I also want? I want you to be happy. I want you to get what you want to, but we have to compromise Julian. Do you get that?,” I said in a calm tone.

“Yes I got it last night Zaira. Just drop the situation ok. We won’t have a baby now. We won’t get married until the summer. I get it ok?,” Julian said slow like I’m stupid.

“Why are you talking to me like I’m stupid?” Julian just laughs and shakes his head.

“Man whatever. I told you I was over it last night; I don’t even know why we are having this conversation,” Julian said. I just look at Julian and I don’t even know why but tears start running down my cheeks. He is making me feel awful for no reason. Julian just sighs when he sees my tears. He hates it when I cry but right now I can’t help it.

“Zaira......come on now don’t cry,” Julian said.

“Julian you are making me feel awful. You know very well that I want to have our child, but not now. But in the meantime, I don’t want you mad at me. It kills me when you are mad at me. I don’t want anything to change between us and I already feel like it has. You’re treating me different and I don’t want that,” I said. Julian just sighs and wipes my tears away and I just look at him.

“I’m sorry ok Zaira? But I told you I wasn’t mad this morning, but you continuing to talk about it just made me mad ok? I’m sorry.....I’m sorry for being so rude to you, I didn’t mean it. I just.....I’m impatient ok? The way that I love you Zaira....I just want everything now. I want the wedding, the house, and the kids with you all right now.....but I know I need to chill. I was in my feelings yesterday and I’m sorry. I am truly sorry,” Julian said.

“Baby I understand how you feel because I want it all with you too. I swear I do. If I could fast forward a year from now, I would but I can’t. We just have to be patient......I know Angela and Cameron had bad timing with their news, but you know they didn’t mean to do that.”

“Oh I know sucked they told us when we had our argument, which I can admit was pointless, but that’s life you know? I’m not mad at them....I am very happy for them. I have never been a godfather before so I am excited. They are going to be great parents I know that.”

“You’re right....and their baby is going to be sooo cute I can’t wait to see him or Julian be honest. Are you mad at me still?” Julian just smiles and grabs my face and kisses me deeply. He then looks at me and narrows his eyes while biting his bottom lip. I already know where this is going ;)

“Why are you looking at me like that?,” I asked.

“I just realized something.....I haven’t tasted you in a minute,” Julian said sexily.

“Julian stop. Eat your breakfast,” I said while laughing a bit.

“I rather eat you.” Julian just looks at me and he slides his plate out of the way and I don’t even know how, but he grabbed my waist and picked me up and put me in the table in front of him. Damn he is strong! He unties my robe and spreads my legs outward. He looks at me while he gently caresses my womanhood.

“Julian! We are not about to do this here! We eat here!,” I exclaimed.

“Exactly,” Julian said while licking his lips.

“Julian if we do can’t make me squirt,” I said while closing my legs a bit. Julian slaps my thighs and I gasp in shock and I open my legs instantly. He grabs me by my waist and pulls my hips to his face. Oh gosh this man!!

“You don’t tell me what to do,” Julian said smartly. The next thing I know, Julian’s tongue is deep inside of me. I just screamed out loud in pleasure.

“Julian!!! Ahhhh!,” I yelled. Julian flicks his tongue across my clit and I just moan in pleasure. This feels too good. He spreads my legs farther out and then stiffens his tongue and moves it in and out of me at a slow pace.

“Ohhhh Julian,” I moaned lowly. I run my hands over the top of his head, and then he moves at a faster pace while gripping my waist tight. I am trying to move away from him, but he won’t let me.

“Baby......ahhhhh!,” I screamed. Damn I feel it coming. I don’t want to squirt here! I try to move Julian’s head or his hands, but he is holding onto me too tight and I cannot get away.

“Julian don’t!,” I yelled. He slaps my thighs hard as he continues to work his tongue and within seconds, I am squirting all over the place, while screaming at the top of my lungs. Once I catch my breath I open my eyes and I see Julian licking his lips. His shirt and the table are both wet. I just glare at him and he smiles at me.

“I’m not cleaning this up,” I said while crossing my arms.

“I know I will.....later. I’m not done with you yet,” Julian said. Julian rips my robe off and then stands up and looks at me. He then throws me over his shoulder and slaps my ass. I just laugh out loud as Julian carries me to our bedroom. He lies me down in the bed and we enjoy multiple rounds of lovemaking. I love it when we make up ;)

Julian was not playing he wemt and checked that hoe Yazmin real quick wow.I hope she actually leaves and doesnt bring any more trouble. Can you say trouble in paradise. Damn all this over not wanting a baby like really tho. Julian needs to grow up seriously. Nows just not a good time for them. Damn Angela and Cameron would pop up sying there preggo, right after the big disagreement Ju and Zaira had talk about bad timing. RUN IT!!!

I'm with Zaria on this one..Julian sounds super selfish.But overall the argument they are having is pointless.


they went from good to bad un a matter of seconds smh all because of a baby. run it

Omg!!! This argument their having is pointless!! I can tell that they want the same thing but they just want it at different times. I feel like Julian is being extra stubborn and inconsiderate of Zaira's feelings. Also Zaira is being a bit defensive, selfish and not seeing it from Julian's pov. Angela and Cameron coming by and dropping their news didn't help the situation either. It only worsened it! I hope they can resolve this before they get married. This is something they have to discuss together because its very important.

ohmygawd... they couldnt have came at a better time... wow
i hope julian doesnt get into any trouble while he is out mad
congrats on angela and cameron :)
run it


I wake up the next morning, Sunday, to Julian gently rubbing my left cheek. I squirm a bit and I open my eyes and I smile when I see Julian. He is so handsome, even when he just wakes up.

“You know you’re the most handsome man in the world even when you wake up right?,” I said softly.

“You’re sweet and you are the most beautiful woman in the world. I’m so blessed to wake up to this pretty face every day,” Julian said. I just smile and we both lean in and kiss each other’s lips.

“Baby how do you feel?,” Julian asked.

“I feel just fine baby. Every now and then I feel a little pain in my arm, but it’s nothing serious.”

“Ok.....well I took care of Yasmin so we shouldn’t worry about her.” I just raise my eyebrows and I look at him in shock.

“What do you mean you take care of her Julian? I hope you didn’t hurt her,” I said sternly.

“Naw I didn’t do that baby....I just......told her to disappear before I made her disappear,” Julian said calmly.

“Julian.....tell me exactly what you did. Please.”

“Well I went over there, put a gun to her forehead, told her ass off for hurting you, then told her to disappear fast or I would make her disappear. That’s it.”

“ put a gun to her head?,” I said while sitting up.

“Yeah a gun with no bullets Zaira. It was just for dramatic effect. She had to know I was serious.....are you mad at me?,” Julian said while sitting up.

“Julian.....what if Yasmin tries to turn on you and accuse you of attempted murder? There will be no way to prove that the gun had no bullets. What would me or the kids do without you?,” I said distraughtly.

“Hey baby nothing like that is going to happen. Yasmin knows better than to f*** with me. I mean that.” I just look at Julian and I hug him tightly. I LOVE that he always does his best to protect me; I just don’t want him to do anything to jeopardize what we have.

“Baby thank you for doing your best to protect me. I love you for that. That means everything to me,” I said.

“Zaira as your man that’s my job. I would do anything to make sure you are safe.....if I had to sit in jail for the rest of my life, if you and the kids were safe, I would be ok with that,” Julian said.

“Oh baby don’t say that.....I don’t want you anywhere then right here with me.” Julian just holds me tighter and continuously kisses my forehead.

“Woman I love you. I love you so much,” Julian said.

“I love you more baby,” I said. I pull out of the embrace and I kiss Julian’s lips. There is then a knock on the door.

“Come in!,” Julian called out. The door opens and JJ and Alexis come running into our room and jump on the bed with us and Julian and I just laugh. Julian picks up JJ and throws him in the air then catches him and JJ laughs loudly. Alexis hugs me tight and I hug her back and then she looks at me.

“Aunty Zaira is your arm ok?,” Alexis asked.

“It’s just fine sweetie. I don’t want you to worry ok pretty girl?,” I said.

“You’re pretty too!,” Alexis said while giggling.

“Thank you beautiful,” I said while smiling.

“What about me?,” JJ said. I just laugh and Julian laughs as well.

“JJ you are the most handsome little boy in the’re even more handsome than daddy,” I said. JJ just laughs and hugs me and Julian glares at me. I wink at him and he mouths “You are going to pay for that tonight.” I am sure I will ;)

“Mommy are you alright? Is your arm ok?,” JJ said while gently rubbing the bandage over my left arm. Oh he is so sweet; he gets that from his daddy :).

“Yes handsome I am just fine. JJ and Alexis I don’t want you to worry about me, I am fine,” I said. They both nod their heads at me and they hug me tight and Julian hugs all of us. I love moments like these.

“Let’s go fix my babies some breakfast....but I want kisses first,” I said playfully. I close my eyes and pucker my lips and JJ and Alexis both peck my lips and then we all laugh afterwards. JJ and Alexis get out of the bed and run out of the room and I stand up from the bed.

“Oh so daddy doesn’t get any kisses?,” Julian joked.

“You’re not my daddy,” I said with my hands on my hips. Julian narrows his eyes at me and I stick out my tongue at him.

“Mmm you and these smart comments this morning. I will put that ass in check tonight,” Julian said sternly.

“Boy please you aren’t going to do anything,” I said while rolling my eyes playfully.

“Boy?! Woman now you know better than that! I doubt a boy could f*** you, or make you scream or squirt the way I do,” Julian said seductively.

“Julian please....a vibrator could make me scream and squirt the way you do,” I joked. Julian’s mouth just flies open in shock and I just bust out laughing.

“Baby I’m messing with you,” I said. I go over to him and I try to hug him, but he stops me and I laugh.

“Awww is my baby mad at me?,” I said.

“Yes very mad,” Julian said sternly. I know he is only joking with me. I bite my bottom lip and I climb in the bed next to Julian and I sit in his lap and he turns his head away from me. I smile and I lean in and I gently nibble on his left ear and he shivers. I run my hands up and down his chest and then I kiss down to his neck and I kiss the lion tattoo I love so much.

“Still mad at me baby?,” I said kindly.

“Uh.....s*** I can never stay mad at you,” Julian said. I smile and Julian grabs my face and kisses me deeply and then he looks at me and we smile at each other.

“You’re still going to pay for what you said tonight though,” Julian said while slapping my ass.

“Oh yeah what are you going to do to me?”

“Well....every time you are about to climax, I won’t let you.”

“That sounds mean,” I said while pouting.

“It’s ok.....once I finally let you climax, you will be screaming and squirting more than you ever have before.”

“Ooooo I can’t wait!!” Julian just laughs at me I kiss his lips and then we both go downstairs to the kitchen. Karen, Julian and I all cook breakfast together and then we eat together. After that, we just spend the day with Karen, JJ and Alexis. It was a really nice family day :). Once the kids are sleep, we say bye to Karen and then we start our drive home.

“Baby you feeling alright?,” Julian asked.

“Yes baby I am fine....I don’t want anyone of ya’ll to worry about me I am just fine,” I said.

“I’m always going to worry about you...I still can’t believe Yasmin hurt you. I swear I could kill her with no regrets.”

“Don’t talk like that baby.....honestly I wish I would have beaten her ass. She is always messing with me and testing me, but I never react. She probably thinks I’m soft, which I’m really not.”

“You are not soft baby.....but I know you. I know you want to set a good example for the kids. If Alexis would have seen you fighting her mother, it would have upset her that much more. I’m glad you didn’t fight her; she isn’t worth that kind of energy anyway.”

“You’re right baby. I definitely didn’t want to fight in front of JJ or Alexis. I don’t want either of them to think it’s ok or that’s what you should do.....but if the kids weren’t there.....I would have pulled all that b****’s tracks out and then stomped her face in. That’s a promise.”

“Awww my baby thinks she’s a thug huh?,” Julian joked. I just laugh and I hit Julian’s chest and he grabs my hand and holds it tightly as he kisses it. I just smile at him.

“Why are you so sweet huh?,” I asked.

“Because I am the luckiest man in the world to have you as my woman and future wife,” Julian said. I just pout and I rest my head on his shoulder while he drives.

“Baby I love you so much,” I said.

“I love you too baby.....don’t get tired on me though. I am going to work your ass out when we get home,” Julian said.

“I know you are baby,” I said while smiling.

“...I want you to have my baby already Zaira,” Julian said while sighing.

“Whoa where did that come from? Baby.....don’t you want us to finish school first?”

“Yes and no. I am very impatient when it comes to this.....I have had so many dreams about you telling me you are pregnant with our first child....I just want it to be real and not a dream. The way I feel in those dreams, I want to feel that for’s really starting to get to me.”

“Oh baby why didn’t you tell me about the dreams?”

“Because I don’t want you to think I will pressure you into the situation because I won’t....but I can admit that I am impatient about all of it.”

“Oh Julian I understand.....I want us to start our lives together as mad as you do, but we have to finish school or there will be no way for us to support ourselves or a baby.”

“I know baby. I know.”

“We will have our baby exactly when it is supposed to happen. Ok?”

“You’re right baby.....I hope you don’t think I’m crazy.”

“Not at all makes me feel so good to know that you want me to have your baby....but honestly.....I know I have always wanted to be a mother....but I’m scared. Like what if I am an awful mother?”

“Baby you’re joking right? You are already an excellent mother to JJ and Alexis. You treat those kids like they are your own and I know you would treat our baby just how you treat them. You are perfect mother material baby.” I just smile and I kiss Julian’s hand. He always knows what to say. Once we get home, of course Julian and I are all over each other the minute we get in the door. Julian picks me up and takes me to the bedroom and lies me down on the bed. We strip each other’s clothes off in a hurry and Julian reaches into the dresser as he kisses me deeply. He stops kissing me and looks in the dresser and then looks at me.

“Baby....we’re all out of condoms,” Julian said.

“Oh....well.....I can go to the store quickly,” Zaira. Julian just looks at me and I already know what he is thinking. He doesn’t want to use condoms anymore I know that.

“Baby....can’t we just do it without condoms? I’ll pull out I swear,” Julian pleaded.

“Julian you know you won’t be able to,” I said while laughing a bit.

“So you don’t trust me to do that?,” Julian said defensively.

“What? No baby that is not what I meant at all.”

“So what did you mean then?,” Julian said while sitting up.

“ know what I meant. You said yourself you wouldn’t be able to pull out....look I’ll just go to the store and get the condoms ok? It’s not a big deal.”

“Don’t even bother. I’m not in the mood anymore.” Julian gets off of me and starts to put on his clothes and I look at him shock.

“You’re not in the mood anymore? Baby I’m sorry....I don’t want you to get offended by anything that I am saying.....but we both agreed we wouldn’t have a baby until we graduated. We even promised your mom.” Julian just shakes his head and I sit up in the bed and I pull the sheets around my naked body.

“Baby what are you doing? Talk to me. Tell me why you are mad,” I said.

“I don’t understand why you don’t trust me. If I say I will pull out, that is what I will do,” Julian said.

“’s still risky....what if I get pregnant? What would happen then?”

“I would be happy. I would be the happiest man walking this earth act like it would be the worst thing in this world.”

“Julian you know that is not true. How can you even say that? You know damn well I would be happy to carry OUR child. But now is not the time. We are both still in college. All we have is one more year and then we can have all the unprotected sex we want.”

“Zaira the minute we are married I am not using condoms. Even if we get married in the winter, I won’t be wearing condoms when we are married. I shouldn’t have to wear condoms with my wife.”

“Julian we didn’t agree on that. You have to make me a part of this decision. You’re not the one that has to carry the baby, I am. I don’t want you to be mad, but I can’t and I won’t even get pregnant until we finish school.”

“Fine,” Julian said nonchalantly. He stands up from the bed and I just look at him confused. There is then ringing of the doorbell and knocking on the door. I sigh and I get out of the bed and I put on a robe and Julian and I go to the door. Julian looks through the peephole and then opens the door and we see Angela and Cameron.

“Zaira!! I’m pregnant! I’m pregnant!!!,” Angela shrieked in happiness. I just gasp in shock and I hug her tight and she laughs and holds me tight.

“Oh boo I am so happy for you!!!,” I exclaimed. Angela and Cameron are a beautiful couple and they deserve this. They are going to be amazing parents.

“You know you’re the godmother right?,” Angela said. I just nod my head and I pull out of the embrace as tears run down my cheeks.

“Oh gorgeous don’t cry,” Angela said while laughing a bit.

“I’m so happy for you and Cameron you both deserve this......hi baby! How are you doing in there??,” I said in my baby voice while rubbing Angela’s stomach. Angela and Cameron just laugh at me.

“Girl I am only 12 weeks pregnant,” Angela said.

“I’m just so happy for you Angela......children are truly blessings,” I said as tears run down my cheeks. Cameron wipes my cheeks and then I hug him tight.

“Ya’ll I’m so excited......always wanted to be a daddy,” Cameron said while smiling big.

“You are going to be a great father too Cameron,” I said.

“I am so happy for the both of you. You two really deserve it,” Julian said kindly. I just look at him and I know that this kills him because he wants this for us.

“Thanks man.....would you be the godfather? We would both appreciate that,” Cameron said while wrapping his hands around Angela’s waist and rubbing her stomach gently.

“I would be honored,” Julian said while smiling. Julian hugs Angela tightly and daps Cameron.

“Oh my gosh I can’t believe this. Angela I want to go to all of your ultrasounds. I want to see my little godchild already,” I said while laughing.

“Well we have our first ultrasound real soon, I will let you know when,” Angela said.

“ have you two told your parents yet? And what about school?,” I asked.

“Yes we told them and they are both excited. They all said they were going to start buying things for the baby already.....Cameron and I can actually graduate early with our credits, so the plan is to finish college during the fall semester, but graduate in the summer so we can have the spring semester just to ourselves and get ourselves settled with jobs and everything,” Angela said.

“Oh that sounds great! I am just so happy for you two. You two are going to be the best parents to your baby,” I said.

“Thank you we are waiting for you and Julian to have your baby so our babies can play together,” Angela said while laughing. I look at Julian and he looks at me and sighs heavily. Angela and Cameron just look at us and I am sure they can both tell they hit a sensitive topic.

“Is everything alright?,” Cameron asked.

“Yeah it’s fine.....congratulations to both of you. I can’t wait to see my godchild,” Julian said while smiling. Angela smiles and hugs Julian tight and then Cameron and Julian dap and then I hug them both and then they leave. Julian looks at me and I look at him.

“Julian....can we talk about this?,” I asked.

“....Did you see how happy they were? Did you see the glow in their eyes Zaira? Don’t you want that?,” Julian asked.

“Of course I do. But you cannot make me feel bad for wanting to wait to have a baby until we graduate from college,” I said defensively.

“Ok. It’s settled then. We can wait until we graduate to have a baby. But that is also when we will get married ok?”

“But I thought you wanted to get marry as soon as we could?,” I asked somewhat hurt.

“Things change Zaira,” Julian said while looking me in my eyes. Why is he making me feel horrible? All because we ran out of condoms, now we are in this pointless argument. Makes no sense to me.

“Whatever Julian. You’re just being stubborn. I hate that about you. You don’t get your way and you have a fit. You need to work on that before we get married,” I said sternly. Julian just looks at me and then leaves the apartment slamming the door behind him. He is being ridiculous and he knows it. He is not the one that has to carry a child for nine months and have a pregnancy completely change his body. I have to do that and I don’t want to do that while trying to focus on graduating. That’s just too much on my plate at one time and I truly hope Julian comes to his senses and realizes this.

uh oh thuggy Julian is back !
i hope yazmin doesn't try no funny business
and i cant believe zaria didn't get a chance to beat down... than again that be a lil ratchet lol
julian is such a good boyfriend taking care of her like that
run it

Crazy b****...smh why isn't she in jail again? Smh Julian got this!

Run it!

run it

Good add! RUN IT!!

Julian just need to make sure he don't do nothing to get that tramp put him behind bars!
Girl run this!


So about two weeks pass and my family and I have been back from Orlando for a little over a week. We all had such a great time and made some great memories. JJ and Alexis had so much fun and took pictures with all of the Disney characters they could. Zaira and I really enjoyed ourselves as well. We had so much sex it was ridiculous ;). Once we got back to Virginia, we told everyone about our engagement and everyone is ecstatic. My mom cried the second I told her we proposed and she and Zaira shared a hug while crying together. My mom just said she is so happy that I have found someone that will love me forever and I feel the same way :). Angela and Cameron were beyond excited and I asked Cameron to be my best man and Angela is going to be the maid of honor. Everyone is really happy for us and Zaira and I really appreciate that. Today’s the day and Zaira, JJ, Alexis and I are going to the casting call for the model agency! It’s Saturday at 10 am. I could tell Zaira was curious about the whole modeling thing, so I encouraged her to do it. She said ok and now here we are. She wanted all of us here for support, so we are all here. Once we are checked in, we wait patiently for Zaira’s name to be called. I can tell my baby is nervous, but she shouldn’t be. She is looking around at the other models. There are lots of beautiful women here, but they don’t have anything on my baby ;) She is dressed in <a href="">this outfit</a> and she look so beautiful as always. 15 minutes later, Zaira’s name is called and she looks at me and the kids.

“Mommy you’re beautiful you are going to do great,” JJ said.

“Yeah Aunty Zaira you are gorgeous!,” Alexis exclaimed.

“Baby you are the most beautiful woman here, so go in there and show the judges just that. Just be yourself ok?,” I said in an encouraging tone.

“Thank you all so much I love all of you so much,” Zaira said while smiling. She pecks my lips and then kisses the kids’ cheeks and then she is lead into a room. 15 minutes later, Zaira comes out smiling and runs to me and the kids.

“Baby I made it to the second round! They are going to take a few pictures of me,” Zaira said happily.

“Oh that’s great baby! Congratulations!,” I said. I pick Zaira up and I spin her around as she laughs and then I kiss her lips multiple times as I set her down.

“Congratulations mommy!,” JJ said. JJ hugs Zaira’s waist and Alexis does the same. Zaira smiles and hugs them both.

“I’m so proud of you gorgeous,” I said sincerely.

“Thank you baby. Thank you for being so supportive, that means everything to me,” Zaira said. I just smile and I kiss her lips again and then I kiss her forehead. We sit down and then 20 minutes later, Xavier comes out and calls Zaira’s name. This nigga better watch it, I’m serious. I can admit that I can be the jealous type at times. Zaira is MINE I don’t even like when other guys even look her way. I know she is beautiful, Zaira is gorgeous, so I know guys will look, I just wish they didn’t. Makes me feel a certain type of way. Anyway, Zaira grabs me and JJ’s hand and Alexis holds my hand and we all walk over to Xavier and he smiles at us. He sure does like to smile.

“Hi Zaira it’s nice to see you again. We are just going to take a few pictures of you, nothing too serious,” Xavier said kindly.

“Ok Xavier....would you mind if my fiancé Julian came and our kids JJ and Alexis?,” Zaira asked.

“Wow you’re a mother? That’s great, you definitely don’t look like a mother of two,” Xavier said nicely.

“Oh.....well not biologically, but these two are my babies,” Zaira said sweetly. Xavier laughs a bit and nods his head.

“You are all welcome to come in.....what’s your name pretty girl?,” Xavier said to Alexis.

“Alexis,” Alexis said flirtatiously. My gosh this little girl is going to have all the boys when she gets older. Zaira and I are going to need to watch her!

“Nice to meet you Alexis....what about you lil’ man?,” Xavier said.

“My name’s JJ,” JJ said nicely. Xavier just smiles and shakes Alexis and JJ’s hand and then he looks at me and extends his hand.

“Hi Julian, I’m Xavier. It’s nice to meet you,” Xavier said.

“Nice to meet you too,” I said while shaking Xavier’s hand firmly.

“Ok follow me,” Xavier said. We all follow Xavier into a photography room and JJ, Alexis and I sit in chairs towards the corner of the room. Zaira sits on a stool and Xavier adjusts her face and tells her to smile. Zaira looks towards me and I smile and she smiles back and Xavier snaps numerous pictures.

“Mommy looks so pretty,” JJ said.

“Yeah Aunty Zaira is beautiful,” Alexis said.

“She truly is. She truly is,” I said while looking at Zaira. After taking pictures on the stool, Xavier asks Zaira to stand up. He comes up behind her and adjusts her back and shoulders. Ok I am going to keep my cool, but I don’t like him touching her. I refuse to cause a scene though, I know better. I know Zaira won’t do anything to hurt me. He just better make sure his hands don’t get too comfortable, or else I will make my hands very comfortable with his face!! Zaira looks at me and she blows kisses at me and I just smile at her. Xavier takes numerous pictures of Zaira and once he is done, he asks all of us to look through them. My baby looks so beautiful! I am so proud of her, I mean that. She is doing something that she has never done before, but I respect that. I respect her for taking a chance.

“Ok Zaira these pictures look amazing, you are truly a natural. The judges really liked you, so if anything comes up, we will be sure to call you,” Xavier said.

“Thank you so much Xavier,” Zaira said nicely.

“You are welcome....hopefully I will see you soon,” Xavier said. Zaira just nods her head and shakes his hand and then we all leave. Zaira grabs my hand and locks it with hers, while I hold JJ’s hand and Alexis holds Zaira’s hand.

“Baby you were great in there. I am very proud of you,” I said.

“Thank you so much baby. Thank you for going with me. I really needed your support,” Zaira said.

“No problem baby.....can I be honest though?”

“Of course.”

“ first I didn’t want to come just because I didn’t know what to expect. And I wasn’t too comfortable with Xavier touching you at first, but he seemed to respect me and you which I appreciate.”

“Oh baby. I promise you Xavier was not touching me inappropriately. If he did he would know, and you would know as well. He was completely you don’t have to worry about me. I would never ever hurt you especially not by cheating.....and what would I cheat for? You give me everything I need,” Zaira said while looking down at my manhood, then looking back at me and biting her bottom lip. She is a straight up freak and I love that!

“Mmm you’re right....I’ll give you what you need tonight,” I said while winking. Zaira just laughs and pecks my lips.

“JJ and Alexis are ya’ll hungry?,” I asked.

“Yes!,” JJ and Alexis said in unison. I just smile and we go down the street to Chipotle. We all get the shock of our lives, when we see <a href="*28q68NEBGBciZ-WpGM0KCXxgB947YProxuOgqCiGZbW9nffp6riyP7Hr39VTy5OJ4vdOJVrsiGZg02S2SdOUUUpQDp7g-W2/kestonsmcolor.jpg">this man</a> along with Yasmin. What the f***?! Why is she not in jail and why is she in Richmond?!? Alexis quickly hides behind Zaira and Zaira just looks at me in shock. When Yasmin sees us, her face drops.

“Let’s go, we can eat somewhere else,” I said. We all nod our heads and we leave Chipotle in a hurry.

“So you’re just going to ignore me?,” Yasmin said from afar.

“Don’t look or say anything to her, we are leaving,” I said sternly. The next thing I know, Zaira’s hand detaches from mine, and I turn in a hurry and I see Yasmin pulling Zaira by her hair and then Yasmin throws her to the ground. Yasmin’s male friend quickly grabs Yasmin, but Yasmin uses her heel to kick Zaira and it slashes the top portion her left arm and Zaira yelled out in pain. JJ and Alexis scream in shock and they both start crying.

“Yasmin what the f*** is your problem?! Huh??,” I yelled in frustration.

“The b**** took my daughter away from me! I hate her!,” Yasmin yelled. I swear I could kill this b**** right now. I kneel next to Zaira and she is holding her arm in pain. I look at her cut and it’s a pretty bad gash. I rip off a portion of my shirt and I wrap it tightly around the cut as I call 911. The man with Yasmin is holding her tight trying to calm, her down, but Yasmin is trying to break away. Alexis and Zaira run over to me and I just hold them tight as they cry.

“It’s ok babies, I’m ok,” Zaira said as tears ran down her cheeks. I just look at her and she looks at me and smiles a bit through tears. Damn she’s strong. I rest my forehead against hers as tears run down my cheeks.

“f*** you Zaira! When I see you again, I am going to kill you b****!!,” Yasmin yelled. Her and her male friend turn and quickly leave the scene.

“I won’t let her hurt you Zaira. I promise,” I said while looking Zaira in her eyes.

“I know baby, I know. I love you. I love you so much Julian.”

“I love you Zaira.” I kiss her cheek and I put pressure on her cut, to stop the bleeding. The ambulance comes and they take care of Zaira’s cut without even taking her to the hospital. They wrapped it up really good and told us to continue wrapping it regularly until it heals. After the incident, we head to my mom’s house. The kids are pretty upset. They are sitting in the back seat holding each other. Alexis especially is distraught. Seeing her so called mother hurt Zaira hurt Alexis I am sure of that. I just shake my head. I literally wanted to kill Yasmin for what she did to Zaira. Why isn’t she still in jail?!? Ugh why does someone always want to ruin me and Zaira’s happiness?! We are good people and we don’t deserve this to say this least. I look over at Zaira holding her left arm.

“Baby are you ok?,” I asked.

“I’m fine Julian,” Zaira said while looking at me and smiling a bit.

“You sure baby?”

“Yes baby I promise you I am fine,” Zaira said while smiling. This is why I love this woman so much. She never ever lets anything bad get the best of her. She always tries to see the good. Damn I cannot wait to make her my wife.

“Zaira baby, we don’t deserve all of this bull we have to put up with. I know we don’t. I’m sorry about Yasmin I truly am. You definitely did not deserve what she did to you,” I said.

“That’s sweet baby, thank you.....I know God doesn’t give us anything that we can’t handle. I understand I’m not going to let Yasmin get the best of me. I’m not even terribly hurt, so I am just fine Julian,” Zaira said. I just smile and I kiss Zaira’s cheek quickly and she looks in the backseat at JJ and Alexis.

“Are you two ok?,” Zaira asked.

“Mommy I think Alexis is really sad. She can’t stop crying,” JJ said sadly.

“Pretty girl look at me,” Zaira said. Alexis wipes her face and looks at Zaira.

“Baby girl I know that must have been hard for you to see. For your so called mommy to hurt me....I am sure seeing that hurt you. But I am just fine. I just have a little cut and nothing else. Now Uncle Julian and I are going to do everything we can make sure that Yasmin doesn’t hurt you or any of us anymore. Ok? Everything is going to be fine,” Zaira said.

“I know...I love you so much Aunty Zaira,” Alexis said.

“I love you too sweetheart,” Zaira said. Zaira holds her hand out to Alexis and Alexis and JJ both hold it tight. We stop by the pharmacy because one of the paramedics prescribed a pain killer for Zaira’s arm. Once we get the prescription, we grab a quick bite to eat and then head to my mom’s house. Once we get there, we all get out and our mother greets us at the door. She can automatically tell something isn’t right.

“What happened? Zaira baby what happened to your arm?,” my mom asked with concern.

“Mom it was Yasmin......we saw her in Richmond and she made a scene. She kicked Zaira with her heel, gashed my baby’s arm,” I said getting all angry again.

“What? Oh my gosh. Zaira honey are you ok?,” my mom asked.

“Yes Karen I’m fine I promise,” Zaira said.

“What about my grandbabies? Come here,” my mom said. My mom kneels down and JJ and Alexis run into my mom’s arms and she holds them tight.

“It’s ok babies ok? Everything is fine. Yasmin will get exactly what she deserves, don’t even worry about that. I don’t want my beautiful grandbabies to be upset. Go into the kitchen and I will fix you two your favorite ice cream ok?,” my mom said. JJ and Alexis nod their heads and my mom kisses their faces multiple times and then lets them go and they go into the kitchen. My mom then stands up and looks at me and Zaira.

“I don’t understand how Yasmin got out of jail. This is crazy. She could do a lot worse if she wanted to,” my mom said.

“I know ma. She threatened to kill Zaira, but I will be damned before I let Yasmin even touch a hair on Zaira,” I said forcefully. My mom smiles at me and she hugs me and Zaira tight.

“Don’t worry about her Julian. Karma will take care of her,” my mom said. Wrong, I am about to take care of her right now.

“I know ma,” I said. My mom pulls out of the embrace and looks at Zaira and me.

“Zaira baby I want you to rest ok? I know Julian will take care of you,” my mom said. We both smile and I pick Zaira up in my arms and she rests her head on my shoulder as I wake her upstairs to my bedroom. I lie her down in my bed and she lies on her back and looks at me. She closes her eyes and puckers her lips and I smile and I lean down and I peck her lips gently a few times.

“I’m going to get you some water so you can take your medicine,” I said.

“Thank you baby,” Zaira said. I go downstairs to the kitchen and I see JJ and Alexis eating ice cream. I smile and I kiss the both of their foreheads.

“Juju is Zaira going to be ok?,” Alexis asked.

“Yes she is going to be just fine Alexis I promise,” I said. Alexis nods her head and I get Zaira a water bottle then I go back upstairs to my bedroom. I hand her the bottle and she takes her pills and then closes her eyes. I am sure these painkillers will knock her out. Once she is sleeping, I kiss her forehead and then I leave the bedroom. I walk downstairs and I leave the house without saying anything to anyone. I get in my car and I look in my glove compartment and I see my gun. I sigh and I put it in my pants, start up the car and I speed off. I know where Yasmin lives because this isn’t the first time I have wanted to go to her house to cause her damage. I am not going to hurt her, at least I hope not. I just want to scare her so she will disappear. I cannot have her in me and my family’s lives anymore. I just can’t. I drive 25 minutes and I pull up to Yasmin’s house. This b**** can afford a two story house, and all she had to do was open her legs. f***in’ ho ugh I hate her. I get out of the car and I go up to the door and I bang on the door. Within a minute Yasmin opens the door and when she sees me, she smiles. I am about to wipe that smile off her damn face.

“Can I come in?,” I asked bluntly.

“Of course,” Yasmin said. I walk in and Yasmin closes the door behind me. Before I even knew it, my gun is pressed against Yasmin’s forehead. She stood still in fear and looks at me as tears filled her eyes and I look at her intensely.

“Ju-Julian....what are you doing?,” Yasmin said while her voice shook in fear.

“Yasmin....I cannot let you continue to harass my family. I can’t let you do it. You are ruining my happiness with Zaira. Zaira is my fiancée and I love her with every single fiber in my being, so when you hurt her, you are hurting me. Now I am only going to tell you stay the f*** away from me, my fiancée Zaira, my son JJ and my niece Alexis. You mean NOTHING to me or Alexis. Alexis cannot stand you. You don’t need to worry about her because I got her. I take care of her every need. She only needs Zaira, me and my mother, not you. She has never needed you and she will never need you. So give it up. Just stop all the bulls*** and move on with your life because you will never be a part of mine or Alexis’. You disappear and I mean fast Yasmin, or I will make you disappear. Do you understand me?,” I said sternly. Yasmin is shaking right now, so I know I put some fear in her.

“I didn’t hear you. Do you understand me?,” I said while c**king the gun. Yasmin gasps in fear and quickly shakes her head.

“Ye-yes Julian. Yes. I understand. I will...I will disappear. I will,” Yasmin said as tears ran down her cheeks. I just nod my head and I leave the house without saying anything else. I quickly get in my car and I leave and I head back to my mom’s house. Once I get there, I notice my mom and the kids napping on the couch. I just smile and I kiss all of their foreheads. I go up to my bedroom and I see Zaira sleeping peacefully. I smile and I close the door and I take off my jacket and shoes. I notice Zaira is sleeping on her left arm, which she probably shouldn’t do right now. I carefully turn her to her right side and I lie down right next to her so I am facing her. I wrap an arm around her waist and then I caress her cheek. She moves around a bit and makes a face of pain. Her arm must be bothering her. I lie down on my back and I rest Zaira’s head on my chest and she calms down. I gently rub her left arm as I hold her close to me. I love her so much and there is no way I would let Yasmin do any worse to Zaira. I already feel bad for letting it get to the point where Zaira got her arm cut. I know she would never blame me for it. As her man, it is my job to protect her and our family, and I plan to do just that.

NEW READER!! Love this story and can we get more outfit pictures? Plus pictures of their apartment? RUNNNNN IT!!!


Aww I just love them together!! They are a bit overly sexual, but I guess its normal!! Lol They're engaged!! JJ and Alexis are soo cute!! I love how they work together and are there for each other. As far as this modeling thing, I think it might be a good idea, but I don't trust this Xavier dude as far as I can throw him, so we'll see!! Lol The end part with the camera was funny. I'da been like, "My turn. Let's see what we can really do with this camera! ;)" Run it!!

I don't trust that Xavier as far as I can throw him. Recruiter for natural hair models my ass he wants some cookie! Lol but the last few adds have been sexual..but I'm not complaining.

Run iT! <3

Aww I love how they try to comprise with one another. Zaira was willing to get on birth control so she and Julian could experience raw freaky sex and Julian didn't want her to because of the side effects and hormones it could cause to her body. So they reached a mutual agreement. They still some sex freaks lol. They freak in the morning and nite lol. Xavier is sexy. And he thinks Zaira would make a good model. Im glad Julian looked the agency up and it's legit. Hopefully Zaira goes for it.I like the sexy adds. They give me ideas lol. Run it.

lol !
ay but perfect timing! they are newly engaged!
they are beautiful i freaking adore them and their relationship i want that kinda loving :p
but im so glad that they are enjoying this drama free so far :)
i hella thought that xavier guy was gona spit game or hes modeling thing was gonaa be not legit
im kinda effy bout the modeling thing... but hey its just hair so she be good with it :)
i really like his p.o.v about birth control and how he cares about her health, that so cute
run it


I wake up the next morning at around 8 am. I stretch and I turn on my side and I see Julian moving around as well. I smile and I scoot closer to him and kiss his cheek. He opens his eyes and turns on his side to face me and he smiles.

“Good morning beautiful,” Julian said.

“Good morning handsome,” I said. I lean in and I peck Julian’s lips and then he kisses my nose.

“Baby....can we talk about something?,” I asked.

“Sure baby what’s on your mind?,” Julian said while wrapping his arm around my waist.

“Well.....I have been thinking.....I know how bad we want to feel each how would you feel about birth control? Like the pill or something else so we don’t have to use condoms?,” I asked.

“I don’t want you to do that Zaira. I mean that,” Julian said sternly.

“Really babe? Why not?”

“Zaira all that s*** changes your hormone levels and it changes your body. Also there are too many side effects and I do not want to risk your health at all. I want you to be healthy so when you do get pregnant, everything will be ok. I do not want to put your health or body at risk. I will use condoms Zaira I really don’t mind. Those don’t change my body at all, but a contraceptive will change yours,” Julian said sweetly.

“ really mean that baby?”

“Of course I do Zaira....I know last night I almost got carried away. When you were sitting in my lap in the tub, I just wanted to slide right inside of you....but I had to control myself because I couldn’t just take advantage of you like that. When you get pregnant, I want it to be mutual.”

“You’re so amazing Julian. That means so much to me because I know how bad we both want to have sex raw, but we can wait I know we can. It may get hard sometimes, but we can do it. As fine as you are’s always been difficult. Like you are the finest thing walking this earth so the first time we had sex, I didn’t even want you to use a condom but I knew we had to.”

“Naw Zaira you are the finest thing walking this earth, so going raw inside of going to be an honor," Julian said while grinning. I just smile and I scoot close to Julian and I rest my head against his chest and he holds me tight. He kisses my forehead and he runs his right hand up and down my bare thigh. This man is probably trying to start a quickie with me I know him too well. He runs his hands up my thigh and he smacks my ass and I jump of course. I should be used to this by now! I giggle and he kisses my lips as he runs his hand past my hips and works his hand in between my legs. I moan in his ear as he gently caresses my pearl.

“Mmm baby,” I moaned lowly.

“I need you wet,” Julian whispered. I bite my bottom lip and he slides his middle finger right inside of me. I gasped and he licked my lips. I look him in my eyes and he looks in mine. We look in each other’s eyes as he slides his finger in and out of my wet womanhood. I love the intimacy Julian and I share. We are so close on an emotional level it amazes me.

“Put your leg on my waist,” Julian said softly. I put my top leg on Julian’s waist to give him better access inside of me.

“Damn you’re dripping wet,” Julian whispered.

“ make me so wet baby,” I said while running my hand up and down Julian’s arm.

“Tell me what you want baby,” Julian said while licking my ear. I moan a bit and then I smirk at Julian. I pull the covers off of Julian and I and I take Julian’s boxers off and I throw them to the side. I then get in the 69 position and Julian smacks my ass.

“Zaira! What are you doing?!?,” Julian asked in shock. I lean down and I take the head of Julian’s d*** into my mouth and I heard him groan in pleasure. I inch all of him slowly in my mouth and I felt him tense up. I hold it there for a quick second and then I take all of him out of my mouth and I spit on the shaft of his d*** and I run my tongue across the shaft as well.

“f*** I like that,” Julian said softly. I smile to myself and I bob my head back and forth on Julian. He takes on of his hands and starts to play with my pearl and I moaned as he did this. He grabs my hips and pulls me closer to him. I feel his tongue immediately lick my pearl and I just moaned out loud. Julian holds my waist tight and he just starts eating! I am trying so hard to not yell because I don’t want to wake up the kids!! I am just going to have to occupy my mouth, which shouldn’t be too hard anyway ;). I just hope Julian doesn’t try to make me squirt because that will be a problem!! I cannot control my yelling or my body when it comes to that. Julian explores my insides with his tongue and sucks on my pearl too and....I can’t hold it in. This man makes me cum so fast. The next thing I know I am shooting liquid out as I take Julian out of my mouth and scream into the bed.

“I love this s***!,” Julian exclaimed while smacking my ass. I just catch my breath and I take Julian back into my mouth. It’s his turn now ;) I try my best to do what Julian likes. He really seems to like it when all of him is in my mouth and I try to do just that. Within 10 minutes, Julian shoots his warm cum in my mouth. Damn he tastes good, I might become addicted to this ;) I sit up and I turn around and I look at Julian as he looks at me. I open my mouth and I play with his cum with my tongue and then I swallow it. I open my mouth to show Julian it’s gone, and then I smirk at him.

“You are nasty as f*** baby, but I love it,” Julian said.

“You taste good baby,” I said.

“So do you,” Julian said while licking his lips. I just bite my lip and I get out of the bed and I grab a washcloth and then I wipe Julian because I did get him kind of wet ;) I then take off my t-shirt and Julian looks at me and licks his lips.

“Damn you fine!,” Julian exclaimed. I just laugh and I take a condom, unwrap it, and then I slide it on Julian.

“What position would you like baby?,” I said while stroking Julian in my hands.

“Get your ass in reverse cowgirl,” Julian demanded. Ugh I don’t know why but when Julian is demanding, it turns me on!! I bite my bottom lip and Julian sits up quickly and takes off his shirt then lies back down with his hands behind his head while grinning. I laugh at how silly my baby is, and then I get in reverse cowgirl and I slide Julian inside of me. I try to sit forward, but Julian instantly pulls me back so I am lying against him and my back is against his chest. I rest my feet on the bed on the outside of Julian’s legs and Julian arches my back forward and starts thrusting in and out. He can get so deep inside of me with this position. Damn he feels good! I bite my lip to hold in my moans. Julian runs his left hand up my neck and gently grabs my neck and turns my head to the side and he looks me in my eyes. I just look back at him and he kisses me deeply and I moan in his mouth. His right hand explores my breasts and stomach. Julian kisses, bites or sucks my lips and this turns me on so much. I moan in his mouth, even though I want to moan out loud. Once Julian and I both climax for a second time, I collapse my back on his chest. Julian and I are both trying to catch our breaths. I turn my head to look at Julian and I smile and I gently kiss his neck. Once Julian and I catch our breath, we both get out of the bed and take a quick shower. We get dressed and then we leave the bedroom and we go into the kids bedroom and we see them both dressed. When they see us, they both smile and run to us and hug our waists. I pick up JJ and I kiss him all over his face. Julian picks up Alexis and I kiss her face after he does.

“You two ready to go to the water park today?,” I asked.

“Yes!!,” JJ and Alexis said happily. I just smile at JJ and he smiles at me. I pucker my lips at him and he laughs and puckers his and pecks my lips. I love him so much. I then do the same to Alexis. These are my babies I swear! We are going to a water park about 10 minutes from our villa, not part of Disney World. We wanted to take a break from all the walking today. We all have our bathing suits under our clothes. So once we get everything packed, we leave and head to breakfast. After breakfast, we head to the water park. JJ and Alexis want to head straight to the pool. Once we find two beach chairs, Alexis, JJ and Julian all take off their clothes so they just have on their bathing suits. Julian jumps in the pool and I just laugh at him. He comes up and holds his hands out for JJ and Alexis. They both jump in the pool and Julian keeps them close. I take off my clothes and I sit on one of the beach chairs and I put everyone else’s clothes on the other beach chair. I just watch as JJ and Alexis play with Julian in the pool. He takes turns throwing them in the water and they both love it. I love my family so much, they’re so beautiful. I just watch them all enjoy themselves, until I notice <a href="">this man</a> looking my way. I quickly look away, but I can see him from my peripheral vision moving towards me. What could he want?

“Excuse me miss?,” the man asked.

“Yes?,” I said while looking up at him and taking off my sunglasses.

“’re even more beautiful than I thought,” the man complimented.

“That’s very sweet, but I hope you aren’t trying to spit any game, because I am engaged,” I said while holding up my left hand exposing my engagement ring.

“The most beautiful ones always are.....but that’s not what I came over here for.....I am actually a recruiter for a modeling agency. Our modeling agency specifically focuses on women with natural hair like you. We really want to promote, pure natural beauty....also like you,” the man said while smiling kindly.

“Oh well I’m not model at all,” I said while laughing a bit.

“Well if you change your mind.....please give this number a call. My name is Xavier by the way. What’s yours?,” Xavier asked.

“It’s Zaira,” I said hesitantly.

“It’s was very nice meeting you Zaira,” Xavier said while narrowing his eyes and smiling. He takes a card from his pocket and sets it on the table next to me and then walks away while smiling. The next thing I know, Julian is standing in front of me.

“Was he bothering you baby?,” Julian asked. He’s so protective, I love that ;)

“No baby....he said he was a recruiter for a model agency and he wanted to know if I was interested in modeling. He said the agency is specifically for woman with natural hair....but I’m not interested,” I said.

“I didn’t like the way he was smiling at you......but you’re beautiful baby you could be a model if you wanted to. You could do it on the side......but you will have all your clothes on. No cleavage or legs will be showing,” Julian said.

“You’re sweet baby, but I think I’m good.”

“Ok it’s up to you baby. You know I would support you in anything.”

“I know that’s why I love you.”

“I love you more.” Julian leans down and kisses me and then goes back into the pool with the kids. I put my sunglasses back down and I look around and I see Xavier sitting with a few other guys and they are looking over at me. I grab my towel and I look away and cover up my body. It’s flattering to know that someone thinks I could be a model, but I just don’t think that’s for me. I look at the card and I wonder if this model agency is even legit? Who knows. JJ then comes walking up to me.

“You tired baby?,” I asked.

“Yeah I just want to take a little break and I’m thirsty,” JJ said. I nod my head and I pull out a cold bottle of water and I hand it to JJ.

“Thanks mommy,” JJ said.

“No problem handsome,” I said. He opens it and takes a few sips. I take JJ’s towel and I wrap JJ in it and I sit him in my lap as he drinks his water. After a 10 minute break, JJ gets back in the pool, and then Alexis takes a break. Then Julian and I switch, so I play with JJ and Alexis in the pool for a while. After two hours, we all just relax by the pool. Alexis said she wants to get a tan, my silly girl :) By 6 pm, the kids are exhausted and hungry. We did lots of activities in the water park, like the wave pool and the various tube rides. We had lots of fun! We grab a quick bite to eat and then the kids take their baths. I make sure to rinse out their hair really good too, so the chlorine doesn’t dry out their hair. After that, they both put on their pajamas and Julian sings them to sleep. After that, Julian and I leave their room and we go into our bedroom. We take a quick shower, obviously that included sex, and then we put on our pajamas and sit in the bed. Julian pulls out his laptop and then pulls out the modeling card. I didn’t know he kept it.

“Baby you kept that?,” I asked.

“Yeah I want to look it up, see if it’s legit or not,” Julian said. He looks at the card and then types in “NaturalBeauty Models” into the search engine. I scoot close to him and I rest my head on his shoulder. The website comes up and Julian clicks on it. It looks pretty legit from what we can tell. He looks through pictures of the models and they all have various degrees of natural hair all of different lengths, but they are all beautiful :). Julian looks up the recruiters and Xavier is on the list, they even show his picture. Also the pictures have the models completely clothed, covering all body parts. These models are used to mostly promote natural hair products, so there are pictures from magazines and even commercials for the products on the website as well.

“Baby this would be a great opportunity for you if you wanted it. You could be on tv or in a magazine,” Julian said.

“Julian I don’t know. I don’t know anything about modeling,” I said.

“I think you would be a natural honestly. Just know if you want to do it, I will support it. They have a site in Richmond if you are interested. They will have a casting call in the next few weeks, so we will back by then.”

“You’re so supportive baby thank you so much.....I guess I will think about it, but that’s it.”

“Sounds good baby.” Julian smiles and leans closer to me and kisses my cheek. He then goes into his suitcase and pulls out a professional camera and snaps a few pictures of me.

“Julian what are you doing?,” I said while laughing a bit.

“Taking pictures of you.....just act natural,” Julian said. I just look at him and I smile and he takes a few pictures. He then narrows his eyes and smirks at me. Lord knows he is about to get freaky with this camera. I only have on a white tee and panties right now, so his mind is probably already in the gutter.

“Act sexy,” Julian demanded.

“Julian....I don’t know how to act sexy,” I said honestly.

“That’s a damn lie and you know it. It’s just me and you baby. Act sexy for me,” Julian said. I just bite my bottom lip and Julian snaps a few pictures of me. I give him seductive looks and poses and he is snapping a lot of pictures. I lift up my t-shirt so Julian can see my stomach, and the bottom part of my breasts. He smiles big and takes a few pictures of me posed like this. I then slide my right hand inside of my panties, and I put my left index finger in my mouth while smiling a bit. Julian takes quite a few pictures of me and then he sits next to me. He kisses my lips and then goes through the pictures with me.

“See baby you are a natural. And you won’t even be doing pictures like this for the modeling agency. So if you can do this, you can do that,” Julian said.

“You’re so supportive thank you baby,” I said while smiling.

“No problem you know we are going to have another round right?” I just strip off my t-shirt and panties in a hurry and then I lie down in the bed on my back and Julian looks at me and smiles and I smile back.

“I’m ready when you are baby,” I said playfully. Julian just smiles and strips too and gets on top of me and kisses me deeply. Is there such a thing as too much sex?? I don’t think so ;)

Ok so yeah I have realized that the last three of my adds have been very sexual lol my bad!! I think I need to get some ASAP, that is why I am writing my adds that way bahahahahahaha anyway enjoy ladies!!!!

They some freaks lol. Quickie in the shower tho lol. The kids were so excited about the engagement. Look at Julian tryna go raw in Zaira already. Good thing she's able to hold him off. THESE two are effect together. That bath ans massage was lovely. Love the add. RUN IT.


I am awakened by my phone alarm going off at 7 am. I yawn a bit and I look next to me and I see Zaira sleeping peacefully. I just smile at her because this beautiful woman is now my fiancée. I love her so much. I know we are both naked under the sheets because we woke up like three times last night to have sex. We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other last night, who can blame us? Good thing I bought multiple packs of Magnums ;) I wish we didn’t have to use condoms though; I want to feel my baby raw already!! I know she is going to feel amazing, but I know we have to wait. I haven’t asked Zaira about birth control pills or anything like that, because I don’t want her body to change. I know those things also cause quite a few side effects as well, and I just want her healthy so when I do get her pregnant, we will have no problems. So I will gladly use condoms until we are out of college. When we get married though, no condoms allowed!! I am serious about that. Zaira said she would be willing to get married this winter when we have our month winter break, I say the sooner the better :) I scoot close to Zaira and I kiss her forehead multiple times and then I admire her face. She is the most stunning woman I have ever seen in my life and now it is guaranteed that I will wake up to this face every morning for the rest of my life; I love that! I get out of the bed and I put on a robe and I go into the kids’ room and I see them awake. I smile and I go over to them and I kiss each of their cheeks.

“Good morning JJ and Alexis. I want you two to start getting ready ok?,” I said.

“Ok daddy....where’s mommy?,” JJ asked.

“She’s still sleeping, I am going to wake her up soon.....Zaira and I have some news to tell you two later,” I said.

“Is everything ok?,” Alexis asked with concern.

“Everything is great, now go get ready please,” I asked. I kiss their cheeks again and they get up from their beds and I leave the room. I smile when I see Zaira squirming around in the bed in our bedroom. I go over to the bed and I lie on top of Zaira and I kiss her all over her face. Zaira laughs a bit and opens her eyes and puckers her beautiful lips at me. I lean down and I kiss her lips multiple times and then we look at each other.

“How is my sexy, beautiful fiancée doing this morning?,” I asked. Zaira just smiles big at me and she grabs my face and kisses me deeply, and then she looks at me.

“I am doing great baby, how is my handsome, sexy fiancé doing?,” Zaira asked.

“I’m doing great.....morning quickie?,” I asked playfully. Zaira just sticks out her tongue at me and I laugh and I suck her tongue as she laughs.

“I know we don’t have time, I was just messing with you...let’s take a shower together though,” I said.

“You won’t be able to keep your hands off of me,” Zaira teased.

“Wrong! You know very well you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off me with your frisky ass,” I teased.

“Whatever,” Zaira said while rolling her eyes playfully. I kiss her forehead then her lips then I get off of her. I help Zaira out of the bed and I slap Zaira’s ass multiple times and she jumps each time. She hits my chest and then we go into the bathroom and we take our shower together, with a quick round of course ;) After that, we get dried off, and then dressed. I just watch Zaira as she gets dressed. It amazes me how beautiful she is, she is one of a kind I swear. I watch her fluff her natural hair in the mirror and adjust her tank top. Ugh her body makes me so horny all the time!! Her curves poke out no matter what she wears and I can’t help but get sexual thoughts whenever I see her. I come up behind her and I gently kiss her neck and she smiles at me. Damn I love her so much. Once Zaira and I are dressed, we leave our room and JJ and Alexis come running up to us. I pick them both up and I kiss them all over their face.

“Hi mommy!,” JJ exclaimed.

“Hi Aunty Zaira!,” Alexis said happily. Zaira just smiles and kisses our babies all over their faces.

“Ok JJ and Alexis....Zaira and I have something to tell you,” I said.

“I hope it’s a good thing,” JJ said.

“Trust me son it is,” I said. I look at Zaira and she smiles big and I kiss her lips and then we both look at JJ and Alexis.

“Well.....last night.....I proposed to Zaira.......we are going to get married!!!!,” I said happily! Zaira holds up her left hand to show her ring and JJ and Alexis both gasp in shock and they both start clapping!!

“Mommy you are going to marry daddy?!,” JJ asked.

“Yes baby boy I sure am,” Zaira said happily.

“Oh I am so excited and happy! I can’t wait!! I love you so much Zaira,” Alexis said.

“I love you too mommy,” JJ said.

“I love you both too,” Zaira said.

“Can JJ and I be in the wedding?,” Alexis asked sweetly.

“Oh of course. Alexis we would like you to be the flower girl and JJ we would like for you to the ring bearer,” I said.

“Yay!!,” JJ and Alexis said in happiness.

“I can’t wait to get a dress!,” Alexis said.

“Me too baby girl we can go shopping together,” Zaira said. Alexis smiles and reaches out to Zaira and I hand her to her and they hold each other tight.

“Daddy I can’t wait! Can we go looking for suits together?,” JJ asked.

“Of course lil’ man sounds like a plan,” I said. JJ just smiles and hugs me tight. I move closer to Zaira and I peck her lips. Zaira and I set Alexis and JJ down and we hold their hands.

“Ok do you two have everything? We are going to eat breakfast then go to the park,” I said.

“I’m ready!,” JJ and Alexis said. I just smile and Zaira and I put on our sunglasses get all our passes to get into the park and then we leave the s a villa. The villa has a main reception center, where they serve meals during the day. We go to the reception center and we all eat breakfast. I couldn’t keep Zaira close enough to me. I still can’t believe she is my fiancée! I can’t believe I am going to marry this woman! I am beyond happy and we are here with the kids and just perfect. Everything is going perfectly at this point and I have never been this happy in my life and I mean that. As we are eating, I held onto Zaira’s left hand and I kissed it multiple times. I am so in love with her so much; it can’t even be explained or expressed enough. I think I will do something special for her tonight again, she deserves it. She is always doing sweet things for me, so I want to do the same for her. Maybe I will actually give her the massage I promised her yesterday ;) Once we are all done eating breakfast, we head to the park for day two of our vacation. Today we spent our day at the Animal Kingdom Park. We all had so much fun! It’s just so nice to spend time like this with my family. We are creating memories that I will never forget. By 5:30 pm, we leave the park and we eat at a restaurant. I swear I just love to sit and talk with my family. Listening to JJ and Alexis talk is just the cutest thing to me. They are both so talkative and they are so close too and I love that. We are all so connected and I love that. After dinner, we head back to the villa. The kids are knocked out by the time we get home. Walking around the park all day really wears them out. Once I park in the parking lot of the villa, Zaira and I each get out a kid and then we go inside. We take them to their bedroom and we wake them up long enough so they can put on their pajamas and so Zaira can put scarves on their hair. After that, the kids are knocked out in their beds. I take Zaira’s hand and we leave the bedroom closing the door behind us. We go into our bedroom and I kiss Zaira’s cheek.

“How about a nice bath baby....then I will give you an oil massage. How does that sound?,” I asked.

“Baby that sounds’re so good to me.”

“We can do this every night once we are married if you want. I won’t mind at all.” Zaira just smiles and pecks my lips.

“You’re so sweet baby. You should let me cater to you sometimes,” Zaira said.

“Zaira you have always catered to me since the beginning, when we hardly knew each other. I want to do it for you now,” I said.

“I love you so much Julian.”

“I love you more Zaira.” I hug her tight and then we both go into the bathroom. I turn on the faucet to the tub and I turn it to a very warm temperature. I put some bubbles in it and then I strip completely naked and I get in the tub. I look at Zaira as she strips down and then I hold my hand out to her. She grabs it tightly and gets in the tub in between my legs and she rests her head on my shoulder. I wrap my arms around her waist and I hold her tightly. I kiss her cheek multiple times and Zaira smiles to herself.

“Julian I cannot wait to marry you. You are going to be the most amazing husband,” Zaira said.

“And you are going to the most amazing wife I already know that Zaira.....I want our wedding day to be perfect, so whatever you want, you let me know. I mean that,” I said.

“You’re so sweet baby that means everything to me. I know our wedding day is going to be perfect....I just....I just wish my parents were here to see it. I wish that my dad could walk me down the aisle, that is every girl’s dream,” Zaira said softly. I look down at her and I notice tears run down her right cheek, and I quickly wipe them away and I hold her even tighter.

“Oh baby I cannot even imagine how much you miss them. I know how close you were to both of your parents.....I know it hurts to lose someone you love I really do baby. You just have to know that they are so proud of you. They are so proud of their baby girl I know that for a fact. You have been through some very tough situations baby but you made it. They know they raised a strong woman because here you are, no matter what you went through. You know how much they loved you and they are looking down on you from heaven. They are looking at the beautiful woman their daughter has become and they can’t be anything but proud. I mean that baby. I know you would want them right in the church with us when we get married, but they are going to be looking right down on you, smiling,” I said in an encouraging tone. Zaira just smiles and she turns on her side and hugs me tight.

“I love you so much Julian you always know what to say,” Zaira said softly. I just smile and I kiss Zaira’s forehead multiple times.

“I am always going to be here to get you through any situation good or bad baby. I promise you,” I said. Zaira plants kisses all over my chest and then looks at me.

“You tryna get f***ed in this tub babe?,” I joked. Zaira just smacks her lips at me and throws bubbles in my face. I just laugh out loud and I do the same to her and we exchange throwing bubbles at each other for about a minute. After that, I grab Zaira’s waist and I kiss her deeply, not even minding that we have bubbles all over our faces. I pull her into my waist and she sits right into my lap. f*** what is stopping me from feeling her raw right now?! Lord knows I want to so bad!!! I just want to cum inside of her already I can’t wait anymore! I grind my manhood right into her womanhood and she moans out loud. She pulls out of the kiss and looks me in my eyes and I look into hers.

“ know we can’t,” Zaira said softly.

“I know baby, but I don’t think you understand how bad I want to feel the real you,” I said.

“Baby do you think I don’t want to feel the real you? Because I definitely do. I hate wearing condoms with you. I love you and I don’t want any barriers between us, but right’s just something we have to do. I don’t want us to have our baby until we graduate.”

“I know baby you’re right, that would complicate things for us I know.....can’t I just get a little taste though?”

“Julian. Baby. You know very well once you are inside of me, I am going have to force you out because you wouldn’t want to do it on your own.” I just bust out laughing and I nod my head because Zaira is so right.

“Damn you know me so well. You’re right baby. I can be patient I just get anxious at times,” I confessed.

“I know you do.....I mean I know how much you love my pussy, so I know that you want to feel how tight and wet it is right around you, not through a barrier,” Zaira said confidently. I just raise my eyebrows in shock and Zaira just laughs at me.

“Oh someone is feeling c**ky today huh?,” I joked. Zaira just giggles and nods her head.

“Well you have every reason to be’ve got my heart,” I said. Zaira just wraps her arms around me and hugs me tight and I rub her back. I then run my hands down her ass and I pinch each cheek and Zaira jumped in shock and hit my chest.

“Woman you are not going to keep hitting me,” I joked.

“What are you going to do if I don’t stop?,” Zaira said while crossing her arms.

“No d*** for a week that’s what I’m going to do,” I said boldly. Zaira’s face just drops and I just bust out laughing.

“You’re mean,” Zaira said while pouting. I just lean in and I lick the bottom lip that is poking out.

“Zaira you know damn well I could not go without laying the pipe for a whole week unless you are on your cycle and you know that s*** is hard enough for me,” I said.

“Julian....did you just say laying the pipe?,” Zaira questioned.

“Yes is there a problem? You know very well that is what I do.”

“Mmm you sure do baby and you do it very well. Sometimes it amazes me how much sex we have Julian. We do it least once a day, unless I am on my cycle.”

“I know baby that’s right, so that is why I will have no problem getting you pregnant as soon as we graduate.” Zaira just smiles and she grabs a washcloth and puts some soap on it and she starts to clean my chest and arms. I just smile at her. I love how she takes care of me and I plan to take care of her and our family for the rest of our lives.

“You’re so sexy baby.....your tattoos alone turn me on,” Zaira said while laughing a bit.

“Oh have a favorite tattoo of mine?,” I asked curiously.

“Well I honestly love them all, but the lion on the side of your turns me on so much and I don’t know why. I always just want to kiss it and lick it,” Zaira confessed.

“Oh you can do that right now,” I said while laughing. I turn my head to the side and Zaira leans in kisses it and licks it gently. She even sucks on it!

“Mmm I like that,” I moaned slightly. Zaira stops what she is doing and runs her hands up and down my chest and up and down my arms.

“All your tattoos are sexy to me. They look perfect on your complexion,” Zaira complimented.

“Thank you baby you’re so sweet,” I said. I peck Zaira’s lips and then we continue to bath each other. After about a 45 minute bath, we both get out. I wrap Zaira in a towel and then I wrap myself in a towel and we go out to the bedroom holding hands.

“Lie down for me baby. On your stomach. Take off the towel,” I said. Zaira bites her bottom lip and takes off her towel and throws it on the floor. She lies down on the bed on her stomach and turns her head to look at me. I take off my towel and I put on a pair of boxers and I take out the body oil. I put some in my hands and I start at Zaira’s feet and I massage it from her feet, up her calves and thighs. Once I get to her ass, I just smile big. I am going to have too much fun with this ;) I take some more oil, rub it in my hands and then I caress my hands all over Zaira’s ass as I rub in the oil. Of course I had to smack it a few times too. Zaira is moaning slightly I can hear her.

“Do you like this?,” I asked softly.

“Yes baby I love it,” Zaira said through moans. I put my legs on either side of Zaira and I lean down and I gently kiss the back of her neck and I feel her quiver. I take some more oil and I rub it all over Zaira’s back and shoulders and I give her a nice massage. She has her eyes closed and I think I even put her to sleep. I didn’t even have to d*** her down ;) I get off of Zaira and I take a t-shirt from my suitcase. I sit Zaira up so I can put the shirt on her. I lie her down and I put the covers over her and I just admire her. I have never been so in love before. To this day, everything about her still amazes me. I lean in and I gently peck her lips. I put on a t-shirt and then I lie down in the bed under the covers next to Zaira. I turn on my side to face her and I gently caress her cheek as I watch her sleep. I outline her eyes and her lips and I just take in her beauty. Her beauty is unlike anything I have ever seen before. I scoot closer to her and I adjust her body so her head is resting on my chest. Zaira squirms a bit, but she doesn’t wake up. I run my fingers through her natural hair and I just smile. I am truly happy :)

Aww That Was SO Sweet.... I Want That Kind Of Love...
Run It...

OMG they're engaged. Guess it truly is the magic kingdom. Oh wow Zaira the freak came out. She made sure she pleasured her dude huh. Yeah lol. Aww look at Julian ready to make babies and ish lol. Im happy for them tho. Run It

omg!! i freaking love this add! its so perfect
im so happy for them and the kids are gonna be so happy as well
they are really beautiful together
run it!


So a little over two months have passed and Julian and I are doing great! We are so happy together. We finished our junior year out strong and Julian and I each had an internship for six weeks that we completed already. We both felt the internships were very beneficial and we both learned so much in our respective fields. We still have a little over a month left for break so today we are actually going on vacation!!! Julian, me, JJ, Alexis are all going to fly to Disney World in Orlando, Florida since the kids are out of school now! We are all so excited, especially the kids!! We of course offered Karen to come with us, but she said she couldn’t take off of work right now and she said she would enjoy the time to herself :) This is going to be our first family vacation and I am so excited. It’s Saturday morning and our flight leaves at 8:40 am. The flight is about 2 hours long. It’s 5:30 am and Julian and I are showering and getting ready. The kids spent the night with us last night and all of us are packed. Once Julian and I are all dressed, we wake up the kids. We are trying to be at the airport at 7 am. JJ and Alexis brush their teeth and wash their face and then get dressed.

“Mommy thank you for braiding my hair last night, I really like it,” JJ said while looking up at me.

“No problem handsome,” I said while smiling. I pick him up and I kiss his cheek and he runs his hands over his neat cornrows that go to the back while smiling.

“Aunty Zaira thanks for doing my hair too. I love my twists!,” Alexis said while shaking her hair. I just laugh and I pick her up and I kiss her cheek multiple times. I did JJ and Alexis’ hair last night so they wouldn’t have to worry about during our week trip since we will be doing lots of swimming and it will be hot in Orlando!

“Ok babies go make sure you have everything you two need and make sure your bags are all packed. Then we can eat a quick breakfast,” I said. JJ and Alexis nod their heads and kiss my cheek and I set them down and they go to their suitcases. I go into the bathroom where Julian is brushing his hair. I smile and I come up behind him and I wrap my arms around him and he smiles at me through the mirror. My baby is so handsome ;)

“You look good baby,” I said.

“Thank you, so do you....I have something for you,” Julian said. I kiss the back of his neck and then I let go of his waist and he picks up a plastic bag from the floor and pulls out a red thong bikini set while smiling big. I just bust out laughing and I shake my head.

“Julian you are something else. I am not going to wear this in front of the kids,” I said.

“I know that, but our villa has a Jacuzzi room, so when the kids are sleep, you and me are going in there and we are going to f***. But you are going to wear this first. Do you like it?,” Julian asked while grinning.

“Yes I love it, it’s cute....why are you such a freak?”

“You make me a freak babe. With your fine ass,” Julian said. Julian grabs my waist and slaps my ass multiple times and I just giggle.

“Baby what if the kids catch us?,” I said softly.

“Well the Jacuzzi is in a private room not near any of the bedrooms in our villa. You are pretty loud though when we have sex, so.....I might just have to kiss you to keep you quiet,” Julian said while smiling.

“I am not that loud!,” I said defensively.

“Awww my baby doesn’t even know how loud she is, how cute,” Julian teased. I just frown and Julian kisses my nose and holds me close.

“It’s ok baby I don’t mind how loud you are at all. I love your screams, yells, moans, all of it,” Julian said.

“Leave me alone,” I said.

“Awww you’re cute...but let’s get ready to go to the airport. Pack this bikini,” Julian said. I smile and I peck Julian’s lips and I pack the bikini in my suitcase.

“Babies are you both ready to go? Do you have everything?,” I asked JJ and Alexis.

“Yes mommy I am ready! I can’t wait!,” JJ said happily.

“Me too I am really excited!,” Alexis exclaimed. I just smile at them and I kiss the both of their cheeks. I take their hands and then we all go into the kitchen. I fix bagels and fruits for JJ and Alexis and Julian and I eat a bowl of cereal. After that, we all gather our bags and suitcases and we leave and head to the airport. We get there at 7 because we wanted to sure we had enough of time, since the airport requires tighter security these days. Once we get checked in, check our bags, go through security, we find our seats on the plane. Alexis has never been on a plane before so she is very excited. JJ has been on a plane before and he says he really likes it. Me on the other hand, I HATE planes. I get so nervous and anxious while on the plane. I need to sit next to Julian or else this is going to be a very awful two hour plane ride. We find our seats in the middle of the plane and Julian sits next to me and Alexis sits on my right side and JJ sits on Julian’s left side. I take a deep breath and I grab Julian’s hand and I hold it tight. Julian looks at me and kisses my forehead.

“Baby you ok?,” Julian said.

“Julian....I have a huge fear of flying,” I confessed.

“What? You do? Baby why didn’t you tell me? We could have gone somewhere else where we could have driven to.”

“It’s ok I really wanted to do this for the kids. Just hold my hand the entire flight ok?”

“No problem baby.” Julian pecks my lips and holds my hand tightly in his. I rest my head against his shoulder and I take another deep breath. At 8:45 our flight takes off. JJ is looking out the window and Alexis is just smiling big. I can tell they both like flying. I just close my eyes shut. Take-off is the worst to me. The change in elevation makes me feel really nauseous. Julian puts up the armrest between us and then wraps both of his arms around me. He gently hums and I do feel a bit calmer after that. Once we are finally in the air at a steady elevation, I feel my body calm down.

“Mommy are you ok?,” JJ asked.

“I’m ok sweetheart, don’t you worry about me,” I said while smiling. JJ smiles and nods his head and looks back out the window. Julian kisses my forehead and I peck his lips. Alexis yawns and rests her head in my lap. I smile and I gently rub her back as she drifts off to sleep. I rest my head on Julian’s shoulder as he holds me the entire flight. Even the slightest turbulence had me so anxious, but after 2 hours we safely landed in Orlando!! I am so thankful and I said a thank you prayer to God.

“We’re here, we’re here!,” JJ said while clapping his hands. Julian and I just smile at him and I gently tap Alexis to wake her up. She yawns and opens her eyes and looks up at me and smiles.

“Hi pretty girl, we’re here,” I said. She nods her head and sits up and stretches. Julian kisses my cheek and then releases me from my arms as he picks up JJ and sets him in his lap and kisses him all over his face. I just smile at them and we wait patiently until we can leave the plane. We get our carry-on bags and then we exit the plane. We wait for our bags and once they come, we get them and then we head to the rental car station. Julian insisted on renting us a car so we could get out and explore more. Also our villa is not within walking distance of Disney World. Once Julian gets the keys to the car, we all leave the airport. It is so warm; it has to be around 80 degrees! I love it! Once we pull up the <a href="">villa</a> we all just look in awe. It’s beautiful! Julian, me and Karen helped pay for this trip and so far it is absolutely perfect. We all get out of the car with our bags and we go into the villa. JJ and Alexis set down their bags and run around the villa excitedly.

“Baby this is beautiful,” I said.

“Not as beautiful as look really good today baby,” Julian said while looking me up and down. I just look at him and I blush a little.

“You are still so shy. You know very well I tell you are beautiful every day,” Julian teased.

“I know....I should be used to it by now huh?,” I joked.

“Yes you should be.....I have something special planned for us tonight.....we are going to have a good night....with a lot of f***ing,” Julian whispered in my ear. I just slap his chest and he grabs my hands and puts them on his waist as he leans down to kiss me passionately. He wraps his arms around my shoulders and holds me tight as we kiss deeply. Julian is so passionate and I LOVE that about him ;) He has no problem showing me just how much he loves me.

“Ooooo ya’ll kissing!!,” Alexis exclaimed. Julian and I laugh as we pull out of the kiss and look over at JJ and Alexis giggling.

“Oh how about I give you both some kisses?,” I exclaimed. I go over to them and I pick them both up and I kiss them all over their faces while they laugh hard.

“Are you two ready to go to the amusement park?,” I asked.

“Yay!!!!,” Alexis and JJ exclaimed.

“Ok I want you two to put on some cooler clothes since it’s so warm. Also I want you to put on a some sunscreen ok?,” I said.

“Ok,” JJ and Alexis said in unison. I set them down and then I walk them to their room along with their bags. There are two full size beds for them, so they should be comfortable. I get the sunscreen and then I leave the room. I go into me and Julian’s bedroom with our king size bed. I see he has changed into a tank top and cargo shorts. Damn my man is FINE!!! I close the door and I come up behind him and I kiss the back of his neck. He smiles and turns around to face me.

“You look damn fine right now baby....I just want to f*** now,” I said.

“I’m sure you do, but we will have plenty of time for that tonight. I promise,” Julian said while smirking.

“Ok.” I peck his lips and then I go into my suitcase. I take off my shirt and pants and of course Julian slapped my ass multiple times because he is just a freak. I put on a pair of shorts and a tank top and then I take down my hair. I spray a bit of water on it so I can just wear it in its natural state. I shake my head a few times, do a bit of fluffing and then I am satisfied.

“You are so damn gorgeous baby. I am going to have to watch out for all these niggas that may be looking at you,” Julian said.

“You’re so sweet, but you don’t have to worry about them. I am all yours handsome,” I said. Julian just smiles at me and kisses my forehead and then hugs me tight. He is being extra loving today. I kiss his neck and then I pull out of the embrace and I peck his lips. Julian and I put on a bit of sunscreen too and sunglasses and then we leave the bedroom. We see JJ and Alexis sitting on the couch all ready to go.

“Are my babies ready?,” Julian asked.

“Yes!,” JJ and Alexis said happily. They stand up from the couch and Julian makes sure he has all the passes we need to get into the park and then we leave! Disney World is only a 15 minute drive from where we are. Once we are parked, we walk towards the amusement park. JJ is holding my hand and Alexis is holding Julian’s hand. We made sure to tell the kids not to leave our sight because it would be impossible to find them in a park this size. Also we told them that if they get too tired to walk, me and Julian would hold them if they want to. Once we get to the gate and show our passes, we all get wrist bands. Then, we enter the park! JJ and Alexis are looking around in awe! I think they love it already! Today we are going to start at the Magic Kingdom Park, so that is where we go. The park is very crowded so we try to make sure that we all stay close. There are quite a few rides, so we start on the tea cups. Julian and Alexis get in a tea cup and then JJ and I get into the tea cup. As the ride starts, I notice that JJ is having a lot of fun. He can’t stop smiling! JJ smiling makes me smile. I look at Julian and Alexis and they are both smiling too, just having a good time. So we spend about an hour and a half on rides, then we decide to get something to eat since the kids are starving! Once we get our food, we all sit down at a table and start to eat our food.

“JJ and Alexis are you two having fun so far?,” I asked.

“Yes so much fun mommy!,” JJ exclaimed.

“Yes I am having a great time Aunty Zaira!,” Alexis said happily. Julian and I just smile at both of them. JJ scoots close to me and moves his food over close to mine. He climbs in my lap and gets comfortable and continues eating. I just laugh and I kiss his cheek multiple times. I love my baby boy so much! Once we are all done eating, we continue taking our tour of the Magic Kingdom amusement park. We make sure we got on all the rides and see every attraction in this park. By 6 pm, the kids are exhausted, so we decide to take them home. Once we get home, JJ and Alexis take their baths and then they are knocked out as soon as their little heads hit their pillows. Julian and I tuck them in and then turn off the light in their room and close the door behind us as we leave. Julian picks me up in his arms and I laugh as he carries me to our bedroom. He lies me down on the bed and gets on top of me and starts kissing me deeply. I pull him close and I hold him tight as we kiss passionately. After a five minute kiss, Julian pulls out of the kiss and looks at me.

“I have something special planned for you. So what I want you to do is give me thirty minutes while I set up, then meet me in the Jacuzzi room ok?,” Julian said.

“Ok baby I can’t wait,” I said while smiling.

“Make sure you put on the bikini for me ok?” I just nod my head and Julian kisses my forehead and then gets off of me and leaves the room. I sit up in the bed and I just smile to myself. I love Julian so much. He always does the sweetest things for me. 30 minutes later, I am walking down to the Jacuzzi room to meet Julian. I did check all the windows and door to make sure they are secure and I check on the kids one last time and they are both knocked out to the world. The Jacuzzi is in a separate room down a long hallway in the villa. The room is not located anywhere near the kids’ room, so they shouldn’t hear us. I walk to the room with a towel wrapped around me and when I go in I am shocked by what I see. There are candles lit everywhere, so the room has a nice dim lighting to it. Also I see two glasses of champagne and a bowl of chocolate covered strawberries and Julian is sitting in the Jacuzzi. I smile at him and he smiles back at me.

“Come here beautiful,” Julian said. I walk over to the Jacuzzi and I take off my towel and I set it on a nearby bench.

“Turn around let me see that ass,” Julian said while grinning. I just laugh and I turn around so Julian can see me in my thong bikini.

“Mmmhmm I like that! Shake it for me baby!,” Julian exclaimed. I just shake my head and laugh as I shake my ass for Julian.

“That’s right baby, damn you’re beautiful. Now come here,” Julian said. I turn around to look at him and I walk over to the Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi is in ground built, so Julian holds out his hand to me as I enter the Jacuzzi with him. He pulls me right into his lap and I kiss his lips. He hands me a glass of champagne and then he takes his glass and looks at me.

“Baby can I make a toast?,” Julian said.

“Of course sweetheart,” I said.

“Well...I would like to make a toast to us; you me, and our kids JJ and Alexis. I feel like we are truly a family and I wouldn’t want it any other way baby. My future is you and those kids Zaira I mean that. I am yours forever and you are mine. Anything you need, I will provide for you. Anything you want, I will get that for you. I will take care of you and our kids I promise. I want to spend the rest of my life with you baby. You are my everything and I love you so much,” Julian said sweetly.

“Oh baby you are so sweet. You are my everything too. You and those kids mean the world to me. I am yours Julian and I always will be I mean that. We are going to spend the rest of our lives together I already know that baby. I am so in love with you and I always will be,” I said. Julian just smiles and grabs my face and kisses me deeply. He then feeds me a few strawberries and I feed him a few as well. This is so romantic to me; I love Julian so much for doing things like this for me.

“Baby you do the sweetest things for me and I just want you to know that I appreciate them so much. I love that you show me just how much you love can do anything you want to me.....tell me how you want me baby,” I said seductively.

“You’re too sweet babe, but I forgot the oil in the bedroom I was going to use to give you a massage, can you go get it for me really quick?,” Julian asked.

“Of course baby,” I said. Julian pecks my lips a few times and then I get out of the Jacuzzi. I dry off quickly and then I go into the bedroom and I find the bottle of oil and then I go back to the Jacuzzi and what I see makes my heart stop in my chest. Julian is kneeling down on one knee towards the door. What is he doing?!?

“Ju-Julian.....wh-what are you doing?,” I asked shakily.

“Come here Zaira,” Julian said softly. I swallow hard and I walk right in front of Julian and he looks up at me. He takes the oil from my hands and sets it aside. He grabs my left hand and kisses it multiple times. He then looks me into my eyes as I look into his. I can hardly breathe right now!

“Zaira, baby, woman you are the love of my life. When I first met you....I just knew that you would change my life forever. I wasn’t sure how, but I just knew you would....we have been through so much together good and bad, but our good times outweigh our bad times Zaira. I know when we first met; I was so cold towards you. I was so cold and so rude to you, but that was because I was so scared of you. You scared me Zaira because I could not understand why someone as beautiful and kind hearted as you would want anything to do with me. But as we go to know each other, you reminded me that just because I used to do bad things, that doesn’t mean I am a bad person. You reminded me that I am actually a good person.....I was scared of getting close to you because I was scared to love again. I was so scared baby, but you have shown me that I do not have to be scared of love. You have shown me how to love again and I could never ever thank you enough for that......Zaira you are an amazing woman. You are one of a kind. You are absolutely stunning, I mean every inch of you is beautiful inside and out. You have a heart of gold I swear. You are always worried about me or the kids needs before your own and that amazes me baby and I love you for that. You are so caring and compassionate and loving and I just cannot imagine my life without you in it. I need you and I want you right by my side from this day forward. I love you so much and so do our two beautiful kids JJ and Alexis. You are everything I could ever want in a woman and honestly everything I could ever want in a wife. So Zaira Nicole Andrews, will you do me the honors of marrying me? Will you be my wife? Will you be Mrs. Julian Matthews?,” Julian said as numerous tears stream down his face. What?!?!?! Julian just proposed to me???!!!! My heart just sinks to the pit of my stomach and I put my hand over my mouth as tears continuously stream down my face. I close my eyes tightly and then I open them and I look at Julian as he looks at me.

“Julian.....of course I will marry you! Yes baby! Yes! Yes! Yes!,” I exclaimed in pure happiness. Julian just smiles big and he opens his left hand and shows me <a href="">this ring</a>. My gosh it is beautiful!! He kisses my left hand and then slides it on my left ring finger and I can’t help but ball at this point! My man just proposed to me!! He is now my fiancé!! I cannot believe it but I am beyond ecstatic right now!! Julian stands up and I literally jump on him and I hug him tight. Julian wraps my legs around his waist and holds me tight while I cry. I just can’t stop crying!

“Julian I love you. I love you so much. You are my world. You are the reason I get up every morning I swear. I cannot wait to become your wife. We are going to be so good together I already know it. I love you with every single fiber in my body I mean that. I love you Julian I love you so much,” I said while balling.

“I love you too baby I love you with all of my heart and soul,” Julian said. Julian pulls out of the embrace and kisses my lips multiple times. Oh best believe my man is going to get the best loving of his life tonight!!!! I grab his face and I just force my tongue inside of his mouth. I can tell Julian was shocked, but he gladly accepted my tongue and forced his tongue inside of my mouth. Our tongues wrestle as our hands explore each other’s bodies. I stop kissing Julian’s lips and I proceed to plant kisses all over his neck. I cannot keep my hands off of him. He sets me down and we are both shocked by what I do next. I kneel down in front of him and I slide his trunks down to his feet and Julian just looks at me in shock.

“Babe what do you think you are doing?!,” Julian asked in shock.

“What does it look like?,” I said sexily. Julian just narrows his eyes at me and steps out of his trunks then looks at me.

“You sure about this Zaira? I mean you kn-......s***!,” Julian is cut off by me sliding his manhood in my mouth. Julian just bulges his eyes at me and I wink at him. I have never done this to Julian before, but what the hell he deserves it and so much more!! He has never ever pressured me to do it, and I really appreciate that, but it makes me want to do it even more. I have only done this few times, but I am just going to watch Julian so I can learn what he likes. I start out at a slow pace and I just bob my head back and forth. I look at Julian and he has his head tilted back. I open my mouth wide and I do my best to slide all of Julian inside of me. He is so big, but I come pretty close ;) Julian groaned out loud when he felt the back of my throat.

“f***!!,” Julian yelled out. He tilts his head forward and looks at me. I look at him and I take him out of my mouth as spit drips down my chin.

“Oh Zaira you’re nasty huh?,” Julian teased.

“Only for you baby,” I said softly. I run my tongue down the shaft of his manhood and then I take him back into my mouth. Within 15 minutes, Julian can feel his climax coming. He pulls out of my mouth and I look up at him and I open my mouth.

“Zaira what are you doing?!,” Julian asked while he strokes his manhood.

“I want to taste you baby,” I said softly. Julian just grins and within thirty seconds I can feel Julian shoot his warm cum inside of my mouth. I just look at him as he tilts his head back in pleasure. Once he tilts his head forward to look at me, I wink and then I swallow. Julian’s eyes get big in shock!! Mmmm kind of sour but I like it ;)

“Zaira........I knew your ass was a freak. You tried to play me all this time, but I knew. I knew,” Julian said while laughing.

“I’m your freak baby, now tell me what you want,” I said as I get into all fours in front of him. Julian just smiles and leans over me and slaps my ass a few times. He unties my bikini top and I take it off. He then holds out his hand and I take his hand and I stand up. He turns me around and presses his hard manhood against my ass. I just moan and I rest my head on his chest. He runs his hands up and down my torso and I just moan as he does this. He then slides his right hand inside of my bikini bottoms and he feels on my womanhood. I open my legs wider and he slides two fingers inside of me.

“Mmmm baby,” I moaned.

“You’re wet for me huh?,” Julian whispered in my ear. I just nod my head and he gently bites my ear and I cooed in pleasure.

“Bend all the way over,” Julian said. I nod my head and I bend over so my hands are touching the floor. Julian stands behind me and then gently caresses my womanhood. He quickly puts on a condom and then grips my waist tight as he slides inside of me. He starts out at a really fast pace and I am yelling quite loud! I don’t want to wake up the kids, so I need to keep it down a bit, but Julian feels amazing inside of me, he always does. Julian and I continue like this for 25 minutes, which is when we both reach our first climax. Julian stands me up and turns me around and kisses me deeply. Julian then takes off his condom and throws it in a small trash can in the corner. He then looks at me and I look at him.

“Zaira....I want to feel the real you so bad baby,” Julian said.

“I know baby I want to feel you too, but we can’t yet....I know if we do it raw, I wouldn’t want you to pull out and I know you wouldn’t and we can’t have our little one just yet,” I said.

“I know it’s just.....I don’t want to wait baby in all honesty. I want to marry you tomorrow and have our baby nine months from now.” Oh my man is so sweet. I just smile at him and I walk over to him and I wrap my arms around his neck.

“You are amazing baby and I love you so much....but you know we have to wait until we finish college to have a baby. The time will fly by I promise let’s practice how we make our baby, how does that sound?,” I said sweetly. Julian just smiles and slaps my ass and I just laugh. I take off my bikini bottoms and then I peck Julian’s lips a few times. Julian and I enjoy two more rounds of lovemaking and then we actually get in the Jacuzzi. I am sitting right in Julian’s lap and he has his hands wrapped around my waist as I feed him strawberries. Once the strawberries are all gone, I just admire my engagement ring. I can’t believe I am engaged!! Tears stream down my cheeks and I put my head down.

“Baby what’s wrong?,” Julian asked while rubbing my back. I just take a deep breath and I look at him and he looks me in my eyes.

“ just made me the happiest woman in the world today I don’t even think you understand. You are making all of my dreams a reality and I just.....I just can’t believe it sometimes. I cannot believe I met someone as amazing as you Julian. You are an amazing man and I....I just.....I question sometimes why I deserve you’re so good to me. You are so good to me. I’ve been through some things.....that most men would be disgusted or turned off by, but not you. You saw past all of that and you truly love me for me and you truly accept everything that I have been through and Julian....that means everything to me. It means everything to me that you can accept me for me. I love you so much for that. I just....I love you Julian. You treat me like a queen and I love that and you are my king baby and I will do my best to show you that. I will be the best woman and wife and mother to our children that I can because I love you Julian. I love you so much,” I said as numerous tears streamed down my cheek. I look at Julian and I notice he has tears streaming down his face as well. We both wipe each other’s tears and then I hug Julian tight.

“Zaira woman you have a heart of gold I swear. You are going to be the perfect wife and mother to our children and I already know that. I know you have been through some tough things but baby you made it through all of that. You are so strong and that just makes me love you that much more. You are my heart Zaira. I am so in love with you,” Julian said. I just smile as I close my eyes and I rest my head on Julian’s shoulder. I never ever thought that I would be engaged to a man as amazing as Julian, but I guess dreams really do come true :)


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