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hoe come outta hiding. delusional ass b****es smhh
you really got nerve
if you really frm ny dont let me catch you slipping #simple


-______________________- obviously

damn r yu that stupid

my is my f***ing name this topic???i know you not talking about me

*raises hand* right here!!! lol sike naw

man freeze that troll
now where the strippers lol

you damn sure act like you do
but ok


Look, this a new year I am not worried about A or whoever else that started drama on this b****.

And I didn't dismiss no damn body. So erase that bulls***. I don't have that type of authority lol.

cause she's "A" @bree

What tf? Why my name in this? Why would I dismiss her? I'm confused lol.


*Peeps in* it's bout to go down!
Go easy on her though... She is a toddler, so might not understand some things well...

Myluv4chrisbrown it's cause she has been an unnecessary ass to near enough everyone.
She gets hyped for no good reason

Why does everybody have problems wit tht girl??