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I need help on putting pictures up of people. I want to write a story but need to know how to put pics up of my characters. Can someone help please


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walked to the bus stop cold as s***. “My ambition to win, just to get me some ends
Help me pay my little rent, maybe sit in a Benz” Rappin to Wale’s Ambition. On nights like this the words to this song was my life. This Chicago winter was whooping my ass. You would think since I had a boyfriend with 2 cars and a brother who had mad money a b**** wouldn’t be walking in this below freezing weather, but that was definitely not the case, and to top it all off my phone was dead. “f***” I screeched after stepping in a huge puddle something had to give. This wasn’t the first time he forgot to get me and it wouldn’t be the last. I drug my frozen tired feet into the house 2 hours later and dropped my gym bag and back pack on the floor. As expected my mom wasn’t home and that’s exactly how I needed it to be she had been getting on my damn nerves lately and she wasn’t her normal self at all.
After plugging in my phone I was immediately flooded with text messages from numerous people, but the one that stood out the most was the one from my brother Derrick. Well half-brother; he was pretty pissed off from the text message so I decided to call him.
“Serenity where the f*** you been?”
“Hi I’m fine how are you Derrick?”
“I’m really not playing with you Serenity I been calling you since 7:00 and its 10:00”
“I’m Just now getting home Derrick I had to catch the bus”
“The bus? That f*** nigga had you catchin the bus again? You know that’s the last time right?”
“Just leave it alone Derrick-“
“Leave it alone? This nigga got my little sister walkin home at 10:00 at night in the snow. Don’t be surprised if I come beat his ass tomorrow at the school?”
“Well you wasn’t there either Derrick. You worried about this nigga and you aint doing s*** for me neither”
With that I hung up on him. Derrick was so overprotective that it pissed me off, and what pissed me off even more is that he had his own way of playing me to the left for his groupie hopes but wanna get mad when other people do the same. Me and Derrick juss found out we were sibilings about 4 years ago, when my dad told me and my mom about his secret past. I remember like it was yesterday.

<a href=,r:3,s:0,i:165 >Serenity</a>

No problem

Thank you so much girl you helped me out alot

That SOOO didn't come out right!

Step 1
<a href="">The Official Chris Brown Site</a>

Step 2
<a href="">The Official Chris Brown Site</a>

Step 3
<a href="">The Official Chris Brown Site</a>

Step 4
<a href=""></a>

Step 5
<a href="">Chris Brwon</a>

If you go to the very bottom where it says "More information about formatting options" and click on that. If you scroll down you'll see "The official Chris Brown Site" in blue. To the left of that is the formula you'll need. Whatever site you're using for the pic you'll need to copy that address and put it where it has the address for ChrisBrownWorld. Completely delete everything in the parenthesis and paste whatever site the picture is at. Then where it says "The Official Chris Brown Site" you wanna delete that too and put whatever name you want. You might have to play with it for a little bit like I did but it's really quite easy.