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Simply Beautiful

I held a firm grip on the can of gold paint and began to move my wrist in swift upward motions repeatedly until one of the areas of my new piece was completed to my satisfaction. It had been in my head for days. Forming itself, putting its own pieces together. It took me about two hours to get it out on paper. It was a beautiful work of art. One of my favorites.

Al Green was blasting through my earphones. I always listened to music while I created something, it kept me from getting easily distracted, I flowed with the rhythm of the music and that was sure to get me through the entire process. I grinned as I finished up the last bit of it. I released a breath and stood back, removing the scarf that I used to avoid inhaling the fumes, from around my face and allowed the chilly fall day's fresh air to finally hit my face after two hours.

The longer I stared at it the more I fell in love with it. It felt like I had created it for a reason that remained unknown. Nonetheless its perfect, and I can feel myself becoming inspired again. I took a look to my left at some other artist's painting that had caught my eye when I got here. It was breathtaking..alluring. It was something surprisingly similar to what I had came here to paint today. I had to stop and marvel at it, like I did every other day with their art. Whoever 'Breezy' is, he is surely talented. I would have to keep my eye out for him or her. For as long as I've been coming here I have never seen who the spot beside mine belonged to. All I knew was that everyday I was here, another one of their stunning murals were too.

I decided to do something daring today and join my art with his. Though I'm most likely gonna get told off for crossing some lines doing so, who would I be not to take a risk? I'm an artist, its what I do on a daily basis.

"Simply beautiful.." I said to nothing in particular.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and snapped a quick picture of it. I then closed the camera application in my iPhone and glanced at the time. It read, 9:45AM. I had a solid 45 minutes to get to work. I bent over and hastily gathered all of the paint cans, tossing them into my duffel bag, then grabbed my backpack that contained my work clothes and cleared out from the alley.

"Be back later" i said to the walls as i strolled by them. All of a sudden having a strange gut feeling that today would be one to remember.


run it

phewww thank god it was just a dream
da f*** was that b**** thinking
run it

Yessssss! I'm glad she told that bitter b**** about herself!

Okay...I caught up...and let me just tell you that I hate you for making me cry when Chris proposed to Ty...I hate you for making me cry even harder when they left and she saw her dad...and I hate you even more for making me cry the worst when I thought they had actually had that accident...whyyyyyyyy *sobs uncontrollably* why would you do that to meee?...

Oh but I got my life when she told Robyn about herself yes I did.

Yasssssssssssssss, RUN IT!

RUn It!

Whew!!! took me awhile to read everything but it was worth it!! I love this story and the music you put with it is epic!!!! run it!!!!

I want Justin to find love....

Good Add Girly

Run It...!

"So what's good woman? It's been a while since we kicked it one on one." Asked Justin as we walked side by side down the street while Indigo led the way. I had travelled over to his apartment to hang out since Chris had taken Alayah over to Tray's place to hang out. We were currently taking a stroll down the street, already having passed the shop. We thought we'd stop by the gallery to say hi to everyone since we were in the neighborhood.

"I know. I'm sorry, I've been so consumed in my family I barely make time for you guys anymore." I said apologetically.

"Oh no it's cool, don't apologize for that. I've been working a lot anyway. I did miss my partner in crime though. Ain't that right indie?!" He smiled when indigo barked her response.

"I swear she's human." He laughed taking the leash from my grip. I smiled.

"Why haven't you found somebody yet J?" I asked curiously.

"I mean at first, like..for a second, I thought I had." He admit glancing at me. My eyes widened in surprise.

"Who was she?!" I smiled wondering why he hasn't told me.

"" He shrugged. I froze internally. Thinking of something to say in that moment was probably the hardest thing.

"Don't worry. I'm not thinkin' like that anymore.. I mean I met you, I liked you, you were the time, and I thought I had a shot, but.." He trailed off.

"But?" I urged him to continue, fearing for the future of our friendship. Things would definitely change for the worse if this went wrong.

"But, you needed a friend, not an interest. Plus the moment you told me about Chris, I knew he had you forever. I couldn't get you to love me even if I tried, so I let the interest in you go. And now here we are." He smiled. I sighed in relief.

"I'm sorry Justin, but you are a beautiful person and a great friend. Maybe if I hadn't met Chris you and I.." I faded, thinking against finishing my sentence.

"There will be someone there to love you back, I promise. There's no way God would put someone like you on this earth to spend a lifetime alone." I said.

"Thank you Ty. That means a lot coming from you." He smiled genuinely. I returned it as we fell into a comfortable silence.

I thought about a lifetime with Justin, instead of Chris, but in that imagination the pieces to that puzzle didn't fit together. So, I erased the thought from my mind.

"So how's the wedding planning going?" He asked.

"It's actually super easy, everyone makes it seem so hard. We're thinking of doing a traditional wedding in a church, beautiful warm colors, under two hundred guests, maybe I'll jump the broom--"

"Jump the broom?" Asked Justin, surprised. I chuckled.

"Yes! I've always wanted to." I smiled when he shook his head.

"You are so out of your box." He laughed looking up from Indigo. I smacked him playfully and watched when his smile suddenly faltered. Following his gaze the smile on my face had washed away almost instantly as my eyes fell on Robyn and her right hand man, Melissa. I froze as did Justin, tugging on the leash for Indigo to stop.

"You wanna turn--"

"No. What the hell is she doing here?" I watched as she entered the gallery. We stood almost a block away watching.

"I don't know, you want to go find out?" He asked. I nodded and resumed our walk towards the gallery.

I walked in, the bell over the door ringing my entrance and everyone's attention was soon on Justin, Indigo and I. I let my attention linger over Robyn's nonchalant figure and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Ty?" Called Mackenzie from the front desk, who also didn't look too happy.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I asked Robyn getting straight to the point.

"Just, looking at some of your stuff." She replied casually.

"Yeah but...we don't like you." Voiced Paige earning a snort from Justin.

"And you know that, so why come here?" I finished. Paige and Mackenzie had walked onto my side to get a better look at the diva and her accomplice. Robyn laughed her throaty laugh and shifted her weight.

"I like the art here." She spoke innocently.

"I don't care." I spat and walked a few steps closer. I caught her gaze as it fell onto my ring finger. The sadness in her eyes was evident, and then it disappeared into a blank stare.

"You know why were having this conversation right now. So why don't you save us all the trouble and take your no boundary havin' ass and your yard dog and leave. You aren't welcome in my gallery anymore. You weren't the moment you chose to disrespect me." I told her finally getting everything off my chest. I had longed for the day I got to tell Robyn how I felt about her.

She scoffed and threw me a look of disgust.

"Whatever. This gallery ain't s*** anyhow. Lets go." She said walking past me. I rolled my eyes.

"b****." Muttered Mackenzie. I smirked triumphantly and soon Robyn had left the gallery and finally, my life for good.

I released a breath feeling better instantly. Justin came to my side and rested a hand on my shoulder to comfort me. I turned to look him in the eye.

"You okay?" He asked. I smiled.

"Yes." I breathed. about you never scare me like that again! I was holding my breath the first part of the add like omg.... lmao ugh! But now I see this was just added to push up the wedding. I'm ready for them to get married! ..But im not if the story is ending after that lol

run it!

Whew! I'm glad it was just a dream!


Thank goodness it was just a dream :)

Run It!

A short and sweet one before bed!
Run it for me :)
Much love.

thoughts ;p

"Chris!" I screeched into the night. The sound of the rapid water beating against its boundaries being my only soundtrack, other than the sound of my own panic.

"...CHRIISS!" I screamed from the top of my lungs

"Baby!" It was faint, his response.

But I could hear him.

"!.....Mags!.." I began to feel out of it, light from the inside as I doggy paddled in the water.

"....mags, baby!.....wake up.." I could hear his voice from the sky. I looked up only to be blinded by the moonlight.

"Wake up!.."

My back popped up off of the bed as I gasped trying to suck back the air I had lost. I found myself coughing and clinging onto the arms that held me up in my bed. My memory came back to me; picking up Alayah from Brooke's, racing home in the stormy weather..making it home safely.

Tucking Alayah into bed and then getting into my own with Chris.

"Hey, baby it's aight. You're okay. It was just a nightmare or somethin'..." Said Chris. I opened my eyes quick to see his face.

Desperate to see him.

"We....we're...we're okay?" I asked searching the dark room. The only source of light being from the same half circle of white in the sky.

"Yeah baby what you mean? What you dream about?" Asked Chris, concern laced in his voice. My chest heaved.

"I....had a dream that....I lost you a crash, the crash it was so, it was so bad, it was so..horrible. I thought you were gone, I--"

"Shhhh, it's cool I got you, I'm right here aight? I ain't goin' no where." Said Chris as he pulled me back to lay on his chest. He tucked me into it.

I focused on his heartbeat, feeling it's presence, feeling him there.

With me.

"I thought I lost you." I cried silent tears, one slipped right off of my cheek and onto his chest.

"I will never leave you, girl. Go to sleep..I love you." Said Chris as he kissed the crown of my head and rubbed my arm trying his best to soothe me.

"I love you too.." I smirked. It worked for the most part, but I couldn't fight the images playing in my mind from my dream.

I didn't know what I would do if I ever lost him.

"I wanna push up the wedding." I suddenly voiced.

" sure?" Asked Chris. I nodded my head not wanting to wait any longer. If it were possible I would have married him on the spot.

"Whatever you wanna do, we will. Just get some sleep and we'll talk more in the morning, baby." Said Chris.

"It is morning." I spoke. I could hear the rolling in his eyes.

"Okay, in the day part of the morning. When it's sunny and s***." He spoke earning a light chuckle from me. I nodded and kissed his chest. I exhaled feeling better instantly.

Just having him near and there to hold me helped, but knowing that we would soon become a union, made everything okay.

omg they can never catch a break

OH GOD NO!!!!! That hurt my soul! Great story! Keep adding!!!!


they be going thru man!! i just want them to live happily ever after!!! they can not catch a break..RUN IT

Omg he has to make it

Run it!

run it

Omg! Why is it so hard for this couple to stay alive?! I mean within the first couple days they met they almost died and their best friend did! like this is crazy! please let this just be a dream or just not dead! ugh cant deal

Run it Plzzzzzz!!!! Lol

My heart literally just dropped

Run it

The fact that u got me crying right now is insane.
My heart was just ripped from my chest
I can't deal smh...
Run it :(

O M G!!!


I promise they can never catch a break! Their life is so full of near death experiences and Lord please let them BOTH survive!

Run it!

Oh Lord, my heart dropped. I thought it was me in the car. RUN IT!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey guys! So like always I have decided to use a soundtrack for this post! You NEED to listen to the song to feel this post! I promise you'll understand why. The song is called "Fresh Pair Of Eyes" by Brooke Waggoner. Thanks and enjoy!
Much love.
thoughts :p

Chris and I drove along the wet roads in the middle of the night as the heavy rain beat against the windows. I rested my head on the palm of my hand as the elbow attached lay against the window.

"Yeah B, we on our way right now. We had to take the back roads though, traffic is crazy on the main roads." Explained Chris as we drove down the route we never usually took. In the rush to pick up Alayah before the storm got heavier, we decided to take the quickest way. I turned in my seat looking in the back to make sure we had taken her carseat, feeling like we may have forgotten it for some reason, but it was there. Securely fastened into the back seat of my BMW.

My heart suddenly felt heavy. For a reason unknown, it weighed heavy inside of my chest. I watched Chris hang up the phone and reach to turn the volume up on the radio. A song I had never heard before began to soothe me, fitting my mood perfectly. Chris didn't seem to mind it either as he released a breath.

<em>"mmm, mmmm, mmm, mmmm.."</em>

"You cool baby?" He asked relaxing in his seat as we drove around the bend of a lonely road above a lake. I watched the dark waters beneath us. He was tired, and had come from a meeting with the wedding planner before picking me up. It had been a long day of color coordinating the venue to working on invitations for him since I had to work. I loved that Chris wanted to have as much input in the wedding as me.

<em>"Cause I want, to be seen, with a fresh pair of eyes.."</em>

"I'm cool. You okay?" I asked looking to him now.

"Yeah, just wanna pick up my baby and go home to bed." He smiled tiredly.

"Me I can't believe Mack's happy for her." I spoke happy for my sister.

"I know..She deserve it though. Been through hell and back. It's time she be rewarded." Said Chris. I smiled absently playing with the ring around my finger. I held it up in the moonlight, admiring it with my heart.

"It's nice right? Ya man got good taste?" Said Chris with a grin. I looked over to him in time to catch it, leaving my hand in the air. His face suddenly whipped away from mine to face the front and his foot slammed on the brakes as hard as they could. My body jumped forward.

"Baby!--" Chris tried to shield me with his body but the swerve of the car caused our bodies to jerk to the left. Chris' body slammed cruelly against the door. He cried out on impact. I instantly felt unprotected the moment I couldn't feel his arms around me.

<em>"I miss God, I miss God.."</em>

"Chris!" I managed to squeak out.

The car was swerving, I could tell. I could feel everything happening so fast yet so slow in motion. The impact of Chris' side of the car crashing through the steel wall of the bridge was all the reassurance I needed to know that we were going over the edge. Every window shattered around us, slashing the skin on my cheeks. I faced as away from the glass as possible and braced myself for the moment we hit the water.

<em>"I miss God.."</em>

The dark blue waters beneath that were so beautiful moments ago.

"Nooooo!" I brokenly bawled out, holding onto the dashboard for dead life. Alayah was the only thought on my mind.

<em>"mmm, mmmm, mmm, mmmm.."</em>

The car cannonballed upside down into the water hard, and was instantly engulfed in it. My head smashed into the dashboard and my body pressed itself roughly up against the roof, causing my vision to blur and stars to cloud around me. I fought consciousness, screaming loud and clear for anyone's help before the water completely filled the car. I lost track of everything, my phone, my purse, my sense.

"Baby! Mags!" Coughed Chris as he spat water from his mouth. He sounded out of it and injured causing fright to rise in the pit of my stomach. I cried at the sight of his face, blood oozed from the deep gash on his forehead and cheek. His lip was busted as well.

I had forgotten that Chris was with me, I forgot that I wasn't alone as I panicked. We sunk faster than I expected and the water was much deeper than I thought. The car was nearly filled to the top and time was running out. Chris wrestled with his seatbelt trying to unbuckle it desperately.

<em>"mmm, mmmm.."</em>

"It's stuck!" I screamed trying to stay above the water. Chris ducked his head under and I panicked harder.

"Chris! CHRIS!" My voice squeaked. I tried to unbuckle my seatbelt too, but to no avail. It too was jammed. Chris came back above the water. It looked like we only had seconds left before the car was filled.

"Baby! Baby, I'm right here I'm not going no where okay?! Okay! I need you to take a deep breath when I say aight?! Aight?! Big breath! When I say. I'm just gonna get you out ya seatbelt aight?!" He rushed trying to calm me. I bawled and nodded yes.

"Hold on!" He said before he disappeared under again. I cried loudly to God.

"Why! Please! Why?! Wh--"

Chris rose above once more as the water got closer to the top. I rose my chin up to the roof of the car ready to take in air and hold it.

"Okay baby! Big breath! NOW!" He yelled lastly and not a second later were we completely under water. I opened my eyes straining to see Chris in the darkness. The strap around my waist suddenly let up as Chris ripped the belt out of the buckle and set me free. I felt him take my hand and pull me out of the window and together we swam to the surface.

<em>"mmm, mmmm.."</em>

My head above the water in that moment was the best feeling to ever wash over me. Before it, I was sure I was near my end. But I wasn't, I had survived. Something meant to be so tragic, and I was breathing.

I searched desperately for Chris' head above the surface.

"Chris!" I screeched out of breath. I grew tired of stroking the water.

"Chris!" I screeched once more.

The last thing I saw as I continued to stroke the water desperately, being the moon, the half of a whole shining bright and still above us, as if nothing had ever happened.

As if nothing had ever happened..


<strong>Four Months Later</strong>

"I hope the storm doesn't hit right now. I still have to go and pick up Layah from Brooke's." I looked outside at the February sky from the front desk, worry written all over my face. The gallery's volume had been quite low do to the hard rain that had been falling since morning. Paige, Mackenzie and I were lounging around enjoying each others company. I looked up at the clock finding that the time was 9:46PM. We had closed the shop fifteen minutes early and were currently waiting for our rides.

"Yeah, I don't know about all that out there. We should just set up camp in here for the night. Tell our men to pick us up tomorrow." Suggested Paige. Mackenzie chuckled.

"Yeah right, I refuse to use hardwood floors as my makeshift bed tonight." Mackenzie said shooting down her idea. I playfully rolled my eyes.

"Kenzie please, like you haven't slept on worse." I said. She smirked.

"If you would consider Mikes rock hard abs and solid chest "worse" than yes, yes I have." She smiled.

"Ew." I commented.

"Barf." Paige turned up her nose. Mackenzie laughed and soon silence fell around us.

"Besides..sleeping on a hardwood floor would be bad for my back...and the baby.." She said. My neck snapped up from my sketch, and my eyes widened in shock. The smile on her face told me that I had heard correct. I jumped from my seat and rounded the desk.

"Shut up!" I told her. She only shook her head.

"I'm two months pregnant." She grinned taking hold of mine and Paige's hands. Happiness and excitement took over as I hopped in my spot and took her into my arms.

"OH MY GOD!" I yelled.

"Congratulations, Mack. I'm really happy for you and Mike and I would LOVE to celebrate but Jay just pulled up and I don't want to keep him waiting." Spoke Paige. Mackenzie gave an understanding smile and let Paige go.

"Night y'all. Call me when y'all get home." She said giving me a quick squeeze.

"Get home safe!" I yelled behind her before she exited the gallery pulling her coat over her head.

I looked back at Mackenzie who looked expectantly back at me with a knowing smile.

"I'm gonna be an Aunty?" I grinned.

"You're gonna be an Aunty." She nodded tearing up.

"Congratulations baby girl." I said hugging her once more.

"Kelly would kill to be here." She smiled.

"He'd kill Mike!" We laughed just as the gallery doors opened. In walked Chris and Michael. I rushed over to Mike and collected him into my arms catching him off guard.

"Congratulations!" I smiled into his shoulder.

"Thank you Ty." He laughed wholeheartedly.

"You gon' show Mike love before me? I see you, Mack come here!" Said Chris. I chuckled and let to of Michael to share the news.

"Kenzie's pregnant!" I grinned. Chris looked shockingly back at her.

"Dawg, for real?" He asked, his eyes wide and full of surprise. I laughed at his reaction.

"Wow...congratulations baby!" He smiled hugging Mackenzie tight and then dapping Michael.

"Thank you, brother." He replied.

"Wow.." Said Chris in awe, rubbing Mackenzie's stomach. She chuckled and held his hand there.

"Wow is right.." I smiled.

That proposal was perfect! I'm in love with this story. Run it!

Love this story!!! Everything is going so good for Mags Lol can't wait to see wat happens next!!

RUN IT!!!!!