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Cirque Du Supernatural

The first story that I've written in a while so bear with me. Transylvania is the home of many unusual creatures; Werewolves, Vampires, Witches, Ghosts, Goblins, Zombies and of course humans; a regular Halloweentown only scarier and for real. They lived in certain parts of the Western Woods or as the townspeople called it the 'Haunted Woods.'
They soon left Transylvania and spread out across the world when a horde of hunters arrived forcing the supernatural to flee and they hadn't return for many centuries...but now they're coming back

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I really like this, and that always happens to punks, oh well he deserved it I guess and why would you want to travel through a "Hunted Woods" anyways LMAOOOO!


Yeah I did. I have that same problem too, I guess it's because I'm always thinking about new stories or I don't get that many dedicated readers. But I was HOOKED on 'Shielded Heart' and was sad when you stopped posting on it.

New Post coming tomorrow or whenever

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Yeah I watch his videos every now and then even though they make me sad even though they are comical ;( Ok so I have a serious problem finishing stories lol. If I don't have a direction for the story, I just stop adding. But "Shielded Heart" was so long as it is, so I don't know what else could happen.....but I did finish Cold-Hearted which I believe you read!

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I know, I'm just glad that his Youtube page is still up; his dad had his facebook and twitter page taken down.

To other readers, keep running the story

Run iT! <3

P.S @naw21, whatever happened to that story 'Shielded Heart?'

No I watched his videos all the time!! When I first heard it I could not believe it, I refused to I didn't think it was real. I just couldn't believe that he would take his own life. He was so handsome, hilarious and he seemed to have so much going for him! But we never know what anyone is going through. They may seem happy, but they could really be hurting. I cried too mostly because I didn't believe it. It's just really sad that he felt the way he felt. I just hope his soul rests in peace <3

@naw21 OMG I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE ON THIS SITE WHO KNEW ABOUT HIM! I cried for four and a half days girl, went into an anxiety attack

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@naw21 OMG I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE ON THIS SITE WHO KNEW ABOUT HIM! I cried for four and a half days girl, went into an anxiety attack

Run iT! <3

Whoa this is.....different but in a good way! I like it's very unique. Why did that girl have to kill him like that though?! Geez very violent. I like this though! RUN IT!

Oh side note I couldn't help but notice your picture is Freddy E. I was a fan of his YouTube videos. Still can't believe he's gone....

Transylvania 2013

The city had changed from its centuries old village economy to an evolved futuristic metropolis city; the only thing that hadn't changed was that Dracula's abandoned castle remained atop of the hill which was also located in 'Haunted Woods.' A couple of punks had been messing around in the area and had found their way to the infamous bloodsucker's home and began tagging up the castle's walls with graffiti. It was a full moon out and the stars were in plain view.

"Do you think we should be here? I is scary out here tonight" one of the punks said; his buddy rolled his eyes and laughed, "Please, ain't nothing to be scared of; Ain't no monsters coming back to Transylvania. Stop being a p*ssy" he said hitting his buddy in the arm; "Finish up here I'ma go piss" he said before walking around to the other side of the castle so he could pee in private. Once he'd found a nice secluded place he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants.

"(Sighs) What a relief" the punk said in satisfaction; a twig snapped behind him and he turned to see nothing but the darkened trees. "(Lowly) Jesus is that you Bug?" he called out but got no response; "I'ma kick your scrawny little ass if you're tryna pull a gag on me." He went back to peeing when he heard faint footsteps, his hand itched for the pocket knife in his jacketpocket as he could hear the footsteps getting louder. Once he was done peeing his quickly zipped up his pants, pulled out his pocket knife and turned around quick ready to attack.

Sitting comfortably on the rock was a girl dressed in silk robes; the guy raised his eyebrow and smiled putting his blade away. "What's up? What's a girl like you doing in these neck of the woods?" The girl spoke no words but climbed down from her sitting area and walked right up to the guy feeling on his chest. "Whoa slow down babe, you don't want any of this--" The girl cut him off by grabbing his face and began tonguing him down; if now was the time to get his little fun session in now was the time. He returned the kiss back grabbing the back of her head; She nibbled on his tongue a little bit then did more pushin him against the wall of the castle. He began to feel his mouth grow tired of kissing and tried to push her off lightly but she became aggressive, she bit down hard on his tongue again which pissed him off and pushed her onto the ground forcefully. "Crazy b*tch" he said; She looked back up at him with pitch black eyes and decayed teeth growling lowly at him. "What the fc-??" He pulled his pocket knife back out but the girl tackled him to the ground tearing open his mouth with her hands. Then she proceeded to rip his tongue out with her teeth as he screamed in pain.

She'd almost torn his whole tongue out but he managed to stab her on the left side of her head giving him time to grab his buddy and head out. With his mouth full of blood and his tongue hanging by only a mere vein he stumbled to get to his friend; he looked in horror when he saw that Bug was dead and had his entire stomach ripped open; his intestines and other organs laid on the blood stained grass. He turned back to see the banshee demon girl make a run start for him again and tackled him on the ground. Her claws extracted from her fingertips and with the swipe of her hand scratched the guy's entire face doing it over and over until he died.

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Hmm interesting run it


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