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<a href="">Party! Party!</a>
P::: traww

@10 Bree time && @11 me && Lexxi time

Dany-NO KAE but Cassie && Kim can come tho lol

No Chyna . . . No hoes period . . .cept you Lexi you can come lol


i wanna get on chatzy again!

im taking my sweet asx time


. . . . link up in like 3o secs

shuddup n put up the link

you better ! !

oh course duhhhhh lol

yeah . . .
well not all of us

anyhow Lexxi you bringing Kirko

damn poor lexi
we all going through bulls***

im getting impatient too

two weeks. . . .
girl go sit your hot asx down

im so horny lmfao i dnt kno wens the last time i had sex i think its been over two weeks yo lmdaoo

True story, Dany.

ugh im ready to party lol
im impatient if yall cant tell

Try and work it out Ana because trust when I say that you're going to regret not working it out. Ask Chris

Try and work it out Ana because trust when I say that you're going to regret not working it out. Ask Chris

stop sounding so defeated!
you seen "a family that preys"
you better act like that wife
&& let Sanana( Lauren) know whats yours is yours
then tell Trey whats up

I got a feeling Trey gon be singing
"Fumble" while drinking if Ana leave him
then she gon get this sad asx letter lol

i don't want to f*** him
and it only make things worse
ughhh :( we were the HAPPY couple

im with Bree!
Apologize, Kiss, Fck && make up


Can't y'all just f*** & make up?! Lol

Damn, I might have to knock some sense in to him.

*no eye contact*
we might have maybe kind of
got into a fight

oh no!
why not??

uhmmm no :( we aren't

lol well ya know you rubbed off on me

Are you and Trey coming together??

hahaha a frozen spoon out of
all the frozen foods and items i thought
to use never a spoon lol


Ugh! Fine! Only because of that plus, I know all the moves Chris is gunna do. s*** I taught him the moves.

you a traitor, Dany!
how you gon leave us?
if you not playing with us, im not playing.

Ana, im sure itll be ok
if not i'll beat her w/ a frozen spoon

Fine, but im going to play on the boys team

we will see what happens tonight

true s***.
thats what i be saying to these girls
if she can take him then she can have him
cause that mean he wasnt mine anyway

pow . . . pow !

but you know i ALWAYS got your back girla

aww my sweet ready to beat a b****'s
ass thugged out nani.. but
no that is ok if he allows it to happen
then i cant do anything about it.

Awwe no.

Probably Lauren.
want me to beat her up??

Dany i thought we were doing girls vs boys ???