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Death Due Us Part

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo tumblr_m8uvdjJU761r072xqo1_500_zpsda18e07a.png"/>I</a>

Was chillen in the back yard with my to youngest sisters india and aaliyah
When i got a call from my <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo honey-cocaine_zps028758a1.jpg"/>Sister Honey</a>

Me : Hellloo
Honey : Malaya Mommys Dead * Cries * Sh-she Wont get up and i dont know what else to do * Breathing heavy*
Me: Honey skow down What happened ? where are you ? did you call the police ? did you check her Pulse ?
Honey : The police said the where on there way. I-ii-i was driving down the Road and-and mommy Wasn't feeling well. So-o i Was speeding , trying to rush her home , She kept tellin me to-o sloo-w dow-wn but * Cries * I ju-ust di-dnt li-st-en . Plea-se im Sorrry * cries more * im SO-o sor-ry
Me: * In tears * Calm down Honey Everything's going to me alright, she's alright ok , Dont blame yourself, its not your fault, Honey just Calm down.

by this time aaliyah and india was looking at me confused, " Its mommy ," I said " she got into a car accident and it sounds like she's hurt really bad" They both look at each other, then look at me they Looked at me with worry and fear int here eyes, Im 18 , If mommys Isnt okay i dont know what iw ould do. Im the oldest , im going to have to take care of aaliya india and honey. I dont have a job, This is my Last year in high school, how are they going to get to school , These thoughts went flashing through my mind , a headach soon grew heavy

Honey : Malaya, * Sirens in the backgrond * Mayla You hhave to come to the hospitl

It was a sunday night , 9:56 at night, India and Aaliyah had to get to school tommorw. , so I couldnt take them with me, but i had no one to watch them ,

Me: Just come home after school tommorow we will go see her.


Its 6:09 and we are all standing at the bus stop. Waiting for this stupid MTA to come , We live in baltimore, in one of the most Roughest neighbor hoods ,Cherry Hill and brooklynn , South of Baltimore city. FINALLY the bus comes and after and hour ride we get to the hospitl. We check in , soon to find our Mother had past away . I couldnt crie, at least not infront of my sisters, im Now there rock , they cant see me crie , im here to support THem . Form this day on i Wil be my Sisters Keeper.

Run it ?


run it !

Run it

Malaya P.O.V
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo blac-chyna-pregnant_zps451ac5cc.jpg"/>Me</a>
and ty both fell asleep , and i was awoken by him about 49 minutes later

Ty : DAMN YO , you climaxed in the bed,!!!!!!!
Me: what ?
Him: what was u dreaming of ?
Me: AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhEEEEEEEEEEaaaaaaah tyyyy, king is cominggg

Then everything went blank. i was in all white room . i kept screaming " he;p " "ty" but i was getting no where, then , everything went Black

Aaliyah P.O.V , so i Heard China was being rushed to the hospitl. I wish i was there . Yet im stuck in this boring ass schoool. WestBrookes High was extremely .... How do i put it . Horible. Girls f***ing in the bathroom, Boys fight over some " east baltimore . west baltimore " and the teachers are ridiculous . But my best frien is amazing at getting what she wants with know problem . her name is Bradiley Smith
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo tumblr_mgfw6zhjIM1r2zd4lo1_1280-Copy_zps0e8042f5.jpg"/>I love my bestfriend with everything in me</a>

We be on some , Like a boss s*** when we together.

Today att lunch Bradiley took the microphone , stood on ah table and said.

Aye Bad b****es say " TEN " , and all the girls said " TEN " then bradiley said , All Dah DOPEST nigguahs say " DUSE " and they did as told

Bradiley : Im on that GOOD kush and alchool , i got some down b****es i can call. i dont know what i would do wit out ya'll. immah Ball till the day i fal , Ball Ball Ball


Bradiley : Gaaah ya'll been good to Me , PEACE ,

she jummped of the table and walked over to me
me: f*** u a dj now *laughs*
her : girl yes

. we were on the train on our way home from school . <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo tumblr_mezuirT2Pn1r2zd4lo1_1280-Copy-Copy_zpsf8a947aa.jpg"/>She</a>
was bumpin " neva end " thinking bout her booh , Deyvonte <a href="" target="_blank">Uggggghhh<img src="" border="0" alt=" photo tumblr_mdclm76e0p1r2zd4lo1_1280-Copy-Copy-Copy-Copy_zps611e746e.jpg"/>I hated himmm</a>

But his dope game crazy. the streets is his life. As he always say " All i know is murder" * shakin my head * thats kinda sad but hey here in baltimore s*** happens. he Got on The train at rogers station with some trick on his heels

Trick :Dey , dont act like you dont want me , Last yar we had an unbreakable bond and u really left me for that westside , county bounty b**** ?

Dey : Mann f*** outtah her keisha, we NEVR had a bond , all u did was give the neck , nothing more nothing less, you didnt start catchin on wen i didnt return the favor , mi lips aint goin know where near that forest. , my Badest main bitc- i mean girl keep dah grass cut , and i'll go down on her , dont disrespect her orr i'll get you straigt beat b****

Bradiley : OH HEEEEEELLLL KNOW * the whoel train looks at her * I knoowww DAMN well dis b**** didnt sit here nd Try to cuff the un-cufable, Ooowww b**** you betta get of at the next stop , or Yo lights getin knocked out today .

Trick : Oh no b**** u wunna get loud?


D is holdin bradiley back , and trying to come her down , but tthere is know turning back once you open the door to Bradileys Demon . " CHONCEY"

Bradiley : Laawwrdddd let dis kangalong weave wearing b**** get off this traainnn before i have to unlish Choncey on t his hoee, God she dont know , She DONT know bout that garrsion Life, dis b**** from dowwn dah hill , she will get Beat todayy Laaaawrddd help this pooor girl.

I was about to miss my stop and she told me to go ahead hom e, if this b**** try to make a move look on world-star-hip-hop lls , she is a mess

I get home to find baby pressents under a baner that says' it's a boy.. Duh we been knew that lol

Gah damn they got him spoiled already . , but where is everybody ? and my new Nephew, i gottah see my little stinkaa butt * laughs *

TY P.O.V <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo tyga-and-blac-chyna-6_zps08db37d4.jpg"/>Me and the love of my life</a>
was laying down talking , when That night was brought up int he convesation , that night was too funny

Flash Back --

We were in my room , about 3 months into our relationship
her- Baby you are the one, i want to give u My all , Make love to mee
Me: Ard , baby Can i go in raw
Her: NO
me :Please,
Her: Why
Me i dont know how to use a condoms,
Her; how do you not know how to use a condom
ME; When i beat my d*** , i beat it raw
Her: You go in every girl raw ?
Me : Wut you mean
Her : you know wat i mean
Me: ima virgin
Her : you lien
Me: No im serious i swear to god. I never had sex before
Her : Ard
* she put the condom on my d*** *

Her : :(
ME : Whats wrong a? am i too smal ? i measures. im 8 inches and Counting .
Her : NO ur to bigg it look like its going to hurt
Me: Its not i promise, if it does just tell me to stop, i dont wanna do you any harm
her: Okay

* I lay on top of her* * then i get off,
Me: babe pleasee lemme tKE THIS thing off

i laugh and take my condom off, she was so scared but so ancious

* i put the head in her and she insintly screams 8

Me:Lemme get you warmed up, i never did this beofre but , ill give it a trie,

She looks at me confused, then i go down, her pus*sy was just as fat as her ass, i started to slowly lick and suck her clit, she moans loudly , then i lick her lips, and her hole, she is shakeing a little and i can tell she know what im about to do and gets worried, i stick my tongue as deep in her pus*sy as i can ( and i havve a long tongue) she moans out in pain, then pleasure, now passion, i bite her clit softly , and she climaxs , it tased so sweet , just like a skittle , damn she must eat skittles alot. i get up and kiss her ,

Me: Ready Now Baby ?
Her : Mmm yess , watever u do DONT stop
Me okay

I kiss her with lust , and love , then i put my head in, i move in about 2 inchs, i feel her trembeling in fear, i stop kissing her and look at her,

Me: Babe relax, i wont hurt you, i promise,

I kiss her agian and go in about 2 more inches, she is so damn tight, i can tell shes a little jump , but she's calm, i move in and out , onli puting 4 inches in her, wen i her her grunts , turn to moans that was the green light to stick the next 4 inchs in her, she tensed up a little bit, but she started grinding on my d*** , that gave we the sighn she wanted it deeper, she was soo tight, i could have bussted a nut just off of undressing her, i thrusted in and out of her about 20 good times, fast, and 5 good times slow, then 6 more timess deep, and she climaxed, leaving me and the bed soaked in wet , warm , sweet delights, right after that i pulled out and nutted right on her belly , i never seen so much nut come out of mee, and all that pussy was everywhere, we couldnt even lay down and go to sleep right after, because it filled the whole king sized bed. so we got int he shower and had a round 2 then we cleaned up , changed the sheets and layed in bed. She told me she couldnt feel her legs, we talked a bit about our future, then we fell asleep, with the words " i love you " honestly escapes our mouths, thats when i knew , she was for me

Malaya P.O.V

so me and my baby Ty were chillen in bed talking about our future
Him : Baby you know i love you with everything in me , i am willing to give up everything for you and my future King * rubs my stomach * and i will be here with u threw thick and thin i promise to do you no harm , i just want to love youBae

Me : * wispers under my breath * yea everything but tht drug money

Him : what did u say ?
Me: Nothing Ty
Him : * signs * NOT this agian we already had this conversation , multipule times

damn i forgot he hears everything , i wish i didnt say tht i mena it just slipped, i hate having these convesations with him , it always ends with him winning and me just agreeing , its like i cant get my point across , i mean i understand where he's coming from , but i just dont think a can deal with it all my life, and kings life, its just not fair fus me and him to face police scares, gun shots, days with out seeing ty, it really scares me and i worry about him , Alot

him : Hellooo earth to Skittle
Me : im sorry ty i zoned out in my thoughts

he calls me skittles because thats how we me , so me and my home girl was chillen at the pizza spot down town . him and his boys walked in . you know the whole dope boy crew. we were in there about 10 minutes after they arived , my main b**** Stealer ( yes thts her name ) was hungry as s*** , but we were broke as a joke.

Her: damn they cuteasses just order a big ass pizza, and know damn well they aint gon dfinish it , they ignornt asses,

i had the biggest crush on ty

Me: well wen you got money to blow , you blow it lls

Her : you dare me to go up to them nd ask them for a slice of pizza

Me: omg yess i dare u lls you a clowwnn

Her : ard but walk wit me, be my back up incase they trie to stuff me in the back of a van or some s***

We laugh and get up
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo tumblr_m0cdrycPHR1qgrw85o1_500.jpg"/>steeler</a> and i <a href="" target="_blank">I<img src="" border="0" alt=" photo chyna-monday-576x1024_zps02db9bee.jpg"/> I</a> got up and walked to the table ,

We just stood there for a minute nd they looked at us confused.

Steeler dumb ass slides into the both next to ty home boy Drake , Aka drizzy

Her: Sorry to inturupt but ..
Me: Ard look , we broke as ah joke , she hungry ass s*** , and all we got is a all day bus pass in Our pockets, we been sittin in this b**** for about and hour, and yal walk in and order a Big ass pizza and its only 3 of yal so yall no damn well yal not gon eat it , Nd her Hoe ass , wanna slice of Pizza

They all look at me , nd steeler look at me like " b**** wut the fck u just do "

Steeler : Excuse my friend she on that good kush and alchool

Ty : Nah its ard, lor shawty good, ,

Ty put her 3 slices of pizza on a plate and she get out the both happy as s***,

Ty : Aye lor mama you want some to ?
Drizzy : Damn day greedy * laughs *

Me: Nah im cool ,
Ty : come on now i Know u want asomethin you just said u been sitting in here for about an hour, and i would be wrong to let you Go hungry, so what you want

Wiz : wit ah ass like dat , ill put the jelly on her belly is it REAL ?
Me: Yeah nigguah its real f*** wrong wit you , and ....... al i want is Skittles,
Ty got up and walked me to the counter.

Ty : AYE can i get some skittles, in ALL flavors, thank you
Me: you Didnt have to do that the red pack will do me fine
Ty : well i know if i over pleased you , you would over please me and do me a favor
Me: Ohh hell Know im NOT that typee f*** wron
He cut me off

Ty : Look Mah, i DOTN want sex , you look to claccy for that, all i want is you number, and A date , 8:00 tommorow , and dont wear anything revealing, cause if a nigguah tryna holla imma have to put the paws on em ' ., oh and Lor King * looks down at his diiii*ck * might gettah little to excited and i dont wanna push up on u
Me: SMiles ard ,
Him : Aye ma wats you name , No what dont tell me immma call you skittles.

I get my bag full of skittles, give hiiim my number and walk of

Ty : Helllllllllooooooooooooooo , malaya is you there ? damn i been talking to myself for the past hour and s*** like zappin out ,

Me: *laughs * i was thinking bout when i first met you
Him : Lol i know right , i was suck a gentle men, Gah girl you took my Virginity, and i took yours,
Me : Oh yeahh tht was TOO funny

Five Years Later

I was sitting on my bed thinking . How did i end up in this situation. Me an Tayvon’s Life was about to change. I was 7 months pregnate . My parents died when i was young . I never knew my dad and only my older sista Malaya knows what happened to him . She never told us and we never asked. My mom died in a car crash when me and my twin sister aaliyah

where nine . everything changed so fast . Our older sister Malaya raised us along with our older sista Honey

Malaya has been stipping ever since the week after our mothers death to provide Food on the table . We all always went to school with our hair done , nails done , and clean , dressed in the best designer clothes. All thanks to Malaya , Her stripper name is blac china . She is one of the most famous strippers, She is gourgues . She had big breast and a Huge *** . Her hair was always naaturally long but she always has soe in weave . She is also pregnate . She is more far along than i am . Her baby daddy is the Dopest Dope boy int he state of Maryland. He is fully comitted to China but is Not ready to give up the streets , and the game . He loves her . he truely dose, and he plans on being in the babys life . He says beign a dope boy is no excuse for not doing your job as a father, and A man . Michel’s street name is tyga , but china pefers to call him ty. she says she doesnt want to bring the evil streets into her happy home . michel lives with us. we never mooved out of the house we grew up i n. it reminds us of our mom . and how strong of a person she was . it encourages us all to do out best at everything . EVERYONE in our family has ambition , even tho malaya didnt get to go to collage , she wants to be a stay at home mom with the love of her life ty , ty someday does plan on leaving the streets and become a great person . he goes to collage as well and he is 25 years old malaya is 23 , me and aalieyah are 15 , and honey is 19 . honey wants to be a directer . Aaliya wants to be a fashion designer and i want to be a modle . Me and aaliyah went crazy ont he internet. We stated off as prodigys for twitter, then we made a tumblr. we are wat chyna calls " internet famous " and china is internationally fmaous. that is another reason for our sucess , our mother always told us . " you cant be anything you want . you can only be what you are ment to be . if you feel like you are ment to drive a taxi . drive a taxi , dont try to be a doctor , follow your heart and it will never lead you down a dark path " our mother spoke the truth and nothing but it . But china is like our 2nd mother And father. she promised us that even with a baby around we will still be her babys no matter what . They are nameing there son " King Cairo Stevenson "