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Death Due Us Part

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo tumblr_m8uvdjJU761r072xqo1_500_zpsda18e07a.png"/>I</a>

Was chillen in the back yard with my to youngest sisters india and aaliyah
When i got a call from my <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo honey-cocaine_zps028758a1.jpg"/>Sister Honey</a>

Me : Hellloo
Honey : Malaya Mommys Dead * Cries * Sh-she Wont get up and i dont know what else to do * Breathing heavy*
Me: Honey skow down What happened ? where are you ? did you call the police ? did you check her Pulse ?
Honey : The police said the where on there way. I-ii-i was driving down the Road and-and mommy Wasn't feeling well. So-o i Was speeding , trying to rush her home , She kept tellin me to-o sloo-w dow-wn but * Cries * I ju-ust di-dnt li-st-en . Plea-se im Sorrry * cries more * im SO-o sor-ry
Me: * In tears * Calm down Honey Everything's going to me alright, she's alright ok , Dont blame yourself, its not your fault, Honey just Calm down.

by this time aaliyah and india was looking at me confused, " Its mommy ," I said " she got into a car accident and it sounds like she's hurt really bad" They both look at each other, then look at me they Looked at me with worry and fear int here eyes, Im 18 , If mommys Isnt okay i dont know what iw ould do. Im the oldest , im going to have to take care of aaliya india and honey. I dont have a job, This is my Last year in high school, how are they going to get to school , These thoughts went flashing through my mind , a headach soon grew heavy

Honey : Malaya, * Sirens in the backgrond * Mayla You hhave to come to the hospitl

It was a sunday night , 9:56 at night, India and Aaliyah had to get to school tommorw. , so I couldnt take them with me, but i had no one to watch them ,

Me: Just come home after school tommorow we will go see her.


Its 6:09 and we are all standing at the bus stop. Waiting for this stupid MTA to come , We live in baltimore, in one of the most Roughest neighbor hoods ,Cherry Hill and brooklynn , South of Baltimore city. FINALLY the bus comes and after and hour ride we get to the hospitl. We check in , soon to find our Mother had past away . I couldnt crie, at least not infront of my sisters, im Now there rock , they cant see me crie , im here to support THem . Form this day on i Wil be my Sisters Keeper.

Run it ?