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I need bout 4 girls to add to this story


Ok u guys i added to the story its LOST LOVE AND FRIRNDSHIP (chris n drake story)

Ok yal ima add to the story soon

Name:Nicole aka Nic
Honest af funny smart really bad temper overprotective adventurous lazy sometimes is always eating some food scared of being truly loved then hurt pushes guys away once things get serious just a good girl who is fighting her bad girl ways
Pic: um Katerina graham
Man: tyga or shad

Rissa: funny, smart, blunt, athletic, chill, pothead, I'm about that life!!! Lol jk, but I don't take s*** from anybody, I also am a little shy the first five seconds I meet them. s***, that's it. Oh I can be nympho sometimes. I never take jokes seriously.
Age: 20
Pic: <a href="">Pic</a> if you need another one just search ”helloimfanny tumblr”.

Man: Myson King: Everything I am.
Age: 20
Pic: <a href="">Pic</a>

I'll do it....

<a href="">Shell</a>

Can I be in it pweeeeeaaassseeee?? Shelly/Shell 23 outspoken goofball sings loud at times speaks mind never blah doesnt matter if im single or with whomever you choose ..will post pic