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A edgy weapon that beholds half of Kingsman Private Highschool students flaws,built up on a website that now anyone has acess to. From the schools subterraneous <b>sluts to the grimy <b>playas and other subterraneous dirt. This caused alot of drama, but the problem lies beneath the person who made it. Whoever she/he is will they ever be discovered???

*If you guys feel that the story is going to be great, please write so.


yay! I heard that mine has been mega crazy

Sorry I havent updated in a while , schools been hectic but ima get back on it soon (: !

Look at little Mike Mike! Tryna get his education on, gon head boy! I'm so proud of the little nigga. Red back back b****. All up on her neck and s***. Bet her breath the hottest thing out here. Christina ooh! You shut the s*** down by showing here those pictures. I bet she was salty as f***. Haha b****.
Run it!!!

the pov's are good

run it like DMC

Red will learn soon or later lol. Mike done shock tf outta Teek lol Can't wait to see what the rest look like

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Mike need to have his ass in school everyday
And red need to stop hating on me and

Run it

This is gettin good run it :)

Im glad mike came to school yay run it

Christinas P.O.V:

Sitting in class***

"Girl you and Levi soo cute and ....." this girl they called Red went on. Her ass do this every class and she know me and her dont vibe like that especially after I know her and Levi used to talk before me and him got together. She does this to piss me off I know it, im not easily pissed off though so to get back at her. "I know" I reply then showing her one of our pictures on instagram then looking her directly in the eyes and I could see that its eating at her she wanna flip out she better know its gone cause her to get her ass beat. But she doesnt say a word "Yeah b****h now what?" im thinking to myself and smile she turns around back to her desk and I do the same "Now the rest of the class gone go smootly" I think to myself as well then began talking to a girl next to me asking her what we supposed to and etc. After aall my works done


The bell rings I walk out of the door and Levis waiting right there and the funny thing is Reds behind me. Not acknowledging her whatsoever he grabs my hand and we began walking down the hall hand-in-hand. I could feel her burning a hole in my neck and that causes me to laugh "Whats funny?" Levi asks looking confused "Nothin" I replied.

These P.O.V.s are short so I wrote two im sorry their not as interesting but I wanted to get these two out of the way and I promise the next ones will !! (:

Teeks P.O.V:

"You coming to school today?" I sent a text to Mike lately instead of "Goodmorning bae" texts theres been "Im not finna make it to school today bae or i got something to do" this the s*** that aggravates me. Not to long after I texted Mike I gotta instant reply I knew he was gone be like "NO" so I hesitate to open it. I dont wanna think that Mike has no future but it all shows here and mama aint raise no fool. She always told me if he aint doing right in school, he aint the one for you and this is our senior year I dont wanna have to leave him. But if he wont do right I might just have to I open the message and my eyes lit up" Am I smoking some s*** or does this message say Im already here, I made it not too long ago" I asked a girl sitting next to me she simply nodded her head. That made my day "I cant wait until this bellring so I can see my baby" I thought smiling "Teek get back to work" My teacher shouted I guess she saw me smiling to myself "Who the hell she talking to" is what came to mind but "Ok" is what came out. "Bsides I dont need to get in trouble no way especially the day Mike comes to school the world must finna end soon" I thought to myself as I began doing my work again.

Yall should check out my other story A Video To Die For too . I just started it

lol they silly got that boy scared

Lol, put the paws on em! Who the f*** nigga now? Awww we some true thuggies. Lol
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Lol wow run it

Rissa and Chris funny as hell
How they gonna jump that boy in the back of the class
Got him running for his life.
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Rissa's P.O.V :

Sitting in the only class I have with My boo, this boy is such a clown and im no better than him lmao.

He got me and him jumping this boy in the back of the classroom while the teachers teaching with her back towards the class. All because he called my baby a f*** nigga.

"" Chris said in between hits and im dying laughing half of the class is looking at us,some are laughing some are just like smh!

"Kick his ass bae" He told me and that was my cue. "" I said giggling and punching this boy whos now balled up in the corner.

Soon as the teacher turned face the class Chris and I hauled ass back to our seat laughing our ass off. "George what are you doing on the floor?" the teacher asked what made the whole class laugh "I know you heard me getting jumped back here" he said with a attitude. "But theres nobody over there" she said confused "Cause they ran everybody saw Rissa and Chr-chris folding me up back here" he said smiling. We thought it was pretty funny "Class?" she replied looking around the whole room, we did the same looking to see who would snitch, who trying to give eye signals and s***. But nobody responded "Take your seat George and stop fooling around we got 3 mins unti the bell ring" she said aggravated George looked at us and im taking my index finger and thumb acting as if im shooting him and I look over and Chris is pounding his fist against his hand. Which made me laugh.

*The bell rings*

George runs out of the classroom,almost tripping holding his bookbag infront of him and not looking back. Me and Chris was rolling "We some bullies" he said "Next time he gone think before he f*** with my baby doe" I responded as we entered the hallway hand-in-hand.

I know its short sorry !

Really Tram? Thinking bout gettin some from the teacher. s***, by the description he sounded fine as hell! I ain't mad at you. Lol, the goofy couple. Aww my poor baby.
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dang already mind sexing the teacher lol
run it

Lol mica betta chill she gtn hot for the teacher lol run it

Lmao teamicia is a trip
Fantasizing about the teacher smh
Her man need to get her lol

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First New Update !!

~Chapter One

Teamicia Jay P.O.V :

*Bell Rings*

I got up out my seat and into the hallways walking to my next class, I haven't talked to anyone ALL morning. Talking to, waving at my girls just didnt come to judgment." I'll tell them why I didnt acknowledge them when I seen them they'll be fine." I thought to myself.

Keep in mind that me and DeAnte been arguing ALL morning if you guessing thats the reason why my morning been such a drag, you right.

Into my next class and the empty seat all the way in the back of the classroom but my muthaf***in teacher was absent. "Great a damn sub to make my day even worse." I reflected myself with my head in my hands. That all changed when a nice rich caramel skinned, green eyes and a fade with hair so curly looked like he used a texturizer came in.
"Hi, im your new teach-" "Teamicia stay after class" those words hit me like kisses since he been eyeing me the whole class I knew what was up. When the bell rang I walked up to the desk in the front he came from behind his desk pressed up against mine looking me directly in the eye. Were so close now I could feel his breath on my lips "I couldnt help but to notice how sexy you are" he said "Me and you both cant help but to notice that" I replied with a smile. He leaned in to kiss me so did I next thing you know we were in a full make out session, now im pressed up the promethean board with him in between my legs and its getting hot and-"Teamicia Jay" I snapped back. "Is that you?" he said looking at me I guess he noticed my reaction "Yes, i mean yeah" I said sedutively than correcting myself. "You okay?" he asked curious the whole class looking at me now "I just need some water" I said clearing my throat then walking out of class fanning myself with my hand once I stepped into the hallway.

I liked my pov cant wait for the next chapter!!!
Run it!!!

I'm cool with Lloyd. I like that we got that good relationship. but him running me is too funny lol Can't wait to see what this is gon be like :)
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I like my pov cnt wait to read the story run it

I like my POV
And every couple seems to have something to hide.
Can't wait for this story to get more in depth about the couples.

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If anyone doesnt like their short little P.O.V, feel free to send a msg.

Teek & Mike (Drake):
Been a couple for 3 years straight, off and on because of them loving to flirt with others either than eachother. But they also know their not going anywhere any time soon, they plan to get married have kids and etc. This is now their senior year in KPH but Mikes been slacking with his school work lately failing most classes, skipping and all that can Teek put an end to that or will Mike be a senior for one more year ?

Rissa & Chris:
The goofy couple, their the type of couple who can sit in a class together and just crack on the teacher the whole entire class. They can also be serious with eachother but thats only when its the two of them they've been together for about a year now. Its been tough because 3 months ago Chris mom died in a car crash. So he've been kind of distant lately, hes also slacking in school as well his dad doesnt care so he just sits home he only goes when Rissa begs him to. Rissas a Junior and Chris is a senior. He also has a secret she doesnt know about. Will he ever tell her ?

Christina & Levi(Kirko bangs)
The idea couple, the couple where they wear matching snapback with the jordans that match all the time. The too cute couple that take pictures and post them on instagram for others to hate. Everyone thinks their perfect but are they really?Their also juniors.

Shelly & Stefan:
The advice cuople when other couples going through they come to them and ask what they would do. They argue alot though but they try to stay strong, but will it last?

Lauren & Kaydence:
That love & basketball kind of couple playing basketball together chillin and eating,doing homework and stuff.Their both smart & has futures ahead of them. But Lauren also doesnt play, shes one of those girls who will choke a b**** out if the wrong thing fly out there mouth or even if she feels it rubbed her the wrong way. Kaydence is usually the only one who can calm her down hes on of those chilled, laidback boys and always has money but doesnt has a job wassup wit dat?

Teamicia Jay & DeAnte(T.I.)
Their the new couple, Teamicias a sophmore on the other hand Devins a senior. Even though shes young he likes her because he something eveyone else doesnt. But she cheats all the time, canshe pick it up or will he leave her?

Keia & Darius(lloyd)
The Jay-z and Beyonce couple everybody knows about them, admires them, but rather keep them apart. Darius runs the relationship and Keia follows because she loves him, he loves her as well though. (She not a dumb ass) Every time Darius gets himself into something shes by his side but if Darius get into something thats related to guns will she be there? Thats the question.
*Someone picked chris before you so I just put you with lloyd hope thats ok.*

Gonna post whos with who tonight and the first chapter stay tuned in !

<a href=>Keia</a>
Chris aka Darius
I'm sweet loving caring don't get on my bad side if you do your there for awhile. I'm open, sensitive, balanced, empathetic, loyal, thoughtful introspective and self-aware, you have a solid grip on your emotions. I'm always there for everyone.